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Batman & Catwoman


Catwoman had been eagerly waiting for her opportunity for another moment alone with Batman. The shots fired by Commissioner Gordon's men had stunned him, and knocked him down. He lay flat on his back, stiffly on the rooftop.

Silent as she usually was she made her way over to him. Stepping on his arm lightly, she then knelt on his chest, crossing her arms over his neck.

His eyes were so dark under the mask, and she felt his suit against her long legs, clad only in the vinyl. She purred, "You're catnip to a girl like me. Handsome...dazed...and to die for."

Batman turned his head to look just beyond her, and she turned her head as well. As part of the Christmas spirit, some enterprising Gotham citizen had hung mistletoe on one of the wires crisscrossing over their heads.

He spoke for the first time tonight, in the gravelly voice that sent shivers up her spine. "Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it."

She immediately retorted him back. "But a kiss can be deadly...if you mean it." And so saying, she opened her mouth wide and licked all the way from his chin, across his lips, to the lower point of his mask. As she pulled away, he almost followed her to kiss her again, then stopped himself. He licked his lips. She could tell he was affected deeply.

She spoke up again. "You're the second man who killed me this week. But I've still got seven lives left."

"I tried to save you-"

She interrupted him. "It seems like every woman you try to save ends up dead. Or deeply resentful. Maybe you should retire."

She sat up in her slow, sensual way. Suddenly she stabbed him with one of her claws. He slapped her hand away and easily threw her into the bushes. With evident irritation he pulled her claw out of his armor, and threw it at her, then turned and stalked to the edge of the building.

She rolled to her feet with her easy grace, and bounded ahead of him, halting him at the edge.

"Leaving so soon?" she purred. She put her hands on his shoulders and quick as lightning wound her legs around his waist, and pressed her lips to his. He had no time to stop her and truthfully didn't seem that inclined to, and suddenly his tongue was in her mouth and she forgot to think or wonder.

The thrill that ran through her body was echoed in his. There was no grace and no romance in their kiss, just the pure lust that had been building between them. His tongue dove deep into her mouth, and his arms wrapped tightly around her. She nipped his lip, hard enough to draw blood, and growled into his mouth.

Roughly they fell to the ground together, her legs twining around him. She heard the thud of his armor as it hit the ground, and suddenly she was angry again and threw him off. She rolled into a crouch.

"Do you think I'm that easy, Batman?" she hissed.

Instead of answering, he caught her hand as she swung at him again and pulled her close to his chest, wrapping the arm he was gripping high up behind her back almost enough to hurt. He covered her mouth with his and she gasped as he felt his gloved hand sliding up her belly and slipping into one of the gaps of her suit.

Batman gripped tightly, and yanked, and several stitches popped open. His hand slid inside, and suddenly she felt the cool glove rubbing against her bare skin.

He let go her hand and guided it to his shirt. She pulled roughly, and ripped his soft dark gray shirt open, and then off. Her hands dropped to his waist, and she slipped both hands inside and gripped Batman's cock.

It was hard as a rock, and quite heavy...she wrapped both her hands around it. He groaned, wincing a little as her claws occasionally rubbed against his skin. Irritated with the barrier, she dug instead into his pants and tore them wide open. He grunted. "Neither you nor I are going to have anything left to wear after this."

He was meanwhile pulling at her suit, ripping the stitches wide open, until her whole chest was exposed to him. He dove his head down to her neck, biting, not gently, and continued down...she gripped the ears on his cowl as his mouth closed over one nipple and she felt his teeth. She heard him groan into her chest, "You're human enough."

She felt him doing something, and suddenly she felt her suit being pulled open even more and fresh air on her thighs. And then she felt his bare hand snake between her legs. So that's what he'd been doing...removing his gloves.

She only had time for the one thought, though, as his fingers found her sex. His fingers combed through her thick bush, soft as one of her cats. She was already wet from his mouth on her nipples, and as he bit her again his fingers penetrated her wetness . Without preamble he shoved two fingers into her.

She yowled loudly, as he began to rhythmically finger-fuck her. His fingers were large and filled her completely. His mouth came back up to hers and covered it again.

To her astonishment he pressed yet another finger against her and then forced that one into her. Her cries had dropped to little mewlings as she rocked in his arms.

His rough, calloused thumb found her clitoris and began rubbing against it in slow, maddening circles. Each circle took her higher and higher, and she began scratching and scrabbling at him. She felt totally lost, and barely knew what was happening to her.

