tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBe Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For


She was driving home along the county lanes, with the roof of the car down, enjoying the warm summer evening. Suddenly she had to stop because a black van was stopped across the road, it had its hazard lights flashing but she couldn't see any reason it was there, and she couldn't see anyone with it. She waited for a minute or two and was just about to get out, when she felt rather, than saw, someone run up next to her. Before she had a chance to react, she felt a sharp pain in her neck and just had time to register a syringe and a hand before everything went black.

He pushed her to the side and slid into the driver's seat. He drove the car off the road into the verge in between the trees. He then pulled the van up next to the car, opened the side door and simply lifted her in. Shut the door, locked her car and jumped back into the van. It took less than 5 minutes.

He stripped her of her clothes and using soft rope tied her hands to an eyelet in the side of the van over her head. He opened her legs and fixed them to a spreader bar. He checked the cameras were working and focused, then sat back and waited for her to come round. As she started to stir, he reached out and began to stroke her clit.

As she began to wake up, she was disoriented. She felt like she was in her bed, and her husband was playing with her, stroking her clit. She smiled and stretched, but when she went to move her hands she couldn't, she realised they were fixed over her head. At last! He had acted on his own, instead of her begging him. Or had she? Had she asked him, she couldn't remember, she realised she couldn't actually remember getting into bed, or even getting home. She shook her head and tried to focus on the feelings he was inducing, forcing all other thoughts from her mind. But try as she might to get lost in the moment, something was nagging away at the back of her mind.

Then suddenly she was awake! She tried to sit up but couldn't, she looked down at the strange man sitting between her legs stroking her clit, he was grinning. She started to struggle to try and get away from him, from his thumb, but he just kept right on rubbing her clit. She screamed at him, to get away from her, to stop touching her. But he just slid his fingers into her pussy, still grinning.

"Are you trying to tell me you're not enjoying this?"

"NO! I'm not enjoying this. Are you mad?"

"Really" He leant forward and rammed his fingers into her pussy, causing her juices to squelch around his hand. "It sounds like you're enjoying it" He pulled his fingers out and rubbed them together in front of her face, "It feels like you're enjoying this." He grabbed her face and forcing her mouth open, he pushed his fingers in and then his tongue, after he had kissed her, licking her juices off his fingers at the same time, he said "And it sure tastes like you're enjoying it."

She tried to twist away, "I thought you were..." For some reason she didn't finish the sentence, but he realised, and was highly amused.

"So your old man ties you up, does he? And you like it. Well, brace yourself baby, cause we're going to take it to a whole new level."

"No, please, don't." But he was already back between her legs, this time he went down on her, licking the whole length of her pussy lips from bottom to top and swirling his tongue around her clit. She was trying to get away but he had hold of her hips and she couldn't prise herself free. And then, to her horror, she realised her body was still responding. No, it was not possible, no one in this situation could. But she could feel it start to build up, deep inside her. She was begging him to stop. She struggled even more, this was too humiliating, she couldn't bear it if he realised. But of course he realised, he was counting on it. He pushed his fingers back into her pussy, and he could feel it contracting around them, like her pussy was trying to milk his hand. He put his thumb into her pussy as well, swirled it around to lubricate it, then pressed it against her arse. She froze, he pushed, and his thumb slid past the resistance of her sphincter. She tried to get a grip of the feelings by keeping still, holding her breath, but it was too much, the sensations were overwhelming her; and he was having none of it. He pumped his hand in and out of both her holes at the same time, hard, sucked on her clit drawing it into his mouth, where he rasped his tongue over it and she was lost. She came sooooo hard. She was gasping for breath and screwing her face up, trying not to let him know, but there was no hiding it so she shut her eyes, desperate not to see the look of triumph on his face.

But the camera trained on her face caught it all, and you saw her shame and humiliation at her response written all over it.

