Be Careful What You Wish For


I looked out the window as it started to snow and she told me that we'd only get a light dusting. She lit the fireplace and we settled in on our couch with our popcorn and Dos Equis. A couple of hours later we looked outside when it was time to drive her home and there was no light coating of snow. We were in near blizzard conditions and the national weather service was advising people to stay off of the roads. Classes were canceled the next day at our school and there was no way for me to get Ai back to her dorm.

She just smiled at me and said, "I guess I'll have to stay over."

Have you ever seen one of those Disney movies where a cartoon wolf has to watch the sheep? That was how I felt. I was really worried and Aida was perfectly calm.

"Wayne, it'll be fine," she said. "Get me one of your T-shirts or better yet a sweat shirt to sleep in. You can just give me a pillow and a blanket and I'll sleep here on our couch."

"I'll put fresh sheets on the bed and you can sleep there," I said.

"No Wayne, I don't want to put you out of your own bed," she insisted. So I gave in.

"This will be just like having a sleepover party," she said. We watched an old movie on TV. Aida loved older movies. The movie we watched was "The girl can't help it."

Two things struck me as familiar. The first was the fact that Aida looked a lot like Jayne Mansfield. They both shared the strikingly blond hair and incredible smile. They both also had the huge boobs and butt. The second thing that was similar was the fact that, like Jayne's character in the movie, Aida seemed to be completely different from the way people perceived her.

It was a late movie and sitting there on the couch with Aida dressed only in one of my sweatshirts and her panties had me as hard as a rock. Before the movie ended, she'd leaned over on me and fallen asleep. I gently put the pillow under her head and covered her up. She looked so beautiful. Her legs peeking out from under the shirt were so smooth and so sexy. Her breasts were mouth-watering and her lips just begged to be kissed.

As I leaned over her, I was so tempted to kiss those lips. She twitched in her sleep and the lips appeared to pucker, almost as if she was waiting for me to kiss her. I tucked the blankets more firmly around her and headed to bed. I paused and looked out through the window and saw that the entire street outside was covered in a thick blanket of snow. It would take a while just to dig my car out, let alone get it moving. It was a good thing we had food. We might be here for a while. And the snow was still piling up outside.

I settled into my bed and dreamed impure thoughts. I awoke in the middle of the night with my senses aroused. My ears heard a light buzzing and there was a really nice smell too. Then my eyes popped open as I felt someone near me. Aida was snuggled against me, in my bed.

I didn't say a word. I just enjoyed it. I didn't move or try to take advantage of the situation. I just breathed in her smell and enjoyed the closeness. I awoke again several hours later to another smell. I was sure I smelled bacon. Aida was nowhere to be found. I got up and headed into the kitchen. I waved at her and she waved back. I could tell that something was wrong. She wasn't as happy as she'd been the night before.

She put two plates down on the table and sat down across from me.

"Good Morning," I said cheerfully.

"Morning," she echoed, without a lot of enthusiasm.

We looked at each other and both blurted out our thoughts at nearly the same time.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"You don't like me do you?" she asked a fraction of a second later.

I looked at her as if she was crazy. "What makes you think that?" I asked.

"Wayne, last night was a setup," she said. "I didn't accidentally end up having to stay here with you. I planned it. I lied about the weather report. I knew it was going to be a really bad storm. I packed my makeup and my toothbrush and a change of underwear. I even have more clothes in your car."

"Then why'd you have to sleep in one of my sweatshirts?" I asked.

"I didn't think I'd be in it for very long," she snapped. "Last night the two of us lying there on your couch was the most romantic night I've ever had. It was not supposed to end that way. Wayne, why didn't you kiss me?"

My eyes got a lot bigger. "When you covered me up, I wasn't asleep. I saw you looking at me. You wanted to kiss me. That, Wayne, was a magic moment. But you let it slip away."

"I...I just," I began.

"Wayne, I'm half naked," she said. "I got into your bed with you. You let that slip away too. You obviously don't like me."

"Aida, that's not it," I said. "I told you, I'm just not very good at all of the games. I don't know the codes or the smoke signals. And you're right, when I looked at you last night, I really did want to kiss you."

