Be Careful What You Wish For


"M-master, please! Please punish me! I am begging you, master."

Phil listened as she pleaded, keeping his right hand moving over her cheeks, while with his left her reached under the girl to caress her soft breasts, completely free of a bra. He chuckled to himself, then straightening gave her firm ass a hard spank. She jerked slightly before letting out a loud moan, "Oh, master, please punish me again. My pussy is so wet, I'm such a bad girl."

Phil didn't need any further prodding as his hand came down again and again until her milky white behind glowed a hot pink. When his hand felt sore from the spanking he yanked his pants down and lined up behind her about to sink is cock deep into her pussy when she stopped him, "Master, no!" He froze, unsure if he had crossed a line, but then she continued, "I don't deserve your hot, thick cock in my sopping pussy...yet. First let me suck it for you."

Phil's smile returned. Kicking off his pants he walked around to the front of the table where the girl's head rested, her hands stretched out to the shackles on either side of the table holding her in place. She looked up at him with a thirst he had never seen before, her piercing blue eyes paralyzing him for just a moment, "Master, put it here," she said as she opened her mouth wide. Phil slid his rigid member into her waiting mouth and was immediately met with pleasure on a scale he had never imagined before. The girl was either very experienced, or very talented. Some part of his mind tried to float the idea that it might just be an effect of the magic they were clearly under, but the pleasure coursing through him quickly pushed that thought away. The girl sucked, and bobbed, moving her tongue in such a way that Phil thought he could have classified it as art, and all too soon he felt his balls tightening and the growing pleasure coming to a point. Phil tried to pull out, but the girl closed her mouth to the point that if he pulled away there was a good chance he would be losing skin. Instead he just gave in to the sheer bliss and barely had time to notice when his cock sprang free of the girl's mouth, pumping his load all over her face. He looked down, slightly shocked at what he had done, but the girl smiled back at him licking her lips, "Sorry, master. I was bad, I didn't let you go when you wanted to...I think I need to be punished again." A wicked grin slid onto his face as he moved back behind the girl.

The pink in her cheeks had lessened slightly, but they still felt hot to the touch. Phil didn't hesitate, he held her body with his left hand and spanked her ass hard. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times his hand came down, each time his cock seemed to get harder and harder until he was standing at full mast and ready to go again. Once more he prepared to penetrate her pussy, but she interrupted him again, "Sorry master, but I still think I need to be punished more. I have another, dirtier, hole that you could fill, if you want," she said as she wiggled her little ass. Phil couldn't believe what he just heard, the frustration that had started when he was interrupted was immediately replaced with lust. Phil reached a hand between her legs and began playing with her sweet pussy, every once in a while, rubbing her dripping juices into her puckered asshole, and lubing his waiting cock. He took his time preparing her little hole, Phil wanted her to enjoy this, too.

Once he felt like she was adequately lubed he slipped one finger inside her tight hole. She relaxed almost instantly and he was able to quickly add two more fingers without forcing them in. Phil worked slowly and patiently, ensuring that her little ass was well worked before he removed his fingers and began to push his cock head into her waiting anus. At first it seemed as though he wouldn't be able to go in very far, but suddenly the tight ring released and he thrust almost completely inside with one push. Phil paused to make sure he didn't hurt her, but when her initial grunt at his intrusion was replaced with moans of pleasure, Phil plunged in deeper and deeper, thrusting harder and faster, her petite little asshole caressing every inch of his cock as it slid in and out of her prone body. Phil gripped her rosy cheeks hard as he fucked her hole, savoring every moment his cock spent inside her. He couldn't believe how tight her sweet crack was, and as he moved vigorously in and out of her vulnerable, bound body, climbing to his orgasm, the girl cried out, "Now master! Fuck my pussy now!"

