tagSci-Fi & FantasyBattle For Domination Ch. 01

Battle For Domination Ch. 01


Battle for Domination: The Adventures of Konundrum and Aenigma.

Chapter 1: The Rooftop

Konundrum ducked his head and the Wrath flew right over. It wouldn't be long before it spotted them. It was blind, but it had sonar like a bat, and they say you can judge how soon you are going to die by the volulme of it's blood-curdling screech.


"Fuck!" Konundrum shouted, his ears ringing. He wasn't sure if his powers of confusion worked on a Wrath, but his head was splitting with the effort. He judged they had about 15 minutes, maybe less.

Aenigma writhed beneath him, flat on her back, her wings singed, blood-spattered and smudged with soot, but she seemed no worse for wear. The blood he was kneeling in seemed not to be hers, or his, for that matter. He wondered if one of the others had not survived the surprise rooftop attack. The enemy seemed to have retreated, but this last Wrath appeared reluctant to concede the battle.

Blood, everywhere. Smoke stung his eyes, burned his lungs. The searing pain in his head from the mental effort of keeping the Wrath at bay. And all he could think about was ramming his rock-hard cock into her. But it had to be at the right moment. He liked to make her wait.

"Hurry," Aenigma moaned, "God, Kon, please!"

"Shut up and be still!" Kondundurm looked down at her. He had her pinned between his knees, and he was being very careful to hold her left arm as tightly as he could. Which was tight, considering his super-strength. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, but at times like this, after an intense fight, something terrible flickered under the surface of her face, like a heat shimmer on hot pavement. As a half-angel, she could radiate a blinding light that seemed to emanate straight from the heavens, but she had berserker blood running through her veins, and that power could manifest in unpredictable ways, her left arm being one of them.

Aenigma tried to reach up to him with her right hand, so he kneeled on it, grinding it into the sticky, bloody gravel. She moaned loudly, either in pain or pleasure. Or both. It was a dangerous game he played with her. As Aenigma, she gave herself fully and freely to him, with no hesitation. And pain was part of that submission. But intense pain or surprise, especially during or after the heat of battle, would release the Berserker, and that bitch gave herself to no man. Berserker would kill Konundrum just as soon as look at him.

Aenigma panted and wriggled her hips, trying to rub against him. Gambling that she wouldn't try to get away, he moved one of his legs so that he was straddling her left thigh. Aenigma immediately began grinding her crotch against his leg, and began to moan again. He tightened his grip on her left arm, pinning it to the rooftop. Broken glass bit into his knees. The pool of blood they were half lying in shimmered black in the moonlight. He thought he heard someone screaming from a distance, at the other corner of the building, but he didn't have time to care. He needed what few minutes they had to really make her beg for it.

Damn that Wrath, where was it? He searched with his mind, and felt that it wasn't near, but wasn't gone. He lowered himself over Aenigma, and made her stop rubbing on him. He wished he had something to tie her legs down with. She kept digging her heels into the gravel and pushing up against him, looking for some release. Konundrum didn't want her to have it unless he gave it to her. Her radiant face twisted with arousal, her beautiful mouth open, her silver eyes shut. He liked to take things slow with her, especially after a fight as unexpected, and as fierce as this one had been. He knew she was ramped up by the carnage she had witnessed, and caused, not 20 minutes ago. In the thick of a fight the Berserker in her awoke, and she fought in a trance, a whirling dervish of destruction and rage that was breathtaking to witness. She could blind an army with her radiance when she fought as Aenigma, but the Berserker could rip the head off a darkman with her bare hands. Killing, for her, was the most powerful aphrodisiac she knew. Even as Aenigma she could probably destroy him without really trying, but after a fight she would get on her hands and knees before him and beg him to touch her. To fuck her. Watching her fight only enhanced the rush of power he felt, knowing at the end he would be the one to completely control her, to dominate her the way no one else, friend or foe, could. And he would have her, exactly how he wanted, right here in the blood and the smoke and the dirt. If he could just ... get ... through ... her ... armored suit!

