Be Careful What You Wish For


She stayed where she was, but responded, "Can I touch it?" John's dick twitched at the question, and she flinched slightly in reaction to the unexpected movement, then giggled quietly. "I guess," John shrugged, trying to remain as motionless and neutral as he could to maintain some modicum of control in this situation.

Zoe reached out her soft, small hand and wrapped it around the base of his cock. "Oh, it's hard, and warmer than I expected," she said. Delighted with the new experience, her other hand grabbed his balls, gently fondling them as she began to move her hand up and down his shaft.

"John, do you like this?" Zoe asked, without looking away from his fully erect member. "Y-yes," John replied, his hands gripping the bedsheet behind him. Zoe let go of his balls and ran a finger over the tip of his penis. "What is this stuff?" she asked, rubbing the sticky substance in between her thumb and forefinger.

"It's pre-cum. Kind of a natural lubricant that comes out when a guy is aroused."

"You're aroused, John? Does that mean that my hand on your penis is making your pre-cum come out?" John nodded his head, the slow, almost clumsy way in which she was stroking him was somehow hitting all the right spots, while her innocent questions and curiosity just encouraged his arousal.

Zoe lowered her face and gradually sucked his cock head into her mouth, twirling her tongue around the sensitive underside, pushing John to the brink of orgasm, but before he could erupt into her young, virgin mouth she pulled away. "Sorry, John. I just wanted to know what it tasted like."

John stared down at the girl on her knees before him, "It's fine Zoe, really, do whatever you need to, or want to do, to answer your questions."

She smiled up at him, "Ok, John," she said as she lowered her mouth down onto his cock, again. He groaned with pleasure, and closed his eyes, loving every second that her tongue spent exploring his thick shaft, but as he was focusing on her mouth and dancing tongue, Zoe's hand had slid around to his ass, and all at once John felt one of her small fingers pushing into his asshole. The sensation was completely new to him, and he had to stop himself from jumping away from sheer reflex at the incursion. Once John had quelled the surprise, he found the sensation to enhance everything that the girl was doing with her mouth. John gripped her head lightly, and began thrusting into his mouth, all while her finger stimulated his hole. After a few minutes his grip tightened on Zoe's head, his anus clenched around her finger, and his cock shot a huge load of cum into her throat. Zoe coughed and choked, but she didn't move her mouth away until he had stopped cumming. Finally, as his knees shook, she slipped her finger out of his backside, and stood, cum dripping down from her lips, her eyes slightly bloodshot, and her skin tinted a light rose colour from having to struggle to swallow John's load.

"Mmm, that was good, but a little too much for me, I think," she said, pleased with herself, "Did you like my finger back there, John? I thought about asking you before I did it, but you told me to do anything I needed or wanted, so I just went ahead."

John sat down on the bed as he said, "It was incredible, Zoe. I have never had that done before, but just feeling you back there made everything...more intense somehow, if that makes sense."

"Good, John. Now my next question," she started to say as she began removing the angel costume, "Is whether I look good naked."

John sat stunned as she sensuously stripped out of just about every piece of clothing she was wearing. First her top came off, as her D cup breasts dropped slightly from where they were being held. John's mouth watered as her nipples hardened in the cool air of the room. Next she turned and slid her skirt down over an adorable pair of white panties, that stretched across her athletic, firm backside. Zoe stepped out of the dress, standing back up, her middle finger teased her pussy, as her left hand squeezed her breast. John licked his lips as both hands slipped into the waistband of her panties and tortuously lowered them inch by inch until her virgin pussy came into view. She paused to let John appreciate the view before dropping them to the floor. Standing back up, she held her hands out slightly to her side and asked, "Well, John? What do you think?"

Zoe still wore the angel wings, and long, knee high, white socks, but nothing else. John just continued staring, his eyes drinking in every millimeter of her skin, but kept being drawn back to her virgin pussy. A light tuft of hair, barely noticeable, sat above her lips. The rest was completely bare. John started to answer Zoe, but just before he could force his mouth to work, she interrupted him, "Maybe, you need to look at the rest of me, too?"

