tagLoving WivesBe Careful What You Ask For

Be Careful What You Ask For


The long week had finally come to an end and it was time to pick up my beautiful wife Tasha from her trip. As she walked through airport security I tried hard not to think about how sexy she looked as I watched her tall, slender frame come toward me.

"Did you miss me?" She smiled and asked while glancing down at my hidden, but tortured cock. I shook my head yes and was rewarded with a kiss before heading to baggage claim. "So how was it?" She asked. Of course what she was referring to was the CB6000s that she had put on me before heading off for a week with her family. It had been delicious torture, and on the way home, I proceeded to tell her all about how I had to sit down to pee, and how I tried to keep myself busy thinking about anything but sex all week. She would occasionally laugh, reminding me I had asked for it, which was true. Nonetheless, I was really looking forward to finally getting some relief. Unfortunately, I would have to wait a while longer until that relief would come because when we got home, Tasha told me that she wanted to leave me in my predicament a while longer.

"Aren't you horny though?" I asked. She smiled and said something she knew would cause me to turn several shades of red.

"Yes, that is one reason I plan to leave you that way. I need to have an orgasm, but I need your tongue at its eager best tonight... and not your little thing." Tasha loved to torment me by reminding me that I have the smallest cock she has ever been with and that I have never given her an orgasm with it. This of course made my cock, although tiny, try desperately to grow to its full size inside its miniature prison.

As soon as we had gotten home, it didn't take long before Tasha was ready for that orgasm she needed. As she lay naked on the bed I was almost weeping looking at her in all her beauty. I quickly began to earn my keep, doing everything I could to eat her pussy for all I was worth. While she was enjoying my tongue, she tortured me further by talking about how horny it made her to think about me all locked up safe while she was gone, adding that she was sure glad she wasn't restricted like me all week. I stopped for a minute to look up and ask her what she you meant by that. She just smiled and pushed my head back down, telling me there was no need to worry about that. After several powerful orgasms, she told me she was tired as I settled in next to her on the bed. She quickly drifted off to sleep, but in my present condition, sleep would not come quite as easily for me. I had a weeks' worth of sexual frustration and was now left to wonder what my wife had been up to while she was away. Maybe she met one of her old high school boyfriends or a total stranger when she went out partying. Or, maybe she just meant she masturbated a lot, though doubt was rapidly creeping into my head. The conflicting emotions were pure hell. I was curious, jealous, angry, but all the while, incredibly horny.

The next day was Saturday, so we went about our usual routine of weekend chores. I was constantly aware of my still-frustrated cock and was now imagining Tasha being fucked hard by some hot, well-hung stranger. Later that afternoon, as she looked at me with the key to my freedom in her hand, I thought I would cry. The instant I was released from my prison my poor little cock sprang to life. Tasha slowly got undressed and asked me what I had been thinking about all day. I confessed I had been thinking about her having wild sex with some guy slamming in and out of her wet-hot pussy with his big cock. As I entered her warm hole, she continued to ask me to give her more details about what I had imagined, but that she wanted me to be very specific. Adding her own brand of cruelty, she reminded me how much bigger her previous lovers had been. It didn't take long before I exploded with an incredible orgasm. As I lay there totally spent, Tasha lay next to me, her demeanor suddenly changed.

"Gavin honey, I need to know how you feel about what has happened this past week." I told her about all the emotions I had had gone through, but how turned on I had been the whole time. She finally confessed that nothing happened while she was gone, other than the usual family stuff. She had purposely led me to believe something had happened because she wanted to know how I would feel if it had. "I need to know if you could handle it if our fantasy became reality." She told me that she really needed to be sure because it could be too late to back out later if and when it did. Her little trick only made me love her that much more. I told her that I now knew I could definitely handle it. In fact, I wanted that to happen more than ever. I guess I should tell you how we finally got started with this new and exciting aspect of our sex life.

