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Bathroom Encounter


Let me start by telling you first that I'm not gay, I'd never had an experience with another man, before this day. Yeah sure I'd read stories, but really even if you're not totally curious about it can you say you haven't?

Well this all started off one day while I was in the Navy, I was using one of the computer in the computer lab to check e mail. I had a particularly steamy one from my girlfriend telling me in detail what she planned on doing to me when I was home next. I felt my cock rising in my shorts and knew I wouldn't be able to control my self long enough to get back to my barracks to relieve it. I closed out of my e mail, readjusted slightly so I could walk out somewhat normally, stood up and slowly headed for the door.

The game room was full, everyone engaged in some sort of activity, video games, pool, cards, reading, or on the phone.

I slowly walked through the room, my hard on not relenting the slightest bit. It felt as though everyone on the room stopped and watched me walk through the room. It just made my cock ache even more. I decided then and there if I didn't do something about it while I was there I'd loose it in my shorts on the way to the barracks. I made a bee line for the bathroom, thankfully it was empty.

I sat down in the last stall, ready to let the fun begin. I started picturing my girlfriend, slowly teasing me with her tongue, licking it around the head of my cock while she looked up at me.

I was getting so into it I didn't even realize the bathroom door had opened. Then I realized how loud I was being about it. I stopped immediately and listened. The person that had just come in took the stall next to mine. I couldn't resist, the thought of almost being caught turned me on even more, so I slowly started pumping myself again, thinking about my girlfriend again, then my mind started to wander to the guy in the other stall. What did he look like? Did he hear me? What did he think if he did hear me?

I was snapped back to reality when I saw some toilet paper disappear to the other side exposing a glory hole. It was soon replaced by a thick black cock. It had to be at least 2 inches around and 9 inches long, and that was just on my side of the stall. I felt my cock twitch.

My new friend shook it slightly in my direction to try and coax me to play with him. I was so mesmerized by the sight in front of me that I couldn't contain myself. I slowly reached out with my hand to take hold of his magnificent black rod. I stroked it slowly, getting a feel for it.

When I heard him moan slightly from the other side I made my next move, I slipped off the toilet onto the floor, aiming his cock right at my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head lightly bringing a trail of precum with it. Again he moaned and ordered me to suck it.

I leaned forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth and let my tongue slowly play over the slit. His continued moans got me more into it and pretty soon I was bobbing on his thick veiny rod while stroking what I couldn't get into my mouth.

In no time I heard him gasp, shortly there after I felt him pull back a little, I thought I'd hurt him somehow. I followed his cock back towards the hole. Just as I fell his shaft swell up he shoved the head down into my throat. His cock spasmed and shot what seemed like a gallon of warm salty cum straight into my belly.

When he finally went limp he pulled back, zipped up and left while telling me I was a good cocksucker.

I got back up and sat on the toilet once more. My cock was extremely sensitive to the touch and I knew I'd shoot off with no problem. Especially while I was still able to taste this strangers cum.

Unfortunately I didn't find out who he was or even get lucky enough to another bathroom encounter such as that. But there's always hope.

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by Anonymous

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by Rwa476805/16/18

That's hot

I loved the story and would have loved to be him. I can relate to him because I am not gay either, but love to suck a cock. I am not attracted to men and don't want a relationship with a man. I havemore...

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