Phil immediately pulled out of her backdoor and sunk his cock all the way up to his balls into her drenched vagina. He fucked her harder and faster than he thought possible, all while she screamed, "DON'T STOP!!! HARDER!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! CHOKE ME!!! PULL MY HAIR!!! FUCK ME!!!" Phil reached up, tightening a hand around her throat, as his other hand pulled hard in her hair, fucking her harder and harder, squeezing tighter and tighter, pulling back until she was almost looking up at the ceiling. Then at the greatest sexual apex that either of them had ever known the girl's pussy tightened as she climaxed and Phil's cock erupted deep into her womb. Wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through them, and as it subsided, Phil relaxed his grip on her hair and neck, collapsing down on the table beside her. After several minutes of heavy panting, Phil managed to recover enough to undo the shackles on the girl beside him. She sat up and thanked him, before walking into the spare bedroom just off of the main basement. She paused at the door before beckoning him to follow her. Phil jumped down and hurried after her, closing the door behind them as whatever magic was at work took over completely.

"What the fuck is going on?!" John yelled at the top of his lungs in the hallway as no less than ten people rushed the front door. John moved to intercept them, but one of the guys who was just panicked enough, or just drunk enough to be moved to violence, pushed John hard against the wall. John expected a jarring impact, but when he made contact, he more or less sunk into the wall slightly before rebounding back out, his back now covered in slime.

The guy that had pushed him had reached the front door, but no matter how hard he pushed or banged, the door wouldn't open, it just seemed to flex with each impact. John, now at the back of the group, notice a slightly noxious odor leaking into the space. He couldn't figure out where it was coming from, but as he watched, person after person started to collapse to the floor of the hall. John held a hand over his mouth and pushed back through the curtain into the kitchen. The odor had started his head spinning, and he steadied himself on one of the counters. John's hand slipped on some of the blood coating the surface of the counter and as he lost his balance he grabbed onto the closest thing he could: a human arm.

The limb did little to prevent him from sliding to the floor, but as his head started to clear, he realized that the flesh didn't feel like the analog he had created. He blinked his eyes a couple of times, clearing them as best as he could as he examined the arm, now on the floor beside him. The nails were cracked and broken, but if they had been whole he wouldn't have been able to tell them apart from his own. The wound that had separated limb from body oozed lightly, congealing in places without the heart to pump fresh blood to the region and old blood away.

John pushed himself away from the arm, he had to call the cops, someone had actually murdered another person. John backed away into the stove. Looking back, the organs that bobbed there were identical to the ones that he had designed for the party, but now, he could tell that they were real flesh and blood.

John shook, what was going on? How had this happened? Just then the corpse in the freezer opened one eye, "It's all fun and games, ha ha ha." John leapt forward, slamming the freezer lid down. He backed out of the kitchen, catching sight of a single girl, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, standing over the freezer.

"No, don't open it!" John tried to warn her. The girl turned slightly and smiled, her eyes were dark, and somehow felt ancient to him. "Don't worry John, the wish will only last the night, you may as well have some fun with it," she said, motioning back towards the stairs where he saw Harper standing, covered in just as much gore and blood as he suspected that he was coated with. John turned back to ask the girl what she meant, but she was gone.

John walked over to Harper, "Are you ok?"

"I'm not really sure what's happening, but I need to get out of...this," she said motioning to the disgusting mess that coated her flesh and costume.

John nodded his head in agreement and said, "Yea, me too. The shower is upstairs, I'll show you." They both headed up the stairs, happy for the comfort of another, seemingly normal person, moving towards a normal goal, in a completely fucked up situation.

John opened the door and motioned for Harper to go ahead. Once she had passed into the room he made to close the door, but she stopped it with an outreached hand, "No, please, I don't want to be in here alone. I have seen way too many horror movies where the pretty girl gets killed in the shower." John shrugged and walked inside, closing the door after him. The bathroom had been the one room in the house that didn't seem like it belonged. The tub was the size of a small hot tub, and the shower was nearly a quarter of the room by itself.

John turned towards the door to give Harper her privacy, but instead of simply undressing and stepping into the shower, she began undoing the button on the top of his pants. He grabbed her hand, "Listen, we are both scared, and freaked out. I don't want you doing anything that you are going to regret in the morning."

