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Bathhouse Scheduling


Wednesdays have turned out to be the perfect weekday to visit the local bathhouse. Every other week, that afternoon is free, and my routine from entry to undressing to drinking a beer to heading up or downstairs takes maybe 10 minutes.

Meaning that by 3:15pm or 3:30pm or so, I am among other naked men in the steambath, or watching gay porn. The last couple of visits have all wonderfully satisfying, even as they leave memories that just lead to my desires growing later. Writing these stories contributes its part, as the memories make me hard again, describing what happened.

By now, certain patterns are developing, ones I find myself increasingly comfortable in settling into. One is openly watching other men get off, especially when playing with other men myself. That hasn't been too surprising, it being one of the reasons that led me to becoming a regular bathhouse patron, but the regularity of Wednesday's opportunities has been a very pleasant surprise.

The other pattern I'm finding impossible to resist is fucking a willing stranger's hot ass, though always after putting on a condom, after being sucked first, until my cock is in complete control of my will. In the past, I tended to avoid such explicit offers, though certainly not always. In the past, my fantasies had always centered on what it would be like to be fucked by a man, even as I played with my own ass using fingers or dildos. Or enjoying several girlfriends over the years use a dildo on me, some of the most memorable times involving gay porn.

And Vaseline - my favorite lubricant, the one I used to masturbate with while looking at porn, or better, looking at a friend's cock after we had gotten turned on looking at porn, some of it wonderfully hardcore. Unfortunately, my tastes in this area were formed before AIDS, and equally unfortunately, latex and petroleum jelly are a bad combination, especially when involved in lubing a horny cock and ass.

Being in the middle of a MMF threesome was an equally attractive fantasy, fucking and getting fucked at the same time, surrendering myself to anal pleasure. My wife is also a devotee of having her ass played with, something she only admits when drunk and horny. Though when she plays with her toy, her reaction to getting her ass fingered is very obvious, and one she can't resist. However, she has no interest in double penetration, or in having sex with more than one person at a time.

But in my case, having sex in public and with a number of other people is ecstatically erotic, indulging in pure sexual abandon, losing tracking of time and place and self. Something to participate in on a regular basis, my tastes turning in new directions.

Recollections of steam bath visits are no longer so completely linear, separated into discrete memories. Instead, they focus on peaks of sexual enjoyment, none private, even as each was utterly intimate. Writing about them just increases the number of orgasms involved.

Each recent visit has been intentionally public, simple male sex without complication. During one visit, sitting next to a stranger, my leg pulled on top of his, stroking each other's cocks for anyone to see, the thrill of being so open about mutually jerking off almost made me cum. To the point of stopping his hand, resulting in my cock shrinking a bit. But my hand never stopped on his shaft, and as my focus returned, it was possible to get him off, making him spurt hot cum over our thighs. Something the couple of men near us saw, one being stroked by me, the other by him.

After being so public slutty, my inhibitions gone, hearing the sounds of sex somewhere else, I stood, leaving the pair in front of me. A pair thrusting their hard cocks together, hands tight on each other's ass. Something I had started, holding on to one hard cock, then finding the other available hard cock to my right, stroking them together until they touched, both moaning at the sensation.

The sounds attracting me seemed to have at least two sources, one more constant than the other. To my left was the dark alcove, one I have enjoyed in several ways. It seemed as if anyone wandering was serviced, apparently in a fashion that agreed with them, as the turnover today was very low.

Probably because one of the simplest games to play in the blackness is sex with whoever gets next to you. I have done it myself, waiting in the dark with a hard cock, knowing that the next man that entered I would have sex with. And by entering the dark and waiting for a hand to pull my ass towards an open mouth, or getting cock to cock and kissing a man in the best way possible, tongues exploring, lips pressing in rhythm to thrusting hips.

But the louder and somehow sexier sounds appeared to be coming from the front area.

This was unusual in itself, the more lit part of the steambath tending to be less overtly sexual. Not lacking in any activity, of course - I have gotten off, and gotten others off, there, but much more rarely than in the dimness at the rear. Walking towards the light, in reverse along my usual path, an entwined couple slowly appeared as the light increased.

Still essentially in darkness, my hand reached for my cock, having found the source of the sounds that had pulled me here. Both men were thoroughly enjoying each other's naked bodies, even if the visual details remained difficult to resolve. Not that imagination wasn't more than sufficient, based on the reality close at hand. Watching or being watched - both have their undoubted attractions, and this Wednesday, doing both was easy.

