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Bayshore Mall Cleaning Lady


"Listen up, pendejo, don't tell me to go back where I come from when you people stole this land," Marianna Conchita Alfonso said haughtily, glaring at the annoying old White dude. He was wearing a red hat, yes, one of those red hats, and made a big mistake. The old codger presumed to lecture Marianna while she cleaned the food court at the Bayshore Shopping Center in the City of Ottawa, Ontario.

"You don't talk to me like that, you don't even speak good English, go back to your country," Mr. Old White Dude said, and Marianna scoffed and walked away. Let the old pendejo whine to the mall management and get her fired if he wanted. No amount of money is worth my dignity, Marianna thought. The old bastard continued to whine long after Marianna entered an employees-only area, and disappeared from view.

Unbeknownst to Marianna, the entire incident was witnessed by electronic eyes, and the eyes watching those cameras belonged to Steven Dorvil. The tall, bald-headed, burly young Black man, the only non-White member of the Bayshore Mall Security Squad, shook his head after watching the whole exchange on camera.

Steven Dorvil had been working as a security guard at the Bayshore Shopping Center for three years now. He'd joined the team at the age of twenty two, fresh from graduating in the Police Foundations programme at Algonquin College. Steven wanted to become a police officer, but the Ontario Police College turned him down. Apparently, Steven's status as a permanent resident of Canada and his relative youth worked against him...

Steven Dorvil missed the town of Jacmel on the island of Haiti, where he was born and raised. Things were so much simpler over there. Steven spiraled into a deep depression after getting those bad news from the police, and he hated his job. Security guards got treated like shit, both by the general public and the owners and workers of the very same businesses that employed them. A solitary ray of sunlight into his dreary existence was his friendship with Marianna Conchita Alfonso...

Marianna Conchita Alfonso, the serious-faced, dark-haired, slender yet curvy Latina who worked for the Bayshore Mall cleaning crew. She was so pretty, much too pretty for a job like this. Whether emptying a garbage can or pushing a cleaning cart, Marianna held her head high. And she looked so good in her work shirt, apron and Black work pants, with her long dark hair braided Pocahontas-style and flowing on her back.

"Have a good day, El Gordo, and don't let those people get to you," Marianna said to Steven, on the morning of that fateful day. As security, it was his duty to do the big unlock. Maglock doors had to be opened, alarms reset or deactivated, and all that jazz. Steven and his fellow guards opened the Bayshore Mall doors and as usual, Marianna had been one of the first members of the cleaning crew to arrive...

"Buenas dias, seniorita, and gracias," Steven replied, in the little bit of Spanish that Marianna taught him, and she winked at him. Playfully tapping his shoulder, Marianna walked past Steven and headed to the mall's employees-only areas. Steven was doing a twelve-hour shift today since his co-worker Quinn O'Leary was absent, due to having stomach flu. He was pretty sure he'd see Marianna before he left for the day. And then this shit happened in the food court...

"Watch the cameras for me, Dwight, I'm going to stretch my legs," Steven said, and he hurried out of the security team office on the lower level, and headed to the second floor of the ever-crowded Bayshore Mall. Steven took the escalator, and headed to the food court. Sure enough he found the old White dude in question and followed him...discretely.

Mr. Old White Dude headed upstairs, toward the small Walmart outpost on the topmost floor. Whistling casually, Steven Dorvil followed the old man, and went into the store. A full patrol of the entire mall was part of his duties, along with monitoring the cameras and responding to emergencies. I'm just doing my patrol early, Steven told himself.

For the next half hour, Steven followed the old man, always from a distance. The burly security guard wondered how he might avenge the slight done to Marianna when suddenly, the opportunity presented itself. The old dude headed to one of the checkout aisles near the shoes section, lined up behind the four people ahead of him and swiped a watch and yellow bag of M & Ms and pocketed it before walking away.

"Gotcha," Steven said, and he promptly pounced on the old man, right after he exited the Walmart without paying for the watch or the stolen candy. People walking by gawked at the tall, dark-skinned security guard and the old White man he was arresting. Steven knew what they were thinking. In Canada just like America, Black equals danger and crime, while Whiteness equals innocence and all that jazz.

