Batman: Harem 02


Batman Harem 2: Throwing her voice

I still don't own Batman, Harley Quinn, Ventriloquist, or any other DC Comics character.

The second Ventriloquist, a woman named Peyton Riley, stood in a warehouse on the Gotham docks. The men in her command move around quietly, loading guns onto a large ship to be taken to Bludhaven. The woman occasionally gave an order to one of the men, but almost all the talking being done was done by her dummy, Scarface.

"Hey, you's guys," came the horrible voice of the little character, "Me and my Sugar here are headed out of here, you's guys finish up."

At that moment, the lights suddenly went out. The guys looked around for a moment, until they heard one of their number scream, "Don't hurt mee!!" Then a crashing noise and it was silent. Peyton and Scarface made for the door.

As quickly as they went out, the lights came back on. It was not a pleasant scene. Henchmen were everywhere, some strung up, some on the ground, all unconscious. Peyton was furiously pulling on the door to escape. From just above her, a gravelly voice sounded.

"Don't think of escaping. I welded that door shut. I wanted time to talk to you."

Peyton quietly slipped a pistol into Scarface's hand, and answered, "Ok, I'm listening."

"See, I've started a new rehabilitation program. It's working well on Harley Quinn, and I think it would work on you." The dark knight dropped from his perch and began pacing. "Thing is, I want to bring you into the program peacefully if possible. What do you say? Come let me," a small smile crossed the Bat's face, when he thought of his new program, "help you."

Peyton had heard enough. She wasn't going to let Batman put her in some special group. Scarface lifted the pistol. "Say goodnight, Bats." Scarface's hand pulled the trigger.

The hammer clicked, but nothing came out.

"I used a new device I had made, a remote electronic device that deactivates firearms, to render all the guns you are carrying useless. Now will you come with me?"

Peyton's jaw dropped. Scarface's jaw dropped. Her head drooped and she held up her wrists. "Wherever you're taking me, just please don't take away Scarface. I want him with me."

"I think that could be arranged." Batman gruffly handcuffed the Ventriloquist and led her to the Bat-wing. After loading her into the prisoner bay, her jumped into the cockpit and placed a call to G.C.P.D. To pick up to other mobsters, making it clear that Peyton had eluded him. Then he took off.

When he arrived in the Batcave, he had a sleeping gas pumped into the prisoner bay of the Bat-wing before carefully taking Peyton out. He turned her over to Alfred, the only member of the Bat-family who knew what he was doing, and sat at the Bat-computer for a bit.

While he sat, Nightwing, A.K.A. Dick Greyson came in. "Hey, I heard the call earlier. You need any help tracking Ventriloquist? Be just like old times."

"No, old friend, she is probably going underground for a while. She didn't even get to start her delivery, so she'll need to build some money before she tries again. I'll let you know if she resurfaces."

Looking a little down, Nightwing heads from the cave, leaving Batman to his thoughts. Bruce takes off the cowl and rubs his temples for a moment. "Well, I think Alfred will be done by now. I'm going to go claim my newest prize.


Indeed, Alfred had finished locking up miss Riley, and had given her the antidote to the sleeping gas so she would wake up in just a moment. He had even stripped her naked. When Bruce arrived, he decided to go to his quarters to see if Harley Quinn was still putting on a show so he could get off. He needed to relieve himself pretty badly.

Peyton Riley slowly came to, with the distinct feeling that someone was in the room with her. She looked around and panicked for a moment when she didn't see Scarface. She looked around, and finally her eyes came to rest on the puppet's face. His mouth was wide open as if in shock, and Peyton suddenly realized she was completely nude, her massive breasts heaving and her wrists and ankles bound.

"Sugar you are some kinda stunnin'." the puppet seemed to say. "How did I never notice them before!"

"Talking to yourself, Miss Riley?" Bruce Wayne spoke with authority. He was just getting Harley Quinn broke and now the voluptuous new Ventriloquist had fallen into his little trap. He had Riley strung up like Harley had been the first week, and the puppet Scarface was left as though staring at her. He hoped to give her a feeling of security, so that maybe he could make a willing slave of her.

"No, I was speaking with my associate over there. The one on the dresser."

Scarface's voice, beautifully thrown, rang out across the room. "Fuck her, pretty boy. She's been naughty, and now she deserves nothing less than to be degraded and treated like a whore."

Peyton's eyes opened wide as Scarface had just practically ordered Wayne to do exactly what she wanted in her deepest parts. She wanted a man's cock, but had been settling for the crackheads and henchmen, so no one could say anything.