Another man stood facing the couple's other side, illuminated, playing with himself. The door opened, easily doubling the light level, allowing me to see the pair, both possibly in their late 30s, faces sweaty, cock to cock, hands sliding, kissing. The man that had just entered walked by slowly, then turned and stood with his back against the wall, his hand pressing against his cock.

Moving to the boundary of shadow and light, all five of us were hard. The sounds continued, moans and soft words mingling with pants and satisfied grunts matching the touches and actions of the couple. Their pleasure was open, as was our reaction, just part of the male only sauna experience we obviously enjoyed sharing. They were sweaty, making their sliding more sensuous, one man with his back to the shower wall, the other with his back to the open space.

After a bit, the man against the wall began to lose focus, sagging and moaning more loudly as his partner slowly squatted, his hands never stopping playing with his partner's nipples, even when his mouth opened and began to go down on a willing shaft. A sexual combination that was as irresistible to watch now as it had been the first time I jacked off in public watching gay porn. Some styles of man to man sex completely entrance me, in part because the people doing it are so utterly entranced themselves.

The man near me spread his legs wider, emphasizing his stroking along his rigid shaft, though keeping his attention fixed on the pair we were both watching. My attention was beginning to wander, and my eyes flutter, as the feeling of being part of a group jack off added to my pleasure.

The light level increased each time the door was opened, providing several opportunities to see cock in detail, knowing that the others were doing the same. The twosome continued to grow more turned on, the sucked man moaning softly, the squatting man pumping his own cock, legs splayed. The two stayed right on the edge or orgasm, an edge I was also riding, not wanting to cum yet.

Finally, the intensity subsided, and since the man near me had never moved closer or indicated any interest, I returned to the back, my still extended cock bobbing freely, my hands probing the space as my vision adapted to the lower light level.

A couple of men were leaning or sitting, leaving the middle free. I made a slow turn, seeing several sexy cocks being stroked while showing off mine. A man appeared, following the same path to the rear, lightly avoiding a couple of people who made no reaction as he neared.

He stopped at essentially the same place I had before, his hand snaking down to touch his nicely sized uncut cock.

Half hard, he shifted direction, slowly stepping near as I turned to watch this naked stranger approach, both of us horny in a place filled with horny men. Taller than I, his touch was subtle, as was my response, causing him to stop close by. My foot felt his, he reached out and quickly found my erect cock, as my own hand began to stroke his inner thigh, before gliding upwards to play with his nipple.

He turned, narrowing the space, his cock hard. Moving together, bringing our cocks into contact, made both of us sign in pleasure. Rubbing cock to cock made my moaning louder. To muffle the sounds, I began licking his neck while sagging against him. This continued for a delightful interval, lost in lust, and then he turned again, cock jutting, his invitation becoming obvious as my cockhead rubbed against his hot ass.

I managed to moan 'condom,' and he paused until I unrolled the latex sheath over my shaft. I positioned myself behind him as his hand directed my cockhead against his waiting ass, and he slowly pushed against me• The sensation of fucking a man flooded through me, a sense of helpless power, my hands reaching for his hips as I went deeper into him, feeling the heat surrounding us.

He slowly surrounded my cockhead, squeezing and relaxing. I went deeper, until he moved away, reversing direction, creating a new direction of bliss without my needing to do anything but keep from cumming too quickly. My hands tightened on him, pulling him back just as my cockhead reached his tight anal ring, both of us moaning. Each cycle, I went a bit further in, and he moved farther out, meaning that familiar stretching of time as we drowned ourselves in pleasure was not merely illusion.

Neither of us doubted that I would be cumming inside him, my cock rigid, making me pant out 'slower .. slower,' closing my eyes as another way to try to distract myself. Not that it ever works too long, since the distraction rapidly becomes a tight focus on tactile sensations.

The first indication that the man in front of me was getting sucked were delightful contractions against my erect shaft, then a change in his body's rhythm. The space was not quiet, and it took a moment to filter the sounds adequately. Though by that point, it was just a minor detail, as we began to rush into a fantastic orgasm.

Basically, I had become his utterly willing and perfectly sized butt plug, my hands gripping him while enjoying the results of the cock sucking stranger in front of us. The merging of his orgasm and mine was inevitable, my cock pulsing jets of cum against his throbbing tightness, in rhythm with his sounds of ecstasy. My moaned words mingled with his, 'hot .. fucker .. cock .. yeah .. cum .. fucking good,' the stream of sexy sounds adding to our shared orgasm, surrounded by other men also getting off in the steam.

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