Walking into the bathroom, I did not realize you were right behind me. I turned and jumped as I saw you standing there, looking hot as hell. You look up and down my body, making me wet with that look. I move to take off my pants to pee.

'No, wait a minute.' As you remove your pants, then reach down and completely remove mine as I am sitting on the toilet. You stand me up and sit down backwards, facing the wall, then pull me down to straddle over you. Opening my pussy you place your cock against me.

'Now.' You say as we both start peeing. Both moaning, feeling the sensations of both getting wet. Your cock swells as we continue. My pussy gets more wet, more turned on.

'Okay stop.' We both stop peeing together. You take your cock and start slapping my pussy with it. Making me so wet, and making you even harder. You slap more and harder against my pussy. I reach for your cock and you stop my hands.

'I have to finish peeing.' I demand.

'No, you have to wait, just a little longer.' As you continue to slap my pussy with your cock.

'Mmmm, you are so wet now.' You back off the toilet, and rub your finger along my pussy. I lean back and moan. You move my legs wider apart and pull my hips towards you. You begin sucking on my clit, as I grab the sides of the toilet to hang on. You bring my hips up and continue to suck and probe with your tongue.

'Okay, pee now baby, fill my mouth.' I can't stop myself. I start peeing and I cum hard. You can feel it and place two fingers into me as I cum and pee. You rub my G spot hard, making me ride you harder and faster as I continue to cum. As I finish peeing, you suck it all out of me.

You make me scream and squirm. You pull back looking at me smiling. You wipe your face on my inside thigh. I look at you, you're not too sure you like this look. I push you back onto the floor, flat on your back. I slowly crawl up your body, licking at your cock as I pass by. I position myself so a knee is on each side of your head.

'Suck me now, baby.' As I push my pussy into your face. Your mouth opens and responds.

'Look at me, baby.' I demand, as you eat me, your eyes locked to mine as I cum hard and strong. Filling your mouth with my juices. Pushing a finger into me from each side. Probing, rubbing, I squirt. You feel it as your eyes get bigger, then you devour my clit and pussy whole.

I pull back off of you, fall to the side, breathing heavy.

'You know I never did finish peeing.' You look at me as you say this, like I'm suppose to move. I look at your cock. It's swollen so big and purplish, like it's holding its breath. I touch it and you groan loud.

'Get up.' Reaching for me to help me up, I now see the same feral look in your face. I stagger as I stand next to you. I lay a hand on your cock. You stop me and turn me around. Backing up we both sit on the toilet. You position yourself under me, so your cock comes up from under my pussy.

I open my pussy lips and place your cock into them, as you move up and down the length of my pussy, letting my juices coat your cock. Slowly you start to pee, dribbling down and over my pussy and your cock together. We both lean into each other and moan with pleasure.

I grasp your cock and bend it, to slide inside my tight, very wet pussy. Leaning forward I start riding you. You reach up under my shirt and push my bra up, then grab my tits and rub my nipples between your fingers, pinching them. I ride your cock faster.

'Ahhhh.' I moan, as you pull a hand down and slap my ass as I cum. Making my pussy clench onto your cock. I reach down and start stroking the base of your cock as I go up and down, squeezing you hard, with my pussy and hands.

Suddenly you stand up, pushing me forward and off of you. Yanking my top and bra off, you turn me around and start sucking my tits, hard. You take two fingers and slide them into me, tantalizing my g spot, rubbing it incessantly, building me on another cum that doesn't stop.

'I am so going to fuck you hard, baby. Deep and hard. Going to make you squirt again, then I'm going to lick you clean. And do it all over again.' You keep talking to me, telling me as I get hotter and hotter. Breathing heavier, moaning, squirming.

'Just fuck me.' As I pull your head up to me and kiss you desperately. I break off , turn and close the lid.

I bend over the toilet and look over my shoulder at you. Wiggling my ass. You smile as you kneel behind me. Putting your fingers in again, rubbing me, I move and squirm with your hand. Pulling your hand out, you slam your cock into me deep and hard.

Reaching for my hair you pull me back, arching my back as you move out to your tip, so my juices flow out, then slam into me again, again and again. Each time you thrust in deep, you slap my ass, making me clench on your cock harder.

You reach down and add your finger into my pussy with your cock and rub my g spot. I cum undone. I squirt everywhere. You have me pinned. I can barely move. Screaming and moaning as the ecstasy carries me away.

You pound into my pussy, removing your finger as you cum, harder than you have before. Riding the pleasure with me. Screaming as I grab your balls, pull and squeeze as you cum. Rubbing under your balls, hard. Extending your cum.

Breathing so heavy, we can't move. When you pull back, your legs no longer support you, as they no longer support mine. Falling to the floor, we lay on there, panting. When we suddenly realize, we are at a friend's house.

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