"Fuck," he muttered in frustration. She was practically indestructible, why did she have to wear a suit like this? He couldn't imagine how she got into it, but he knew how she was going to get out of it. He groped around on his belt for his short blade. It had never let him down, either in battle with The Scourge, or in battle with Aenigma's super suit. He cut through the seam at her waist and down both of her thighs. He let his strength do the rest and ripped the suit downward, exposing her abdomen, the tops of her thighs, and the sweet spot between them, her intoxicating pussy, covered lightly with a small strip of golden hair. Aenigma made a little noise in the back of her throat and he saw he had cut her, just a little, across her right hip bone. A trickle of blood ran down the curve of her pelvis and down the channel between her thigh and her cunt.

Aenigma squirmed and tried to buck her hips up towards him. "please, please please please" she whispered. "Fuck me now, Kon, please! I need you inside me ..." She was so beautiful, begging for his cock, her eyes closed, her head thrown back, her face and body spattered with blood and dirt, her shining wings splayed out under her

He could see she was wet, she was so eager for him to touch her. He glanced quickly up at the night sky. Wraths were made of shadow within shadow, and hard to see, but he didn't feel it was anywhere near. Maybe his attempt to confound its search for them was going to be successful. Maybe he had bought them some time.

Konundrum shifted his weight so that all the strength of his right arm was brought to bear on Aenigma's left arm. He then grabbed her right arm as well and pulled both her hands over her head. Walking over her on his knees, he kneeled on her upper arms so he was straddling her neck and head.

With a smooth practiced move he opened his pants and pulled out his fully erect cock. "See", he mumbled to himself. "Cargo pants. Nothing to it."

"You want me inside you? Open you mouth." Aenigma immediately obeyed, and he forced his cock into her mouth. "Open your eyes, I want you to look at me."

Aenigma opened her strange silver eyes and looked into his. Her mouth was warm and wet around his cock. He didn't want her to suck him off, though she was immensely talented. He wanted to penetrate her. He leaned down and grabbed her hair to hold her head still. Steadying himself against her left wrist, he began to move himself in and out of her mouth, staring into her wide open eyes as he did. Whenever he thought he couldn't fit any more of himself into her, she somehow opened up and swallowed even more of him.

"Don't suck until I say, just hold your mouth around me," He commanded. He stared intently into her eyes, looking for total surrender, and finding it. He plunged deeper and faster into her mouth, in out in out and though it had to be intensely uncomfortable for her, he could feel her moaning against his cock.

A black smudge moving in the corner of his vision froze him mid thrust. If it was the Wrath they were dead. But it was just a cloud of smoke, carrying with it the stench of charred flesh. His eyes watered and the throb in his head intensified. But he was beginning to believe he would be successful against the Wrath. He just hoped he wouldn't stroke out because of it. He clenched his teeth. He wanted more, but it was time to finish his business with Aenigma.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and, making sure to secure her left arm before he moved his knees, Konundrum slid down her body until he was once again kneeling between her legs. He forced her legs apart as wide as they would go, and then a little further. The wetness trickling from between her legs mixed with the blood from the cut on her hip. Her musky aroma mingled with the coppery smell of blood was so intoxicating it gave him a rush strong enough to forget the pain in his head for just a moment. Her muscular thighs were trembling with the effort to hold herself still. She knew if she even started to arch up towards him he would punish her.

He quickly forced three fingers deep inside her hot, throbbing pussy. Aenigma screamed with pleasure. Konundrum let out the breath he didn't realize he was holding. She was much warmer than a typical woman, deliciously so. He felt her slick insides tighten around his fingers as he pushed his hand hard inside of her. She gasped and bucked. Her right arm flailed against the rooftop as she tried to give herself more leverage to push her pussy harder against his hand. Her head thrashed back and forth, and she was grunting low, "unh, unh, unh", a deep primeval sound. Her silver eyes were unfocused in ecstasy. "Don't let go of my arm," she groaned.

"Not a chance." Konundrum pulled his hand out of her wetness and Aenigma cried out in disappointment.

"I want you to taste how delicious you are," he said to her, and painted her quivering lips with her own juices. He forced his fingers into her mouth and she sucked them hungrily. He pulled his hand away brusquely and, still keeping most of his weight on Aenigma's left arm, he positioned himself above her, his cock just barely grazing her wet opening. His face was just inches from hers, and he felt strangely gratified to see tears trickling from the corners of her eyes. She was panting softly, and he could hear her begging "please please please please" with each breath.

Konundrum glanced quickly over his shoulder and scanned the rooftop around them. The night air was thick with ash and death. But the Wrath was gone. He was all but sure.

