I've been trying to talk my wife into fucking a black guy for a very long time. She fucked one a couple times before we met, and I got her to fuck a black friend of ours once. But I didn't get to see the first encounters and the second guy was pretty lame. I wanted her to fuck another one, and this time I wanted to film it.

I finally talked her into fucking a black guy while I watch and film it. I couldn't wait! I searched on an adult website and started emailing with a few potential guys. I showed her several pictures – face, body, cock – of different guys and she picked one that intrigued her. I discussed meeting with the guy and sent him a picture of her. He wrote back that he'd love to meet and wanted to get his big black cock inside her. So we planned to meet the following Friday night.

The following week dragged by and I thought Friday night would never arrive! I know my wife was nervous and I was afraid she was going to back out. We had sex a couple times that week and we talked about her fucking a black guy while I was fucking her. Her pussy would get soaking wet and she would cum real hard so I knew she would enjoy it when Friday night finally arrived.

We finally got to the big night! Before we left for the hotel to meet her new black playmate, my wife took a long hot shower. She trimmed her bush to a very short landing strip and washed her body thoroughly. When she came out of the shower she told me she was ready to get fucked!

We got to the hotel and I could tell she was extremely nervous. But she was also extremely excited. Luckily we didn't have to wait long before we heard a knock at the door. I went to open the door and let in the man I was about to let fuck my wife while I watched. He came in and as he walked toward her she got up to greet him. She took his hand to shake it, and then leaned in for a quick kiss. Now that's not wasting any time I thought! That first kiss was a quick one, and then she broke away from him and said she was glad to meet him.

My wife didn't waste any time after that. She backed a step away from him and slowly took off her shirt and bra. Now naked from the waist up she stepped up to him and kissed him again. This time the kiss was more intense and while kissing his hands were all over her tits as she began to undo his pants. I watched as she worked his pants down then dropped down to her knees and took his quickly hardening cock in her hand. She stared at it and stroked it a few times then started licking the head. Then she opened her mouth and took him in. He was way too big for her to take it all, but she was soon bobbing her head up and down on his cock taking all she could.

I could tell he was enjoying her blowjob and I was just as surprised as he was when she abruptly stopped. But she only stopped long enough to stand up and remove the rest of her clothes. Then she got back on her knees in front of him, took his cock in her hands, and told him she wanted his first load in her belly.

With that she again took his cock into her mouth. While sucking on his cock she began to play with her pussy. Her moaning got him more excited and he began to rock his hips into her. From where I was I could tell they were both getting close to orgasm. He reached down and grabbed both sides of her head and started to fuck her face, using her mouth like a pussy. This brought her right to the edge and her fingers were flying in and out of her pussy while his cock was sawing in and out of her mouth. I saw her belly start to quiver as she started to cum just as he threw his head back, shoved his cock hard into her face, and started shooting his cum down her throat.

She licked him clean, and then stood up. They both grabbed a drink of water and sat on the edge of the bed to catch their breath.

He soon proved he was a wise choice as he asked my wife if she was ready to fuck. She looked down between his legs and saw his cock getting hard and ready to fill her pussy. She crawled onto the bed, lie on her back, and spread her legs wide. She looked at him and told him if he made her cum she would let him take her any way he wanted.

He crawled between her legs and moved up her body. On his knees, he took hold of his cock and started rubbing it against her clit and quickly moistening pussy lips. When he was fully hard and quite wet he slowly eased that big black cock into her. He fucked her long and slow, his cock coming almost all the way out of her before he moved his hips forward and pushed it all the way back into her until his balls pressed against her tiny little asshole. After a few minutes he laid his body down so his chest was crushing her tits and started fucking her faster. She was quickly approaching an orgasm and she wrapped her arms around him and started asking him to make her cum. He fucked her harder and started talking nasty to her. He asked her if she liked his cock. She told him she loved it. He asked if she liked being fucked by a big black cock. She moaned that she did. He asked her whose pussy is this right now? Yours she moaned loudly. He told her to cum on his cock – he wanted to feel her whole body shake. So she did! She came hard! But even when she was done he didn't stop fucking her. He kept going fast and hard and in less than a minute she was cumming on his cock again.

After her second orgasm he lay still on her with his cock still buried deep inside her. She opened her eyes and looked at him and asked how he wanted to take her next. Ride me, he said. So he pulled his cock out of her and lay on his back. My wife got up and straddled him, then reached between them and grabbed hold of his cock and guided it into her pussy. She slid down until he was all the way in her. She stayed sitting up and played with her tits while she rode up and down on his cock. He laid there watching, then reached up, grabbed her tits, and pulled her down so he could suck and bite on her nipples. When she bent over I got behind her to film the action. It was so hot watching his black cock, glistening with her pussy juices, sliding in and out of her delicious pink pussy. I was really enjoying the show!

I moved back around to watch from the front and saw he was alternately sucking on her nipples and kissing her. She looked to be thoroughly enjoying herself and it also looked like she was quickly approaching another orgasm.

He stopped her and told her he wanted to take her from behind. So she climbed off him and got on her hands and knees. He got behind her and I watched him grab hold of his cock and slowly push the full length of that big black cock into her. When he was fully inside her pussy with his balls bumping her clit she let out a loud moan.

He grabbed her hips and started to move in and out of her. She also started to move against him. Very quickly they got a pretty good rhythm going. Soon he started to speed up his movements. I could tell he wanted to unload inside her. He began bossing her around. He told her to reach down and play with her clit. She quickly obeyed and I saw her hand start rubbing her clit. He took one of his fingers and got it wet with her pussy juices then rubbed it against her back door. He told her to beg him to put his finger in and she started crying out to him to please put his finger in her ass. He pushed it in and she groaned again while he kept fucking her pussy with that big black cock.

They were now a blur of motion. His finger was almost all the way in her ass while his cock was pounding away in and out of her pussy. Her tits were swinging back and forth while she fucked into him and her hand was rubbing her clit fast and hard. I knew neither one of them could hold out much longer. They would soon be using each other to cum hard!

He started talking nasty to her again. He told her to talk to him and she started telling him how much she was enjoying his cock. She told him she loved having a big black cock inside her. She told him she wanted him to fill her little pink pussy with his black cum She started crying out that she wanted to cum. He really started pounding her and then he yelled out whose pussy is this? She started cumming hard as she cried out it's your pussy!! It's your pussy!! With that he shoved into her as far and as hard as he could and I watched as he shot a huge load of cum into my wife's pussy as they came hard together.

When it was over he pulled his cock out of her and I saw his cum start to leak out of her pussy. He got up and dressed then gave her a quick kiss and a slap on the ass and thanked her for a great time. She thanked him in return and said they'd have to do this again and he walked out the door.

Then, with my wife still on her knees and leaking a black man's cum from her pussy, I quickly undressed and got behind her. I shoved my cock into the wettest pussy I've ever felt! After watching my wife suck and fuck a black guy and knowing she was full of their combined cum I didn't last long at all and all too quickly I pumped my cum inside her as well.

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