Be Careful For What You Nag For


'Okay then, lets go,' she said, stroked and gripped his now fully erect cock, 'I can't wait for you to get this in me Jacob, I really can't!'

He followed her wonderful rounded pert backside, and walked into the wall staring at it. He waited outside, Jasmine wanted to arouse her husband first. He stripped off to his chocolate brown shorts as agreed and waited. His body was tight, fit and toned, many women had used it, he was getting to be quite a wealthy man. But Jasmine? She was getting this for free; no man would want to charge her to fuck her all night.

She entered the room, and began to tease her hapless husband, she opened his pants and played with his cock, she told him there was a dark beauty out side the door, who was going to take her, do with her what they wanted, use and abuse her. There was no way once the door opened that she would or could say no, she wouldn't be allowed to, she was going down, all the way.

'Do you want me to do that darling? Do you want me to submit to my dark beauty? Be a slut, a whore? Just nod your head if you do?'

He nearly broke his neck, he nodded so hard.

'Okay then baby, you asked for it,' she said as she pulled playfully on his stiff prick, 'but I'm the one though, who's going to get it!' She told him coldly.

'Come in Jacob,' she called.

Her husband looked at her stupidly. Then he looked at the door as it opened. To say he was stunned was an understatement.

In walked a giant of a man, easily well over 6ft, as fit as a proverbial butchers dog. And he was as black as a black diamond!

Her husband was struck dumb, he couldn't believe he had seen it, the fact that he was tied and gagged didn't matter, he wouldn't have been able to speak!

Jacob stood in the centre of the room; it had all been arranged and thought out.

Jasmine went to him, and they shared a passionate kiss, Jacob handled her rump and squeezed it.

'Oh Jacob, I have been longing for this moment,' she whispered into his mouth, but loud enough for Jack to hear!

'And me too babe, now get down on your knees and worship what you are dying to worship.'

'Yes Jacob, anything you say.'

She slid to her knees, they were sideways on to Jack, he would witness everything. Muffled protests were coming from him.

'Did you speak dear?' she asked him, as she pulled down Jacob's shorts to reveal his huge, to her, big black prick.

'Oh my Jack, just look at this?' she murmured seductively.

And looking her husband right in the eye, she kissed it.

It was stood out from his body in an upward arc, it was glorious, her pussy turned to jelly. Her husband was rocking slightly in his chair, completely helpless to do anything but watch.

'You wanted me to have black didn't you darling? You wanted to have me blacked, well, your wish has been granted. I am going to be blacked, and all night too, and you have the honour of watching your wife submit to this black god?'' she told him.

'Well, just like you wanted me to, I thought about it, and I have to agree with you, black is good, so here we all are, and we should rejoice in the fact that Jacob has agreed to fuck me with this?' And then she held his solid black erection in her mouth as she sucked it in, and caressed his swollen balls

Her head bobbed and weaved, the big purple head slid in and out, to be caught each time by Jasmines insistent full soft lips. Her hair was swaying about as she bent to her task, the task of making him cum for her. Her hands were running up and down, up to his chest as she rubbed his dark nipples, and down to his feet, and cupping his balls as she drifted past.

The trouble was, as Jasmine was trying to stick to the agreed programme with Jacob, her body was telling her otherwise. It wanted cocking and cocking very fast, it had no need for preliminaries, she was heated to full blast, her love juice was slipping down the inside of her thighs, but she forced herself to keep sucking on the beautiful black prick in her mouth, while her tortured husband looked on!

Jacob kept his eyes on her husband and was smiling at him, he knew the score, he was taking the mans wife, she was giving herself to him, she was his now, and he was going to fuck her rotten in front of him. He loved cuckolding a man, especially a white man, but this was the ultimate, it was a forced cuckolding!

He held the mans gaze, but he concentrated on the fabulous deep suction from Jasmine, he felt his balls tighten, he was on his way, he felt the sudden jerk in his scrotum, he grabbed Jasmine's head, and told her he was coming, and not to spill a drop or else!

He lurched on the balls of his feet and he shot his load into Jasmines willing and waiting mouth. Load after load ripped from him into her, her cheeks swelled, but she forced it all in and down. And the lovely taste surprised Jasmine, she didn't really like her husbands, but this was different, sensual, sexy and good.

