tagGay MaleBathhouse Heaven Ch. 32

Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 32


The bathhouse was fairly empty this Wednesday afternoon, a reminder of different rhythms from the past.

Following the familiar routine, today with more space to undress than the case lately. The beer was quenchingly cool, and quickly finished.

Going upstairs, I walked towards the sling room, noticing a couple of men going different ways than my path.

However, something unusual occurred after having reached the end of the new booths, seeing that the room where I photographed my first male group sex was locked again. Turning back, a naked man was walking towards me. Taking a few steps closer, our hands brushed, and we quickly started groping.

This sort of completely open yet fully anonymous male encounter is unusual in my experience, at least in a hallway. Though enjoyable, both of us taking time while getting turned on, things did not quite go anywhere. He seemed interested in an encounter with different rules, as if he expected me to do what he wanted. Which is generally not what makes me likely to go along, to be honest. I'm easily seduced, but am uninterested in being directed.

After we parted, I went to the porn area, which was not very interesting, though one door was closed, indicating at least a couple of naked men enjoying themselves having sex.

Downstairs, I entered the whirlpool with one man already in the water. A second man joined us on the first man's side, but again nothing seemed to happen. And after the jets turned off, there was no question that nobody was playing.

By now, it seemed as if the baths were having one of those flat periods, leading me to think about leaving after maybe another hour if such mild action continued. There comes a point of diminishing returns, even if hope leads a horny cock on.

Entering the steambath, it appeared and remained fairly empty, with one brusque refusal being the only result after a couple of minutes inside. As the air inside was still warming up, it was possible to stay in the humid dimness for a while. Someone entered from the further side, and as he walked by, I moved out of the darkness subtly, brushing his hip as he went by. My hand slid over his ass, then lightly ran down his thigh.

He stopped, reaching out to explore, as we began to enjoy our not exactly coincidental encounter. The steam room is a reliable place for finding fantastic sex with a stranger - or more strangers. This fact likely explains why steambaths have such a long history involving naked men who know what delights can be found there. Most bathhouse visitors have long term experience - once acquainted with the pleasures so easily found in the sauna, it is so easy to just give in and visit regularly.

It did not take long before we were cock to cock, satisfying French tongue kissing accompanying our desires the entire time. I was the one using my desire as our guide, causing us to end up against the wall, humping while kissing him intimately. With a growing strength as my horny cock felt his, aware that he could not only handle me, but would not resist what I was doing to him.

Strength is more a masculine trait, one that both of us enjoyed now. Passive and active are probably better terms than dominant or submissive. This was not about weaker or stronger, but one doing and one letting it be done. Knowing that next time, the roles could be easily reversed, as the pleasure is equally attractive in either role.

Hard and intimately cock to cock, I lifted his arms by the wrists, then turned so he could lick under my arm, which he did wonderfully - on both sides, a rare treat. I soon returned the favor, and we both soon started playing nipple games with the other, licking and squeezing.

He reached his limit in the heat, even if he was basically unable to stop from being used, so he indicated a desire to leave, even if at first it was easily ignored. Men can turn into such sluts at the baths, and it made me hornier to manipulate his desires, keeping him close and turned on as we kept playing.

Nonetheless, my limit was also approaching, and we parted. Followed by my going upstairs to wander around after showering, enjoying a bit of soapy masturbation with no one around. The top floor was also still quite empty, with little interesting on offer.

About to go downstairs after leaving the deserted theater area and its uninteresting porn, I glimpsed someone wearing stockings and a corset near the stairs. This was my second time seeing a cross dresser here, or in a real sense, the first. And the thrill that went through me was incredible, as long held fantasies started to become more real.

That first experience had been an extremely memorable bathhouse encounter, one that has provided a number of orgasms in remembrance - and in anticipation. This person did not look quite the same as the one in memory, and in a sense was overdressed this time in stockings, panties, a bra, and something that was a cross between a corset and a bustier, with garter clips.