She wriggled her hand a little to free it from his grasp and continued to undress him, "John, I know you have had your eye on me all night, and to be honest, I have been keeping mine on you, too. Trust me, I want this, and with the fucked up shit going on right outside that door, I need this, right here, right now. So, you can play the gentleman card all you want, or you can turn around, and fuck me hard while we shower off blood and guts that went from being fake movie props to somehow becoming the real O negative shit they take from you in the hospital."

John didn't answer, he pulled his shirt over his head as his pants dropped to the floor. Turning, he grabbed the torn material of the zombie costume and ripped it apart, throwing the pieces on the floor and lifting Harper by her round ass. They began furiously kissing, an insatiable need driving them towards each other. John stepped into the tub, closing the glass shower door behind them, and turning the water on. The first spray of cold water only dousing their intensity for a second before John's lips were back on Harper's body. The water washed the blood and ichor down the drain, and as it did John's mouth explored further and further down Harper's curvy body. His lips nibbled lightly at her neck as he moved to her shoulder blade, stopping briefly to return for a quick kiss of her lips, he then lifted her higher so that he could slip her erect, pointy nipples into his mouth, swirling and sucking on each of them in turn. Harper's perky breasts were easily a large C cup, but the youthfulness of her figure kept them suspended almost in a mockery of gravity. They were ideal in every way, and John swore that the skin of her nipples tasted almost like strawberries. He couldn't get enough of them.

Soon though, his arms started to tire and he set her feet down in the shower. As they touched the warm water pooling there, John dropped slowly to his knees, his hands moving to grab her round, sexy ass, pulling her to him. The water cascaded over her back as his mouth found her sex, slowly and sensuously his tongue circled her clitoris, stroking back and forth, around and around until Harper grabbed his head, holding him in place. His tongue maintained its slow, tantalizing, agonizing pace, teasing her pussy lips, and lightly, gently caressing her clit. Harper's hands tightened in his hair, as John started to speed up the pace bit by bit, sliding a hand off her ass, between her legs, and slipping two fingers deep into her pussy. He licked her clit and slowly, but firmly massaged the inside of her vagina, bringing her closer and closer until he pushed her over the edge. Her orgasm seemingly started in her toes, as they curled slightly, her legs tensing, then shortly afterwards her vagina clamped down hard on John's fingers. Her hands gripped his hair tightly, preventing him from moving an inch. Despite this, or rather, because of this incredibly sexy display of aggression, and passion, John's pace only sped up, bring Harper to orgasm faster, and more intensely than any man had ever done before. As the pleasure crashed over her, she felt weak, and slowly sank to join him, now laying on the floor of the shower.

As she curled against him, quivering with pleasure, Harper's hand crept down over his chest to wrap around his stiff penis, "I want this now." Harper sat up, with an energy that John had thought was gone after her climax. She quickly swung her leg over his body, reaching back to guide his cock into her waiting vagina. As he looked up at her now riding his rigid member, his hands moved to caress and massage her pert breasts, spending ample time on her sensitive nipples. She rode him fast, and moved her hips in perfect rhythm with his own as he thrust his engorged sex up into her, deeper and deeper, grabbing her hips as her own hands slid up to grab and tease her breasts and nipples. His cock plunging the full length into her excited pussy, bringing them closer and closer to the edge. Urged by his base instinct, John sat up, gripping Harper tightly, he stood, and roughly pushed her against the wall, one hand held tightly in her hair so that her head wouldn't impact the tile of the wall as he fucked her hard. With the warm water pouring down over them, Harper's eyes began rolling back in her head, as John's grip tightened in her hair, he pushed harder, and faster, quickening his pace until her body shook with the intensity. Her pussy squeezed his cock, the added tightness too much for John, as his cum filled her up, load after load, until it was dripping down her legs. John lowered Harper to the tile floor, unable to stay standing, they lay quietly as the water continued to wash over them.


A scream woke them from the calm that had come over them after their sexual encounter. "Stay here," John said, with a quiet authority that meant that he would accept nothing but absolute obedience in the matter. Harper nodded, standing only to move to the tub, where warm water was soon filling it. "Come back to me if you need to get clean again," she said with a small smirk.