"Let me guess," she snapped. "You thought you'd be cheating on Maria, right?"

"No Ai," I said, looking into her eyes. "I didn't want to take advantage of YOU. From what you told me about Ace and Jack, I didn't want to be the next guy in a string."

"My luck continues," she sighed. "Wayne, since we're talking about this, there are a couple of things you need to know. First, yes you're right. Jack was a jackass. But that was partly my fault. It was, after all, the prom and I guess I just went along with it because pretty much everyone gets laid after their prom. You're eighteen, you're an adult and you're heading into the real adult world. I'd been curious about sex and I let it happen. Jack didn't hurt me. He didn't force me. I just kind of let it happen. It wasn't what I dreamed it would be like. It wasn't romantic, it wasn't special it just, WAS."

"Then Ace came along and again, I just went along with it. I mean, we were kind of a couple, even if it was by default and at least he kept the losers away from me. We had sex because he wanted to and I guess it was just expected. But then, I start hanging around this really nice guy, who apparently doesn't have a brain. He treats me better than anyone in my life has outside of my parents. He spends time with me and does things for me. So I figure that this time, maybe it's something that I want too. But he doesn't make a move on me. I wait for him to, but it doesn't happen. So I decide to help things along. I actually asked HIM for a date." My eyes got even bigger.

"Guess what," she continued. "We started going out. We stay in a lot too. Wayne, there are nights when I stayed in his apartment studying with him and I just wanted to leap on him and start kissing him. There were times when he'd rub his hairy legs against mine on that couch and my pussy would leak so much that I got dehydrated, but he never did anything."

"I saw that we were going to get a big storm and I imagined being snowed in and having to spend the night with him. We ended up snuggling together on his couch watching one of my favorite old movies. He still didn't make a move. So I figure he just doesn't want me."

I didn't say anything.

"Wayne, you said you don't know the signals," she said. "A girl is running around in your place in just her panties and a shirt. She wants you. She snuggles under a blanket rubbing herself against you. She wants you. She gets into bed with you and rolls over against you. SHE wants you BADLY."

"Oh..."I said.

"See what I mean by my luck?" she said. "The one guy that I really want to have doing something with me...doesn't."

I gently reached across the table to her and rubbed the sides of her face. I pulled her gently to me across the table and kissed those enticing lips. That first contact was magical. Her mouth opened and her tongue tentatively stretched across her lips where it touched mine. That was even more magical. We started sucking each other's tongues and our arms pulled at the other. The plate of bacon fell off the table. I looked down at it.

"Forget the bacon. I'll make more," she said. She grabbed my hand and dragged me into the living room. "Light the fire Honey," she said. "This is going to be special."

As I lit the fire and saw the flames begin to lick away at the artificial logs, the room took on that special glow that came from the light of a real fire. I reached above the fireplace and grabbed a handful of the crystals I kept there and threw them into the fire. The flames changed colors and the light changed with them. I turned back towards Aida just in time to see her lift my sweatshirt over her head. I knew that her body was spectacular but I was stunned. Some women look better clothed.

When you see women like that, the way that shirts or blouses drape over their boobs makes them seem bigger than they are or more proportioned. Bras make them sag less. Or pants and belts tend to pull in their waistlines or shape flat hips better. Aida was even more beautiful naked.

I just stood there staring at her and she smiled. "Why am I the only one under the blanket?" she asked, holding it open.

I moved towards her. "Wayne, take your clothes off and hurry up," she gushed. I settled under the blanket with her, our naked bodies rubbing and touching. I was surprised that sparks didn't shoot off of us every time we touched.

"Wayne, I'm on the pill," she said. "And I made Ace use condoms anyway. I hate to ask you this but was Maria the only person you were with?"

"No," I said shyly.

"Who else was there?" she asked.

"No one," I said. All of her questioning was starting to kill the mood and I think she could tell.

"Wayne, who besides Maria have you slept with?" she asked softly.

"Aida, I've never done this before," I said. "Maria and I never..."

"I'm your first?" she asked. I nodded my head and my dick wilted from my embarrassment.

