tagNon-EroticBattle For Humanity

Battle For Humanity


There is a war going on, which the world doesn't know about. There are these entities known as the Siphon. They exist as pure intelligence, intangible and invisible, and completely lacking physical form. In a way, they seem to be spirits. It is their natural state. In this natural state, they are immortal. Unfortunately for them, they are incapable of affecting the physical world when they exist as invisible and intangible entities.

The origins of the Siphon are unknown. They inhabit another dimension known as the Dark Abyss. Within the Abyss, they are invisible and intangible, immortal yet unable to affect anything in the world around them. The Dark Abyss is its own hell, in a way. In ancient times, a small group of Siphon escaped their hellish dimension and came to Earth. Once on Earth, they discovered that they could possess the bodies of ordinary men and women. This happened around 9000 B.C.

The Siphon discovered that while in human form, they retained some of their natural abilities. In their own dimension, they were unable to affect anything but on Earth, they possessed remarkable abilities. For example, all Siphon can run at amazing speeds. Some of them can even break the sound barrier. They also possess physical strength far exceeding the human norm and their bodies can withstand a lot more damage. The mere presence of a Siphon in the body of an ordinary man or woman causes the body to gain the ability to regenerate. Even birth defects and mortal injuries can be healed by a Siphon within a matter of minutes. Once they possess a body, they cause the structure to change and harden. The body becomes almost indestructible. Siphon can regenerate their body's limbs, organs and even re-grow their head once they're beheaded. There seems to be no limit to their regenerative capabilities. While on Earth, they seem invincible.

This first group of Siphon became the Founders of Civilization in Ancient Egypt. They were worshiped as gods and goddesses by the primitive people who were impressed by their knowledge of science. In their own dimension, the Siphon existed as pure intelligence and power, and unfortunately lacked physical bodies. When they came to Earth and took over human bodies, they made many discoveries. Thus they discovered sexuality, gender, and human emotions. These first experiences would forever change them.

The leader of the first Siphon visitors inhabited the body of a tall, large dark-skinned man named Abel. That particular Siphon still uses the name Abel. His second-in-command was a fellow Siphon who inhabited the body of a woman named Ava. The two of them organized the Siphon takeover of ancient Egypt and the ancient realms of the planet Earth.

The Siphon were masters of the universe in their day. Their rule was unopposed. What could ordinary men and women do to oppose these beings who were infinitely smarter than them and were also stronger and faster? Abel, Overlord of the first Siphon visitors built something called The Portal. Through this Portal, he could allow other Siphon from his home dimension to come to Earth.

Abel and Ava ruled the planet Earth as Supreme Lord and Supreme Lady. They were worshiped as divine beings. They also allowed many other Siphon to come to Earth to possess human bodies. Thousands upon thousands of Siphon walked the Earth, disguised as ordinary men and women. The humans feared and respected them. They were the architects of civilization.

It was discovered that when Siphon sexual relations with humans, those relations sometimes produced offspring. These offspring, also known as the Half-Breeds were something extraordinary. They grew to adulthood mere days after birth. They also retained the total knowledge of their biological parents. The Half-Breeds had awesome powers. They were stronger and faster than ordinary human beings. They also had the ability to sense the presence of other Siphon even across great distances. They inherited the Siphon ability to regenerate but lacked some of the key Siphon Powers.

When a Siphon died within the body of human being, it instantly became a wraith, invisible and intangible. The wraith automatically jumps into the nearest living body. Once inside that body, it is trapped and cannot escape until the body dies. Any living body inhabited by a Siphon gains the Siphon ability to regenerate, along with augmented resilience.

There are limits to this, though. The Siphon can only possess human bodies, they cannot enter the bodies of animals. They cannot enter the bodies of human beings already inhabited by a Siphon. Also, they cannot enter the bodies of the Half-Breeds. Any living thing with even a trace of a Siphon in it cannot be possessed by another Siphon. Those are the rules.

The Siphon ruled the planet Earth for thousands of years. They were worshiped as the gods of Egypt, and also the gods of ancient Greece. Then, one day, they were forced to leave. The humans had begun to rebel against these so-called gods. So, how did ordinary humanity defeat the seemingly all-powerful Siphon? Sure, the humans outnumbered them by the billions but...that couldn't have been the reason why they fell.

The Siphon were vastly smarter. They had keen knowledge of science and engineering. In an age where humans were still discovering the wheel, the Siphon had the ability to open Portals to other dimensions. They had Teleportation Technology. They also had superhuman strength and speed. Each and every individual Siphon was virtually impossible to kill. Their human bodies never aged or got sick. They were immortal. Yet something led to their downfall.

In ancient texts, there is mention of the Redeemer. The Redeemer was the champion of humanity. An ordinary man who fought against the powerful Siphon and drove them off the planet Earth. That Redeemer was a Half-Breed who had been raised by ordinary human beings. He fought for humanity, and won.

