Be Careful For What You Nag For


'What did you just call me?' she demanded.

'Sorry Mistress, I said yes, I will be and do what you tell me, from now on.'

She untied him, and wondered if he would try and regain some control, he massaged his wrists and legs, stood and walked about, he seemed okay.

'What do you want me to do Ja... Mistress?' he asked.

'Follow me,' she ordered and walked out, he was right behind her.

As she entered the kitchen she went straight to Jacob, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately. Jack looked on with pain and sadness in his eyes; he really had fucked up hadn't he?

'Come on Jacob, Jack is making us breakfast, aren't you Jack?'

'Yes... Mistress,' he whispered.

'What was that Jack, I didn't hear you?' She said loudly.

'Yes mistress, I will make you both breakfast,' he answered.

'Good, and hurry, we are starving aren't we darling?' she said as she kissed Jacob again. They walked away.

In the room, Jacob asked her what was going on.

'He asked for this, maybe not in the way he got it, but he wanted me blacked, and now I have been, and on top of all that, I've met you Jacob, you are really something else, you really are,' she murmured into his neck and squeezed his prick.

Jacob was trying to work out where this was going, he knew he wanted to continue seeing her on a regular basis, but he didn't want, nor would accept any commitment, from her to him, or he to her. He had to earn his living, unless possibly he could get her into his stable, as it were?

Jack walked in, and said, 'breakfast is ready Maam,'

'Don't you knock on a door before entering?' Jacob asked. She had been in the middle of kissing him.

Her husband had seen her do it; it struck deep, watching her like this with her now black lover.

He retreated, and waited for them to come in.

She walked in very happily; he seated his wife, and then stood by.

They ate, and fed each other of their forks. Jasmine told Jack to go and shower, and make himself presentable. He left without a word.

Jacob said. 'Is this how it's going to be now Jasmine, you and him, like this?'

'Yes it is, and do you know something? She said, 'I believe he likes it!'

'You saw the cum on his trousers, he came because he watched you fucking me, and it got him!'

'Yes, now you mention it, I think you're right, he did, and does?'

'I have to go soon Jasmine, I have appointments I can't break, I'm sorry but I have to, I'll be back later?' he told her.

She understood, and agreed.

'But I am having this too tonight,' he said, as he worked his hand under her arse, to finger her bum hole.

'Yes darling, whatever you say, I'll make sure I'm ready for you, but promise me you'll be gentle and careful with me? I don't want to be hurt?'

'I will be gentleness personified, 'where will he be?'

'He'll either be tied up again, or just down here, this is his testing day, if he fails, he will be out!' there was no room for questions in her voice.

Jacob left, she had Jack doing all sorts of things, he muttered about something, and she ordered him back upstairs, he protested about being tied back into the chair, but he quietened down when she teased him mercilessly, until he shot his load, he thanked her profusely, and further promised his commitment to her. It had been just what he had wanted and needed, her love!

That night he listened to Jacob doing something to his wife, of which he had no idea, he only could hear her squealing and calling Jacob's name, 2 hours later they came down stairs in a very loving manner, Jasmine was gazing at him in a sort of wonder. Jack couldn't understand why she was limping?

Jasmine back hole was wide open, he had ended up ravaging her, and it had been at her insistence after she had got used to having Jacob's black log in her. That was why she was limping!

Jacob was a regular visitor, and Jasmine was enthralled by him and his prick, her husband was ignored by him now, he never even acknowledged him, he wasn't there, he had his wife, she was his, and he fucked her when and how he wanted, and often made him watch. Jack took it all, and often had to relieve himself afterwards.

Jacob was nearing the point of mentioning to her that he had rich and powerful friends, friends that would love to meet her. She could and would become rich beyond her dreams, and she would have the protection of him, and from behind, her hapless worthless husband, he smiled at that.

He brought the subject up casually, he explained to her that he had rich and powerful friends, some of them high end people, and including foreign royalty, and diplomats, and they would pay a lot of money to have her as an escort to exclusive functions, where she would meet film stars, famous personalities.

He never mentioned that getting fucked by some of them might be an option for her to consider at say 2000 to 5000 a night or more, he knew of one Saudi royal who had been said to have paid 10,000 including gifts and holidays.

Jasmine thought this was hilarious until she realised he was serious. She told Jacob she would consider it, she had also read between the lines and guessed correctly, his ulterior motives.

A week later she had a call from Rebecca, she wanted them to meet. Jasmine, after thinking about it asked her to her home, she wanted to show off her new slave, who was coming along quite nicely now. Jack had more or less got used to being what he was; in fact he was learning to enjoy it.

Jasmine told Jacob not to come that evening, she had a friend calling, one who she owed a big favour to, and wanted to repay it.

Rebecca was at her door at 7:00 prompt, Jack met her at the door, in the school boy's uniform she had bought him, and made him wear. She looked magnificent, it took Jasmine's breath away, she guessed where she might be spending her night!

She had on a long flowing flowery African type gown, it was silk, and it wafted about her as she moved, it was as if it was trying to catch up with the silky movements Rebecca made.

Jack stood to one side and gaped.

'Jack, don't be rude, make my guest comfortable, and offer her a drink!' she ordered angrily.

Jack jumped into action, he was already hoping she would seduce Jasmine, and he would get to watch?

They sat close together, held hands, and looked into each others eyes.

'You know why I am here Jasmine?' she asked pointedly.

'Yes Rebecca, I think I might!'

'Is he your slave now?' she asked nodding at Jack.

'Yes he is, he's my total sub, aren't you Jack?'

'Yes Mistress,' he said, bowing his head in deference.

'Go and get my bag from my car!' Rebecca ordered, and threw him her keys.

He looked at Jasmine, for guidance.

'Go on you fool, do as you are told!' Jasmine reiterated.

He hurried to do as bid.

When he came back, Jasmine and Rebecca's were no where to bee seen. He wondered what to do, he didn't dare walk in on them, he pondered and pondered. His future could be in the hands of his next decision.

To be contd.

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