Approaching someone that seemed to be waiting for something to occur, in a place where sex is what occurs the most. I reached out to stroke a stocking covered thigh, casually pausing in my stride. This encounter was already promising, leading to a certain enjoyable daring, confident in my ability to satisfy such a partner. Along with already starting to enter an enticing fantasy world, one where anything could be imagined - and done. In its way, this was strangely like the fantasy of picking up a streetwalking slut, to get off together.

We were in pretty much exactly the same area used that first time, though without the whirlpool introduction of that initial encounter. This time, we were much more direct, adding to the swelling intensity when getting lost in another man's skills and desires. Though direct might not be quite correct for how gently we stroked and caressed each other, savoring an opportunity to have extended sex, neither of us needing to be concerned about a new partner's opinion concerning the attractions of cross dressing.

We soon drifted into the cabin, hands all over each other, though I concentrated more on his bra and panties. He was clearly enjoying such attention, particularly after my starting to concentrate on the bulge stretching his smooth satin panties. The amount of clothing he was wearing turned out to be unsuited to continuing to play on the bed, so he took off the bustier.

He also started to take off the bra, making me ask him to leave it on, because it was a turn on - knowing that he could not resist being seduced this way. We were both entering an imagined world, one anchored by how horny each of us was becoming while sharing kinky fantasies.

"Keep it on for now, bras are sexy to see and play with - especially hands going inside."

"Yes, I need to keep my bra on .. not get naked .. Or be taken advantage of .. by a stranger playing with my nipples."

"Sexy girlie nipples that love being touched, don't they, getting hard and horny - like now." Murmuring what a hot slut he was, playing with him in different ways - teasing and talking, fairly certain what he enjoyed, such as the nipple play happening under the bra, or a hand stroking a stocking covered inner thigh. His stroking of my willing length was addictive, adding to the pleasure of my tongue starting to go from his neck down over his bra covered nipples.

Going further, playing with one of his stocking covered feet, my face travelled nearer to his tight red panties. The scent from the panties was fantastic, and confirmed the likelihood that I was meeting that first crossdressing sex partner again, who had had such a beguilingly sexy scent, especially when sniffing his panties. That had been one of the most erotic experiences in my entire life, with circumstances seeming to be coming together in similar fashion now. My mind was simply being melted by the intoxicating smell.

"You smell so fucking sexy" I moaned, taking deep breaths, unable to control my desire. This second time just added to the guess that he never washed the panties he wore for sex. The scent seemed to have many entrancing layers, much like the round knobbed attachment of a married woman's vibrator, discovered decades ago and retaining the scents of many orgasms. The first time I had smelled her toy, it was fantastic - without any doubt that it had not been cleaned recently - but most certainly been used quite recently. The smell of sex can be irresistible, something he seemed pleased to have me enjoy at his crotch.

Our touching and kissing became hypnotic, sinking into the pleasure of willing sex with a stranger, but a stranger that knew how to play so good. With the added element of my own cross dressing fantasies, aware that he was likely to provide an opportunity for me to cross dress too.

A moment that finally arrived after he had removed his bra so I could suck his nipples, taking off his panties to free his hard cock, freed after being played with inside the tight smooth fabric. We were both fairly vocal, in the booth that is probably the must public in terms of hearing what is happening inside it. This just added to the fantasy element, and finally, I could no longer resist asking if he had more stockings to wear.

"I have something you'll like, I know" he said, reaching over to a clear bag, unlike the gym bag remembered from the last time. He took his time putting a stocking on each leg, tantalizingly kissing toes and feet, then sliding his lips along the nylon as it covered my leg. By now, fantasy and reality were impossible to distinguish, dressing up as a total slut after having played with a cross dressing stranger.

Finished getting dressed in thigh high stockings, cock addictively rigid, I finally asked about wearing the bra too - not quite begging, but clearly unable to stop from revealing my own kinky desires. Actually, it was more like moaning out such normally unspoken desires while playing with my cock and his at the same time. We were wonderfully aroused, sharing a certain kink that was becoming a real mutual turn on, feeling him stroke my black nylon covered legs and thighs.