John, fortunately, had a change of clothes in the small washroom closet that he could throw on to leave the room. As he exited, closing the door behind him, he looked around for the source of the scream. Moving down the hall, he caught a glimpse of the girl who had appeared in the kitchen, and ran towards her. She didn't bother to move or disappear this time, and John ran straight into her. "Oh, ow. Why did you do that?" She asked, in a whiny voice that bore no resemblance to the ancient creature he suspected she was.

"Oh, um..." John stammered, while another person, Zoe, held a hand out to help up the smaller girl. "John, that wasn't nice," Zoe scolded him, and despite the ludicrousness of it all, her scolding made him feel genuinely shameful about crashing into the girl.

"Sorry, sorry, um...what's your name?"

The girl stood up with Zoe's help and looked up at him, "Hi, I'm Naida," she said with a smile, "And since you knocked me over, I get to request one thing of you. Sound fair?"

John looked back and forth from Naida to Zoe, but each time he looked at Zoe his resolve to find out what was truly happening weakened further and further until he agreed to go along with whatever they wanted. "Fine, fine. But only one request, ok?"

"Of course, John. The request is that you do anything within your power to help Zoe with any question she has for the next hour."

John blinked a couple of times, "What does that even mean?"

Naida moved in very close to John, whispering in a voice dripping with malice and hardened by absolute authority, "It means exactly what I said it means, and if you don't fulfill this request, I am obligated to return here and slash your pathetic, mortal throat for the disrespect you have shown to me."

John visibly shivered as she pulled away from him, "Ok, fine. Any question she has, I will answer."

Naida looked at him, "Or do anything in your power to help her understand."

"Yes, yes. Anything, I will do anything," John managed to stammer out, the chill of Naida's threat sinking into his bones.

Zoe gave a small, joyful bounce and grabbed his hand, pulling him into Phil's bedroom, apparently completely unaware of the violence that had taken place in front of her. "Oh, good John. I have so many questions," she said with a gleeful giggle.

"One hour," Naida said as she pointed to the clock on Phil's nightstand, before turning and walking away down the hall. John closed the door behind her, noting that as she got further away the shivers running up and down his spine seemed to be replaced with a simmering lust that he couldn't explain. The blood soaked kitchen, or the living hallway certainly were not a turn on, nor was the threat of some beautiful, unknown creature, returning to cut his neck open if he did not do as he was told.

John shook his head lightly, trying to clear his mind, but no matter what he did, the lust clouded his senses, but before he could give it any more thought Zoe pushed him lightly down onto the bed, and sat across from him in an office chair.

"Alright, John, I have a lot of questions that I would normally be too embarrassed to ask, but since Naida said it was ok, I want to see if you can help me answer them."

John nodded his head, not sure exactly what questions the girl in front of him could have, "Sure, sure, Zoe. I'll do what I can to help you."

Zoe clapped her hands together like a little girl and giggled a bit, "Ok! Hee hee! John, can I see what a penis looks like?"

John's mouth hung open in shock, "You don't know what a penis looks like?" He couldn't believe that this absolute knock out could possibly be that innocent.

"Well, I know they get hard when I sit on a guy's lap, but I've just never seen one. My mother always warned me to stay away from guys unless I am in a group, and any boys that have tried to get me alone were usually kind of greasy, and I didn't really like the leering looks they gave me, so I never went with them."

John thought about how Zoe acted around men, and found that it was completely possible that the girl didn't know a single thing about the effect she had on those around her. She was simply that innocent, that naïve. John felt torn about stealing that naïveté away from her, but the underlying lust in the house gave him a push, that and the shivers on the back of his neck when he remembered Naida's cool tone.

"Ok, well I did say that I would help you answer any questions that you had," he told her, as he stood up and undid his pants, dropping them to the floor. Zoe's mouth opened a bit, and her eyes widened as his fingers went to the waistband of his boxers, his cock already starting to tent them out. John looked at the girl, still dressed as an angel, gave a slight sigh at the corruption of her innocence then dropped his boxers to the floor. His cock popped out, hardening further with every passing second.

Zoe just stared for a few moments, coming closer and closer, but moving so slowly that it was almost imperceptible until he could feel her breath on his cock, "Uh, Zoe?"

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