Before she had a chance to recover, he moved up, positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and just slammed into her. She had no time to prepare, as soon as she realised what he was going to do, it was done and he was buried deep inside her. Her mind was

still reeling from the massive orgasm she had just had and before she had time to protest, or even draw breath, he started pounding in and out of her, which just sent her straight over the edge again. Only this time there was no hiding it. She was moaning and crying out loud, completely overwhelmed by the strength of the feelings he wrung from her body. She still pleaded with him to stop but with absolutely no expectation that he would.

And, although she would never have admitted it, she didn't want him too. She had wanted her husband to role-play this exact scenario for a long time but he had been very reluctant, worried about hurting her. Now it was happening for real, it felt as though she had electric shocks running all over her body, her pussy was spasming around his cock, and she was thrusting back against him as hard as he was pounding her. They came together, grinding against each other, to prolong the moment. He collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath and dripping sweat.

As soon as he could talk, he said "Christ, you're hot". But for her the moment was over, and she was horrified at how she had responded to him, she'd had no idea how exciting the whole thing would be, but it should have been her husband helping her find out, not this stranger.

Then he moved and she realised he had lost none of his hardness. This wasn't over.

He hadn't forgotten what he had told you he was going to do, but she had been so wet he hadn't been able to resist fucking her pussy first. He knew once wouldn't be enough for him, it never was when he was raping someone. He loved seeing their reaction when they realised he wasn't done with them.

He slid out of her, sat back and pressed the button on the spreader bar that released it, so he could slide her ankles closer together. For a brief moment she allowed herself to hope that he was done, even though deep down she knew he wasn't. With her feet closer together, it was easier for him to turn her over.

He pulled her up so she was on her knees and clipped the bar into the floor so she couldn't move it. She had some backward and forward movement but not much before she head-butted the wall of the van. He looped a collar round the back of her neck and fixed it under her chin. Then he tilted her head up and fixed the other end to the wall of the van. It held her head at an uncomfortable angle, but meant her face was turned up to the camera, which she still didn't know about.

He moved back behind her, running his hand down her side and over her arse. He could feel her whole body trembling, and she didn't know what he was going to do yet. This was what had won him the chance to be the first to take her and he didn't want to disappoint. He pressed his erection against her arse, and again ran his hands along her sides. As he sat back on his heels, he ran his tongue down her back, and across her puckered hole, where he just swirled it around. She gasped and tried to pull away, she had thought he was just going to fuck her from behind but she suddenly realised he might have something else in mind.

"NOOOOOOOOO! Not that! Not there!" But, of course, he ignored her, and slid his tongue deep inside her arse. He pushed his fingers back into her pussy and brushed his thumb across her clit. He steadily worked more of his hand into her pussy until he was almost fisting her, and then held it there, while he tongued her arse and circled her clit. She was sobbing and twisting from side to side as much as she could, but it wasn't enough to dislodge him. She had had an occasional finger up her arse but not very often and she had never been licked there. In fact, his thumb was the biggest thing she had ever been penetrated with there. This time, even though she could feel tremors running from her over stretched pussy all over her body, and she was very much aware of his thumb on her clit, she was too terrified of what he was going to do next, to give in to the feelings. She was sobbing, begging and pleading with him, all the time her face was turned up towards the camera. But he persisted, and as her pleas continued to fall on deaf ears, she gradually ran out of steam, and was reduced to sobbing quietly to herself.

He knelt up, pulled his hand from her pussy, wiped her juices onto his rock hard cock, and positioned himself at her virgin hole. He held his cock head and pushed firmly against her arse, again feeling her resistance, but ever so slowly, it stretched to accommodate him, allowing him entry. She screamed the whole time; it felt as though her arse was on fire. Once the head was in, that was it; he thrust hard and buried himself deep inside her bowels. Her head was tipped up; tears running down the sides of her face, she was taking short, panting breaths trying to manage the pain. He held still for a moment to allow her to get used to it, and then began fucking her arse hard. He was gripping her hips, his fingers buried in the flesh of her thighs, pulling her back against him, slamming into her. As he slid in and out of her arse, he was stimulating parts of her that had never even been touched before and it was starting to take effect. She didn't know exactly when it stopped hurting as the pain had sort of morphed into pleasure, she desperately wanted to drop her head down and push into him, but she couldn't move her head at all, and that kept her off kilter. She was just being pounded, totally at his pace, with no control at all. He couldn't tell if she was still crying or was now gasping from pleasure but he didn't really care, this was all about him. This was the feeling of complete control that he loved, the feeling that turned him on more than any other.