Soon starting to reveal how sexy it was to wear a bra and stockings - and no panties. Exposing myself to anyone who looked, legs spread open as he felt me up, knowing what a nipple slut I was, wearing a bra or not. He began to talk about how good things had been up till now, something I completely agreed with, regarding how horny we each had become.

"So gentle - not just five minutes and done" he said, making me moan about how hot sluts were, taking such a luxurious time for both of us to get really turned on.

One of the more interesting things is to see how time passes. When we last met, using condoms for oral sex was something I still practiced - as did he. He opened a condom and unrolled it over my willing cock, his mouth following the sheath down. It felt fantastic of course, yet also a reminder of why I had abandoned using condoms when getting head.

Though since it turned out to be foreplay for him pressing my covered cock against a soft willing ass, neither of us had complaints. I let him set the pace, though soon, it turned out the condom was not very slippery - some condoms are better for fucking than sucking, to be honest, and I had only a couple of condoms with me, intended mainly as a barrier to letting myself go. Though not really for giving head - I know why cock suckers want to feel a naked cock in their mouth too, increasingly surrendering to that temptation years ago.

He went to his hands and knees, inviting my cock deeper, but the lack of lubrication was just too much of a hurdle, though we did enjoy ourselves for a bit as I played with his stiff dick.

However, after changing positions again, on my back, I felt his naked cock rubbing between my legs and balls, knowing it was naked against my butt hole. A seductive feeling, as he began to murmur about trusting me, talking about fucking. In reality, the baths are not a place to trust any stranger, regardless of how temptingly good it would feel to simply let go.

After making my somewhat uncertain refusal clear, he asked me to lay on my stomach, legs spread. It was fairly clear to me that this was a prelude to getting rimmed. Soon followed by him saying that he "had never done this." After the first intoxicating contact, he had me kneel, enjoying the real kick of offering my hole to a sexy slut, feeling his hands slide over the stockings I was wearing. Those first attempts at ass licking were followed by a pause, where he murmured what a delight it was to lick my ass, asking how it felt. "Wonderful .. so fucking good .. hot" was my moaned reply as he went down between my cheeks again.

The sensations were delicately exquisite, but not especially captivating, as he lacked the irrepressible enthusiasm of an experienced ass licker. Hard to tell to what extent it was truly a first time, a mere minor thought while feeling his tongue sliding over my crack. Words become pliable when so horny, and when asked how it felt again, I replied "fucking wonderful .. ass kissing .. stockings .. no panties .. so slutty .. like a girl .. kneeling."

When he finally stopped, after spending a heavenly interval with his tongue between my opened ass cheeks, he started to press his cock against my hole, repeating that he trusted me. A truth that remains important at the bathhouse is to avoid such unprotected encounters, regardless of temptation. Even delicious temptation, feeling his cock head on my slippery opening, including him talking about how good his cock head felt inside me. Which was very true as I kept jacking off, only pushing him back out after the spit dried, knowing that I had let him successfully seduce me to that extent.

Luckily, it was not too hard to distract him in turn, reaching for one of my condoms, opening it, then putting it on his now half hard rod. I did my first hit of poppers just before going down on his covered cock, fingering his ass as I took his hard cock deep into my mouth before finally breathing out. Then discovering just how good it felt to deep throat him, hearing him moan, feeling him almost cum as I took his cock fully into my mouth.

He began to beg to be fucked, reaching for my naked cock. This time, temptation was easier to avoid, in part because cock sucking is such an utter thrill after doing poppers, something I discovered first at gloryholes. The sexy cock fills your mouth, knowing how good it feels for the other man, realizing again just how wonderful poppers makes sex. I knew my partner did not use them, but he had already said to do a hit when he was inside my soft ring.

After that first hit, I really began to go down on him, to the edge of orgasm as he begged to be fucked, talking about how he was like an aunt that wanted sex, knowing how to seduce a learner's cock, ready to be used, like a prostitute, with strangers. Such dirty talk was a total turn-on, driving me deeper into giving in to any desire.