"I'm not a thief," the old man protested, as Steven cuffed him and called for backup. Lots of Walmart customers were watching the scene and talking among themselves. Steven's co-workers Kayla, a tough-looking young brunette, and a slim, red-haired White dude named Timothy showed up. They held him escort the old thief to the security office.

Marianna Conchita Alfonso was still fuming about the incident in the food court with the old White man. She hated racist old bastards like these, especially the ones wearing those red hats. Way to announce to the entire world that you're an idiot, Marianna thought bitterly. She felt like slapping the old jerk but didn't want to risk getting arrested.

Marianna Conchita Alfonso came to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, from her hometown of Merida, Mexico, with a dream of making it. She'd applied for a visa to come work and study in the United States of America, but got denied. The current U.S. political leadership didn't like folks from Latin America. Apparently, they were all bad hombres and bad chicas...

Marianna was studying Nursing at La Cite Collegiale, where she'd gotten accepted. The young Mexican woman was thankful for the French classes she'd taken in the City of Merida, where some of the Jesuit schools were run by teachers from France. She initially liked her job as a cleaner at the Bayshore Mall, which paid sixteen dollars an hour, a bit higher than the current minimum wage in Ontario. The job was okay for the most part, and then there were days like today...

"Madre de Dios," Marianna said, gasping in shock as she saw...him. The racist old White dude from earlier was being led away in handcuffs by none other than her favorite security guard. Steve saw Marianna walking down the hallway and flashed her a bright smile. Marianna waved at him excitedly, then glared at the old dude. If looks could kill, he'd have been dead in seconds...

"Just another day's work," Steven said, and he winked at Marianna, who beamed at him. Who says there's no justice in the world? Marianna thought as Steven and his team hauled the racist jerk away. With a smile on her face and a song in her heart, Marianna Conchita Alfonso continued with her duties. Around three o'clock, she returned to the cafeteria, intent on taking her much-delayed lunch...

"May I sit here, senor?" Marianna said, smiling, as she stood in front of a certain burly brother. Steven who had his eyes glued to his phone, where he was watching the Wilder/Fury fight on YouTube, paused. His heart skipped a beat when he looked up and saw...her. Marianna, the only woman who could look sexy in a cleaner's outfit...

"Oh of course," Steven said, and Marianna set down her tray. Rising quite swiftly for such a big man, Steven got up and pulled a chair for her. Marianna smiled and nodded, then sat down. Steven had a plate of rice, lamb, and vegetables which he'd bought at Jimmy The Greek. Marianna packed her own lunch because, dammit, a gal's got to have a budget...

"So, Steven, tell me all about what happened this morning," Marianna said, gently laying her hand on his arm. Steven nodded, all thoughts of food, or boxing, lost as Marianna looked into his eyes. The bronze-skinned, dark-haired and brown-eyed Mexican cutie had a smoldering intensity to her and she didn't even seem aware of it. What a woman, Steven thought.

"I was in the camera room and saw what that bozo did to you so I went after him," Steven said flatly, and Marianna cocked an eyebrow. She opened her mouth, and no words came out. Sighing deeply, she looekd at Steven, even as a slow smile crept on her face. Quietly assessing this man she'd known for ages, Marianna suddenly realized there were layers to Steven which she'd never suspected...

"You did all that for me?" Marianna asked, and Steven nodded without smiling. For a brief moment, he looked at something behind her. Marianna followed Steven's gaze and turned. She saw a very attractive Black woman walk by, holding hands with a well-dressed young White man. Nice couple, Marianna thought. Why was Steven looking at them so longingly?

"Marianna, it bothers me when people mistreat you," Steven said, and Marianna nodded, processing his words. She looked at Steven, and was about to reply when suddenly his radio squawked, and he picked it up. Steven replied and indicated that he was on his way, and then flashed Marianna an apologetic smile.