Although, he had loved the fact that she hadn't been able to stop herself from coming earlier, which had been a surprise. So as he pounded into her very tight arse, he reached around her and found her clit. He waited till he was approaching his climax, then rasped his fingers across it; he felt her start bucking underneath him. Whether it was the realisation that she had absolutely no control over what he was doing, or his fingers suddenly finding her clit, she didn't know but she literally exploded into a massive orgasm. This caused her arse to tighten around his cock even more, which in turn triggered his own huge orgasm. He pulled her tighter against him and holding her there, pumped his seed deep inside her. As she felt his hot cum flood into her, she came again, moaning loudly and straining against the collar holding her head up. All right in front of the camera.

He pulled his now softening cock out of her arse and sat back on his heels watching his cum ooze out of her ravaged hole. Her eyes were half closed, and she was licking her lips which were so dry from all her panting and crying. He reached forward and unhooked the collar holding her head from the side of the van, allowing her to sit back on her heels. He then stepped across her arms and knelt down in front of her with his back towards the side of the van. She pulled back as far as she could but it wasn't very far as she was still held by her wrists being fixed to the wall, and the spreader bar holding her feet to the floor. He took hold of her hair and pulled her face towards his cock, she struggled but he held her firm and digging his thumb into her cheek, pushed down, forcing the inside of her cheek onto her teeth. She continued to struggle as she knew what was coming, but it wasn't long before she could taste blood in her mouth. He kept the pressure on, managing to force her to open her mouth. He rammed a small hard rubber wedge in between her top and bottom teeth at the back so she physically couldn't bite down, and then rammed his cock in. With his hands twisted in her hair he pushed until he was all the way home and his pubic bone was pressed against her nose. She was gagging and retching, as much at the thought of where his cock had just been as anything, but he held firm and gradually she calmed down, and tried to breathe through her nose.

Looking down at her, he said "Clean it. I want to feel your tongue." She glared back at him but made no move to do as he said. He reached to one side and picked up a riding crop which he showed her, causing her eyes to widen in panic and setting off a another bout of struggling. He kept hold of her hair so she couldn't dislodge him, and said "This will leaves marks, which you will have to explain. So clean it." He flicked the crop at her exposed arse cheeks, quite gently but hard enough that it stung, just so she knew how it felt, and started counting down, 5, 4, 3, 2. She moved her tongue, not much but just enough to stop the countdown. He stroked the riding crop down her back and across her buttocks, and then raised it again. She got the message and whilst hating herself for giving in, started to lick his cock as best she could with it rammed so far down her throat. He dropped his head back and groaned at the feel of her ministrations. It didn't take long until his cock started to harden up and the irony of him forcing her to prepare him to rape her again was not lost on her. He continued holding her against his cock, so all she could really do was lick at the underside of his member.

After what seemed like an eternity to her, her jaw was aching and she was dribbling around his cock, he pulled out and put the crop down. He moved down to her feet and unclipping the bar turned her back over so she was lying on her back. He extended the bar pulling her legs wider apart again and fixed it back to the floor. He then unclipped her hands from the wall and pulling her so she was sitting up, he slid himself behind her. Holding her hands, still tied together, in one hand; he pulled her back so she was resting against him, his cock pressing against her back.