He turned back to Aenigma. She was so breathtakingly beautiful. And she was his. She was stronger than he was, dangerous even, and she would do whatever he commanded her to do. He suddenly felt a small measure of sympathy for her and decided to giver her what she so desperately wanted. He grasped himself and used just the tip of his cock to rub her clit. He was soft. He was gentle. He rubbed her little hard bead in tantalizing circles, faster, faster, gradually increasing the pressure. He could feel her trembling. She was climbing towards orgasm, and had begun to utter uncontrollable sounds. Her silvery wings began to shiver beneath her as she lost control.

He could feel the bite of the gravel and the tackiness of the blood soaking through his pants. Aenigma was moaning loudly beneath him, and he felt an intense rush, that he could control such a creature as her. Now, he thought, and he thrust himself powerfully into her, as far as he could go. Aenigma screamed and clawed at his back with her right hand. He grabbed the top bone of her battered wing for leverage and slammed himself into her as hard as he could, all the way in, over and over. God, no matter how many times he fucked her, it always felt like the first time. Hot. Wet. Tight. There was a pulsing sensation that felt like nothing he had experienced with a human woman. And no matter how hard he fucked her, no matter how deeply inside her he pushed, she always had more to give.

"Harder!" Aenigma screamed. "Harder, please, please!" Konundrum was only too happy to oblige her.

It was unmistakeable when Aenigma orgasmed. Not only did she begin shrieking in a language he couldn't understand, but her insides, her pussy, tightened around him with a velvety grip like a strong hand. It was the most amazing sensation, bordering on pain, but so fiercely hot and wet it drove him over the edge every time.

He was about to release and explode inside of her when suddenly, and without warning, a shadow amidst the shadows reared up over the roof's edge right behind them. Konundrum felt hot air mover over him as the Wrath beat it's massive wings.

"EEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" the beast shrieked. It was close. It was really fucking close.

Aenigma screamed again, in pain and surprise. Konundrum thought his ear drums might have burst, and he felt his eyeballs were going to melt out of his head with the effort to throw all his power at the Wrath. But he was on the edge of orgasm and he couldn't stop himself, so he just ducked his head and held on tight. Unfortunately for him, in his surprise he had for a moment let go of Aenigma to cover his head with his right arm. He realized his mistake immediately. The moment he let go of her left arm it transformed. FIve long thin blades appeared where her fingers should be, and he knew it was too late. He couldn't stop the Wrath, he couldn't stop Aenigma, and he couldn't stop his orgasm. He looked at Aengima and saw the nightmare inside her reveal itself and change her face. A red mist fell over her eyes. She shrieked in rage, drew her arm back and drove her blades into his right shoulder until they came out his back. He couldn't help it. The sudden and intense pain mixed with the intense pleasure was too much and he came hard inside her, again and again, as his blood ran and mixed with the anonymous blood they were already lying in.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" he screamed in pain, in pleasure. In pain.

The Wrath was fast, and virtually invisible, but was no match for the Berserker. She pulled her blades out of Konundrum's shoulder, pushed him off of her, and jumped to her feet. With one beat of her wings she rose up, left arm outstretched, and sliced the Wrath open as it flew over them.

Konundrum covered his head, expecting some horrorshow of blood and viscera to shower down, but it was dust that followed the demise of the Wrath. It stung as it settled on his sweaty skin, like a thousand tiny blades, but seemed otherwise harmless.

The Beserker landed back on the rooftop a few feet away, and stared at him. Her suit hung in tatters at her waist and thighs where he had cut and ripped it. Her bladed left arm hung at her side.

"Did I hurt you, baby?" she said in her weird, berserker voice.

Konundrum's shoulder felt like it was on fire, but it would heal soon enough.

"No, not much." He tried to smile, but he was tensed to run if he had to.

"Aw, that's too bad." She smiled wickedly, beat her wings and rose off the roof and into the night.

Konundrum exhaled with relief. He dreaded the day he would have to fight her. She would probably kill him. But his stiffening cock proved something. He wanted her. The other Her. He imagined the rush he felt controlling her as Aenigma would be one hundred fold if he could dominate the Berserker. That was a battle he really wanted to win. He just had to figure out a way to make it happen.

Soon, he thought to himself. Soon.

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