tagBDSMBe Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For


Thank you to Jennifer M. for your continuing inspiration and your smutty mind. I think of you as Taylor in this story.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.


Chapter One

Relationships have their ups and downs and Lindy and Taylor's was no exception. The two women had met over five years ago at Houston Memorial, with Lindy working in the front office in the accounting department and Taylor a physician in the intensive care unit. Their happenstance meeting in the hospital's cafeteria soon morphed into a torrid love affair followed by a relatively happy domestic romance. They moved in together into Lindy's modest three bedroom ranch house in the suburbs of Houston. Both women were in their late 30's and had sown their wild oats in their 20's, and both were ready for a long-term relationship when they met.

Lindy was the outgoing one, a vivacious brunette who carried a few extra pounds in the right places. Her curvy figure and outsized personality often made her the life of the party, making comments dripping with sexual undertones and trying to get a rise out of people as the drinks flowed. She was an interesting contrast to Taylor, who was serious in demeanor and usually the quiet one at a party. She would just as soon read a book then attend a wild party. That wasn't to say that Taylor wasn't a sexual being. To the contrary, she was living proof that still waters run deep. Taylor was often the aggressor in the bedroom, and her tall, lithe figure, beautiful face, and just right "B" cup breasts, all topped with long honey blonde hair made her a desirable target at bars and parties. Truth be told, Taylor had more partners than Lindy, although Lindy never knew that.

Outwardly, Lindy and Taylor were a perfect couple. Their personalities complemented one another, and both women were caring and compassionate to each other and to their friends. There wasn't anything in particular that started a rift between the two - - it was the passage of time that exacerbated the annoying character flaws in each of them and the repetitiveness of their lovemaking. In short, their relationship was becoming stale, and both of them knew it.

The stress of Taylor's job often had her arriving home both physically and mentally exhausted. There were many nights when Lindy wanted to play, but her mate was too tired. Those were the nights that Lindy had to rely on her trusty vibrator for any level of satisfaction, which always left her wanting. Often when Taylor came home from work she craved a glass of wine (or two) to take her mind off of making life and death decisions and to just veg out in front of the television.

Lindy was the more proactive of the two when it came to making an attempt to freshen their relationship. Her first step was to update her wardrobe, change her hairstyle (she had her long hair cut short) and commission a professional make-up artist to help improve her technique. These steps had an immediate and positive impact on their relationship. Taylor was flattered that Lindy took these steps to please her so she took extra care to maintain civility in their daily interactions. Taylor had noticed that the longer they lived together, the snippier their comments to one another had become, and she didn't like what she was becoming. She welcomed this kick start to a kinder, gentler self. Lindy noticed that Taylor's attitude softened and the two of them became even closer than ever.

The sex, however, didn't improve. They seemed to be stuck in a rut. Lindy had a thought to address this issue - porn. Hot, nasty porn that would stir their secret desires. Lindy had always surreptitiously watched porn when Taylor was out of the house, and thought that watching it with Taylor would stir the pot. Their sex was relatively conventional, with cunnilingus, penetration with fingers, and the occasional use of the strap-on for vaginal sex as the staples of their lovemaking. Lindy's fascination with porn revolved around anal (using the tongue, fingers or a strap-on), bondage and even watersports. Much to Lindy's chagrin, despite clear hints of her desires, Taylor never exhibited any interest in experimenting with any of these practices.

A watershed event occurred one day when Taylor was working an unexpected double shift at the hospital and Lindy was left home alone on a Saturday night. Lindy called several of her girlfriends, but all of them had prior plans so Lindy was left to fend for herself. She caught up on a couple of her favorite shows and was sleepy from a hard week at work. After a few glasses of wine and a few hits off a joint, Lindy decided to masturbate and fall asleep. She retrieved her tablet and searched her usual porn sites for something interesting. She decided to delve deeper into BDSM and accessed a video set in a dungeon-like setting with a Mistress and a bound sub. Lindy thought the whipping was interesting (but not knowing if she would really let someone do it to her) and the sub's orgasm induced by the Mistress after the whipping was sensational. As the Mistress was using her hand to massage the sub's leaking pussy, Lindy's own hand wandered down between her legs, spreading the incipient moisture over her clit and anus. As she felt the familiar tingle between her legs presaging an orgasm, the bedroom door opened and Taylor entered the room, to find her partner in a most compromising position.