For a second John thought that she was scolding him for staring at her pussy so intently, until she turned, bending over slightly to give John a perfect view of her smoothly athletic back, firm, luscious ass, and long legs. John's heart leapt into his throat at the sight, it couldn't get any better, then as though she read his mind she grabbed one firm cheek and pulled it to the side, as she bent further, giving John a direct view of her little hole, and bringing her tight, virgin pussy back into sight.

"Holy shit." John exclaimed quietly to himself. Zoe turned back around, taking a step towards him, her hands moving to hold his face and drawing his gaze up to her eyes, "So?"

"Zoe, you are easily the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," he said, "It's no wonder why every guy who you give even the slightest amount of attention turns into a walking moron seconds later. Forgetting about the electricity of your touch, just the sight of you causes my brain to falter, and my mouth to stop working."

Zoe released him and walked a couple of steps away, not bothering to pick up her clothes, "Oh, John, thank you so much. I just have one more question, John. What will that cock of yours feel like deep inside my little pussy?"

John's brain stopped again, but before he could answer there was a light knocking at the door. "John, your hour is up," came Naida's voice through the door, "You don't need to answer anymore of Zoe's questions..."

"Oh, but I just had one more. Are you going to leave me to find out with someone else?" Zoe said, pouting.

"Fuck that!" John said, standing as he did. He took Zoe's hand and pulled her to him, lowering her to the bed John's finger began to stroke her little clit, teasing it, and Zoe moaned her desire into the room.

"Well, I guess I'll leave you two alone then," Naida chuckled through the door, her footsteps receding quickly.

John took his hard cock in hand, lubricating it with Zoe's juices, and gently touched it to her opening. "John, just-just be careful. I really am a virgin," Zoe said, a quiet fear trembling in her voice.

John brushed a few stray hairs out of her face, looked down into her eyes and said, "Don't worry, Zoe, we will go as slowly as you need to go. I want this to be special for you." Zoe smiled back at him, then reached down, grabbing his cock and pulling it gently into her. The head pushed against the tight slit, slowly, gently moving inside, stretching her virgin opening until it slid inside. Once his cockhead had pushed into her vagina, John paused to let Zoe get used to the feeling until moving deeper. His cock bumped against her hymen and he stopped, "Zoe, this may hurt a bit, but I will try to be as quick as possible so that you can enjoy the rest of this experience."

She nodded up at him, a small tear in her eye, he thrust quickly, breaking her hymen. She gave a small squeal of pain, but as he started moving again, it was replaced with growing moans of pleasure. "Oh, yes, John. Fuck me, Fuck me hard!"

John didn't need any further encouragement as he started pumping in and out of her tight pussy. She grabbed his arms, her nails sinking in slightly, as he fucked her, harder and harder. They reached climax almost simultaneously, and her legs, wrapped tightly around his waist, prevented him from pulling out as her orgasm shook her body. His cock, buried deep inside her, throbbed as it shot its load into her vagina. As the pleasure subsided Zoe's arms fell back to the bed, her legs sliding down off his waist, and he fell to his side, his cock slipping out of her.

"Very nice," Naida's voice came from the doorway, "But I think you're missing one."

John's brain was still in a fog from the sexual pleasure and the underlying power of lust in the house, "What? What do you mean?"

Naida chuckled, "Well, you took care of the zombie and the angel, but I wonder where that little slip of a thing in the tight black body suit has gotten to?"

John's brain kicked back into gear, "What did you do to Emma?"

"I haven't done anything, boy; but as you can see, that scream you heard earlier didn't come from the angel lying unconscious behind you," she said vanishing again.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!"

