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Batman: Green War

bySean Renaud©

"Why me?" The Dark Damsel groaned from her perch over Gotham City. With her black half cape wrapped around her sensual form she seemed as much a part of the architecture as the carved gargoyle she was posted beside. Her skin tight latex costume framed her perfectly lithe frame for no other purpose than display. The half cape ended just above her perfectly heart shaped rump and did more to draw attention to that attribute than to conceal it. "Why am I here?"

"Robin is away with the Titans." Her mentor, Batman, replied. Unlike his ward who merely almost blended with their stone companions the Batman blended completely with his surroundings. The pounding rain that was nearly drowning Barbara Gordon didn't seem to even concern Bruce Wayne. "You've also shown a level of understanding Poison Ivy that exceeds my own in many ways."

For a moment the two were completely silent, the only movement the flickering of their eyes from one spot to the next waiting for any sign of their supposed target. It was Batgirl who broke the silence yet again. "Why don't we just go in? I hate stake outs. I hate them even more when it's raining." Barbara fought the urge to visually shiver. The costume was designed for ease of movement and to deflect bullets but it didn't do a great deal to keep the wearer warm. "It's just Ivy. You could handle this alone if you wanted to."

"There is no guarantee that Ivy is alone in this. There's even a chance that it's not Ivy who is behind this plot." The Batman replied almost without moving his lips. Years of training as a magician and ventriloquist made it second nature to speak without moving his face. It was a useful skill on a stake out when you were imitating a gargoyle.

A bolt of lighting fired from the heavens divided Gotham's defenders for a split second and neither of them so much as flinched. "There is something to be said for Shock and Awe." Batgirl let the sarcasm roll from her lips. She knew her mentor wasn't even going to glorify her with a response so it wasn't a surprise when none came it wasn't a shock or even insulting.

The last two weeks of her life had been dedicated to this case and finding out who was behind it. It had begun with a series of break ins across the city taking expensive and often untested fertilizers. The second stage had been of several power plants, two of which were Wayne Tech. the only things stolen were the blue prints. A little research revealed a similar pattern in both Bludhaven, where former Robin, Nightwing, resided and Metropolis where the legendary Superman did his rounds. Star Labs and Lexcorp were both victims in equal numbers as Wayne Tech which ruled out any sort of industrial espionage.

The timing made Poison Ivy the most likely culprit as well. With Earth Day only a scant week away the eco-terrorists was almost predictable. It wasn't so much a matter of if she was up to something as it was what she was up to.

The two crime fighters disagreed on what was the best way to react. Barbara would have tracked down Poison Ivy and brought her in on anything she could think of. The botanist bitch was probably breaking half dozen laws as well as twice that many parole violations. It would be easy to haul her now and avoid the nearly inevitable collateral damage of her actual plan. Choosing the location of a battle would help a lot. The best way to go about this was to hunt down the most likely culprit and take them out of play.

The Batman however has two things working in his favor. The first was experience. He knew how these fiends worked in part because he was partially responsible for them. Most of them would have existed with or without him but instead of being fairly mild and completely successful they were completely extreme and mildly successful. The second thing was his nearly psychic ability to find the best way to handle a situation. So the younger Batgirl accepted his judgment and waited in the driving rain.

There was more than sufficient reason to wait a little while longer as well. Most of Poison Ivy's plots weren't particularly deep. She was usually a simple case of some one who was destroying the ecosystem and she would avenge the environment. The current string of crimes didn't fit precisely with her MO. "We wait. Make sure it's her."

"I'm cold and wet." Batgirl moaned. The Batman didn't so much as respond with even a slight grunt. "Fine."

It was almost two hours later and the rain had been replaced with sleet pounding down on the two crime fighters when she made her move. Poison Ivy emerged from the building clutching a box close to her impressive chest. She quickly darted across the street and a moment later she was speeding down the streets of Gotham unaware of the two following her.

"Where's she heading?" Batgirl asked after a few blocks.

"Only thing of any importance out that way is Gotham Nuclear." Batman responded stopping his pursuit. A few pushed buttons on his utility belt summoned the nearly Batwing. Even under normal conditions the stealth jet ran quietly enough and invisibly against Gotham's dark skies to make stealthy tailing possible, in the storm it was completely undetectable and startled Barbara when it seemed to materialize behind her.