"Duty calls, I know, go get them, amigo," Marianna said, and Steven got up. Before leaving, however, he did something which surprised the hell out of her. Suddenly grasping Marianna's sleek hand, which was glove-free for a change, Steven bent down and kissed it. Smiling, he walked away, hurrying toward the escalator, even as his radio continued to buzz and squawk. What a man, Marianna thought, blushing.

Marianna Conchita Alfonso went back to work. The entire time she'd been living in Canada, no one ever stuck their necks out for her. Steven was truly one of a kind. Curious, she looked him up on Facebook, and found out the guy she initially thought of as just "Security Steve" had a lot more going on for him. For starters, he played the saxophone, just like her dearly departed old Abuelo ( grandfather ) Pedro Alfonso.

After a brief hesitation, Marianna sent Steve Dorvil a friend request. Much to her surprise, he accepted said request a few minutes later, and texted her his digits. Marianna paused. She felt excited and worried at the same time. Up until that point, she kept her work life and her personal life separate. What's the worst that can happen? Marianna thought as she saved Steve's number, and sent him a ping.

"Hello Marianna, sorry I had to leave, duty called, let me make it up to you," read the text message from Steve Dorvil. Marianna looked at her phone, smiled and pondered how to best reply. She worked three days a week at the mall, and studied part-time at La Cite Collegiale. This semester, she was taking three classes only, due to her financial limitations.

"It's alright, big man, let's grab lunch tomorrow at my school," Marianna suggested. She knew Steven's schedule by heart. The big man didn't work Fridays or Saturdays. On Saturday, Steven had church, due to his Seventh-Day Adventist beliefs. Marianna, an avowed Catholic, respected Steven's convictions. When he replied in the affirmative, the young woman was all smiles.

"Your school is dope, and you mademoisellle, you look lovely," Steven said to Marianna, who smiled graciously. For over half an hour they'd gone around the snow-covered campus of La Cite Collegiale on that fateful Friday morning. They went into the cafeteria and grabbed omelets, buttered bread and apple juices, then sat at a quiet corner. Steven admired Marianna, who looked nice in a Black leather jacket over a red turtleneck shirt, dark blue jeans and boots.

"Merci monsieur," Marianna replied, in accented French. Steven took a sip of his apple juice, and smiled at Marianna. He felt giddy with excitement. He was having breakfast with this beautiful young Mexican woman whom he'd admired for ages. Marianna, who was beautiful, smart and down-to-earth. What's a gal like that doing with a guy like me? Steven wondered quietly.

"So, Marianna, tell me more about you," Steven asked, and Marianna leaned back in her chair and looked around the cafeteria. There were dozens of her fellow students around. Young men and women going about their day. Somalis, Arabs, Latinos and Asians. The diversity of La Cite Collegiale appealed to Marianna. She felt at home there. She despised working as a cleaner at Bayshore Mall...

"Just a young woman with a dream, fighting to survive," Marianna said, flashing a brave smile. Her eyes met Steven's, and he nodded quietly, as though he understood what she was going through. Marianna left her family and friends behind in the City of Merida, Mexico, and she was starting to hate it out here, all alone in the City of Ottawa...

"Well, mi amiga, you're not alone," Steven said, and he looked at Marianna's hands on the table, smiled, moved as though to touch them, then paused. Marianna licked her lips and shrugged, her eyes not leaving Steven's, and then she smiled faintly. Steven slowly, tentatively reached for her hands, and laid his rather massive hand on hers. Nodding firmly, the burly young Haitian fell silent.

"Gracias, thank you for saying that," Marianna said, and Steven smiled. Now or never, Steven thought, as Marianna sighed, and for a moment, the feisty young woman's facade slipped, revealing a strong but vulnerable person underneath. So lovely, Steven thought as he drew closer to her. And paused. For that was as far as his bravado took him...

"I'm right here if you need me," Steven heard himself say, knowing he'd probably friend-zoned himself in Marianna's eyes. Nothing the ladies hated more than a good guy. Marianna smiled, and Steven's heart skipped a beat as she drew close to him, until her face was inches from his. Steven saw a coy, playful light dancing in Marianna's dark eyes. Gathering his courage, he closed the gap betwen them, and kissed her.

