tagInterracial LoveBe Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For


Kindly old Dr. Butterfield, now seventy-eight, had turned over most of his OB/GYN practice to Dr. Pringle. However, he still took referrals and new patients with obesity problems. He only had office hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Nurse Ronda Butler, a real lovable black momma type, had been his nurse for twenty-three years, and would have retired, except for the short work week, as well as she thought of Dr. Butterfield as a most wonderful man.

Ronda answered the phone. "Dr. Butterfield's office."

"Yes, this is Robert Berry, the husband of Barbara Berry, one of your patients."

"Yes, how may we help you?"

"I would like to meet with Dr. Butterfield for a consultation about my wife. Ah, and I would wish that my wife not know of our meeting."

It was not an unusual request, so Ronda responded, "We could see you at three PM on Monday, or 8:30 AM Tuesday. Would a half hour be long enough?"

"A half hour would be plenty of time. Tuesday at 8:30 is good for me."

Each said good bye and hung up. Ronda pulled Mrs. Berry's file. Her first appointment was nine months ago. Her file revealed that she was age thirty-seven, stood five foot, nine inches, and weight, at that time, two hundred, twelve pounds. Her last visit was almost a month ago. Her weight was down to one hundred, forty-seven pounds. She had complained that her loose stomach skin hung down, and that her breasts swung like pendulums, a problem, since they were still a full c-cup.

Ronda recalled that Dr. Butterfield had used hypnosis as a treatment for Mrs. Berry. Since she sat in during the entire time that a patient was with the doctor, she recalled that Mrs. Butler was an ideal subject for post hypnotic suggestion. Dr. Butterfield had achieved a level five stage with her during the second secession.

Tuesday, after everyone was seated in Dr. Butterfield's office, Ronda could tell that Mr. Berry was uncomfortable with her there, so she excused herself, to return to her office. As was their custom, both she and Dr. Butterfield left the intercom on so that she could listen in. She would take notes, so that the good Dr. did not forget to do something that he promised to a patient.

"Doctor, Barbara and I have a problem. Starting when she lost her job, her self imagine suffered. She over ate, and thought that she was not physically attractive to anyone, including me. When she grew past one hundred and eighty pounds, it was imposable to have normal sex with her. She could not breath if I was on her, she would complain. Now, that her figure is back, and the huge stomach is gone, I would like to resume our normal sex life, but she shows no interest.

I know that you have used hypnosis on her to remove her obesity. Is there anything that you can do to help solve this problem. Oh, and if you tell her that I have asked you to do this, she will be mortified. I would end up in the dog house, and she would probable leave your care."

Dr. Butterfield, being a kindly old man, would do anything in his power to help a couple such as this. He sat back to ponder his options. Finally, he spoke slowly to Mr. Berry. "Bob, as a doctor, and a licensed hypnotist, I am limited in what I can do to solve your problem. The law required that any result that I intent to secure from a secession with a patient be discussed at length with the patient. In this case, your wife is in my care to loose weight."

Bob interjected, "But wasn't her real reason of seeing you to obtain the result of feeling good about herself by becoming attractive, thus resuming her previous lifestyle, which included an active sex life. Gee, we were having sex three or four times a week until she was laid off."

Dr. Butterfield sat back again. He held his head up with his left hand. He does have several valid points, he concluded. Considering further, he thought, gosh, I don't see what harm it would do if I help nature take its course between a husband and his wife."

Ronda, listening from her office, knew exactly what he would say next.

"Bob, if you agree that this conversation is best not to be discussed with others, I think that I can give your wife a little help in wanting to play in bed with you. Listen carefully to me now. To start any conduct using hypnosis, one must use a key. In your case, when you want sex, get a hard on. Then, walk where she can see your erection. I will instruct her to want to see, feel, touch, and have cocks inside her. Seeing your cock, she will come to you wanting sex."

Bob stood up, as did Dr. Butterfield. With a big smile on his face, Bob grabbed Dr. Butterfield's hand and pumped it up and down. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Ronda smiled to herself. She knew that Barbara Berry would soon be getting a lot of cock. Dr. Butterfield had solve the same problem, in this very simple way, several times before.