"Thank god. Turn on the heat." Batgirl smiled leaping the jet alongside her mentor. Batman smiled and did just that. Normally Batgirl hated the Batwing. It was the one vehicle she had difficulty piloting and Batman had a habit of asking others to take the wheel when he wanted to do something he deemed too dangerous for his younger partners to attempt.

The trip was blissfully short and the two were back in the rain waiting at the plant when Ivy pulled up to the gate. The meager security wasn't enough to even stumble the villainess. She mere smiled at the guard and her spores took over his mind. Still clutching her packet she started running for the front doors to the plant that supplied sixty percent of Gotham's power.

"On three." Batman glanced at Barbara who nodded. "Three!" He shouted and the two leapt down from their perch using only their thick capes to slow the other wise neck breaking decent enough to land just a few feet from the red head. "That's far enough Ivy."

"This isn't normally your thing. I would have expected at the least you'd hit the coal plant or the hydroelectric. Why are you doing this Ivy?" Batman scowled taking his first step toward the criminal vixen.

"It was probably built on the sight of endangered poppies." Batgirl quipped. "Ever notice how-"

"What's the problem?" Batman half turned his head when he noticed Batgirl laughing.

"I just figured it out. We need to hurry."

"Congratulations young one. I would have thought the Detective would have figured it out much sooner." Ra's Al Ghul quipped stepping out of the shadows wielding a saber. "Sadly I do not possess time for our normal banter Detective." Without speaking another word he lunged forward attempting to stab the Batman who neatly danced away. "Hurry my dear; I am uncertain how long I can keep him occupied!"

Trying to take advantage of the situation Poison Ivy dashed around the two fighting men sprinting for the door. She nearly stumbled to her well shaped rump when Batgirl cut her off. "You didn't forget about me did you?"

"Course not, I actually was hoping it would be you." Poison Ivy reached into the box and threw and orb directly into the Bat symbol etched across the heroine's chest. "This wouldn't have been near as much fun for the boys." Before the orb could hit the floor it erupted into a storm of tentacles. The first of them wrapped around Barbara's throat lifting bodily into the air. Her attempt at reaching her belt was a fraction two slow and a single vine looped itself around her wrists yanking them up over her head. The next step was wrapping around her ankles and the entire tangle started carrying up the side of the building. "Don't worry Batman. I don't think it'll kill her." She smiled and dashed into the building.

Batman was still engaged with Ra's Al Ghul and couldn't even comment. The near immortal had clearly been training harder at his sword play since their last encounter. Twice he'd nearly ended the Dark Knight. Slipping his hand behind his back he flung a pair of batarangs at his partner. With a practiced ease Ra's swatted them down. "This is not a fight you can win Detective."

"There is no such thing as a fight I can't win." Batman replied.

Up above Batgirl was screaming and struggling against her attacker. It was in the process of ripping her chain mail from her flesh. The costume was designed against knives and small arms fire. It wasn't effective against something with this level of strength and shape changing properties. It wasn't even a full minute when the bottom half of her costume flew down nearly landing on the Batman's skull and forcing him to spare a glance up.

She wasn't screaming any longer, one of the tendrils had forced its way into her mouth and was steadily pumping in and out of her mouth. Barbara closed her eyes trying to block out the reality of what was happening. Of her complete helplessness . Instead she could taste it. The creature was secreting some sweet substance into her mouth. The effect of the fluid was almost immediate. The fight instantly fell out of Batgirl as a familiar warmth spread from her belly. She could feel her nethers instantly moisten. The voice bubbling up around the invading plant wasn't distressed, it was utter rapture. When the vines started pushing against her slick cunt she willingly spread her legs and accepted the invader.

"That's sick even for you. I would have thought you would have been completely against a rape. Isn't that why you fight to improve this world that has been raped?" Batman attempted to parry with his gauntlets instead got his first deep cut across his arm.

"Ivy assures me that this will not do any lasting damage to your ward. Every other way of incapacitating one of your wards would have left them much worse off. That plant will release her as soon as Ivy commands it, leaving both of you with plenty of time to escape before this location is destroyed." Ra's countered. "From the looks of and sounds of things she is quite enjoying herself. More than yourself at any rate.