The Redeemer destroyed the Portal, essentially shutting down the incessant flow of Siphon arriving on Earth to possess human bodies. The remaining Siphon were all wiped out, under mysterious circumstances. The Redeemer had discovered that while the Siphon were immortal, and thus would only possess another body once the one they inhabited was finally destroyed, there was an ancient weapon designed by Lord Abel, the first Ruler of the Siphon People, in the event that his subjects rebelled against him.

This ancient weapon was the Destroyer. The Destroyer was aimed at the entire planet Earth from orbit and unleashed against the Siphon. What it did was to cause all of the Siphon to forcefully exit the bodies they inhabited. The Siphon were prevented from jumping into the nearest uninhabited living human body by a special design in the Destroyer. They were hurled back into their home dimension. Doomed to a bleak existence as bodiless wraiths. Immortal, yes, but unable to affect the world around them in any way.

This happened around 900 B.C. Since that day, the Siphon have waited impatiently to return to the planet Earth, and take over. They are highly intelligent, and they cannot die naturally. Strike them down, and they will always come back again. They can take over anyone's body. They are stronger than us. They are faster than us. They are smarter than us. Only a miracle saved us from them last time. For thousands of years, they've anxiously wanted a rematch!

Thousands of years later, the Siphon are about to re-enter our world. A French scientist named Paula Xavier discovered ancient artifacts in the Egyptian desert, which led her to a secret underground fortress which was once home to a high-ranking member of the Siphon hierarchy. She accidentally activated the Teleportation device, which sent her to another location. In this new place, she found an ancient, mysteriously energized sarcophagus. Inside the sarcophagus was the essence of a Siphon. This Siphon had been imprisoned there long before the Fall of the Siphon.

The Siphon went into Paula Xavier's body, and possessed her. This Siphon was once known as Skyros, second-in-command to the Siphon Lord who ruled ancient Greece as Zeus the Thunder, leader of the Greek Pantheon. Skyros had been imprisoned inside the sarcophagus for a long time. He awoke to find himself in a world where the Siphon were not only gone but forgotten. He was completely alone, inside the body of a forty-year-old woman. Humanity had forgotten about them. Man now ruled the planet Earth.

Skyros remembered where ancient technology was stored. He located the Lost Ones, those Siphon whom the ancient rulers had punished by destroying their human bodies and preventing them from being resurrected by imprisoning them in specially built burial chambers. Thus, Skyros was able to find many others like himself. This happened in 1960. Since then, Skyros and the Lost Ones, ( as the eighty eight hundred Siphon prisoners were then known) all of whom now possessed human bodies have walked among us. They seek the materials with which to rebuild the Portal. If they open the doorway to their home dimension, countless other Siphon will rush through, eager to possess human bodies and once more attempt to rule the planet Earth.

The resurrected Siphon walk among us. It didn't take them long to adapt to our world. They now control a significant portion of the world's wealth. They are amazingly powerful. They are behind governments, corporations and law enforcement agencies. They are everywhere. They are senators and governors and even presidents. They are police officers, lawyers, judges and prosecutors. They are actors and businessmen. On top of having risen to the top of human society in mere decades, the Siphon have also rediscovered much of their ancient technology.

They have Teleportation Technology, as well as many others. They are everywhere. They can do anything. The holy grail of the Siphon of this time is to find the Portal. Once they find the Portal, untold millions of bodiless Siphon will swarm over the planet Earth, invisible and intangible. Once on Earth, they will possess any human body they choose. This would be catastrophic. Millions of super-smart, super-strong, super-fast otherworldly beings running around the Earth. It would be the end of the world. The Siphon would rule the Earth as they did in ancient times. Fortunately for us, some do stand in their way.

Paula Xavier's son Samuel knew that something unearthly had taken over his mother. He was only ten years old when it happened. He became obsessed with the Siphon afterwards, and discovered a lot about them. He captured a Siphon who had possessed the body of Ellen, his first girlfriend. That Siphon had been sent after him by Skyros, the Siphon Lord who lived within his mother's body.

Samuel Xavier tortured the Siphon and was able to discover much about Siphon technology from it. For example, the Siphon were much stronger and faster than humans. They were virtually impossible to kill, thanks to their ability to regenerate. There was one compound, found in the metal that lined up the Siphon Burial Chamber, which negated the Siphon's regenerative powers. Samuel Xavier and his best friend, weapons designer James Henderson made bullets out of that metal. They designed guns which could stop the Siphon.

The same metal which negated the Siphon's regenerative powers also prevents them from leaving the host body as it dies. Those bullets basically bind the Siphon to whatever form they inhabit. Supposedly, the same alloy the bullets are made of was mixed with a special element existing only in the Siphon's home dimension. A link to time immemorial, when the Siphon did have physical forms and their home dimension was an earth-like realm, rather than a hellish abyss. This is the Siphon's only weakness. One that their opponents plan to fully utilize against them.

The sheer power of the Siphon is tremendous. An entire race of beings who are vastly superior to human beings in matters of intelligence and technological knowledge. Once they are made corporeal, they become superior to humans in strength and speed as well. They are indeed, formidable opponents. Whether or not modern humans can defeat them remains to be seen.

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