Jacob said, 'Jasmine, that was great, I hope you fuck just as good,' but he just knew she would, someone this sexy and beautiful had to! He winked at the man tied and gagged in the chair. Jack was staring at them, at him, and at his wife bug eyed.

He watched as Jacob pulled his wife to her feet, and said to her.

'Jasmine, for that, I am going to make you scream for more and more of my black weapon, do you want me to make you do that?'

'Oh yes Jacob, I do, make me yours, make me your slut, take me, break me, make me your loving whore, you are my black prince now, you can take me whenever, and however you want, I promise!' Her eyes were on her husband as she spoke, she knew he would be devastated to hear her say it, but he needed to learn his place now, and learn it he would!

She looked at his cock, it was erect, she was amazed, he had a fucking hard on, then she laughed, pointed at it, and said. 'Look at that Jacob, he's got a hard on for us, isn't that sweet?'

'Why that's just great baby, now lets show him what a hard on is, and can do shall we?' He told her.

He took her to their bed, and ripped her filmy garments off, she was now ready to receive a fucking of immense proportions, the thought of it was making Jasmine dizzy, she wanted it, she was craving it, her body had taken over, the plans were out of the window, he was going to do with her all he wanted, he wouldn't ask her, he was taking her and that was going to be that! And that's what she wanted now, more than anything in her young life to date.

He held Jasmine in his arms and much to her delight, he hugged her, kissed her, and loved her, he rolled her tight and taut nipples in his fingers, she was almost drooling. Covering her with his large powerful body, her husband could only see bits of her sticking out from under him, but he could hear her, she was moaning, mewling grunting and urging him on.

Jasmine tried just once to glimpse her husband, she failed, she wouldn't try again, she was going where Jacob took her. Her husband saw the top of her beautiful head pop up, then fall back in a gasp.

Jacob was working her up into a fireball, he knew how to treat women, he knew just how to give them what they wanted, what they needed, and he was intent on giving Jasmine everything, he wanted her to come back to him in the future, he had plans already?

Jasmine was ready, she mumbled between deep breaths, 'Jacob, now, I want you now, please Jacob, don't make me wait any longer for it?' Her husband was out of her mind now, he wasn't there any longer. He heard every single gasp of her almost begging him to fuck her, his prick almost exploded.

Jacob rose like a magnificent black tsunami over her, and he plunged his prick deep and all the way into her effervescent body, Jasmine screamed softly, it was the most wonderful pain she had ever suffered, his prick seared and burned it's way up her boiling soaking love juiced pussy.

Jacob gave her it all in those few moments, her life was being turned upside down, she orgasmed in seconds, a week of frustration blasted out of her, and orgasm followed orgasm. She clung to him like a limpet mine waiting to blow up, her feet were tight over his thighs, her arms around him, and her perfectly manicured nails dug deep into his back as he pummelled the blonde beauty below him.

He had fucked a lot of women, and been paid handsomely for doing it, but nothing could outdo this, she was the most fabulous fuck he had had, she was glorious in every sense of the word, 'her husband must be the biggest fool in the world to even contemplate giving this up?' he thought.

He fucked with intensity and more power than he had ever given any other woman, she was incomparable. Even he had forgotten now about the man behind him tied down. He thumped her with his black solidly erect prick; she was like a rag under him. But he wanted to cum, most times he would wait, he could get his after, but not this time, he was going to give her both barrels. He shot a humongous load into her, Jasmine screamed one more time as her final orgasm hit her, nothing could ever have prepared her for this.

Jack, her husband could only watch as the mans muscular arse pumped up and down as he fucked his wife, a few inches of thick black prick would appear, then disappear again as he thudded it back into Jasmine's oil slick shaven pussy!

They fell in a heap into each other, both gasping for air, both completely wrecked, Jacob couldn't remember feeling like this after fucking a woman, but then, he knew for certain that Jasmine wasn't just any other woman!

He rolled to the side, pulling her with him, she had her back to her husband, Jacob looked over her shoulder, bit it, then looked at him, there was cum on his trousers, he had shot his own load untouched. He smiled at him, reached round Jasmine and fingered her arse. Her husband looked on horrified!