"That's great, Honey," she said. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Let me handle everything." She moved back against me and started rubbing her breasts against me. That was all it took. My dick inflated like a balloon. I got so hard it hurt. She very slowly took me on a tour of her body. She showed me everything she liked. And let me try it all. She showed me just how to rub her breasts and her legs to arouse her.

She placed my hand on her vagina and showed me which parts to touch and which to stay away from until she was ready. She'd been ready since before we started. So the first time we skipped a lot of foreplay. She rolled on top of me and impaled herself on me. I almost went into shock when the head of my dick entered her pussy. It was the warmest, tightest, wettest, best thing I had ever felt in my life. It took everything I had not to just let go and cum in her before I even bottomed out. Even though I'd never done it before, I'd read about sex and seen more than my share of porn, so I knew what to do.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" she asked me breathlessly. We started off in a very slow rhythm. She leaned over me kissing me. I reached up and gently squeezed her melon-like breasts as they dangled mouth wateringly over me and just out of reach. "Oh fuck," she gushed, as my tongue licked one of her dark pink nipples. "Keep doing that Wayne."

Instinctively, I grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks further apart so I could thrust myself deeper into her vagina. She liked that too. Her breathing grew more ragged and she started pushing herself back against me harder too. She started looking at me as if her eyes were going to explode. "Wayne...I..." she gasped. I started pulling her hips further forward. That seated me even deeper into her honey hole and caused her clit to bump the base of my dick.

"Oh fuck," she gasped. "Wayne, I'm gonna..."

She collapsed forward onto my chest and her mouth sought mine. Between kisses she babbled. " good...never...oh!...oh yeah!" Then I felt her vagina tighten even more along my shaft. Suddenly, all of the muscles inside of her started to grip my dick. It was like her insides were trying to suck my dick. She left out one long breath inside of my mouth and her stomach fluttered on top of me."

At that point I just let go too. I had jacked off a lot. Lately I'd been thinking about her when I did, but nothing prepared me for the feeling of letting all of my built up seed loose in the place it was supposed to go. I felt drained and weak, but at the same time, warm and alive. We didn't scream or grunt but we both knew that something very special had happened between us. I felt as if waves of pleasure that began at my dick and radiated outwards had taken over my body. I looked at Ai and noticed that her eyes were unfocused and she had the biggest smile I'd ever seen on her face.

For a long time we just lay there in each other's arms in front of the fire. She turned away from me and for some reason I could feel that something was wrong. "What's wrong Ai?" I asked.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked.

"I just feel like I wasted my first time," she said. "In a perfect world, this would have been my first time. It was so beautiful. I just feel so sparkly and content."

"Uhm, we don't live in a perfect world," I said. "And don't you think that one of us needed to know what to do?" She smiled and raised her head off of my chest.

"You're just being silly now," she said. "Wayne, I came."

"I did too," I smiled.

"Of course you did," she smirked. "You really coated my insides. I'm glad the blanket is under us or we'd probably have ruined this couch. But what I mean is you know that women don't always finish, right?" I looked at her because I'd never heard that before.

"Wayne, I came big time," she said. "I never have before this. Maybe it's selfish of me or something, but maybe that's why sex just never seemed that special. Maybe that's why I was so disappointed after the first time. Maybe that's why I just went along with Ace when he wanted it."

Then suddenly Aida slapped me. "Asshole," she spat. I was confused.

"What?" I asked.

"We could have been doing this for weeks now," she said, laying her pretty head back down on my chest.

We spent the rest of that day and most of the next finding out what we liked and didn't like. Aida gave me her first blow job. I was the first man to eat her pussy. Maybe I didn't get her cherry. I wasn't even the second person to have sex with her. But I was the first to do everything else.

We were young and healthy and we read a lot. We experimented and we tried everything. If we liked it, we kept it in our repertoire. If we didn't we simply didn't do it again. We tried anal and neither of us liked it. It was painful for Aida and it felt like my dick was going to snap off. Once we finally got it in, it just wasn't worth all of the extra effort and pain. It also didn't give us the feeling of being one and connected like her pussy did. It just felt more like getting a hand job from a woman with a really strong grip. There were times later when I thought about trying it again, but Aida told me nothing went near her ass except toilet paper.