"Or are you scared," Scarface's voice came one more time, daring Wayne into action, "Batman. Yeah, I figured it out. Never met Bruce Wayne till just now, but you should disguise you're voice better."

"Peyton, what do you think. Do you want to be taken and fucked by me?" Wayne smirked a bit. He knew already that she did. Just like Wesker, she expressed her deepest most private desires through the puppet.

"C'mon, fuck her silly, Wayne. I wanna watch."

Bruce knew that Peyton wanted to be fucked, and that she wanted the puppet to be watching. Her Multiple personality disorder was fairly severe. After a moment to think it through, Bruce decided that he would give her what she wanted. He had the device that bound her flip her on her stomach, and then lifted her ass into the air. "I don't really care right now what you say. Your ass is mine."

He dropped his pants to expose his cock, and slid a finger into her asshole. His middle finger slid in up to his knuckle, and she bucked her hips against her restraints. "Oh my god, please not there. I've never had a cock there!" She barely managed to finish the sentence before he slid the finger in up to the second knuckle, causing her to grunt in a mixture of fear and pleasure. Scarface, however, told a bit more of her excitement.

"Yeah, look at her face turn red. Oh, Wayne, you gotta make her little asshole feel so good she screams!"

Bruce was kind of getting a kick out of all this, and so he started edging another finger into her rectum. He knew that for her to be able to handle his rod, he would have to open her up to three fingers before he stuck it in. He watched as she bucked the whole second finger into her ass, moaning in ecstasy. Even Scarface was silent at the moment.

When Scarface did speak again, it almost caught Bruce off guard. "Hey, pretty boy, enough with the easing into it. She wants your cock in her, give it to her. If she screams, all the better, yeah?"

Bruce knew that this was Peyton's way of telling him to move it along, so he touched her musky hole with the tip of his manhood. She shuddered for a moment at the thought of the beast she felt at her backside sliding into her, and then resolved to take it. Quietly, she said to Bruce, "Slide it all the way in quick, and then hold on for a second. I want to get used to it all at once, ok?"

Bruce thought about teasing her, but decided he liked her idea better. He spit on the place where her ass joined his tip, and then thrust himself balls deep, bottoming out after pushing through the tight ring to her rectum.

Peyton felt the hard cock all the way into her tummy. She almost came thinking about the sheer size of the thing in her right that instant. She had certainly never felt anything even vaguely like this. Twelve rigid, coke can thick inches of hard meat buried deep in her asshole. Her brain twitched and she started to feel a tick of her eye.

The tick ended when Wayne completely pulled out. She felt an incredible emptiness for a moment, then suddenly she creamed herself as she was filled once again by the huge cock slamming back up her. Her eyes rolled back her head as Wayne began to slam her ass faster, and without realizing it she kept encouraging the pounding with Scarface's voice.

"Yeah, take that huge, rich man's cock, sugar. You are such an anal slut. You want that rich boy's cum in your asshole, don'tcha, sugar! Wayne, fuck that bitch silly."

Bruce Wayne can't help himself. Her asshole was so tight, her breasts swinging so beautifully, that it was driving him crazy. He pounded all the way in and pulled all the way out, and she screamed wildly with each thrust. In minutes her pussy was pouring girl cum all over the sheets.

Bruce gritted his teeth, and focused on fucking her ass. He kept on and on, long after Peyton had passed out in a pool of her own cum on the sheets. Just as he couldn't hold it anymore, he slid the monster from her ass and sprayed his sperm on her, leaving a line from the firm roundness of her ass to the perfect tits as she rolled over onto her back. Just as he thought he was finished, he realized he had one more spurt left, and forced her mouth open. "Taste the man you now serve." He shot her mouth completely full with that last spurt, and then wiped his cock on her chin.

As she slipped off to sleep, she heard Scarface's voice in her head. "I think we could get used to this. Wayne fucked you good." She finally noticed the cum in her mouth and, with a swallow, fell asleep.

Bruce Wayne left. Next room over, Harley waited with her tits out. "How do ya want me tonight, B-man?"

"I just finished wearing out the Ventriloquist. Clean me off. I need to get ass juice and cum off of it. Don't worry, I had Alfred clean her out before we started."

"Not like I care. I'd do anything to keep getting' that cock in me, B-man."

Harley hit her knees and sucked Bruce deep and hard. She tasted Ventriloquist's ass but was overcome by the flavor of Bruce's cum. She bobbed her head on it for a minute, and then released it with a loud pop. "Say it, B-man, please." She dropped her throat back onto his cock.

"I'm the god-damn Batman."

"Mmmmm" Harley hummed. It was going to be a good night.

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