tagHow ToBe a Sexy Sucker!

Be a Sexy Sucker!


So, another guide to oral sex. And, as we all know, not everything works for every person, so there's the disclaimer. Now, we're all pretty much familiar with the concept of oral sex. It stopped being considered a taboo and/or kinky a long time ago, except to the most religiously fanatical or prudish. If it's a prudish thing, get the fuck over it, seriously. It feels great for both men and women and it's sexy as hell. If it's a religious thing, well, this isn't an article on that. But while I can't speak to all faiths, just mine (which again, I'm not going to get into), I can assure you there's nothing forbidding sucking a cock or licking a pussy. So, that's that.

Now, as a man, I've read several articles on how to eat pussy. Some good, others...less so. And, not surprisingly, most of the best ones were written by women, straight women, no less. Now, the reason is probably obvious for this, a woman can tell you what feels good to her better than a man can tell you what feels good to a woman. No shit, right? So I figured a man would probably be able to write a good article for women regarding blowjobs. Made sense to me.

I should say right off that I have not personally given a blowjob. And while we're on the subject, men, let's talk about something a minute. A lot of men are squeamish about certain sex acts because it might be "gay." Some of those sex acts are going to be mentioned here, so let's figure out this gay thing here. For the purposes of this article, I don't give a flying fuck what side of the fence you're on as far as sexuality goes. But homosexuality is just that. Homo, meaning "same." A woman putting her finger in your ass is not gay. A woman licking your asshole is not gay. Frankly, a woman strapping on a dildo and fucking you in the ass is not gay, if you happen to be into that. Gay is one man deriving sexual pleasure from another man, end of story.

Back to blowjobs though. While I haven't given any, I have gotten several, and again, some were good, others less so. Let me tell you ladies, fellatio is one of the hottest sex acts, if not THE hottest sex act, you can do to your man. But it's not just the feeling of having someone suck one's cock, believe it or not it doesn't matter if you can deep throat. It's the actions and attitude that accompanies the blowjob that is most important. Your attitude seriously needs to be the center of your blowjob. It's pretty much what this article is going to be about. If you act like it's a pain in the ass, or you don't want to do it, or anything along those lines, it's a pointless thing to give a blowjob. It might feel ok, but it's like fucking, if your partner isn't responsive, it's not nearly as good.

So, attitude. The first and possibly most important part is desire. Like, burning, passionate, I've-been-waiting-all-day-for-you-to-come-home desire. You need to NEED your man's cock. I'm not really suggesting you fake it, but get yourself worked up so you do feel this way. Worked up enthusiasm is likely to lead to real enthusiasm sooner than later. By all means, start with a passionate make out session, undress him savagely, kiss your way down his body, but make it obvious that you are hungry for his cock. There is an article called "Worship His Cock" here in the Literotica How To section. I suggest you read it, it is an excellent guide describing the desire you should show.

Next is position. Position is important. If you can, get on your knees in front of him while he stands or sits. This conveys service and submission. Now, ladies, before you get all riled up and burn your bras (which I never did understand, but for the young and perky, by all means do so with my blessing), understand what I mean here. I'm not suggesting your place is in the kitchen or barefoot and pregnant or any of that bullshit. But getting on your knees to suck your man's cock is hot. Don't forget, he's going to go down on you, too (if he doesn't return the favor, get you another man). Not to mention the fact that while the appearance is you submitting to him, he trusts you enough to put his most valuable body part in your mouth. The act of servicing your man gives him a feeling of power, and the subsequent fucking you will get will make it all worth while. Besides, if you give yourself the chance to be open-minded, you might actually enjoy the concept of honoring your lover like this.

So now you're on your knees. Take the head of your man's cock and suck it gently. No teeth...NO TEETH. There might be that odd man in a million who likes his cock gnawed on, but it's not common. While your sucking, look up at him. From a man's perspective, looking into a woman's eyes as she has his cock in her mouth is incredibly sexy. It also conveys admiration for your man (hopefully your man has a body worth admiring). In addition to sucking, you might lick up and down his shaft. And don't neglect his balls. Lick them, suck them, for fuck's sake DON'T squeeze them.

As you get into it, provided your man is open minded to more pleasure, put a finger on his asshole as your suck him. You might even put some lube on or just lick your finger first so you can put it in his ass. This is an incredible feeling for a man.

So, at some point, you will probably stop sucking and get fucking. And, as mentioned before, you're in for a good one. But, suppose you just want to service your man.

He might get ambitious and start fucking your face. If you're into this, by all means, go with it. If not, let him know. Communication is important for sex in general, but especially if you're not ok with something that hurts. Believe me, the least sexy thing in the world for a man is knowing his woman is not enjoying him, especially if it's because of pain.

Well, eventually it comes to the climax. Your ministrations will be rewarded with a hot load of his cum. Consider his cum just that, a reward. It is his offering to you, a lust-laden gift in gratitude for your service. Treat it as such. So, do you spit, swallow, or let him cum on you? Truthfully, any way is fine. But again, it all depends on how it's done. If you swallow, or spit, and make a disgusted face or say it's nasty or something along those lines, well, congratulations, you just shot the whole experience to hell right at the finish line.

So let's say you want to swallow. When he fills your mouth, close your eyes and gulp it down. Now, lick your lips, eyes still closed, and give that sexy "mmmm." Look back up at him, smile, and tell him how good he tastes. Give him a hot, passionate kiss, and then he should return the favor and go down on you.

Spitting done properly can be every bit as sexy as swallowing, maybe even more so. If you spit, lower your head and let his cum drip down onto your tits. Close your eyes and rub his cum over your tits, massaging it into your skin. Again, smiling and some sexy vocal effects like moaning or breathing heavily while you do this are very appreciated. If you decide to have him shoot on your tits directly, pretty much do the same thing. The only difference is if you have him shoot on your face. The money shot is pretty much sexy on its own, just make sure you remember that smile. It lets him know you're happy with him and his offering to you.

Well, I suppose that concludes my particular take on the blowjob. I didn't get into technique much because, of course, that's up to you. Each couple is different, tailor your technique to what he enjoys and to what makes you feel sexy. Happy sucking!

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