We shifted position enough that I could rub my stockinged foot over his cock and balls, listening to him talk as I jacked off. Soon, we drifted into hidden things, speaking to each other under the intoxicating influence of pure horniness. He talked about how hot a man with breasts was. Causing me to bring up the married cross dresser I had lived with, who turned me on to a variety of really kinky porn. A married man whose wife turned me on to vibrators, and who turned me on to bi and trans porn.

My partner's cock was hard under my smoothly sliding foot when he moaned deeply, followed by asking me to go down on him, in a voice that showed how lost he was in paradise. We kept talking, with him doing ever more begging. I did not relent, continuing to tease him, foot on his balls, hands running along his stockings, kissing his nipples, the entire time pumping my rigid cock.

Telling him about the porn the married cross dresser showed me several decades ago, with more than a few bi and trans mags and videos. Or his picture collection, including him cross dressing and having sex with his wife, including using the vibrator. By now, I knew I was toying with my partner - and loving it.

"Do you like my stockings?" I asked.

"Oh fuck .. yes .. suck me .. I'm a slut .. lick me."

"Not now, slut - I like playing with myself in stockings - such sexy sensations stroking like this, covered foot on your exposed cock."

"Yes .. very hot .. a woman .. suck me .. anything .. go down .. please."

Obviously totally turned on, but able to understand what was coming as I replied "Not yet, slut. Tell me about stockings and hot sex - I love it .. jacking off .. in stockings .. both of us."

He started being more assertive, and as he touched my cock, I surrendered completely. I heard rummaging, and soon saw him tear open another condom package, loving how it felt as he unrolled it down my shaft. The poppers were ready as he began to put his lips over my covered cock tip. Taking a deep breath, the aroma filled my nostrils, then my mind, getting lost as his mouth went down my shaft slowly.

This was just my second hit of rush, and dirty thoughts filled me, prompted by the man going down on my cock, thinking about how good it felt to dress in stockings - and walk around in them, just like my cock sucker had. He soon reached almost to the bottom of my shaft, and as he went back up, I felt a finger begin to press against my soft anus.

The touch there, along with his mouth going back down was perfect, the rush filling me as I breathed out, saying "oh fuck yes .. fuck yes .. suck slut .. finger slut .. girl slut .. god .. hot aunt."

This hit of rush loosened my tongue, now revealing things that are only shareable when hard - like writing most of this story.

"He shared his porn .. aunt .. cross dresser porn .. so hot .. men sucking .. wearing stockings .. sexy cock lovers .. like me .. wearing stockings .. god this feels so sexy .. like a girl .. no panties .. legs spread .. yeah .. suck me .. feels like .. picking up .. hot suck .. street walking .. oh fuck .. god yes .. so good."

Words that brought me to the brink of cumming multiple times, to the point of needing to stop him going down on me. Meaning it was time for a reversal, with him being the man being blown.

He soon found a condom for me to use, and after getting the poppers ready, I began to put it on his erect length, unable to resist kissing the naked shaft before the latex covered it, making the condom a bit more slippery. And knowing that such naked kissing would tempt him to just give in and be sucked without a condom in the future - repeating a cock sucker trick that had definitely worked on me.

He took over the necessary unrolling as I inhaled from the magic brown bottle a third time, knowing that inhibitions would further recede, my mouth starting to go down his length, finger circling his soft ass.

His moaning was a turn on, knowing it reflected the male joy of being sucked. Also knowing he was fully aware of how fantastic it was to suck a stranger's cock like this. As I went down on him, he talked about cross dressing like a slut, waiting around for sex. Taking anyone who came, available, having sex with multiple men, not stopping.

He then started caressing my thigh, saying how sexy I looked and felt in stockings. He continued to talk this way even as I began to press a finger against and into his soft hole, bringing him close to orgasm several times, careful not to go to far.

When he esp licitly asked me to stop, I paused. Then started to talk while playing with my cock - describing how hot group sex with such a sexy street walker would be, how no cock could resist the sight of a woman having such hot sex, using her to cum. Playing with their dicks, jacking off just like he was, unable to control themselves.

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