Lindy was highly embarrassed, pulling the sheets over her nude body and slapping shut the cover on her tablet.

"Well, hello," Taylor said as she entered the room. "Having fun?"

Lindy pulled the sheets up to her chin. "I thought you were at work ..." as her voice trailed off.

"I was discharged early. The doctor I was covering for was able to make it to work. She had car trouble, but the issue was fixed relatively quickly. So is this what you do when I'm not at home?" The question was asked in a non-accusatory fashion. Taylor wasn't shocked. She had seen everything imaginable in the ICU, so seeing her partner nude, masturbating, barely made a blip on her radar screen. She likewise wasn't offended. She occasionally masturbated during her private moments and didn't begrudge her mate the same privilege.

"Sometimes," the brunette answered sheepishly. "A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do."

"What were you watching?" the blonde asked, much more interested in this answer.


"Well, it must have been something. I think you were about to cum. Come on, show me."

The light bulb switched on in Lindy's head. This would be a perfect opportunity to watch porn with Taylor. She'd never exhibited any interested before. "Uh ... sure. Let me pull it up again."

As Lindy was spooling up the video, Taylor shed her work clothes and got into bed in just her bra and panties. Lindy looked at her partner with lust in her eyes. The lacy bra, filled out with Taylor's ample bust, and the frilly panties, barely covering the cheeks of her rounded ass, made Lindy's heart beat faster. Taylor scooted over on the bed until her legs were touching Lindy's.

Lindy put the tablet between the two of them and hit the play button. The scene started with the camera panning across a realistic dungeon, with wooden St. Andrew's crosses in the background and a nude young red haired woman, appearing to be in her 20's, hogtied to a spanking bench so she was unable to move her arms and legs. Her bare bottom extended over the end of the bench, making both her pussy and ass accessible. The woman was struggling against her bonds when a heavy wooden door opened and a black haired Domme walked in, fulfilling the stereotype with a cinched black bustier with her breasts hanging over the top, an exposed shaved pubic patch, fishnet stockings and tall black leather boots with stiletto heels. She was holding the handle of a long black leather strap, lightly tapping it against the palm of her hand.

Taylor had never seen a BDSM themed video before and feigned indifference at the scene unfolding before her. But her insides were churning. She desperately wanted to stick her hands in her panties and touch herself, but her modesty (even with a mate that had seen her naked hundreds of times and had ravished her body a like amount) prevented her from doing so. Taylor realized that she saw herself as the woman bound in the scene, wanting to cede control to someone else. The demands of her job made submission a logical outlet for her stress and latent sexual desires.

As the Domme approached the young woman Lindy turned to Taylor to gauge her reaction. Taylor's impassive face did not betray her arousal. "So," asked Lindy, "how do you like it so far?"

"It's interesting," Taylor commented, still keeping up the façade of indifference.

"OK, it gets better," Lindy replied with a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

The Domme walked in front of the helpless woman and bent over, raising the sub's head so that they could make eye contact.

"You were a bad girl," the Domme stated.

The young woman's eyes were the size of saucers as she looked upward. She meekly nodded her head.

"I'm going to punish you for being a bad girl. You know what to do, don't you?"

Another nod.

The Domme flicked her wrist and the smooth flat expanse of leather made a loud, snapping noise as the impact lifted the girl's bottom off the bench. The strike left a wide red stripe on the sub's bottom.

"One, Mistress. May I have another?" the sub croaked, the pain obviously crowding out all other thoughts and feelings.

The Domme smiled. "Since you asked so nicely, you may."

After five strokes, with the sub crying, yet pleading for more, Lindy was pleasantly surprised to feel Taylor's hand pull hers to her mate's panty clad bottom. Her panties were sopping wet. Lindy pushed aside the flimsy material and plunged her fingers into Taylor's sodden pussy, eliciting a low moan and a contraction of the muscles in her needy cunt.

