tagLoving WivesBe Careful What You Share Ch. 01

Be Careful What You Share Ch. 01

byBig Swede©

My wife is a real prude. She is beautiful, but quite vanilla in her approach to sex. I, on the other hand, love exploring new sexual experiences. This particular story begins three years after we were married. I have heard it said that couples lose interest and want to start fooling around after seven years of marriage; in fact, they call it the "seven-year itch". Well, for me it was three years of the same ole missionary-style fucking every Saturday night that drove me to start looking for new thrills.

I didn't want to be unfaithful to my wife but I knew I needed something more than: me kissing her neck, massaging her tits, fingering her pussy and then her telling me that she was "ready" for me to climb on top and piston her for a few minutes till I came then roll over finger her to an orgasm and go to sleep. Once in a blue moon I could talk her into 69ing each other; which I loved, but oral sex was rare and she wanted nothing to do with swallowing my cum.

I wanted to experiment with anal sex, toys, exhibitionism and maybe even threesomes. I made the mistake of mentioning this to her on one of our routine sex nights and she freaked. She called me a pervert and asked why I didn't love her anymore. I was caught in my perversion, all I could do was try to explain that I loved her deeply but I was looking for more excitement in our lovemaking. She was crushed and our relationship took a turn for the worse, and for five weeks our Saturday night love-making was no more.

I tried to apologize to her but the cat was out of the bag, she was sure that I didn't love her anymore and all I was looking for was an excuse to cheat on her. I tried to convince her otherwise by bringing her flowers and taking her on romantic evenings of dinner and the theatre but it didn't seem to work. Her prudish upbringing wouldn't allow her to get over the fact that I mentioned the idea of some kinky variations in our sex lives. She was particularly pissed about me mentioning a threesome.

In my mind, I had pictured her best friend Annie as the third as I have always had a crush on her, but I tried to get out of it by explaining it was my love for her and my desire to increase her pleasures that drove my fantasies. She told me that I was lying and that she knew I was trying to have sex with another woman. I did my best to convince her that I wasn't interested in another woman. I told her I just wanted to increase our mutual enjoyment of sex was all. I tried to rationalize my quest for a threesome, but it was a tough sell, so I told her that I wasn't man enough for her and she deserved more, even though I really didn't believe it.

I was really quite proud of my 6.5 inches of hard meat with a thick mushroom head as more than enough for her or any woman. However, recently I read a story from "Literotica" about how size matters for some women and it was particularly hot in the description of the sex scene, so I went with the excuse that I wasn't big enough to truly please her the way she ought to be pleased. She was a virgin when we married and her only other experience with sex came from her ex-boyfriend who she had sucked off a few times. She said he was about my size. I told her that there are cocks out there that were twice my size. She said she didn't believe me and it didn't matter if there were much bigger penises, she was happy with me and my cock.

After five weeks of her ignoring me and pouting around the house I decided to try something bold. I printed the story from "Literotica" and gave it to her and asked her to read it. She told me she didn't want to read some smut off the Internet, but I pleaded with her to read it just to understand why I said what I had. I told her that the excitement that the woman in the story described about having a huge cock in her pussy was so intense that it was what made me think up the idea of a third in the first place. She finally relented and said she would read the story when she got a chance. I left it at that and hoped that she would at least understand why I told her about my fantasies and our relationship could get back to normal. After five weeks of no sex I decided that those Saturday night routine fucks were a helluva lot better than my right hand.

I waited in great anticipation for the next Saturday night and it finally arrived. I was nervous as a bridegroom on his wedding night as I climbed into bed. I was thrilled when I saw her walk out of the bathroom in her sexy white lace teddy that I had bought her for our first anniversary. Her big round tits bounced up, down and sideways as she slowly made her way to the bed swaying her hips back and forth like a temptress in heat. I instantly went hard. Her sandy brown hair hung across her left eye as a half-wicked smile slowly emerged on her face. She had on bright red lipstick and eye shadow that along with the swank of her walk made her look like a hooker on the prowl.

I ran my eyes up and down her body and my mouth dropped open as I saw her freshly shaved pussy jut out just below the bottom of her teddy. She had never shaved before even though I had asked her, make that begged her, many times. I could see that her pussy lips were slightly swollen and pinkish like they get after I have rubbed her to an orgasm. I brought my eyes back up her slender smooth midsection to her gorgeous tits.

When she arrived at the foot of the bed she slowly crawled on to it like a cougar stalking its prey. I was shell-shocked; she had never been this flirtatious or looked this sexy in our three years of marriage. I wanted to grab her and throw her on her back and pile drive her into tomorrow. As she crawled closer her left breast popped out of her teddy and hung there with its pinkish nipple swollen to the size of a small walnut. I pondered what had driven her to this state of arousal for a few seconds and then reckoned who cares.

I reached out and grabbed her breast and squeezed it softly stopping at her nipple to give it a slight tug and squeeze. She purred like a cat as she crawled closer and bent down to nibble on my ear while hanging her tits within inches of my face. My nose detected a new perfume and it reminded me for a moment of her friend Annie as it was the same exact perfume she wears. I felt my wife's hot breath on my ear as she whispered the question "Do you like?"

I just smiled and pulled her face up and kissed her lips soft and gentle at first and then deep and hard. She moaned in pleasure as I slid my hand down to the inside of her thigh. I slowly ran my fingers up her leg inching my way toward that freshly shaven pussy. I couldn't wait to sink my fingers into her wet snatch. It was like the first time I was going to touch my wife's pussy. I rubbed her bald pubic area as I traced my fingers around her labia. She moaned louder every time I brushed her pussy lips. I love to tease a woman this way, making her more and more excited.