A couple of years ago Tasha was working as a receptionist, when a man in her office named Nathan began to really take a liking to her. He would tell her about how big his cock was, and that he really knew how to use it. After some prying and prodding from me she confessed that she didn't mind his attention, but had told him that she couldn't do anything about it because she was married. At first I was angry, but then the thought of her with him began to play into my fantasies and we began to talk about her with him during our sex sessions. She would describe what he might do to her and how she might pleasure him and it would always make me cum very quickly. In fact, if he hadn't been transferred to another office, I'm pretty sure she might have been tempted to take him up on his offer. Eventually, we began to talk about her cuckolding me, an idea that really got me turned on.

So now after her trip and testing the mental waters things were pretty normal for the next couple of days until I got a text from her while at work. She said she would be a little late getting home and that I should be locked securely in my cock cage by the time she got there. When I arrived home I was so excited I didn't know how I was going to get my hard, yet little cock into its small cage. I thought about masturbation as a solution but I wasn't sure when she would arrive and didn't want to disobey her. I finally managed to calm down enough to slip it on; I guess being small has at least one advantage. When Tasha got home she inspected me to make sure I was secure and then told me she had decided that we both needed to get into shape. She had signed us up at a local gym and that we were going there to meet with our personal trainers on Saturday.

On Saturday, we both made it to the gym; the young girl at the counter took us to meet with our trainers. I was first and was led into an office and introduced to Jennifer, a shapely brunette that looked to be about 25. Damn, Tasha had to know this would make my predicament even more difficult to deal with. After the standard interview questions about my fitness goals, etc., Jennifer took me to the weight room to put me through my paces. I was trying so hard to impress her (and not think too much about her sexy body), that it took me a while to notice my wife with her trainer, on the other side of the room. When I did, I almost dropped the dumbbells I was lifting. Her new trainer was none other than Nathan! I tried to muster up everything I could to act as normal as possible, as I realized the man spotting my wife was most definitely making moves on her even as I watched. I excused myself, telling Jennifer I needed to talk to my wife for a minute, promising to return to finish up in a few minutes. As I approached Tasha, who was giggling like a school girl, she stopped her reps.

"Hi Gavin, you remember Nathan, don't you?" Nathan turned around and reached out to shake my hand.

"How ya been doin buddy?" he asked, but his hard grip told me he was anything but happy to see me again. "Glad you let me borrow your wife for a while, so I can give her what she needs." That got a good chuckle from both of them, and I'm sure a red face from me.

With that, I suddenly remembered Tasha's warning about fantasy possibly becoming reality. I sheepishly excused myself, turning away to go back over to Jennifer. Somehow, I managed to finish my workout, doing my best to ignore the obvious flirting that was going on just 50 feet from me, even if I couldn't hear it. Jennifer must have noticed it too, taking kind-hearted pity on me. She was smooth when she said she needed to cut our session short for today, but that she'd make it up next time. After showering, I waited in the lobby for Tasha to finish up her first training session and post-workout shower. When she finally came out of the women's locker room, coincidently, Nathan walked over from the weight room at the same time. As if staged, he once again shook my hand, only this time without the menacing effect. He explained since the three of us were old friends, maybe we should get together for dinner. Funny how that just worked out; we're now old friends all of a sudden. Before I ever had the chance to respond, Tasha was quick to accept his offer, making arrangements for us to meet him later that night.

My head was spinning by the time we got home and began to get ready to leave again for our dinner "date." I thought about trying to talk Tasha into calling the whole thing off, but something inside me wanted to see this through. I was excited and nervous as I realized what I had been fantasizing about for some time now might actually become a reality, whether I was prepared for it or not. When we met up with Nathan, he and Tasha walked ahead of me into what turned out to be more of a bar than a restaurant. There were some booths in the back of the room and as Tasha picked one and slid in, Nathan brushed me aside and slid in beside her. I was left looking stupid, forced to sit across from her, while he sat next to my wife. After a few long, uncomfortable minutes a waitress showed up.

