tagRomanceBB And Dréa

BB And Dréa


(We join our "lovers" in mid-chat)

B B: How are YOU at back-rubs?
B B: Massages?
B B: Sensual or otherwise?
Xan: Really good..... REALLY GOOD
Xan: I should have made a profession of it
Xan: An all around good back person
B B: I am, too!!!
B B: Backs, Fronts, Legs, Feet... I'm GREAT w/ FEET
B B: necks
B B: buttocks
B B: thighs
B B: arms
B B: shoulders
Xan: Okay, I get the picture
B B: pussies
Xan: OKay Okay
Xan: I gotta go to bed
Xan: I'm about to pass out from the excitement
B B: sleep well, Baby
Xan: *yawn*
Xan: Have a good night. Bye bye

And then... You slammed the "door!"

Jeez, Puss-puss!!! I'm just about to get hard, then you go and say, "good night."

"Good night" to you too, Sweet-heart.

Just so you know... When you read this, I'll have masturbated.


It's too bad you weren't here to enjoy it w/ me!!! As I said, I bet you'd LOVE the taste of my cum!!! I've gotten compliments on it before.

Oh, well! I'll talk to you later, Sweetcheeks!!! I've gotta go give "Henry" a long, slow, (then a longer, fast, faster, and faster) rub-down!!!

You say that you're good at back-rubs? Well, how 'bout "front rubs?" Henry would LOVE having you slide your soft, smooth hands up and down his full length!!! YOU'D love it, too, Pussy-cat!

I could also see me giving you an all-over body rub, to soothe away all the stresses of the day!!! I'd get some olive oil and pour some all over your back-side!!! As you lay on your stomache, I'd start rubbing your toes, feet, ankles, calves, shins, knees, thighs, tooshie, all over your lower, middle and upper-back, shoulders, down your arms--working out all the tension from your wrists, palms and fingers--back up to your shoulders, your neck and your head... Then I'd flip you over, like a flapjack (pancake) and start rubbing the olive oil into your forehead, rubbing all the tension from your head, and your mind would surely follow suit as I'd keep rubbing, tenderly, at your cheeks, chin, throat; stopping to kiss your lips, cheeks, ear lobes, throat, and licking all the way down your body as well! I'd keep going down your body, to your chest then your breasts... Those lovely 34c's of your's are so tempting, but I won't suck on them just yet, Luv, I'll just keep rubbing the knots out of your sore flesh as I travel down your body to your smooth, firm, soft belly. I'll tickle you here, 'cuz I'm a ratfink, and I LOVE to see your breasts jiggle as you laff!!! Then I'll move down to your pubic area.... Oh, God, Andréa, you've just finished shaving your pussy and it's free of all stubble! It's as smooth as the rest of your body... Maybe smoother!!! And with the olive oil and your own natural lubricant ("lubricunt?") it's the smoothest, slickest place on Earth!!!

I'll climb over you at this point, letting the hairs on my chest tickle your bare breasts, turning your nipples into diamond-hard points of lust!!! You'll be BEGGING me to suck on them at this point...

I WON'T deny you, either, my love!!

As the radio plays "Fallin" by Alicia Keys, I'll plunge my tongue down onto your smaller, right breast, taking your nipple between my lips, deeply sucking it into my mouth, like when you deepthroat my penis!!!

I'll do the exact same thing with your left breast, my dear, young friend!!!

Your vagina will be flowing at this point... dripping down to your tight anal opening (since I just gave you anal sex last night and you're probably still a bit sore there, I'll just leave your little rosebud be, for today. Just remember that tomorrow I'll need my dick in your ass hole. You'll remember, though, as you love it more than I do!)

I'll stick my cock in your pussy any day, though. Our bodies fit so well, together! My seven inches fit perfectly into your tight, hot, wet channel. You always cum when I stick my throbbing meat into your hole! I just wish I could stay here for ever... Locked in orgasmic bliss... Kissing with our lips and tongues, breathing in unison, you inhaling every time I exhale and vice-versa!

We'll BOTH start cumming at this point! It'll start out nearly unrecognizably, imperceptably, building up to a crescendo of lust and love and fluids being splashed over each others' bodies!!!

Our breathing will finally settle down as we look into each others' eyes and say those three magic words that you always love to hear.

"Wanna' go again?"

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