Four days later, Mrs. Berry was in for her post hypnotic suggestion reinforcement secession. In addition to giving her the same eating reduction instructions, the Doctor showed her several pictures of cocks. He instructed her as follows: "Barbara, I want you to look at these cocks. Cock are warm, tender, with a velvet touch. When you see a cock that is over five inches long, you will know that it is a loving cock. You will want to feel it. You will need to have the cock nestled in your vagina. You will need to find a place where just you and the cock can be alone. There you will undress. You will kiss the cock, and then invite it to visit your vagina. The cock will give you pleasure.

Barbara, I want you to think back. I want you to think of the most pleasurable time of sex that you have ever had. Do you have that time in mind, Barbara?"

Slowly she answered, "Yes."

"Tell me why you liked it so much, Barbara?"

"I was at a party. A guy that I did not know took me into a bedroom. He was drunk, so he could not cum. He had a big cock. He went on, and on, for over an hour."

"You can have sex like that again, Barbara. I want you to think of yourself with that guy, with his cock in you, every time you see a cock."

It was boring for Ronda to sit there listening to the doctor. She thought that he should record his message, so that he would not have to say all that stuff.

A week later, she answered the phone to find Bob Berry on the line again asking for the doctor.. She listen in to the conversation. "Dr. Butterfield, you are a miracle worker. All I have to do is take it out, made it hard and wave it at her. I only have one little problem, she has asked a couple times if there is any way to make me bigger., and she wants it to last an hour."

The doctor, busy at the time, just said. "Bob, the size and time in her are just inducements for her to keep wanting more. Glad to hear things are going well."

Two weeks later, Ronda was at the mall with her husband, Big Jim Butler. They were resting on a bench when Mrs. Berry walked by. Barbara gave Rhonda a smile, and a how are you. As she walked away Barbara meet a friend. They stood chatting for several minutes.

Ronda whispered to her husband, "See that gal. She must like all the sex she is getting."

"What you talking about woman?"

"Oh, can't tell you. She's a patient."

Well, Big Jim let it drop for the moment, but "All the sex she is getting" was not forgotten, no sir.

The Saturday night they were over at the Brown's, with three other couples. Ronda, who really like her rum and coke drinks, had downed several. Big Jim said in front of the others, "Ronda knows a pretty white gal that is getting a lot of sex. Tell us about her, Honey?"

Caught up in the moment, and being the center of attention, she told the eager listeners all about the Berrys, and exactly what it took to key Barbara. As she finished, she looked at her husband while saying, "I might have exaggerated some by saying all that sex. I meant all the sex her husband was giving her. But he is happy. All he has to do is show that woman his cock, and that girl wants to play." She went on to tell them about Barbara remembering her best sex as being with a guy with a big cock for a long time.

It is funny sometimes how things work out. Ray Hammond was one of the listeners. He and his two brothers owned Hammond Motor, a Ford dealership. He asked, "What position was this lady laid off from?"

Ronda, "Sales representative for a computer inventory company."

The next day the following ad appeared in the newspaper. "Wanted. Large account sales representative with computer knowledge for progressive dealership. Position requires some travel, with overnight visits to important clients. Excellent income based on customer satisfaction. Car provided. Contact Mr. Ray Hammond, at 555-9999.

Ray knew he had hooked his fish when Mrs. Barbara Berry phoned requesting an interview. He started her at $35,000. He let her get used to receiving the fine paychecks. Fully a third of the gross income for his dealership came from the sale of vehicles to municipalities. All these went through the purchasing department, and were most competitive. If he could provide Mrs. Berry for sex, some of the purchasing manages might leak the amount of the other bids, which would allow him to change his to become the low bidder. Besides, he intended to fuck her.

He set up meetings with several of the major purchasing managers. He told Barbara to expect to be overnight all that week. Her weight was now down to one hundred, thirty-three pounds. She has a dynamite figure, Ray thought to himself as she slid in beside him.

During the trip, which took a little over an hour, he had her review the names of the purchasing managers at the cities that they would visit, as well as the past sales figures. Barbara asked, "Isn't the administration of all these cities black?"

"Yes, but that does not mean that we get all their business. There is politics, and the good old boy factors to consider. I will say that graft, as such, is not a factor as it once was."