No sooner had she asked to take our order when Nathan said "The lady and I will have a glass of red wine, but her little husband will have a cup of milk." They had a real good laugh at my expense, then Tasha told the waitress that I would probably need a stiff drink instead, adding that she was going to have something "stiff" herself a little later on. I felt like crawling under the table. I couldn't believe how fast all this was happening, yet I felt helpless to do anything about it. Only a couple of weeks ago we decided to explore the possibility of my being a cuckold, and now I was sitting here being humiliated by my wife and her soon to be lover. Things did not get any easier for me once the wine started to take effect. I was told to go and get more drinks for them, only to find that another couple had taken my seat while I was at the bar. I had to find a seat at the bar and watch what was happening at my own table.

At one point the waitress came up to me and said "I have to know if it is true" then reached down to grab my cock cage. She laughed pretty hard before handing me a double-bourbon, telling me it was her treat, since I was going to need it.

At this point, I was completely mortified, realizing my humiliation was now shared by more than a few other people in the bar. I wondered if the waitress had told the rest of the staff too. I felt as though everywhere I looked I was catching stares from people amused at my pathetic circumstances. As ironic as it may sound, I was also aware of how turned on I was. While I've never been more embarrassed, I've never felt more alive in my entire life. When Tasha and Nathan decided it was finally time to go, the waitress brought the bill over. Tasha pointed toward me, telling her I was treating our guest tonight.

It was the longest cab ride home. Of course, I had to sit in front with the cabbie, so Nathan could have the backseat to warm up Tasha for whatever the two of them had in mind. They began to make out while the cabbie rambled on about nothing and everything, but that was quickly interrupted by Nathan when he blurted out

"Hey Gavin, you needle-dick mother fucker, you're going to pay for keeping your wife's sweet, tight, little ass from me all this time. I am going to fuck her so hard tonight she'll never let you touch her with that little dick of yours again."

I wish I could've crawled under the seat to hide as the cabbie looked at me with total disbelief. I hoped he wouldn't ask, so when he gave me a puzzled look, all I could do was nod "yes." After what seemed like an eternity, we finally arrived home. I got out and paid the cab driver as quick as possible, saying nothing, while my tormentors walked straight from the cab into the house. When I got to the front door and reached to turn the knob, I realized it was locked. I quickly realized I didn't have my keys either. I began knocking when my cell phone rang in my pocket; it was Tasha.

"Honey don't talk just listen. I hope you are having as much fun as I am tonight, because the evening is just getting started. You have wanted this for a while now, so you are going to get your wish tonight. I want you to show me that you are truly ready to be my little cucky. Go to the garage, strip and put your clothes in the trunk of our car, then close it. Keep your cell phone with you though, with the ringer turned on. After you've done that, knock on the back door. I'm turning off my phone now."

With that she hung up. I stood there for a momentdazed... contemplating my fate. If I did as I was told, I would be left naked, and might still not be allowed inside. If I did not do as she said, I knew I would not find out what was going on inside. I had to know what was taking place inside my own house, so I shed my clothes and put them in the trunk, which had been conveniently left open. I wonder when she came up with this scheme. I paused for a second before running into the night air for the quick trip from our detached garage to the back door. Tasha had planned this to perfection, including turning on the flood lights that shined on the back of the house, so the neighbors could see if they were looking. I knocked, then waited for someone to let me in. Standing at the door naked for what seemed like forever, my phone started ringing again. I answered immediately, to heard the voices of Tasha and Nathan, realizing I was on the speaker phone. I heard Nathan ask her if I had actually done what she told me to, then Tasha telling him to let her up so they could both check. The floodlights were shining brightly on my naked body, so it would be easy for them to see.

"How bad do you want to come inside?" I heard Tasha asking on the phone.

She knew the answer, but made me beg, then promise to do whatever I was told before agreeing to let me in. As the door opened, I followed Tasha to our bedroom where Nathan was relaxing on our bed, drinking a beer. In the corner of the room was the wooden chair from our living room. Nathan got up and kissed Tasha before turning to me.

"Ok here's the deal Bitch boy, I'm going to fuck your wife like she never been fucked before, and certainly not from your needle dick, and I don't want any problems or whimpering from you."