She had told Jacob that if things went the way she planned, then he could stay the night, and even fuck her in the morning, while he was still tied down, he intended for that to happen, there was no way he was going to give this up, hell would freeze over first!

Jasmine knew she had been fucked; and well fucked too! She was well used to sex, even though everyone in her life assumed she had been a hermit, she hadn't, her tutor had been a brilliant one, and he had shown her the way, and intermittent lover's, even a good friend of her father's had been given the honour of fucking her, had concluded her knowledge. She would giggle when people looked at her when sex was mentioned; it was if they regarded her as a nun!

She was neither, but they would never know that, she had been quite happy to settle down to married life with Jack, but because of his insistence, she had now entered new territory. Even she knew she had been in with a champ, a man who knew what fucking was about, and she liked it, she even loved it. Jasmine had changed now, her husband was in serious trouble, it was going to be her way now, or the highway, no halfway would be considered.

Jacob had won first prize in her personal raffle! And the fact that he was black was of no consequence, but it had been a definite bonus for her, she had never been any where near a black man, she'd had need to. Her life was taking a path now that would change her forever.

As Jacob fingered her arse, she admonished him playfully, buried her face into his neck and whispered into his ear.

'Later Jacob, you can have that if you really want it, no problem, but I want it to be just me and you, okay?'

Her husband heard him agree to something, but what?

Then Jasmine continued whispering, she had nothing but contempt now for Jack, his life was going to change completely, she had the upper hand now, and she was going to keep it, or else!

'Come on Jacob, lets go into the other room, he will be okay here, I want to be alone with you, I think he's got the message, he is in a hole, a hole of his making, and he's going to stay in it now!'

'You bet Jasmine, I got a lot of loving and fucking to do with you before we sleep!' he told her as his finger again disappeared into her beautiful arse, Jasmine giggled, again Jack was mortified.

But he was even more stunned when they got out of bed, and without even as much as a backward glance at him, except that Jasmine pressed the button on the chair, and he was suddenly laid back. They left the room and closed the door behind them. He was alone now, alone with nothing but his thoughts and misery. 'Why have I let this happen?' he thought, 'How fucking stupid can I have been?'

'What am I going to do, what can I do?' The answer at this time was, nothing! Nothing at all, the black bastard had his wife, his beautiful bride, and he was going to fuck her some more, but the thing that hurt him the most was, she was doing it willingly now, at first he had thought she was doing it to teach him a lesson, he was right she had been, but not now, she wanted what he was giving to her!

And he was dead right in his assumption, he had opened a door, more or less made her walk through it, and she had slammed it in his face. Was his life as he knew it over now? He had to say to himself, that the answer was yes, but he was bereft at the thought of being without her, maybe she would have terms for him to consider? Well he was right on that score, Jasmine would have terms for him for definite, but they would be terms that would bring him to his knees.

As she and Jacob climbed into the spare bed, she admired him, his body was tight, she sat over him, appraising him, he was 10/10 no doubt, he had a broad flat muscular chest, his shoulders were wide, her knees fit either side of him like a hand in a glove, she was impressed, very impressed. She had his prick lodged in the entrance of her gorgeous shaven pussy, her hands on his chest stroking him; she could feel the power of the man.

Jasmine fingered his bell end, her other hand behind her gently crushing his balls, he groaned in appreciation, wanting more from her, she pulled, squeezed and caressed it, it began to grow again, Jasmine was amazed, how could he go for a third time in such a short space of time?

He wasn't quite fully hard when she got on it, it softly filled her pussy like it had never been filled, every ounce of free space was full, and she could feel the strengthening of it, getting harder, it seemed to be in her womb, it was growing inside her like a baby. She had been on top of lovers before, but this was different, he hadn't seemed to be massively bigger than some previous lovers, but he was bigger than others before him somehow?

Jasmine began to work herself up and down on him, her hands helping her to lift and drop, he toyed with her nipples, he and she was building her up into a typhoon and a whirlwind, of a tempestuous storm, her orgasm was building in a slow swirl of heart wrenching, gut churning intensity, he was going with her, he couldn't resist her ministrations, she was making him follow.

