tagIllustratedBattleBabe vs The Zombie Queen Ch. 01

BattleBabe vs The Zombie Queen Ch. 01


The worst part was the smell. She hated the fact that she was lying on a table, naked and helpless, her arms chained to the floor at her wrists, spread out so far that her gigantic breasts were forced straight up in the air. She was sickened as the group of zombies, at least twenty by her count, were grabbing her with their slimy, pale-green skin. She was humiliated by the zombie forcing himself into her moist pussy. From the other zombie shoving his engorged penis into her mouth, she could taste the months of decay the corpse had undergone. She hated all of this, but the worst part was definitely the smell, the acidic mustiness that burned her nostrils giving her a constant desire to gag and a feeling of nausea. How could she let this happen to her?

An hour ago, she had been having a good day. As BattelBabe, she wore a skin-tight battle suit made of a fabric of nano-fiber optics and the most innovative microtechnology. She used this suit to battle evil and crime in Metroville whenever she could, and she had been especially busy this past month. She had stopped the Owl Pellet, the Earthworm, and even single-handedly defeated the Psycho Twins. So when she was on patrol earlier and intercepted the police signal requesting additional reinforcements against a new super-villain, she felt ready to handle whatever challenge was before her.

She arrived at the Botanical Institute, flew into the main hall, and found a few dozen unconscious civilians and officers. And there was a strange woman; she had a series of skulls for a belt, a loincloth, and she was carrying a large bag around her shoulder. Her chest was barely covered by some draping cloth that revealed some very large and impressive breasts. In her hand she had a five foot staff with an animal skull at the top. She was looking over the various shelves containing different plants. She was just taking another plant off the shelf, when she turned and saw BattleBabe.

"I don't know what you think you're doing, but whatever it is stops right now!" BattleBabe said with confidence. The woman looked confused, and then said several words of gibberish as she waved her staff. *

All of sudden, BattleBabe's battle suit lost all power and she crashed onto the floor. She tried vainly to operate any of her systems, but nothing worked, not even the restart. She looked up and saw the woman standing right in front of her.

Before she could say anything, the strange woman opened her palm in front of her mouth and blew some dust right into BattleBabe's face. All of a sudden she felt light-headed and had trouble standing up.

"You will now do what the Zombie Queen demands! Take off that suit of yours!" BattleBabe was stunned that this woman would expect her to just take off her suit because she asked it. But then her head started spinning, and she felt her hands go the unlocking latches of her suit. She wanted to resist, but she couldn't stop herself from unlatching the front of her costume, and her enormous tits bounced in freedom.

The Zombie Queen leered at her as she continued to take off her suit until she was standing there completely naked. Her battle suit was her only weapon, so now she was completely powerless. She kept telling herself to put her suit back on, but she did not have the will to do so.

"I came here to find some rare exotic herbs I need for the final ingredients necessary to awaken my army of zombies. I only require one more thing, which I had planned to provide myself. But now that you are here, I think you would do even better." The Zombie Queen snickered to herself. "Go lie down on that table over there."

BattleBabe did as she was commanded, and she went to the large stone table towards the back of the hall, and then laid prostrate on the table, feeling the cold rock on her back.

The Zombie Queen took some ancient boating chains from an old sea vessel that had been donated to the Institute, and she wrapped the chains around BattleBabe's wrists. She uttered some more words of gibberish, and suddenly the floor opened slightly and pulled the chains deep into the ground. BattleBabe's arms were pulled down with such force that she thought her arms would separate from her shoulder, and her massive chest was forced up, her tits shaking for several seconds.

"The last ingredient I need to awaken the dead," The Zombie Queen said as she put several powders and liquids into a pan between BattleBabe's legs near her crotch, "is the fluid from a woman's birth canal. And I think this," pulling out a large thigh bone from her satchel, "will provide the perfect motivation." The Zombie Queen took a bottle of oil from her bag and poured it over the bone so that it glistened under the hall lights.

BattleBabe saw the queen climb on top of the table right over her, With the queen's head staring into her pussy and the queen's legs straddling BattleBabe's head. She felt the queen rub the bone over her cunt, and the oil of the bone made her cunt throb and burn. She was absolutely helpless and the bone moved in and around the lips of her pussy, and she began to moan.

And then she looked up and saw that the queen wore a loin cloth and nothing else, and she could see the queen's pussy. And she could smell the queen's wetness. She told herself it must be the drugs, but at that moment all she wanted to taste the queen's cunt. She lifted her head and stuck her tongue out, and barely reached its destination. But when she flitted her tongue, the queen stopped for a moment and pulled her crotch away for a second, but then smiled and lowered herself on top of BattleBabe's mouth. Now her tongue could taste all of the queen's cunt, and she wrapped her mouth around those hairly lips and sucked every drop of wetness she could as her tongue drove in and out.

Now it was the queen who began to moan, and she jerked and shoved the bone deep inside of BattleBabe, who couldn't believe how wonderful she felt and sucked even harder on the queen's pussy as she moved her hips into the bone. And the harder the bone was crammed in and out of her cunt, the harder she licked and sucked on the queen's moist pussy. BattleBabe could not resist the sweet wetness that was pouring out of the queen and her face was covered in jism.

The queen continued to push the bone deeper and deeper and deeper into the eager pussy, throbbing and pulsating with excitement. BattleBabe suddenly screamed, overwhelmed by the orgasm that made her entire body convulse in delight. Her wrists began to bleed as they strained against the chains, but it was a pain that made her more aroused. Liquid poured out of her twat into the pan, and her wetness mixed with the other ingredients and began bubbling.

The queen was groaning in ecstasy, then she saw that her concoction was complete. She stretched and picked up the pan, even as her pussy was being satisfied by the tongue thrusting inside her, she said a few words and then dropped the pan off the table.

Smoke began rising out of the ground where the pan had struck, and the ground began to rumble and shake. Suddenly the ground split open, and a single pale-green hand emerged from the hole and grabbed the side. One zombie pulled himself up, followed by another, and then another. Soon the table was surrounded by dozens of animated corpses awaiting their orders.

The zombie queen pulled her torso up so that she was kneeling on top of BattleBabe's face, who was still drinking every succulent drop of moisture she could from the pussy in her face. The zombie queen threw her head back, her body shaking in orgasm, her immense tits flailing. "Yes! And now my... YES!!... army has been... YES!!.. awakened! And I.. YES!! I will be... YES!... invincible!! YEEEEESSS!!!"

BattleBabe could not believe what she was hearing. She knew she needed to do something to stop this evil that she had been forced to help bring into this world. But the drugs were still working in her system and her will was not her own. All she wanted was to eat the queen, savor her cunt, drink the torrent of jism that had been released from the queen's orgasm. BattleBabe began crying at her weakness, but she could not stop licking for one second.

And the zombie army continued to grow and grow and grow….


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