John jumped up, grabbing his pants from the floor and putting them back on. He looked back once at Zoe passed out on the bed, then left the room, closing the door behind him. The scream had to have come from downstairs as his room across the hall was empty. Thinking about what he had seen down there he was terrified about what could have happened to Emma, and chastised himself for letting Zoe distract him. John hurried down the stairs. Checking the bloodied kitchen, he didn't see anything, or anyone. Turning he stuck his head through the curtain into the front hall. The people that had passed out there before were still lying in a pile, John checked the pulse on the nearest person as the fumes started seeping into his nose. When he found the correct spot the pulse was strong, and they seemed to be fine, just sleeping, but Emma wasn't in there.

John thought about going to the basement, but the scream had been audible from the closed bathroom, so it had to be on the middle floor. The only room left was the living room. John hadn't spent much time with the decorations in there because there was a large bay window looking out onto their street that just took up too much of the good wall space. So John had used it to put up a few animatronic props. Things that would leap or jump to get a good one time scare out of their guests, but when John came into the living room the props seemed to have also been affected by whatever was happening to the house. A large spider leapt at his feet, but John gave it a swift kick, sending it flying across the room to crash into some type of ghoulish creature. The pair tumbled backward and that's when John saw Emma, crouching in the corner of the room. John had no idea how she had survived on her own this long. A few slash marks were in her tight body suit and wet blood could be seen on her skin through the torn material. A werewolf stood over her, preparing to pounce on her vulnerable form. John grabbed a wire from one of the various electronic devices he and Phil kept set up in the room. Wrapping it tightly around the werewolf's neck, John hung on as best he could as the beast began thrashing, trying to remove it's attacker.

It was just John's luck that the animatronic beast had been made in such a way that the hunched shoulders prevented it's arms from reaching him as he hung on the werewolf's back. The ghoul and spider recovered from their fall and ran towards him, but, the werewolf, now panicking as it tried to break free from the cord tearing into it's neck, turned and slashed at the ghoul, removing the head from it's body. The spider was crushed under a massive paw, and as John held on, the cord, having been sawed back and forth by the werewolf's own erratic motion, bit through the arteries of it's neck and blood poured out. As more and more blood came spraying out of the wound the werewolf crumpled to the floor. John didn't dare let go. No one ever killed a werewolf with wire, and as he lay there his hands started cramping and the beast started to struggle again. Suddenly, just as John was losing his grip, there was a heavy impact and the beast went completely limp.

Emma stood over them with a dripping silver knife in hand, "I guess it's a good thing you didn't cheap out on the props in here." John released the cord, and climbed to his feet. "You're hurt," he said, as he removed his shirt to use as a bandage for her wounds.

"Yea, the wolf got me before I could reach the knife. It doesn't feel too bad, but-" she hesitated. "What is it, Emma?" John asked.

"Well, you know what happens in all the movies when a werewolf scratches you? I have this growing heat deep inside me, almost a ferocity that is fighting to tear itself free. What if-what if I am becoming a werewolf?" She said in a quiet whimper.

John looked down at the small girl in front of him, "What type of ferocity?" Emma came closer, "It's like an unbearable hunger. Like the heat from your body is begging me to bite into you, to tear you apart." John's brain told him to step back, but his body wouldn't respond. Emma's hand ran over his bare chest, nails scratching lightly over his skin. She leaned in close, breathing in the smell of his body, her fingers digging in slightly as she held his body to her. John felt it when she opened her mouth, but his body refused to respond to the panic screaming in his brain. Standing on her tip toes her tongue tasted his neck, then with a quiet snarl she moved to bite him, but John's body finally moved. His hand, tangled in her hair, pulled her head back sharply, twisting her away from him. The girl struggled and almost escaped his grip, but John tightened his hold, using his other hand to grab the back of her neck, and pushing her hard against the large window.