Then the explosion hit her, she shouted out. 'Oh Jacob you bastard. Oh you fucking beautiful bastard, oh God, oh Jesus, Ooooh Aaargh, Humph Humph!' He followed with his own enormous ejaculation; it almost lifted her off him, he reached and grabbed her to pull her down onto him at the exact moment she fell down.

She opened her eyes as she lay on him, totally spent, she had no more to give now, and Jacob, for the first time in his life had experienced the same all shattering sensation Jasmine had. He also was spent; no woman had ever got him into this state. He held her tight, and whispered. 'I am not ever going to give you up Jasmine, you will have to use a crow bar to get me away from you, and that includes him in there!'

'Well Jacob, I think you maybe right, but there are things to talk about first?' she gasped.

In the other room, her husband had heard her call out, heard her swear and call him names, what had he done to his wife? He hated the man totally, 'if he has hurt her, I will have him!' he told himself. He would have died if he had seen Jasmine's performance, it was an Oscar winner, she had fucked Jacob, not the other way round, and she had called out because of the immensity of her orgasms.

Jasmine and Jacob slept, her husband was left in the quiet of their bedroom, and eventually he too slept.

It was 7:05 when she opened her eyes, she was dizzy, her pussy was on fire, her stomach ached, her nipples felt as though they had been ripped of. Then as her eyes focused, she saw the reason for it all laid next to her, Jacob!

She slipped her arm lovingly around him, and snuggled in, he awoke as she did, he collected her in his strong arms and they shared a very loving good morning kiss, Jasmine really saw then the wonderful contrast between them, the black, the white, her blonde hair laying on his chest, his black arm around her, her heart burst open at the feeling of it.

'Jacob?' she said softly.

'Yes baby?' he answered.

'No more this morning, I hurt too much?' and she giggled beautifully.

'Oh dear, I have a morning woody for you, what can you recommend?'

'I have just the right thing for that?' she said, as she dove under the covers and sucked him into her hot mouth, her gorgeous pouty lips lathered up and down, and the suction she gave was all he wanted, he came in 2 minutes flat, he filled her completely, and Jasmine battled gamely not to spill any, but what came out, she got back in, there was no trace of any cum when she finished.

They rested a while, and then she suggested they go for breakfast, he agreed, then said, 'What about him?'

'I'll go and see him, you go downstairs okay?' she told him.

This was a first for Jacob, a woman telling him what to do, it was usually the other way round after he had given them a good seeing to! But he went, Jasmine made herself look as good as only she could, and she walked into her bedroom, wearing sexy see through underwear. He awakened as she opened the door.

He looked at her pleadingly, he was bent, and twisted, she had brought him to his knees, she would have no trouble with him now?

'Before I take the gag out, I want you to listen to me, and listen very carefully Jack, okay?' Her voice was strong and uncompromising.

He nodded immediately.

'From now on, you will do as I say, you will have no authority in this house, you will obey me in everyway, If I order you to do something, or go somewhere you will do it. You will dress the way I tell you to. You will address me as Maam, or Mistress, you will not speak unless I permit you to do. And I will continue to see Jacob, or whoever I decide to see.' (she was thinking of Rebecca) 'Now the question you have to consider Jack, do you agree, or do you leave, and we divorce?'

She removed the gag, and he immediately sucked in fresh air, spat and emptied his mouth on the floor, it disgusted Jasmine, but she understood.

Jasmine waited.

He looked at her in a new light, but one he wasn't very happy with, but the trouble was, he loved her, life without her would be unbearable, he was in a corner, he knew it. There was one glimmer of hope, he had secretly always wanted to serve her, maybe not in this way, but he had wanted her to be his mistress, but had never had any idea of thought of how to get there, she had never given any indication that she would be that.

Still tied to the chair, he said. 'I don't seem to have much choice Jasmine, do I?'

'No Jack, you don't, unless you want to leave? There will always be sex for you, but only when I decide you have earned it, but only then.' She told him.

'Okay,' he said, 'I will do what you tell me to do.'

'And be what I want you to be? Everything I have just said to you? No question, or you will be thrown out, and I will get Jacob to do it, and you know now, that he can!' Her voice was strident, and powerful.

'Yes Jasmine,' he said.

She slapped his face; it took him by complete surprise.

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