It was difficult to argue that she was enjoying it. It was hard to see her expression but it was clear to see the rolling rhythm of her hips. The light flush of her skin. Her quivering frame racked by spasms. "I will stop you know." Batman reached into his belt. Faster than Al Ghul could counter three pellets were loosed and released tear gas. Coughing and stumbling through the cloud Ra's looked up just in time to see Batman's fist connect with his jaw. The older man in his stumbling backward dropped his sword. Just before a second fist slammed into solar plexus nearly lifting him physically off the ground. A spinning kick ended the encounter.

Batgirl's battle was still raging. Whatever sweet substance it filled her mouth with it was doing the same down between her legs. Whatever it was felt warm and wonderful sloshing around inside her. She'd never felt as full in her life as she did right then. It was incredible. Part of her mind was vaguely aware that she was beaten but it wasn't holding against the earth shattering pleasure the thing was giving her. It was almost more than she could manage. The bubble of energy in her stomach grew and grew and grew until it exploded twisting her body back and forth forcing the vines to tighten their grip on her wrists and several around her midsection to hold her safely in place. As soon as the first one finished crashing there was a second and a third.

"I'm coming Batgirl." Batman aimed his grapple gun and took aim.

"Ra's Al Ghul was quite clear about he wants you to see his vision honey. So it's time to leave." Poison ivy shouted running back. She wasn't holding anything when she left. "So you can fight me maybe knock me out fast enough to save Batgirl and the Power Plant or you can let me go as soon as I get far enough away it'll stop on its own." The decision took all of two seconds to make. Batman started to step to the side then violently burst forward slamming his knee into Ivy's gut doubling her over. A second blow knocked her out.

Batman glanced at his protégé and there was only one decision left. Without Ra's in the way the next batarangs hit their mark cutting her free. It was easy to catch her plummeting body. The first thing he noticed when he caught her was the smell. The fresh smell of sex flooded his nostrils. "Can you walk?" Batgirl nodded dumbly. "Get everyone to the Batwing. If I'm not out in five minutes get out of here. He could feel her stomach twitching with each mini-orgasm. Dropping her to her feet he ran full speed into the Power Plant.

Part of his training involved memorizing the lay out of any likely target for terrorism so he knew his way through the plant and easily made it to the core. It was a molten salt model reactor a Generation V device developed by WayneTech collaborating with both LexCorp and Queen Industries. Batman rushed to the core where several of Ivy's plants were growing around the core slowly crushing them.

The results of them being crushed was actually almost a good thing, the fall out would be minimal. It didn't make sense. Not for Ra's Al Ghul's stated plan to kill five billion people bringing the planet back into homeostasis with the earth. Understanding his motivations wasn't nearly as important as stopping him at the moment. Cold bombs from his utility belt quickly killed the plants. Batman still shut down the plant and let the workers repair what damage had already been done.

"The danger's passed." Batman called into his intercom heading out. As Batman leapt into the jet just as Ra's Al Ghul was regaining consciousness. "Why?" Batman growled hauling the man up by his lapels.

"Simple Detective. Today as you well know is Earth Day but there is nothing to celebrate. We are still poisoning this planet at an unsustainable rate." Ra's Al Ghul replied. "The destruction of this Power Plant was to be an experiment. I believe Ivy's plants would be able to absorb the majority of the radioactivity making this a truly green strike for the Earth. A noble cause. And now I believe you will be letting me go. I have places to go, plans to put into motion and I don't need to remind you what will happen if you were to put me in prison. The risks to your identity and wards." It wasn't an idle threat. He was one of two villains who knew that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same. "So unless you're ready to break your vow to life and end mine I suggest you let me go. "

"And Ivy?"

"She has proven to be unsuited for the task. Another way will be found. Until that day I bid you adieu Detective." Batman made no effort to stop the Demon's Head from leaving the Batwing.

"I hate that guy." Barbara grumbled searching Poison Ivy.

"What are you looking for?"

"Making certain she doesn't have any more of those spores." She couldn't stop herself from smiling and blushing at Batman's over the shoulder scowl.

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