"John, I need to taste you," Emma whined, as he held her tightly, "I need to feel your hot blood running down my throat. C'mon John, just give in," she said, as her tight little ass pushed back against his cock. John's hand weakened for a moment and she lashed out, but she caught her arm with the curtain, giving John an idea. Using his body to hold her in place he tied her arms to either curtain bordering the window. "Oh, John, you are so bad," Emma growled.

John didn't dare move, he wasn't sure how much strength she had acquired from the scratch, and didn't want to find out by having her escape her bonds. "Mmm, John, I love it when you play rough," she said, pushing her ass back into him again. John moved a hand down to push her away, but felt a zipper in the back of the body suit. His hand lingered there just long enough for Emma to sense his hesitation. "John, it looks like you found the zipper on my costume. I'm so hot John, could you undo it for me?"

Again, his mind screamed for him to step away, but his hand acted on its own, pulling the zipper down, opening her suit to reveal her tight little ass, with just a black thong between him and her sweet pussy. "Yes, that's it, John. Now what about my other zipper?" she prodded him. John's hand went to the front of her suit, pulling the other zipper down until the two met at her belly button, his hand sliding into her suit to grope her small, cute breasts. His fingers tracing her hard little nipples, as she gyrated her hard ass into his engorged cock.

All at once, John lost control. His hand tore open the black suit, breaking the zippers that had held it partially closed. Emma's breasts were exposed to the neighborhood as John pinched and kneaded them, all while she growled deep in her throat, giving in completely to the animal savagery. Emma snapped at him, trying to bite into his face, but John was lost in the arousal, the aggression. He gripped her head tightly pushing her hard against the window, her little, beautiful breasts squeezed against the cold glass, her nipples erect, and only further stimulated by the cool window pane. John pulled his cock out of his pants, and as he held her hair with one hand he used his other hand to guide his penis into her dripping pussy.

She was tight, but she was also aroused to a state of unthinking instinct, and as he made contact with her vagina she pushed back into him, forcing his dick almost all the way in with the first thrust. She growled again and tried to bite him, but John had her, and he wanted her. He wasn't going to let her take control now. John slid his hand out of her hair and gripped her throat tightly before she could turn on him again. There, in the window, on display for any that happened past, John held this savage, petite, little fuck toy, and pounded into her again and again, all while she moaned, growled, and pushed against him, fucking him almost as hard as he was thrusting into her. As he sunk into her again and again, John gripped her small breast with his left hand, squeezing tightly, balancing between pain and pleasure, she bucked against him, loving every minute. Emma thrashed, trying to bite him, trying to push him deeper, wanting him in her, and wanting to attack him all at once, but she had no control, and she loved it. John fucked her, and dug his nails into her breast, as he leaned down to bite hard into her shoulder, holding on with his teeth. She gave a guttural howl, as her body began trembling with her climax. John wouldn't let go, he wouldn't stop, as she writhed in pleasure and pain, he fucked her harder and harder until he exploded deep inside her. Then it all went black.

John and Phil woke the next morning to find everything back to normal. The guests, it seemed, couldn't remember a thing about the real horrors that had manifested the night before. They only remembered the events, the sex, the panic, but not a single person other than John and Phil could remember why they had acted that way. They left slightly confused, but knowing that it was by far the best Halloween party that they had ever attended. They thanked John and Phil on the way out, the school girl, who Phil learned was named Ashley, gave him her number and a quick kiss before leaving. Zoe and Harper left without speaking about the night before, and embarrassed smiles back at John, the latter wearing what appeared to be some borrowed clothes from one of the other girls. Emma, however, came right over, wearing an old sweater of John's over her torn costume, she took his phone from him and began typing something into it. He went to take it back, but she moved faster, grabbing his cock through his pants and whispering, "If you ever want to fuck me like that again just call this number." She handed him back his phone, kissed him deeply and left.

"Well fuck," Phil said standing next to him, "I guess we both had quite the night." They both burst into laughter, then froze as a quiet chuckle erupted from behind them, but as they turned the laugh faded away and they were left looking at an empty room.

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