tagErotic CouplingsBe Careful What You Wish For Ch. 01

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 01


Thanks to Terry, for editing help.

Renne hung up the phone, and none too softly. Normally not one to get angered, she could not control the sheer disgust she was feeling. "That bitch" she said softly to herself.

It had been Garry, on the phone. He told her Deana had a new project at work, and he would be late coming home, as they had to work it through.

It was not Garry, Renne was angry at, it was Deana. Deana had started at Garry's firm about 3 weeks prior. It had become very obvious to Renne, and others, that she would like Garry to be her top project. Although she was not normally jealous, Renne knew she would have to keep her eye on this one.

She thought back to when she first met Deana. She had gone to Garry's office to bring him some papers he had asked for. What first struck Renne, was Deana's demeanor toward Garry. Women could see these things. The way she made it a point, to touch Garry's shoulder, or hand, when speaking to him. She giggled, just a little too often. Renne brushed it off, that first time.

The next time they met, Renne noticed that Deana had a new "look". Her shoulder length dirty blond hair was being down now, instead of pulled back, as it was when they first met. Instead of the tailored suit Deana had worn, it was now a dress, a bit too low cut, revealing the cleavage of her 40B breasts. Proper length, but when Deana sat, Renne noticed that she would pull the hem of the dress up, revealing a bit too much leg.

What had irritated Renne, was that Deana made no effort to hide the fact that she wanted Garry, and intended to have him.

Renne reflected on her and Garry's wonderful relationship. One built on honesty, and sincerity. It was very passionate, and they were both open minded sexually. Renne normally deferred to Garry, on most matters. Garry was aggressive, sexually, and Renne enjoyed being overpowered. Renne, normally easy going, toyed with her long auburn hair, wondering how she should handle this "Deana" situation. She called Garry, and suggested they all meet at the bar, around 9. Garry and Deana agreed, and Renna could hear Deana giggling as Garry hung up the phone. Renne's anger grew, and she thought, "You want to play hard ball? You got it, bitch"

She showered, and dressed in a short denim skirt, a blouse, over a camisole top, thigh highs, and heels. Her hair, well below her shoulder, she styled cascading down her back, with soft curls framing her face.

Renne arrived at the bar, shortly after nine, and found Garry and Deana sitting at a table near the corner. Deana's chair was pulled over, next to Garry, and she was leaning in, listening to him, exposing more of her breasts.

Garry smiled as he saw Renne walking toward them. God, he was handsome, thought Renne. Six feet, two inches tall, jet black hair, graying at the temples, soft brown eyes. Renne thought herself rather plain and it made her feel so wonderful, that a man like Garry could think her beautiful. Renne approached the table, and Deana looked up, looking rather annoyed that someone, or something, had distracted Garry's attention from her. Deana forced a smile at Renne.

"Hi babe," Garry said as he stood, kissing Renne on the cheek.

"Hi, Love," was Renne's reply, as she put her hand on Garry's shoulder, accepting his kiss, then returning it with one on his mouth.

"Deana, how good to see you again," Renne said, almost believably.

"Renne." Deana nodded.

Garry ordered Renne a drink, and started the conversation. "Deana has a great layout, for the new ad campaign", he said, glancing in Deana's direction.

"Wonderful!" Renne replied, smiling.

"Garry has done most of the work, though," Deanna coo-ed.

The conversation continued as Renne finished her first drink. "Another one, babe?" Garry asked. "Yes, thank you, Love," Renne smiled at Garry, and suggested, "the waitress looks rather busy, could you get the drink for me?"

"Sure," Garry said, already on his feet.

The silent conversation between the two women spoke volumes in Garry's absence. Deana's gaze following Garry, as Renne smiled, as if already the victor in the undeclared war.

By the end of the evening, Renne was convinced that Garry was the prize, as far as Deana was concerned. Now, she had to find out what was going through Garry's mind.

Around midnight, Renne brought the little "meeting" to a close. She leaned in close to Garry, placing her hand on his leg. "Let's go home, Babe," she whispered.