They stopped at the town hall in Wooster. Ed Hall was the man to see there. He was young at twenty-seven, good looking, and a cool cat bachelor. After discussing the city's needs for twenty minutes, Barbara excused herself to use the rest room. While she was gone, Ed said, "That is a sweet pussy you got traveling with you. She a good fuck?"

"Don't know. This is the first trip. Care to break some bread with us. After, we can see if she will take us both on."

"That sound like something I might be interested in."

"We are at the Hilton. Is there a good restaurant close to that?"

"Right next door, "Aces High." owned by a friend of mine."

"When you have a chance, call him. Make sure her drinks are happy ones."

"Got you covered, partner."

"Oh, Ed, Don't do or say anything sexual to her. When we go to our rooms, I will follow her into her room. I will show her my cock. Watch how she reacts."

Ed was laughing, wondering just what to hell was going on when Barbara returned. Ed looked her over. Her reddish brown hair was shoulder length. It offset her light blue suit, with thin blue stripes. The jacket was cut full trying to hid her breasts. The legs below the skirt were firm. He imagined getting between those legs. He felt himself getting hard.

The meal went without incident. Barbara, a seasoned sales pro, kept the conversation about Ed, where he had gone to college, how he liked his position. Barbara, found Ed to be an attractive boy. He was tall at six foot, seven inches. He was lean. She guessed that he probably played basketball for his college. He confirmed that , as well as adding that he was an end for the football team also.

During the evening, drinks kept appearing at their table. Barbara consumed four large "Long Island Ice Tea." By meals end, she had taken off her suit jacket, revealing what both men had suspected. She had a huge set of tits.

Ray ended their meal by taking her by the arm, picking up her jacket and saying, "Time to go to our rooms." Barbara just gave them both a happy smile. Ray got the room card for her room out of her jacket pocket. He walked right up to it, opened it, without saying anything, led her into her room. By the arm, he maneuvered her to the bed. She stumbled against it. She slowly, stumbling a bit turned to sit on it. When she looked up, there were Ray and Ed, just a couple feet from her, each with his cock out, waving them from side to side.

She did not look up. For a few moments there was no change in her expression. Her eyes followed the movements of the cocks, like a cobra's watching the snake charmers flute. More time passed. With her eyes on the cocks, she begin to unbutton her blouse. It came off, follow by her bra. She stood up. She walked to the writing table to lay her garments on it. When her back was turned, Ray motioned to Ed to not say anything, and to take off his clothes.

Both men found it erotic watching her slowly unzip, then remove her skirt. It was followed by her garter belt, shoes, and stockings. Finished, she turned. Both men took a deep breath. Ed said under his breath, "Bastard, does this gal have a body."

Ray was closest to Barbara. She walked over to him. She took his cock gentle in her hands, feeling it from end to end. Only then did she look up into his eyes.

Ray reached forward to cradle each breast in one of his hands. Ed stepped forward. He, now standing behind her, held the cheeks of her ass. Both men could smell her perfume, as well as her sex. Yes, she was so aroused that she had started to sweat, and her body was turning crimson. Ray looked down at her breasts to find that they were swelling, the nipples erect. He ran a finger around one. She closed her eyes, moaning a low, deep moan that came from the depths of her body. A moan of need.

Ed had never seen anything like this. He picked her up in his arms like a small child. He turned, to place her on the bed. Hovering above her, his long black cock was in stark contrast to her velvet white, tender skin, as he lowered the end to the soaking wet cunt, that was fully engorged, red, waiting for his cock. Her hands guided it to her entrance. She spoke, "You have a beautiful cock. Please put it in me."

Ed pressed the end past her cunt lips. Her hips sprang upward. He thrust downward. Her hands had the cheeks of his ass, pulling in towards her. Now, he was in to the balls. "Ooohhhooo, ooohhhhooo, please hold still. I want to feel you," she pleaded.

Ed could feel her cunt squeezing his cock like a hand. It felt good. Yes, it felt damn good. He lie there. He could feel her thrusting with her hips, trying to get more in her. Yet, he was bottomed out. Her own movements brought on her first orgasm. Now, she got really tight. He took a long stroke. She screamed, "Ooohhoo, Yesssssss," as her orgasm continued. Ed's long muscular body allowed him to swing his ass in wide arcs as he threw his cock in and out of the hot fucking woman. The harder and faster he pounded into her the more that she moaned, whimpered, bit his ear, and told him to, "Fuck me, Baby."