The video continued with a total of ten strokes administered. The sub's bottom was now a bright shade of red and there was a clear trail of moisture trickling down the inside of both of her thighs. The Domme took the palm of her hand and began rubbing it back and forth against the sub's cunt, spraying droplets of liquid in every direction. Soon the sub was bucking against her bonds as orgasm after orgasm racked her body. By this time Taylor had picked up the tablet, with her eyes glued to the screen, while Lindy had pulled off her lover's panties and was furiously lapping at her pussy and fingering her bottom, bringing her to a head splitting orgasm.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," Taylor cried as she came over and over, thrusting her pelvis against Lindy's face. Both women were panting, amazed by the effect of the video on their lovemaking.

As she caught her breath, Lindy commented, "I guess you liked it more than you let on."

Taylor gave a playful shove to the wise cracking brunette while harboring a smile of deep satisfaction on her face. Their spontaneous lovemaking scratched the surface of Taylor's submissive tendencies, though neither of them realized the depths of her hidden desires.

Chapter Two

Lindy knew she had a good thing going. The video the couple viewed together the prior week gave them a fresh outlook on their sexual relationship. Lindy let Taylor select the videos, and soon they had rifled through dozens, but none titillated Taylor like the first one she saw. She was fascinated by female submission, and the thought that she could surrender complete control to another. At first, Taylor was satisfied with being pleasured orally by Lindy. The orgasms she experienced were the most intense of her life. But soon, Taylor realized that she craved something more.

One weekend night when the couple had no plans, Taylor surprised Lindy yet again.

"I want to go shopping," the blonde declared.

"That sounds good. Do you have anything in mind?"

"As a matter of fact I do."

"Well, do tell."

"It's a surprise."

"A surprise? A shopping surprise?"

"Just get in the car."

Taylor's excitement was palpable, and Lindy sensed that her usually reserved mate was about to take them literally, and figuratively, into uncharted waters. Battling through the dense city traffic, Taylor navigated to an out of the way strip center outside the city limits. Lindy had no idea why they were there, until Taylor turned into the center and in front of a store called "The Tie that Binds."

"So this is what you had in mind - you naughty girl," said Lindy as she exited the car.

Taylor could hardly contain her excitement. Watching all of those videos got her hot and bothered and all she could think of was experiencing it for herself. What would it be like to be tied up and rendered helpless? Spanked and whipped? Humiliated? Used? Those thoughts consumed her every waking hour. She finally would be able to participate, though she was uncertain how eager Lindy would be to this sudden turn to explore the dark places that norms of modesty would typically render off limits.

The couple entered the large emporium, stopping first at the front desk. Taylor approached the desk clerk, a middle aged woman, and in a soft voice said, "I'm Taylor Markham. I think you have held some items for me."

The desk clerk was Teresa "Tara" Hallwell, who was also the owner of the shop. She was an avid BDSM enthusiast, mostly as a Domme. She opened the shop twenty years ago. Tara had spoken to Taylor on two occasions, gleaning that Taylor was a physician at a nearby hospital, and after the second such time took enough interest in her to look her up in the hospital's directory. Tara saw that Taylor was a comely blonde, and given her description of wants, submissive as well.

Tara always made it a point to dress down as she didn't want to attract the attention of the shop's patrons. Her baggy attire hid a luscious body of well-rounded breasts and a big, meaty booty. Tara was pleased that Taylor, if anything, was lovelier than her on-line picture.

Tara produced a plastic bag of items that she had hand selected based on Taylor's preferences. She emptied the contents on the counter, much to the lithe blonde's delight. Taylor was thrilled to see in real life the sex toys that were used in the many videos she had viewed.

"So we've picked an assortment of devices as you requested. Here's a couple nipple clamps with a chain, a fur glove, a small flogger, a leather strap, and a ball gag. You also mentioned you have a four poster bed. That's excellent. We have some lined restraints that you can attach to the bed posts."