Suddenly his head dropped even lower, and she felt his mouth press against her most private area. Her catsuit was almost completely gone, except for her mask. She felt his tongue open her, and slide inside of her. And the next thing she felt was his mask pressing against her mound, and for some reason that drove her right over the edge.

She came into his mouth, hard and powerful. Her nails dug into his bare back, drawing blood, as her entire body spasmed. She felt his tongue lashing around her insides, drawing forth her sweet

Suddenly he pulled away from her. She moaned in disappointment, but was too weak to protest more.

Underneath the pants he was wearing a thin pair of cotton shorts. They were easy enough for him to slip out of, and as both her hands flew back to his cock she felt a glistening drop of precum at the tip of it. Satiated for the moment, she let one of her claws scratch across his belly, and when he flinched, kicked him so he landed on his back.

He was still wearing his cloak, and it billowed all around him. Before he had a chance to react other than grunt, she had pounced on his thighs, and taken his cock back into her hands. She lowered her head, and slid her mouth onto him.

He was huge, and she could barely fit him in her tiny cat-mouth. She licked his head completely, with long, languid strokes. She felt him spasm and dug a nail very lightly into the base of his cock. Then she stroked her nails across his balls, and felt him go very still.

"Are you frightened of me, Batman? Because...you should be." She licked the entire length of his cock from base to tip, and when she reached the head she pushed maybe four inches into her eager and willing mouth.

He couldn't hold back any longer and bucked up underneath her, thrusting his cock even deeper into her mouth. She whimpered, and tears sprang to her eyes. Through a haze she heard his voice. "I want to fuck you."

His hands gripped her head and lifted her head off his cock, surprisingly gently. Before she had time to think what this meant, he had pushed her onto her back and was climbing on top of her.

She looked up into his eyes, mask to mask, her vivid blue eyes to his steely gray ones, and she felt a rush of fresh desire spill through her. Hadn't she fantasized about this, even as Selina Kyle? And wasn't dreams of this what she fell asleep to every night in her lonely bed, surrounded only by her cats?

Her ruminations were interrupted by Batman pressing himself first against her, then pushing in. Her folds opened wide to take in this intruder. She whimpered as he slid in, and then kept filling her and filling her...she thought it would never end when finally his hips came to rest against hers.

Her eyes were open wide, looking up at his, as he began to slowly rock in and out of her. Batman picked up speed, and continued burying his cock to the utmost limit inside of her.

His mouth covered hers and their arms wrapped around each other as he began truly slamming into her, brutally and without mercy. Each time he slammed fully into her he stopped to grind his cock even deeper. She pushed her hands underneath his cloak, which was still billowing around them, and dug her fingernails into his back, leaving long, bloody scratches in his skin.

He grunted, and began thrusting with uncontrolled passion. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and she felt herself beginning to come again.

Th stars were a blur as Batman fucked her, long and deep. She held on to him for dear life for he was unmerciful in his passion, and her leather catsuit wasn't much padding for how hard he was banging her ass against the cold concrete.

"Meow!" she cried out in his ear as yet another orgasm hit her. She bit his ear hard enough to draw blood, and at that he thrust forward and began to come as well. Wave after wave came, filling her cunt with his juices. Above her she heard him cry out, no longer in his gravelly voice but in his real voice, the voice behind the cape.

Batman dropped back down on top of her, and for a few moments there was no sound other than his panting. Slowly he withdrew his long, thick cock from her. As he did, she sat up, and grabbed it in her hands and fed it hungrily into her mouth. She sucked it clean, wiping off every bit of come and tasting her own juices in her mouth. Very quickly he began to stiffen again.

She sucked him down as far as she could, pumping the rest of him with her hands. His hands roamed over her mask...the kitty ears...down to her breasts, squeezing them and mauling them.

She felt him groan and tighten, and she popped his cock out of her mouth just as he came. The first spray hit her full in the face, splashing across her mask and nose, and a significant portion went into her mouth. She aimed him lower, and the next spurt went across her breasts and belly.

He continued pumping, sliding against her hands, until he was drained and leaned on her heavily. She looked up at him, licking the cum off her lips like a kitty, and purred, "Yummy."

His lips curved ever so slightly in a smile, and suddenly he flung his cloak over her head, blinding her temporarily. She felt it sliding away, and when she opened her eyes again he was gone and the thick, sticky feeling on her face and between her legs was the only sign he'd ever been there.

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