A Baby he wasn't, but fuck her he could and did. They were now intertwined, bouncing up and down on the bed. Ed's sweat covered body making slapping sounds on her sweat covered body as his cock drove deep into her, again and again. He could feel his cock get thicker. His balls were now tight. His breath was coming in gasps. Now, his thrusts were so hard that she was moving towards the head of the bed, inch by inch. He exploded into her, his cum coming in hot spurts. He humped on, until finally his cock got soft. His sperm was all over her ass. The room reeked of their body smells: cum, cunt, sweat. Watching, Ray was most pleased. That should result in some hot tips in the future, especially if Ed got to fuck her from time to time.

It was now his turn. As he walked to the bed, Barbara's eyes followed his cock, like it was a new sight. It fascinated him to think that here was a well fucked woman who now held her legs apart, eagerly awaiting his hard cock to be entered into her. A woman, mind you, who when the evening started did not have an inkling that she would be fucking anyone, let alone two black studs.

He knelt beside her head. She took his cock into her hands as he expected that she would. Softly, slowly, her hands roved up and down his shaft. He eased himself closer to her mouth. She did not resist, but made no move to suck on it. It was rock hard, as you might imagine. His cock was covered by his leakage. Ray remembered what Ronda said about the doctors instructions to her. Softly he said, "Barbara, my cock is your friend. Give it a nice tender kiss. That a girl. Now take it in your mouth. Good girl. Now push your head forward to take as much of your friend in you warm tender mouth as you can. Good girl. Now, run your tongue up and down the bottom as you suck on it. Perfect. The cock really likes being in your mouth. Holding her head on both sides, he gently moved her head forward and back until he felt like his balls would explode. As the cum rose in his cock, he pulled her head another inch closer so that his cum spurt deeply into her throat.

Ed, whose cock was covered still with his cum rolled her onto her belly. He put two pillow under her ass. As he spread the cheeks of her ass, he found it so erotic to see her tiny bud, almost unseen above her puffy cunt lip, matted cunt, covered with his sperm. Now on her, with his chest on her back, she was pinned.

When she felt the pressure on her other hole, she started to complain. Ed, now with the program, soothingly told her that it was her friend that had just been in her vagina. Her friend that had given her so much pleasure. Her friend who wanted to visit her other spot. As she considered all that ed her attention was diverted just enough so that she relaxed. His cock slid in a couple inches. As any woman knows who has experienced that moment knows, once a man is in a couple inches, there is nothing you can do to prevent his cock, especially if covered with cum, from having its way with your insides.

Having cum just a few minutes ago, Ed merrily pumped his cock in the tightest hole that he had ever known. It was wonderful. When he finished, Ray took a turn with her pussy. Ed finish off Barbara's first night on the road for Hammond by fucking her slow and easy for another twenty minutes, the last few minutes of which Barbara was moaning and jerking as she cum again.

Barbara walked them to the door. She kissed each one of them. As they walk away they could hear her whisper to herself, "Best sex that I have ever had."

The following morning, when they were having breakfast, Ray received another surprise. Barbara, who had seemed distant, leaned across the table to whisper to him. "Ray, I don't know what got into me last night. Must have been the drinks or something. I certainly don't make it a practice of having sex with anyone except my husband. I'm sure that you will understand that we can never do that again."

"I understand." During the drive to the next city, Ray thought about what she had said. He came to the conclusion that she had no idea of the fact that seeing a cock would render her sexual desires uncontrollable. He wasn't all that horny anyway, so he decided not to exploit her that night. Wednesday night, he would be in Richmond, Indiana. Ted Burton was the purchasing manager there. He knew that Ted was a womanizer. He would see if he could get some sort of commitment out of Ted, before he let him fuck Barbara.

It worked like a charm. During a break in their meeting, he and Ted went to the men's room to take a piss. Ted, always gruff, "Hot fucking woman you got with you. I'd like to traveling around with a snatch like that to hard fuck."

"Would you made it worth my while if I let you have her all night to fuck any way you want to."

Ted, shaking the dew off his cock, eyed Ray. "Your shitting me about having her to play with?"

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