With that, he shoved me back in the chair and opened the dresser drawer, pulling out a handful of rope. I started to protest but the look he gave me told me that would not be in my best interest. Tasha eagerly joined him and in a few minutes I was bound tightly to the chair. A piece of duct tape was added over my mouth so I was completely helpless to protest. Tasha asked Nathan if he would like to see what she has had to settle for from her pathetic man. She produced the key to my cock's cage. There I was, just seconds away from the freedom I desperately wanted for days now, but wishing I could speak... begging her not to do it. I looked down, watching in horror as she removed it, releasing my poor cock to spring back to life.

"Oh my God!" I heard Nathan laugh. "Is that it hard?"

He asked her how she had survived this long with that tiny prick, pointing at my small, but rock-hard manhood. Adding insult to injury, he couldn't resist reaching down to flick my tiny tool with his finger, laughing even harder as he did. Tasha explained that I had to eat her pussy in any hope of her having an orgasm. After more laughter, she walked over to Nathan and embraced him with a long, deep kiss as they both stood just inches in front of my chair. As she kissed him, I watched as his hands reached inside her robe. As it fell to the floor, I watched him caress her breasts. Tasha knelt down in front of him, before gazing over at me and saying

"Let's see what a real man has for me tonight."

I was unable to do anything but watch as my beautiful wife knelt before my Nemesis and proceeded to undo his pants and free his monster cock. She made sure to comment how it was only semi hard, but was already much bigger than mine at its hardest. She wrapped her voluptuous lips around it and started to lick and suck on his cock. It wasn't long before it grew to it full glory; I was going crazy on the inside, watching his massive prick slide in and out of my beautiful wife's mouth, just a few feet in front of my face.

After a few minutes, Nathan pulled Tasha's mouth off his cock, telling her that he needed to feel her pussy. As Tasha climbed onto the bed, Nathan swung around to join her, making damn sure his impressive cock smacked me in the face in the process. He grabbed the arms of the chair and picked it up with me still helplessly bound in it and set it beside the bed. Saying that he wanted to make sure I had a good view as he ruined my wife's pussy for a little dick like mine. He said if I behaved myself he would remove the tape. I shook my head up and down, to which he ripped the tape off from my mouth. The moment that had run through my head countless times over the past weeks was finally here. I watched as he climbed on top of my super-horny wife and placed the head of his massive cock at the entrance of her slick pussy.

"Do you want this baby?" he asked.

"Oh god yes! Give it to me please" Tasha begged. "

Not until your pencil-dick husband begs me to," Nathan answered, smiling.

Tasha looked over at me with a look that was both pleading and threatening. What? He expects me to beg him to fuck my wife right there in front of my face? Why doesn't he just do it already? He began rubbing his cock up and down her soaking pussy lips as Tasha began to moan, as if asking him to just fuck her and forget about me.

"Oh no, I want Bitch boy to make his new role official and ask me to fuck you the way he can't."

Tasha was getting desperate and looked at me with a look that said if I ever wanted to touch her again, I better hurry up and get to it. My mind was racing as I tried to think of the right words.

"Just do it already!"

"No boy, that ain't gonna do." Nathan said. "Tell me like you mean it. You know you want me to fuck her, so now I want to hear it, you sorry son of a bitch!"

I gulped before saying "Nathan please fuck my wife."

He smiled but said that was close, but only warmer.

"Nathan, please fuck my wife's pussy like I can't?"

"Almost there!" he said.

God sometimes I hate this arrogant son of a bitch! I knew I had to really make it good, so I swallowed what small piece of pride I had left, deciding to give him what he wanted. That's when it just came out,

"Please sir, will you fuck my wife with you big cock and make her cum the way I can't with my little penis?"

Nathan gave me a big smile and said that was better and he would be happy to help us both out. I sat mesmerized as his tool began to enter her, Tasha cried out as he stretched her pussy to accommodate his girth. He moaned and told Tasha that she felt like a virgin after so long without a real cock. Tasha let out a huge groan and threw her head back and looked at me.

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