He picked up a slim black vibrator and slid it down her stomach towards her groin. She wondered what on earth he was up to now, but was powerless to get away. The insistent buzzing of the vibrator being played over her mound and down the inside of her thighs began to have an effect. He used his finger to find her clit and held the vibrator against it; she stiffened and tried to move, to stop the sensations that were instantly coursing through her. But he could feel the tremors running all through her body and held it tight against her clit. Then just as she was about to lose control completely and come, very hard, he slipped. She didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed, but didn't have much time to be either. He found her clit again, and took her to the very brink of orgasm again, she was gasping and thrusting against him, and he let it slip. When he did it a third time, she realised what he was doing but try as she might not to let herself get to that point, the vibrations were too strong. Then he slid her hands down her body and wrapped her fingers around the vibrator.

"Here you do it." She tried to let go but he kept his fingers tight over hers and guided her back to her clit, he made sure she was in the right place and held her there until her orgasm started to build again. "This time."

"No, please don't make me".

"If you come one more time, then it's over. I'll let you go. And you'll come quicker if you do it." She wanted to believe him, and unbelievably she wanted to come. He kept holding her hand on the vibrator, over her clit, until she was again gasping for breath, then he slowly eased his hands away, sliding them down the insides of her thighs and up her sides to her breasts. So there she was bringing herself off while he watched and played with her breasts, pinching and squeezing her nipples. Until suddenly she jerked forward and it was all he could do to keep hold of her as she rode the waves of her orgasm, she was crying out and then pushing back against him arching her back, digging her heels in the floor and thrusting her hips against the vibe. He held her until the spasms subsided then slid from behind her, laying her back down.

She was exhausted and it took her a minute to realise that he had fixed her hands back to the wall. He moved down and knelt between her legs again stroking his enormous erection.

"But you said."

"I'm a rapist, it's just what I do." And he plunged his cock back into her dripping wet pussy, "And watching you make yourself come for me, is the hottest thing I've seen for a very long time." He started powering in and out of her cunt and almost immediately there were electric shocks running all over her body and it wasn't long before she was coming again. However he had already come twice so he was going to make this last a very long time. He was holding her hips and driving into her so hard she was banging against the side of the van, but she barely noticed as her orgasms just tumbled one after the other. She hardly knew where one ended or the next began. By the time he was even close to coming, she was almost delirious, whether from the number of orgasms she had had or from banging her head on the van, she didn't care. All she knew was that she had never come so hard or so often. When he did come he was grinding hard against her clit sending her over the edge one last time. They collapsed together, he was dripping with sweat, and she was twitching and spasming.

As he lay on top of her trying to get his breath back, he said "Next time your husband ties you up and then gently fucks you, trying not to hurt you, you are going to be thinking about me, and wanting me to take you again." She shook her head vehemently but deep down she knew he was right. And looking into her sated eyes he knew it too, and smiled triumphantly.

He got up and looked at her laying there, legs wide open, his cum dribbling form her cunt and ass, hair disheveled, lips swollen, and marks all over her breasts. He really didn't want to let her go yet, she had fought him all the way but had come harder and more than anyone he had ever raped before. He wanted to keep hold of her and do it, do her all over again, but knew he couldn't. He consoled himself with the thought that he would get to see her get raped next time, which she didn't know about yet, and hoped that he had shown the rapists to come how to do it. And that he had set the bar on how many times she could be made to come.

He filled the syringe and holding her gently injected her, putting her out so he could dress her and put her back into her car.

When she came to, she could hardly move she was so exhausted, but she knew she had to get home. She forced herself to start the car and was just about to back it off the verge, when her phone beeped. She stopped and looked at it; it was a message saying, Just in case you are thinking of going to the police, click here. She clicked on the attachment and she was watching a video, it was her holding a vibrator against her clit and clearly making herself come, while a man whose face was hidden, was cuddling her from behind whilst playing with her tits, and she knew there was no point in calling the police. As she watched, she slid her hand down inside her jeans and unable to stop herself, had one last orgasm.

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