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Battlefield Spoils


Hot winds stir the fine sands as the scorpion arises and begins it hunt now that the day is fading into night. My camp is alive with food, men, and beast. We have raided several villages and taken many spoils. As the warrior chieftain, I get first pick. I take my fair share or the gold and jewels, but this time I find a woman who strikes my fancy. I have beheaded her former master and scattered his army's bones to the wind. His harem is mine and I know my men will enjoy the spoils. The wine and pipes are flowing, and all are getting mellow. My servants are preparing my newest prize. She is stunning with flowing curves and hair as black as sackcloth and eyes to match. She was to be the newest bride, a captured girl from the land of the pyramids. I have traded for salt there many times and admired its women.

Bathed, anointed with olive oil, then fresh fruit and lamb is offered to me as I wait. The food seems to have lost its taste. I am consumed with thoughts of this woman that is like a tiger. She took the life of two of my advanced guard before she could be subdued. Even shackled she is a handful. She reminds me of the jaguars that I kept long ago, strong yet graceful but ever deadly. Finally, I see her being led in wearing fine silks and smelling of exotic oils from lands that I have plundered.

"I'll kill you, she hisses, you vile desert rat."

"Brave talk from a girl who I chose to let live."

Like a cat, she leaps at me and lashes at me with her claws. Servants knock her to the ground and a rapier is drawn to take her head.

"Hold! She is mine. Leave us." My cheek stings from the blood she has drawn with her nails. "For a slave you fight well."

"I am not a slave. I am a sultan's daughter."

"Oh, I see, and where is your father, why does he not send soldiers to return you?"

"I was a peace offering. The man you killed was an ally and a pig."

"Did you fight him as you fight me?"

"No, my father made me promise to be obedient. He is dead and so is the promise."

"Moreover, how did you learn to fight so well?"

"I am Sumerian. We all fight well."

"I have killed many Sumerians you die well."

"I am not a whore and if you want me, you will have to best me in battle."

"Tis you that is wearing shackles not I."

"Take them off and best me if you can."

I move close and remove the shackles. Holding her wrists tightly I look deep into her eyes.

"If you win, I will return you to your father and if I win, you are mine for life."

"If you live, I will let you return me to my father." With that, she leaps back and her feet impact my chest with great force. I loose my footing and fall backward. An urn barely misses my head as I roll and slash with my foot. She tumbles to the ground and I roll to pin her down. Teeth dig into my flesh as my hand grips her throat. Her skin is hot and soft giving easily to my grip. She pushes me off and we crouch like wild dogs mad with bloodlust. Blood trickles down my arm as she deftly swipes a dagger. I grab my own and the steel shrieks as we dance with death.

She is quick as the cobra and we each draw blood. I admire her body, as it seems to glide through the air; the world seems to slow down as our blades sing in the desert air. She overextends and my blade finds her throat. She goes rigid with the touch of cold steel. One flick and her blood will spray across my tent. I suddenly feel cold steel against my belly. We hold each other's lives in check.

"Shall we both die, I pant from the exertion of battle."

She seems to soften and leans forward and I feel her hot lips on mine. I feel her steel loosen and fall away. I remove mine and hold her tight. I have never felt such passion.

I remove her silken garments and am amazed at her form. Her body is exquisite and I am amazed to find her nipple with strange rings and golden chains.

"The pig did that as she looks down upon them." I pick her up, kiss them, and run my tongue over her shackled nipples as her nails dig into my back this time for pleasure. Her skin is salty from our fight and sweet from the oils. I sweep her up and carry her to a pile of pillows that occupy a wall of the tent. Propping her up on them, I descend to her sweet center.

I find her clit swollen and the sweet juices already flowing. I suck like a newborn on her tender nub. She rocks her hips grinding my face as I suck and lick. Her moans grow louder and louder as she grips my hair and pulls me tighter to her hole. I raise her ass up on more pillows so that I have better access. I explore the slick depths and find new areas that make her moan even louder. My thumb begins to tease her ass. She goes wild and tugs on the chains pulling her nipples to her eager mouth.

Her passion for pleasure matches her battle skills. I feel her tremble and then shake violently as she cries out with pleasure. My fingers are slick with her honey and move easily about her snug holes. I slow my pace and with long strokes of my tongue keep her alive.

Suddenly she flips me over and straddles me; her grip on my cock is beyond firm. She milks it drawing out the clear liquid and using it to lubricate my shaft. I grab the chain from her nipples and pull them to my awaiting mouth. Sucking them as she continues to stroke my cock. Suddenly the dagger is at my throat again.

"Lie still and obey she sneers." I am helpless, as she withdraws it and slides down my torso. Her tender lips descend to the head of my cock and she kisses it ever so lightly. I can feel the cold chains dangling against my balls. She massages them as her tongue runs up and down my shaft. She pours wine over it and licks it clean then repeats. Drizzling honey it over and then swallows all of me. I can feel her throat contracting on my swollen member. I feel my self, giving into passion and then there is a sudden pressure on my anus. It is cold and metallic. I look down and see a small golden tapered cylinder.

She smiles and pushes it in. I cannot believe what she is doing. Her other hand still holds the dagger so I do not protest. With pure abandon, she sucks my cock. I give way to the pleasure of her hot wet mouth and the sweet sensations of the object she is thrusting in and out of my ass. Each time I get close, she maneuvers the probe so that I cannot complete. I am begging for release.

"Silence she hisses as she increases her tempo." The cold steel still rests against my throat keeping me obedient. I am filled with pleasure and a need to ravage her. Finally I cum and seem to be unable to stop. My strength drains with each drop she sucks from me. She moves up and bites my nipples then nibbles my lips before we once again share a deep passionate kiss. Her hands working my cock and keeping it hard as she slides forward and slowly buries it deep inside.

She is unbelievable tight. I can feel her straining to grip me ever tighter. Her legs working like shears as she moves back and forth on top of me. Her chain dragging against my chest teasing my nipples. Rising ups and arching her back, she rides me slow and hard. Pulling the chain to her mouth and pulling her nipples and breast upwards, as she pinches and massages my nipples. The motion of her body makes the probe move in my ass. The combination is staggering.

We move slowly for what seems like eternity as her body begins to tremble again. She changes pace and with wild eyes begins to work me hard. Slamming her hips down upon me, forcing my cock ever deeper. I grab her hair and roll her off me taking the top position. Pulling her legs over my shoulders and with the pillows under her round hips begin to thrust hard and long. She rakes my back and I bite at her nipples.

I feel her cum, rock, and sway my hips to keep her cumming. Pulling away I roll her over and move in behind. She offers her ass into the air as I once again slip inside. Pulling her hair like reigns, I begin to pound her ass. I can feel her tight walls contracting with each stroke. I reach under, pull her nipple chain, and play with her clit. She lowers her shoulders to the pillows, reaches back, and begins teasing my ass again with the probe. I feel my balls tighten and explode deep inside of her. We collapse in a panting heap.

"I have found an equal she murmurs and together we will rule well."

"Indeed we will, I reply. I have found my queen."

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