They exchanged their goodbyes, and Renne turned and rolled her eyes as Deana placed a kiss on Garry's cheek. Garry turned toward Renne, and shrugged. Renne smiled.

When they got home, Renne offered Garry another drink. Playing it casual, she fixed him a drink, and sat beside him, on the sofa. They sat in silence for a few moments, as Renne opened the discussion. "She's pretty hot, isn't she?"


Renne smirked. "Deana, she's pretty hot"

Garry shrugged, "I suppose".

Renne could tell Garry was preparing for an argument, although that was the last thing on Renne's mind.

"It's okay, Babe, your human, and very much a man," she spoke, softly.

Garry looked directly at her, realizing it was not a confrontation. He shrugged, and smiled. "yeah, she is pretty hot, but you're hotter"

Renne smiled, and kissed him. A light kiss, a reassuring kiss. "C'mon, Garry, I'm serious here. The blonde hair, the green eyes, tight little body too"

"Yep, but I like a woman with a little meat on her bones." Garry leaned in and began to nuzzle Renne's neck.

Renne had to try a different tactic here, this just wasn't working. She kissed Garry. A long, deep wet kiss. "I think she's hot," Renne said, in a low voice.

Garry looked at Renne, quizzically at first, then smiled. What she had said obviously aroused him. "You do?"

"Mmmm, yep, and I think that hot little bitch wants you, too"

Garry kissed Renne, and listened. "I think she would do just about anything to fuck you, and I'd like to see if I'm right. I'd also like to teach the little slut a lesson for trying to take my man."

"Oh, I'd fuck her, but YOU'RE my woman", Garry said, moving in closer to Renne.

Both of them were getting aroused now, as Garry began to run his hands over Renne's breasts. "Well," began Renne, "I think we could all enjoy this," as she spoke, she could feel Garry's cock harden. "I think I could teach the whore a lesson, She can be fucked by you, which she wants, and we could get her to satisfy us both. Would you like to fuck the little tramp, Love? Would you like to see me enjoying her too?" Renne placed her hand over Garry's cock, and pressed.

"Oh God," Garry moaned, as he began to undress Renne, and himself. Renne helped him in getting them both naked, and Garry pushed Renne back on the sofa. As she opened her legs, exposing her charms, she said, "then let's make it happen."

They fucked, furiously. As they rested, they devised their plan, then fucked again. Garry had taken her on the sofa, on the floor, and finally on the bed. By morning, both were sated, and the plan was in place.

"You sure about this, Babe," he grinned, as they sat in bed, drinking the coffee Renne had brought in for them.

"Oh yes," Renne said confidently, "call her."

It was Saturday morning, but business had often prompted calls between Garry and Deana during off time, so the call would come as no big surprise for Deana.

"Morning!" Garry said cheerfully when Deana answered the phone.

"Well hello," came the reply.

"Look, I'd like to go over some of the plans for the new campaign. If you can make it, I'd like to have you come over for for dinner, and we can have a couple of drinks, go over the details."

"Sure..." Deana started. "Anyone else going to be there?"

"Just you, me and Renne. Renne thinks it's a great idea"

"Okay, what time"

"Let's say Seven"

"Seven it is"

"Great, see you then"

"Okay, bye for now"

Garry hung up the phone, and turned to Renne, who was already smiling. He grabbed her, pulling her close to him. "Didn't put up much of a fight, did she?" Renne mused.

"Nope, and neither are you," He moaned, rolling onto her, and mounting her.

Renne chuckled, then moaned, as he entered her. "Yes, baby, have me now, but then we must build your strength up. You're going to need it tonight." She grinned.

He took her slowly. They savored each other. Neither said a word this time. Both of them enjoying each other, satisfied of the plan they had worked up.

As the day went on, Renne made sure everything was perfect for the night ahead. She had never done anything like what they were planning. Much of it would be very new for her, but she was sure she was going to enjoy it. They all were, even that smug little cunt Deana. Renne grinned, thinking of the surprise they had in store for her.

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