tagIncest/TabooBathroom with My Parents

Bathroom with My Parents


I have often wondered about my sexual fascination with my parents, aside from the obvious appeal of something taboo and forbidden. As I was growing up I was happily delighted to start growing breasts and pussy hair at a very young age, I was already a full c cup at the age of 14. I am currently 22 and you could portray me as a voluptuous 36dd pear shaped rosy nipples - 30 waist - 40 inch hips, 5 foot 4 with full curly auburn red hair, with an hourglass figure.

My sexual awakening to my parents must have been when I was around 18 years old. I was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet enjoying a good harlequin book and delightfully teasing my clit with my panties and jeans bunched up around my knees, while in barged my mother completely naked. It was the first time I could appreciate how sexual and beautiful she looked. She had large pear shaped breasts with long nipples, and a thick curly bush of brown hair above her pussy. I noticed she was carrying with her some shaving cream and a razor.

My mother, Kathy, said with a surprised look on her face:

"Oh Nancy, I didn't know you were here. Don't get up honey; I'm just going to take a shower."

She walked passed me while I was trying to hide my pussy with my hands; she stepped into the shower. I was embarrassed that she had caught me touching myself, but since she didn't seem to have noticed I quickly gained my composure.

While she was stepping into the shower, I noticed a trickle of clear sticky liquid leaking from her generous pussy lips, then I smelled her sex and what I assumed was my father's sperm. I enjoyed their musky odour and was surprised to find that my pussy was leaking around my fingers.

My mother looked up at me and said with a smile on her face:

"Darling you must not forget to lock the door when you play with yourself. Your father could have walked in and seen you in that state. Don't deny what you were doing, I can smell your arousal and I saw your embarrassed look when I came in. Don't forget your father is a man, and seeing you like that would have gotten any man excited. Also when excited your pussy secretes and the smell can drive men wild to the point where they cannot control themselves!"

I was stunned that I could arouse such excitement in men, even my own father. I looked at my mother; she was lying in the tub running the water. She was looking at my chest while caressing her breasts. I must have gotten very excited from her musky scent my nipples were poking through my bra and pink tank top.

"Darling would you hand me the scissors in the medicine cabinet, I have to trim my hair, it's too long to shave."

I wasn't really sure which hair she wanted to shave; nevertheless I pulled my panties up and stepped out of my jeans while reaching for the cabinet. The underwear quickly got soaked from my aroused pussy, and when I reached for the scissors my back turned to my mother, she saw that they were stained wet. I hadn't realised that with the wetness my mother could now clearly see the outline of my pussy and the hair covering my lips and my asshole. I turned with the scissors in hand and walked over to the tub.

My mother was lying in the tub gently pulling her pubic hairs, the hairs were covered with little gobs of sperm. I sat on the side of the tub and handed her the scissors, she proceeded to trim her pubic hair. She noticed me watching her and said in a whisper:

"Darling you need to take those panties off, they are all soaked. Plus your pussy now will radiate your smell, it's best you take a bath with me before you go walking around the house arousing your father or brother."

Feeling curious about what she was about to do to her pubes, I nodded and took off my tank top and bra while she stared at me the whole time. She looked at my swaying pear breasts when I stepped out of my panties. She spread her legs and bent her knees to give me room in the bath. I had to do the same as there was very little room in the tub; I stared at her opened lips and aroused clit, while she continued to trim her pubic curls.

"Mom, why do you trim your vagina hair?" I asked while I was washing my pussy lips with some soft soap.

"Your father prefers the trimmed look on me rather than the natural look, I shave all around my pussy and my asshole, but I leave a little strip on the top, he loves it that way."

I looked at my own hairy pussy and asshole and I decided then to start shaving like my mother. When she was finished with the razor, I could clearly see the strip she had mentioned earlier, it looked exactly like the pussies in my brother's hustlers I look at secretly. She then got up on her knees, turned around and got on all fours handing me the razor.

"Nancy, could you do my asshole please, I can't see well enough and I don't want to cut myself!" She said to me looking over her shoulder.

I leaned close, I could see and smell little bits of shit caught in her ass hairs, when she wasn't looking I leaned close and put my nose to her hole and inhaled deeply. She had a strong sweaty sweet smell. I sprayed some shaving lotion between her cheeks, and with my other hand gently massaged it and took the opportunity to rub her asshole.

She giggled slightly: "Honey, watch out that tickles!"

I took the razor and started to shave her ass crack, being very prudent while running the blade over her anus, which was now pulsating opening and closing. I gave her a little slap on her cheek and giggled:

"All done mom!"

I leaned back in the bath, spread my knees and relaxed, I closed my eyes. I felt a slight touch to my breast and I startled, opening my eyes I saw my mother cupping my right breast.

"Nancy would you like your cunt to look like mine? I could help you with your first shave if you are unsure about how to do it. Men tend to appreciate it when you take care of your pussy, and now that you are beginning your sexuality, it's best to have all the assets."

I spread my knees further apart and watched my mother trim my hair with the scissors then apply a generous amount of shaving cream on my vagina. She then held my lips apart and started shaving my lips and shaping a strip like hers. She asked me to turn around, and shaved my asshole. I was so aroused when the blade was running across my anus. I cupped my freshly shaved cunt and started to stroke my clit.

Having completed the shave, we both stood up and rinsed ourselves under the spray of the shower. Turning off the water, my mother got a towel and walked out of the bathroom. Feeling curious about my new appearance, I stepped out of the bath, and turned my back to the bathroom door, bent over and looked at my newly shaved cunt and anus in the full length mirror hooked on the door. I wanted to feel how smooth it was, and in feeling my lips I started to tweak and pinch them, my other hand rubbing my breasts roughly. I entered a finger inside my pussy and rested it on my hymen while my thumb was stroking my clit. I was leaking all over my hand, when the door suddenly opened and in walked my father. I jerked up suddenly and turned around, my breasts bouncing up and down painfully, both my hands covering my newly shaven cunt.

"My god Nancy, I didn't know you were in here! So sorry!" he said in a hurried voice. He quickly closed the door but not before I also heard him say: "By the way very cute, I love the new look!"

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