Bathrobe Mornings Ch. 03


"Oh Honey.... oh god... Honey I'm going to cum! Please don't stop! Don't stop!"

Honey grabbed hold of her bucking sister's hips and buried her face in her pussy. Heather grabbed the back of Honey's head and screamed as she came, grinding her mound onto Honey's lips and tongue.

All I could do was watch as Heather's orgasm washed over her in long waves, and her body went limp into the love seat. Honey moved her mouth off of her sister's pussy and replaced it with her hand, stroking her index finger slowly in and out of Heather's opening while she came down and melted into a euphoric puddle on the cushions.

"Oh my God...." Heather whispered. "I should have let you do that before. That was so incredible."

"You'll have to show me sometime." Honey said, kissing Heather's collar bone. Heather nodded her head absently.

"I will. I will." Heather's eyes opened a crack and she looked to me over on the long couch, raging cock in hand.

"I think Daddy needs a little attention. You aren't too tired are you?"

Honey looked over my way. "No, I'm always ready to please my Daddy. All I have to do is think of him and I get so wet. You wouldn't even believe it. I have to change my panties like three times a day ever since we started fucking."

"Really? Just from getting wet thinking about him?"

"Mmm-hmm. Or from his cum leaking out of me. He shoots a lot."

"Show me." Heather said. "I want to see him cum."

Honey started to move toward me, and I opened my robe all the way for her. She took her sister by the hand and lay Heather's naked body across mine, her face level with my upper thigh.

"Can you see from there?" Honey asked.

"Oh yeah." Heather giggled. "Font row seating."

Honey took the base of my cock in her hand and wrapped her lips around my cock, taking me all the way into her throat and then sliding slowly back up my length until she almost broke contact, and then back down again. Slowly fucking my cock with her mouth, making me moan from the delicious torture of it.

After a couple of minutes of this, Honey released my shaft with a moist pop, and stroked me with her hand while she talked to her sister.

"God, Heather, his cock feels so good in my mouth. I'd suck him off five times a day if he wanted."


"Really. You know what else? I think every good girl owes her daddy at least one blowjob."

"Oh no. Oh God, I can't. He's my dad."

Honey pulled her sister's face towards my dick. Heather didn't seem to be offering much resistance.

"I know. He's my Daddy too. But I'll share him with you. You already let your sister lick your pussy, you might as well see how your daddy's cock feels in your mouth."

"Oh God, Oh God," Heather repeated as she drifted towards me. Then her lips reached my shaft and she took it all into her mouth in one go, moaning like a whore as she sucked me up and down, up and down, her fingers rubbing her own sopping wet pussy while her tongue played up and down my length.

I couldn't take very much more. I'd been on the edge for so long already.

"Heather... babygirl... you're going to make Daddy cum soon."

"Wait." Heather said breathlessly. The look in her eyes was lust itself. The girl was in a trance as she climbed up and straddled my hips. I shifted on the couch to make room for her.

"You're going to fuck him?" Honey asked in a low voice. "You're going to fuck our Daddy?"

"Mmm... fuck." Was all Heather got out. She said it again as her pussy spread open and the head of my cock slipped in. "Fuck." She said, as she eased down onto me, her tight wetness swallowing every inch of me. "Oh God. I'm fucking him, Honey."

"Fucking Daddy."

"Oh yeah. Oh Daddy. I'm fucking you Daddy."

"You feel so good babygirl." I said. "You're making Daddy feel so good."

"Faster Daddy. I need to fuck you faster."

Heather rode me harder, grinding her clit into my hips and taking me in long strokes in and out of her snatch. I realized that I was her first as I felt her body start to clench. Despite their own preemptive breaking of each other's hymens, a woman truly lost her virginity when she first took a man inside her body, and by that rule I was taking my youngest daughter's virginity the same as I had for her sister.

Heather's body seized on top of mine. She came in gasping waves. "Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! I'm cuuuuming! Daddy!"

"Me too, babygirl! I'm so close!"

"Oh no! I'm not on the pill!"

Heather made no effort to even slow down though. She was telling me not to cum, but it was going to happen if she didn't stop.

"Take it in your mouth then, baby. But I'm going to cum if you don't stop."

"Oh no. Please daddy, don't cum in me, you'll get me pregnant. Please no. No. No."

"Heather you have to stop or I'm going to cum!"

Honey stood suddenly and kissed her sister deeply. I clenched my teeth and held on but I was quickly losing the fight.

"Take it inside you." Honey said, breaking the kiss. "Take Daddy's sperm into your body, into your pussy. I'll lick it all out of you, baby. Do it. Do it."

"Oh yeah..." Heather said in a high pitched whimper. "Oh God!"

"I'm cumming!" I cried out, and let go, sending a torrent of sperm filled semen into my teenaged daughter's unprotected cunt. I filled her with cum, pumping load after load into her. Three shots, four, five, my dick jerking and spewing inside her. "Daddy's cumming in your pussy baby. Oh you should have stopped."

"Give it to me Daddy." Heather said, a tear rolling down her eye. "Give it all to me. Give me your seed. Put it in me. Oh God."

Heather collapsed on top of me, sobbing gently. I held her tight, stroking her hair for some minutes as my cock softened inside her and my cum oozed out of her pussy.

"That felt so good." She said into my ear. "I've never felt anything like that before."

"To me too, baby."

True to her word, when my cock finally slipped out of her sister, Honey rolled her onto her back on the floor and licked my cum from inside her. I doubted it was the most effective method of birth control, but it was definitely the hottest I'd ever heard of.

We all moved to the floor eventually, and then to my bed, where we all collapsed into a naked, spent pile, covered in each other's cum. I fingered Honey to a soft climax while she pushed her tongue into my mouth, and then we all drifted off to sleep.


It's been several weeks since that night. Heather didn't end up pregnant, and remarkably, neither did Honey. It turns out neither were on the pill. They still aren't, as both have decided that unprotected sex is "hotter." They take my cum in their pussies some days of the month, and into their mouths the rest of the time. Heather's even learning to take it in her ass occasionally. On nights where the timing isn't good but I just can't hold back from filling one of their tight snatches with sperm, the other sister eagerly practices Honey's oral "birth control."

I've told them what a dangerous game we're all playing. I'm not sure what they'll do if one or both of them get pregnant.

When I talked to Honey about it she just shrugged and smiled.

"If you're lucky," she answered, "it'll be a girl."

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*Fan! Fan! Fan!!*

So hot! Well written. Going to read up your other submissions now. Loved it. Ignore that negativity above from, surprise, "Anonymous". Those are all opinions and not the way everyone sees things obviouslymore...

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fuck off but nice

honestly, you sound like the biggest virgin there ever was because that is definitely not how sex works at all. also, why use the word "snatch" as an adjective as well as "mound"? we're not in the 70smore...

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