It's often said that the first kiss, in any relationship, is the one that matters most. This definitely holds true for Steven Dorvil and Mariannna Conchita Alfonso. This first kiss they shared inside the cafeteria at La Cite Collegiale in the east end of Ottawa started it all. They giggled like a pair of school chums after sharing this ten-second kiss. Laughing, Steven and Marianna held hands and chatted after their brief but game-changing kiss...

Steven and Marianna, two long-time friends, decided to give their burgeoning romance a shot. Security guard and cleaning lady, man and woman, Black and brown, who cares about these differences? Marianna and Steven are into each other. They became virtually inseparable, going to movies, restaurants, museums and shopping malls together. Their co-workers at Bayshore knew they were an item, but Marianna and Steven simply did not care...

"Can't imagine my life without you, hombre," Marianna said to Steven, as they lay in bed together. They'd come home from the movies, and chilled while classical Shakira songs played in the background. Steven feasted his eyes on Marianna's curvaceous, golden-hued body as he spoon-fed her some ice cream.

"Gracias, mi amor," Steven said, and he playfully poked her nose, causing Marianna to giggle. Marianna unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts. Gently he kissed her, then caressed her small, firm breasts. When she slipped off her crimson panties, he admired her hairy bush...hungrily. Steven kissed a path from Marianna's tits to her belly, and then spread her thighs before going to her sweet spot...

"Ay, go for it, Papi," Marianna murmured encouragingly as Steven drew closer to her crotch. The dark-skinned stud inhaled her womanly scent, and then began eating her pussy. Hungrily Steven sucked on Marianna's clitoris, and he worked two fingers into her pussy, stimulating her quite nicely. Marianna squirmed on the bed, and squealed in delight as Steven did his thing...

"Just relax and enjoy, babe," Steven said, smiling, and he continued eating Marianna's pussy voraciously. He put his lady love on all fours and she shook that big beautiful bronze booty at him, causing his dick to harden. Steven spread Marianna's round ass cheeks wide open and ate her pussy from behind. Playfully he smacked her ass while giving her pussy a tongue bath.

"Oh shit, mierda, you're killing my kitty," Marianna squealed as she came, oozing hot girly cum all over Steven's face. Delighted to see his lady in the throes of a wicked orgasm, Steven tasted Marianna's girly cum and nodded. My lady is magically delicious, Steven thought as he savored the taste of Marianna. She looked at him through moist eyes, and smiled, amazed...

"You want the D, huh?" Steven said to Marianna, a little while later, smiling at the Latin beauty as she grabbed his thick, uncircumcised dick. Marianna nodded, and then without further ado, she took him into her mouth. Marianna gently pulled back Steven's foreskin, and licked the underside of his shaft. Steven gritted his teeth, for that was a most sensitive spot. Marianna grinned and continued to work her magic on him.

"Delicioso, mi amor," Marianna paused to say, flashing Steven a seductive wink while fellating him. In no time at all, those soft but eager, hungry lips of hers wrapped themselves around his dick and got him hard as a rock. Marianna then climbed on top of Steven and impaled herself on his dick. Steven's hands went to Marianna's hips as he thrust into her hot, tight pussy. Now we're getting somewhere, he thought excitedly as he began banging her.

"I love your grande culo," Steven said to Marianna, as he took her on all fours. Face down and ass up, the burly Haitian stud banged the hell out of his favorite curvy and sinfully sexy Latina. Marianna screamed obscenities in Spanish as Steven basically dicked her down. To really shine him on, she made her big bronze booty clap for him, driving Steven absolutely nuts. He fucked her roughly, tapping that ass like there was no tomorrow.

"Hmm, my sexy chocolate Papi, I feel great," Marianna said to Steven, as they lay there, still glowing from all the passionate and freaky things they did together. Steven smiled, and gently kissed Marianna's hand, a gentleman to the end. They bantered for a bit, then fell asleep in each other's arms. At last they were at peace. Neither of them knew what the future held, but whatever it is, they'd face it together...

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