"How do the nipple clamps work?" asked Taylor. Lindy was surprised that Taylor didn't seem to be particularly self-conscious talking to a stranger in a well-lit store talking about BDSM gear.

"Now with these, you attach them to the nipple like this," explained the older woman as she tightened the screw around her little finger. She then attached one end of the chain to the clamp. "And then you can pull on the clamp like this." She jerked on the chain, and it pulled her finger. "You attach the chain to each clamp and then for advanced enthusiasts, you can attach weights to the chain to keep a constant pressure on the clamps."

Taylor was already envisioning what it would be like to have the clamps attached to her nipples, the dull pain followed by the rush of blood when the clamps were released. It gave her a chill up her spine. Lindy was impressed by the demonstration but unsure how this device would enhance their sex life. Tara was watching both of them, gauging their reaction to her favorite kinks.

The woman demonstrated the other items and then looked at Taylor for confirmation of her purchase. "So will that be all?"

"Well," said Taylor, "I'm interested in your video selection. Do you have some videos that show these toys in action?"

"I thought you'd never ask," replied the woman. "Follow me."

She led them to the back where the videos were kept. She pulled out some of her favorites, which she piled in Lindy's arms.

"You seem to be quite knowledgeable about the merchandise in the store," said Taylor with admiration in her voice.

"I should. I own the place," replied the woman with pride.

"We're just beginners. But from what we've seen so far we really like it," admitted the willowy blonde.

The woman looked carefully at the couple before addressing them in a hushed tone of voice. "You seem like two very nice ladies, and very attractive I might add. I ... ummm ... have considerable experience in this area. If you are interested in any private lessons using this gear I'd be happy to give you a demonstration." They walked together to the front counter. The woman gave them a business card that simply had her name and phone number imprinted on it.

Taylor and Lindy were pleased to get such an offer and took a moment to look at the woman with a more critical eye. She was wearing a baggy top and sweat pants so it was difficult to see her body type, but her face was pretty, though with no make-up, them both gauging early 40's, with her brownish red hair piled on top of her head in a bun. The woman scanned the items and placed them in a black plastic bag. After Taylor paid, she extended her hand. "Thank you Theresa."

"Call me Tara. It was a pleasure meeting the two of you."

Taylor was elated during the visit, acquiring toys that would hopefully open a new dimension in her relationship with Lindy. Lindy was likewise excited since her mate was fully engaged in the exploration of their sexuality. Tara was hoping they would call.

Chapter Three

The girls arrived home with their goody bag. Taylor was now in control, queuing up her favorite videos in her tablet. She located one where the sub had her nipples clamped, asking Lindy to emulate the Domme in the video. She was trembling with excitement as Lindy took the clamps out of their packaging. She shed her top and bra, sitting on the bed in her skirt and heels and naked from the waist up.

"Hurry," she said, betraying her excitement.

"Easy now girl. I've haven't seen you this excited since Game of Thrones announced their sixth season," replied Lindy. The brunette started fiddling with the clamps, trying to fit them on Taylor's erect nipples.

"Ohhhh," exclaimed the blonde as the cold metal touched her warm flesh. "They're freezing!"

"If you start complaining girl I'm going to put them in the freezer next time before I put them on." Lindy was of course half-kidding, though Taylor shuddered at the thought of ice cold clamps being placed on her nipples.

Taylor gritted her teeth as Lindy affixed both clamps, then the chain between them.

Eyeing her lover sitting on the bed with the nipple clamps and chain, Lindy retrieved her phone. She tugged on the chain and said "Smile!" as she snapped a picture. Lindy captured a perfect image of Taylor, with her mouth and eyes wide open in response to the stimulation.

"Give me that phone," said Taylor as she lunged for the phone. Lindy pulled it away before Taylor could lay a hand on it, turning it off so it locked.

"It's mine now. I'll pull it out if you're naughty," admonished Lindy. The humiliation of the clamps, and then the picture, sent a secret thrill through Taylor's body. She wanted to just throw herself on the bed and let Lindy have her way with her. Instead she retrieved the leather strap out of the bag, got on her hands and knees on the floor and held it in her mouth, looking at Lindy with puppy eyes.

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