We also balked at doing anything with more than two people or anyone other than the two of us. Aida is a beautiful woman and there were a lot of women who wanted to try her out too. She was never even tempted and neither was I. Over the next few years, we grew closer and closer. As I said, we didn't live in a perfect world. We had our share of problems. On my part, it seemed like, as happy as we were, every few months I'd fall into a depression over Maria. Sometimes I'd feel like I was being unfaithful to her. And other times, I'd feel like it was my fault that she died. If I'd insisted that she stayed home with me instead of going with her family, she, like her sister, would still be alive.

We had some problems on Ai's side as well. For one thing, she was fanatically jealous. And for another, once we got together and admitted our feelings for each other, she changed. I can almost pin it down to the day. The first Valentine's Day that we spent together, when I told her I loved her, she became a different person. It wasn't that she wasn't jealous anymore. It was more that she knew that we belonged to each other and that no one would ever separate us. So she no longer worried about other women. She simply blossomed overnight.

For a woman as beautiful as Aida, that is a problem. Before that, she wore very conservative clothing and walked with a very measured gait. Afterward, Aida simply forgot about everything except for how happy we were. She walked with more confidence and more of a swing in those exquisite hips. She wore things that she thought would turn me on more because we were both ravenous when it came to sex. No one mattered except us to her, but other men definitely noticed her.

She went from being a beautiful ice queen that men just knew they had no chance with; to being some kind of fertility goddess that everyone wanted a shot with, instantly. Ace, who was on his last legs in the school, started telling everyone that he'd fucked her and dumped her.

I ended up having to have a talk with my old friend to get him to stop. I actually felt sorry for Ace. He'd lost his scholarship, he'd lost his place on the team and he'd lost Aida all in the same year.

Another thing that was problematic for us was telling our parents that we were living together. We built it up in our minds when we were home for that first summer and continually put it off. We finally decided that we'd break it to them before we went back to school in the fall.

It ended up being a non-issue. Of course, my parents loved her and just told me to be careful, but her parents were the ones we worried about.

When I spoke to her dad, I had all of the things I wanted to say worked out as we sat down in front of him. "Uhm sir," I began. "I have to tell you something."

"Yeah I know," he said. "She's pregnant...and."

"Actually daddy, I'm not pregnant," she laughed. "We were just going to tell you that I'm going to move in with Wayne instead of living in the dorm." He looked at us strangely.

"You mean like you did for half of last year," he said. "I thought everyone knew that already. I didn't mind it when they sent back half of the money I sent them for room and board. Only having to pay for your tuition is a great thing Honey. I still have to save for your brother's college expenses when he starts year after next. Besides, everyone who looks at you two can tell you're going to end up together. And you're a good guy Wayne. So I never made a stink about it."

We looked at him and just smiled. "Wayne, I've never seen that girl this happy in her life. But it was funny watching the two of you all summer. Her mom and I sat there laughing at you two on the porch when you'd bring her home. You'd sit there on that rusty, squeaking swing and hug each other. It was so sappy. You telling her you love her. And her telling you, she missed sleeping in your arms. My wife and I acted that scene out a few times. It was so sappy. You two belong together."

Fast forward two years and we both got our degrees and graduated. We got married and got jobs. We both ended up working for my company. I spent the first two years of our marriage trailing my father, being groomed to take over. And Aida applied for and got a job in our marketing department. I didn't help her get the job. She also dressed very demurely and didn't try to use her beauty. She got the job on her own merits and skills. Once she did get in, though, she had no problem going out to long lunches with the boss on a regular basis.

I loved my life and I loved my wife. Our existence was perfect, until Fate decided to piss in our cornflakes. It was a few weeks before Halloween when I noticed there was a problem.

Aida and I had started arguing a lot. She was changing right in front of me. Her normal easy going subdued personality seemed to be gone. She was demanding and confrontational. Our normal vigorous sex life seemed to be tapering off too. I couldn't figure out why it was happening though. More and more, I found myself retreating into my den to hide from our problems.

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