tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBBW's Use By Old Men Continues

BBW's Use By Old Men Continues


I showered quickly anticipating the use that would continue with these two old perverts. As I was drying myself off, I heard John scream "Hurry up cunt, the movie has already started!" I walk back out to my two abusers, and they are sitting on the sofa leaving a space for me in the middle.

"Come sit here cunt!" David said as he patted the empty spot on the sofa.

I sat completely naked between these two fat old men, who were also naked and we began watching the movie. We sat there in silence as a gang of men smacked a fat whore around, and while taking turns fingering her cunt and fucking her mouth. As I sat there I could feel my cunt getting wet at the sight on the television, and I wanted these men to use me more and more. John and David both started playing with my tits, squeezing them and pinching my nipples so hard I screamed.

"Don't move bitch, just sit there and let us do what we want understand whore?" David demanded.

"Yes Sir," I said meekly.

I sat still as their hands explored every inch of my fat whore body. I felt both their mouth sucking my nipples, as they slid there hands down to my aching cunt, teasing my clit. I was dripping wet at this point, so when they both slid a finger inside my whore hole at the same time they slid in very easily. They both pumped into me at the same time, yelling at me to keep my eyes on the television. The fat piggy on the screen was taking turns sucking the five cocks that forced their way into her slut mouth. Between watching the whore on the screen, and the violation I was getting from these perverts I needed to get fucked so bad at that moment.

"Oh, please fuck me, please!" I begged and pleaded.

"Not yet you dirty piggy, we're not done playing with our fuck meat yet!" David said.

Then John pulled his soaking wet finger from my cunt and forced it into my mouth. I of course licked every drop of my whore cunt juice off his finger. He then slid his finger into my tight ass, and they fingered my holes like that until I thought for sure I would cum when they stopped.

"Get on your knees pig, and suck our cocks!" John ordered.

I drop to my knees, and take David's cock in my mouth as I jerk off John. As I sucked the old cock in my mouth they were calling me names, and smacking me around. They knew by now how much I enjoyed being treated like a piggy, and they would make sure I got what I wanted.

"That's it piggy suck my cock you worthless whore!" David screamed.

I sucked his cock like the greedy fuck whore I am, and David was moaning and calling me a pig, while John fingered my cunt, and spanked me.

"You dirty whore, only good for cock and cum, right bitch?" John asked.

I stop sucking David's cock and answered, "Yes I am nothing more than a piece of fuck meat to be used and degraded!"

"Get into the bed whore, so we can fuck you like the dirty whore you are!" John screamed.

"Oh yes Sir, please make me your fuck pig!" I beg as I climb into the bed.

John comes to the bed and lies down on his back, and they roughly pull me on top of John, and slide his cock into my fat juicy fuck hole, making me bounce up and down on him like an animal. I wanted his cock deep inside me, using my hole for his pleasure. David then stepped up behind me and started to slide his old cock into my tight fat ass, and being the fat whore I am I begged him to fuck me too. I bent over and laid on John's chest as they pounded into me as I gave them my holes to use.

"Look at you piggy, taking our cock in you at the same time," John whispered in my ear.

"More more please!" I beg.

"Take our cocks you dirty fucking whore!" David screamed as he stretched my ass making me scream.

"Oh yes fuck me, fill my dirty fuck holes, make me your whore!" I pleaded.

"Oh wow man, this bitch loves it!" John said to David.

They both fucked me like that for about ten minutes, telling me I was nothing more than a fat piece of meat for their cock sandwich, and many other nasty things that only seemed to turn me on more. Just when I thought they would drop their loads in me and I might get a small break from their abuse, David pulled his cock out of my ass, and lifted me off John, so John could get up. They both then threw me onto the bed on my back, and quickly tied my hands to the bedpost, and stood back and admired the fat pig tied and ready for them. David got up on the bed, and roughly spread my legs, and rammed his cock deep inside my cunt while John stood there and watched and cheered his friend on.

"Oh yeah Dave, fuck the fat pig whore, give it to her good!" John cheered.

"We tied you up like this whore so you can watch us take turns on your fat fuck holes!" David taunted.

"Let me get a turn on the cunt!" John said.

David pulled his cock out of my cunt, and John took his place. I watched them take turns fucking me, as they taunted me.

"Does the fat piggy like men to take turns using her?" David asked.

"Oh yeah!, take turns on your fuck meat!" I begged.

They used my cunt and ass like that for a good half hour, and I was beginning to get sore, and I said so and that seemed to make them fuck me harder. Little did I know that my pain was pleasure for them. They finally each dropped their load in me, and then David said, "Ok cunt we're finished with you, you can leave."

I got up and got dressed, with my cunt still throbbing from their use, and walked out the door. I was so satisfied and well fucked, and hoped they would find me again. Maybe I will just call them to see if they want to use me again. Either way it was a great night, and I now knew what I was. I wanted to be an easy lay for any cock that was willing to use me, and I also knew I wanted more and more. As I rode the bus home I could feel my abusers cum dripping from my cunt and ass, and a smile came across my face loving the feeling.

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