Big Black Cock

I have always had a fascination about the saying "if you go black you never go back", but fear of what my significant other might think if he ever found out that I had been down that road has always stopped me from pursuing the notion. Now that I have found someone with a sexual appetite as great and open minded as mine, I'm willing to not only explore but follow thru. The first time I realized that I wanted to fuck a big back cock was at a night club. I will never forget that feeling. I was under the influence that night and therefore WAY more horny than my usual. Let me tell you the story that comes to mind of the day I "go black"!

It will be a day just like any other EXCEPT your cock just WILL not do. In the middle of our fucking, before you even have the chance to cum, I am going to announce that I need more and you just don't have it. I want a "BIG BLACK COCK" is what I'll say. I'll get up throw on my come-fuck-me-now dress (without the bra and undies) and head out the door. You'll hardly have your pants on as I am walking out because I can barely contain myself with just the thought of fucking a BIG black cock. As you drive me to the bar I am going to finger my pussy and talk the AFF friend with the equipment I am seeking. It seems like the drive is taking FOREVER and my pussy is just throbbing for something big, so I grap the biggest thing within reach, a hairbrush and start fucking myself with it. Ironically, the hairbrush is black in color and just that thought makes me cum very quickly.

When we arrive at the park where I have arranged to meet my BIG BLACK COCK, I tell you to clean my pussy and get it ready for a good fucking. So while I lay back onto the picnic table you eat my pussy and suck out all my sweet juices. While you are down there eating my pussy my BIG BLACK COCK will drive up and I will get so excited that he is FINALLY there that I will cum and piss all over your face at the same time. After I finish pissing in your face, I am going to shove you aside and bend my legs up and spread them apart to show our AFF friend what a hot wet pussy I have as he has awaiting him. To my surprise not only will he exit the car but so will two of his friends.

My pussy is so fucking hot and juicy and I can hardly wait to have each of their cocks in me. I tell you that my pussy is ready but their cocks need lubing and since we did not bring any lube it is your job to lube them with you mouth before they fuck me. I'll be sucking one big black cock while you're sucking another. The third guy is going to be jacking off above my face awaiting his turn to stick his cock in my mouth.

After you get that guy good and wet with your spit, he is going to stick his BIG BLACK COCK in my pussy and begin fucking me deep and hard. The third guy is tired of just watching me suck his friend and decided it's his turn to make you get his cock to fuck me. So he makes you suck his cock and moisten it for entry into my ass. To which he promptly begins to fuck after he takes it out of your mouth. I take the cock out of my mouth long enough to tell him I want him to fuck me in the ass and make you clean it over and over. So that is what he does, he fucks me 3-4 strokes and then takes it out and makes you clean it. All the while I am getting fucked deep in my pussy by our original AFF friend.

After a while I will have accomplished the task of sucking off the cock in my mouth and when he cums, I'll make him cum all over my face and mouth, to which I will make you come kiss me and clean it. As well as clean off his cock too. While you are cleaning his off, I will ask the guy fucking my ass to get up so that you can clean his cock again.

Once he moves out of the way the guy that you just cleaned will slip his slide his BIG BLACK COCK into my tight pussy right alongside the other BIG BLACK COCK that is in my pussy. I'll begin to moan because the two cocks together fucking me feels SO good that I can hardly contain myself. Both guys fucking me will begin to stroke my pussy so rhythmically that the sensation of my tight cunt and the friction of there two cocks rubbing one another is going to cause them to blow a MAJOR amount of cum into me.

You have been a very good cock-wetter is what I will tell you as I push your face down into my pussy where you begin to suck out all the cum that was left in me. I'll tell you that if you can get it really clean I'll let you fuck me too. You will spend the next several minutes sucking out all that juice and then while I am sucking off all the black guys you begin to fuck my pussy .

I can not have just one dick in me, not with all this dick I have to go around. So I tell the biggest cock to fuck me in the ass while you fuck me in the pussy. His black balls will hit you with every stroke he makes into my pussy. The feeling of another cock in me will you fuck me is too much for you handle and you blow your load deep inside me. I tell you that you are not done and that I want both of you in my pussy. He then starts fucking my pussy too. The two of you fuck me for several minutes until he cums from the excitement thus making you cum too.

I am still INCREDIBLY horny mostly because I have three BIG BLACK COCKS in front of me all on hard. SOOO I tell them that I want a train fucking, so each of you takes a turn at fucking my pussy. As soon as one cock comes out another goes in. After each time when the cock comes out of my pussy it is placed into my mouth so that I can suck off all the juices and get it ready again.

To our surprise another two guys from who knows where, nor how long they had been watching, joins in on the train. Now there is 6 HARD cocks and 12 wandering hands all over my body. EVERY part of me is fondled and fucked. Finally after several minutes of taking turns everyone is ready to blow there load. So I let you fuck me and cum in me while watching everyone else cum on my face and in my mouth.

I thank everyone for a wonderful day at the park and we go home and the story continues. You can't seem to make your dick go down and decide to that my day of fucking isn't over yet. So you throw me on the bed on my belly and place my arms in the restraints so that I am forced to stay on my belly or knees.

You decide you want me on my knees first so you push me into that doggie style position and then begin to fuck me in the ass with vengeance. You slap my ass, grab a hold of my hips to force your cock to go even deeper into my pussy as you tell me what a nasty bitch I am. After you have your way with me and tell me you are done. I tell you, NO only I can say when this day of fucking is over. Since you cock is no longer hard I decided I will do the fucking then. So I put on my strap on and make you get on your knees where I begin to fuck you in the ass. You get hard from the excitement of me fucking you and start to jack off while I fuck you. After a few minutes I take out the dildo and make you clean it off then stick it back in you and fuck you even harder. I get into fucking you in the ass so much that I make myself cum and at that same moment you begin to cum as well.

After that we lay in bed and fondle one another until we fall asleep from the exhaustion of being "well fucked".

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