She reached down and firmly grabbed my erection and started to stroke it up and down. This surprised me as she rarely touches my cock. I slid my mouth down to her left breast and licked it up and down as I worked my way toward her nipple. Meanwhile, my index finger slowly invaded her womanhood as she stroked my cock harder and harder. She jumped slightly as I inserted my finger but landed right back on it as I slid in up to my first knuckle. She was really wet and warm.

I began to probe her pussy with my finger rubbing her clit occasionally to feel her tense and jump ever so slightly ever time I did. She was starting to get pretty rough with my cock and I used my free hand to grab her hand and whispered "gentle". She stopped flung her hips up over me and maneuvered into place to suck my cock while thrusting her pussy in my face. This was a real treat, not only because I rarely get a blow job, but to lick her shaved pussy was a long time fantasy of mine.

I could taste a hint of strawberry as I stuck my tongue in her pussy and ran it up and down paying special attention to her clit. I then grabbed her by the ass and shoved my tongue in as deep as I could and swirled it around. She moaned as she slid her mouth up and down my cock. She wasn't the best cock sucker but was giving it the old college try. I was impressed with how much she was able to take, the few times she sucked me before she just licked and sucked on the head.

I opened my eyes and saw her taunt ass and sweet cherry anus within inches of my eyes. It sent a shiver up my spine and my cock began twitching with excitement. I have always wanted to fuck her in the ass and just the sight of her rosebud was a huge turn on for me. I knew I was going to blow my load any second if I didn't stop her and I wanted to save it for her pussy as I have gotten older I am a one and done kinda guy sorry to say. Besides we had been trying to get pregnant up until this whole ordeal with the exposure of my fantasies. We hadn't been successful and I wanted to use this special occasion to plant the seed. I swung my hips out from under her and rolled her on her back.

It was then the most bizarre thing happened. She closed her legs and told me I wasn't allowed in her pussy. I was stunned. I knelt next her and asked her to repeat herself as I couldn't believe my ears. She told me that I wasn't going to be allowed in her pussy anymore. When I asked why she reached over and pulled the letter I had printed out from under the pillow and said this is why. I was puzzled and asked her to explain. She said the woman in the letter cuckolded her husband and she was going to do the same to me.

I asked her what the hell cuckolded meant and she said she had done some reading on literotica.com and found that men who wanted their wife to cheat on them were cuckolds and the wife wouldn't fuck them. I was totally dumbfounded. I told her I wanted to fuck her. She told me that I couldn't and that if we were going to carry out this fantasy I would have to give up her pussy. I asked her what fantasy she was talking about. She told me that she had reread that letter a gazillion times and it really had gotten to her and she wanted to fulfill my fantasy. I looked at the letter and I could see that it was pretty tattered from her reading it so much.

I told her I didn't want the fantasy of that letter I just was using it as an example and I sure as hell didn't want to be cuckolded. She said it didn't matter what I wanted as she was going to be in charge now and there was no pussy for my cock. I begged her to let me fuck her; I wanted that smooth pussy more than anything in my whole life at that moment. She told me that I couldn't fuck her and that her pussy was off limits to my puny cock from now on. It didn't hit me until later that she insulted me and the size of my cock. I was just trying to find a way to fuck her.

I asked if I could rub my cock up and down her smooth bald cunt if I didn't penetrate it and she said no, my cock was not to touch her pussy. I was just about to protest when she shocked me with an offer to fuck her ass. She reached in the drawer next to the bed and handed me a jar of Vaseline and said be gentle. My head was swimming with emotions, I had always wanted to fuck her ass before and she said no, but what was all this nonsense about not having her pussy and what did that mean. I quickly dropped those questions from my mind as I was going limp and grabbed the jar from her and began lubing her ass.

As I rubbed the jelly on her ass I slid two fingers in her pussy and began to wish I could have it instead. She knelt on the bed and put her ass up in the air as I crawled up into place with my lubed cock in hand. I gently placed it against her hole and pushed in. I could feel her muscles tighten as I tried to break through. I put a little more pressure and suddenly felt it slip in as she was letting out a scream to stop. I stopped and held it in her ass about three inches in as she was panting and telling herself that she could handle it. It was a wild scene, there was my wife denying me her pussy that I had easily penetrated numerous times and yet she insisted I use her ass which obviously hurt her.

After what seemed like forever she told me to go ahead and I slid it in further. I had softened some so I imagine it didn't hurt as much. Pretty soon I could feel my balls rub up against her pussy and thought what an irony that for so many years it was my balls hitting her rosebud while I wished it was her ass that I was fucking instead of her pussy; now it was my balls slapping against her forbidden pussy. I started to slowly slide my cock in and out and thought of how tight she was and that this was much tighter than her pussy anyway.

After about three minutes she started to get into and was meeting my thrust with one of her own. She reached down and started to finger her pussy and my balls would slap into the back of her hand on every stroke. She grunted every time they slammed into her hand. It tickled my balls and gave me a greater excitement with each stroke. I was fantasizing about fucking her pussy as I began to feel the fire build down deep in my balls. I let out an explosion like I hadn't in years as I began to cum. It took about 10 strokes to finish myself off and then I pulled out and looked down at her beautiful ass full of my jism.

She quickly rolled over and grabbed a Kleenex and told me we can't let that cum get into her pussy. I sat there in amazement as I thought what in the hell was going on here? I lay down beside her and assumed my normal position to masturbate her to an orgasm when she hopped up to go to clean up and told me she didn't want a "rub" that night.

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