tagSci-Fi & FantasyBe Careful What You Wish For Ch. 01

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 01


Author's Note: This is my first submission. Please, throw fresh fruit only. I will warn you now that there is PLOT in this. Not just smut. It is a story. Anywho, I hope you enjoy it. I do not have an editor, and if this does well and people want more chapters, I'll hunt one down, tie 'em up and make sure everything here on out is proof read. Please feedback. The good, the bad, and the ugly.. I'll take anything. ^_^


Niadia stood at the entrance of the lavish carriage that she had been cooped in for the last thirty six hours. It had been a long trip, traveling to meet her mother's fiancée, but they had arrived. Stepping down, her mother busied herself with ordering the footmen to take down her traveling trunk and other personal possessions. Vandetta, at the healthy age of fifty two, had been selected from the breeding lottery to marry the Count Friester of Endlavia. Both women were of small frame and height, each standing barely at five feet. Niadia's ashy blonde hair had turned to silver on her mother, and her oddly violet eyes were a musky gray on Vandetta.

Sighing, Niadia allowed herself to be whisked along towards the large stone structure in the distance. It looked quite dark and damp. With a shudder of apprehension, Niadia reminded herself that she was just here to see her mother off. It was quite unsightly for a female to own anything, let alone work for a living. Niadia had scraped and scrabbled to get her little trinket shop in Milin going. This last bit of family business would allow her to continue happily with her mother out of her hair.

It had taken her some time and some talking to even get her mother back onto the breeding list. Quite along in age, she had noted that Vandetta had birthed eight healthy sons in her life time and only one daughter. Even if she was unable to birth any more children, she would make a wonderful companion to a gentleman that was too far along to want to fuss over the idiosyncrasies that came with training a younger wife.

As they walked into the keep, Vandetta clapped her hands in joy. "Oh, my! Look how gorgeous this place is, Niadia." Paneled in dark wood, the room looked positively cryptic. The large windows facing the front were wrought with iron depicting a hunting scene and allowed little light within. Turning to Vandetta, she forced herself to smile, the effort not quite reaching her eyes. "I think you will be very happy here. The Count looks quite wealthy and you should want for nothing. It is a much better place than the little room above my shop."

Vandetta frowned at her. "Any place would be better than that hole you reside in, dear. You should submit yourself to the breeding pool. A good man would be sure to come along and provide you with much better. He would knock those silly thoughts of floundering in a trinket store right out of your head and fill your belly with healthy babies."

Niadia shook her head. "Mother, I have worked too hard to give up the store now. And you know that I still have years yet before it is mandatory that I enter the breeding list. I am only ten and eight and I have to ten and two before they force me into it."

Turning from her mother, she started to pace the foyer. Pictures lined the wall, each panel a stage of the hunt that continued across the windows until it ended on a carving on a pair of double doors. The two hunters were just felling a stag when the doors swung open and a man walked through. Niadia stood there a moment, first in surprise at the door's sudden movement then secondly at the figure heading towards her.

He was tall. That was her first thought. The top of her head barely came to his collar bone. She forced her mind to come back to focus then took a few steps back to stand next to her mother.

"Welcome to Endlavia. I know it is depressing right now, but we have only just started spring. The mountains bring us hot summers and long winters." His voice caressed the air lightly, soft as velvet. His dark eyes, almost black, moved from Niadia to Vandetta. "You are to be my father's companion, I presume? The Lady Vandetta?"

Vandetta stepped forward and curtsied. "Yes, your young grace. Your father sent word and I left as soon as possible. This young woman is my daughter, Niadia. She agreed to accompany me and will be leaving on the dawn."

The man stood there a moment before his gaze slid back over to Niadia, pinning her to the spot. His eyes slid over her and she felt like he was trying to asses her in that one look. Painting a dull expression onto her face, she tried not to let him bother her. As her mother had stated, she was going to leave in the morning.

Apparently having met his approval, he nodded then straightened. "You both may call me Achillien. My father will be most pleased to hear that you have arrived. Please, allow the footmen to bring you to your room, Lady Vandetta. I shall escort the Lady Niadia to her own chambers. I am sure she would like to rest and get started early so it would be best to say your good byes now."

Niadia turned to her Vandetta and gave her a brief hug. "May you be brought happiness, Mother."

Vandetta patted her fondly on the hand. "I will be fine. I hope you will come to visit soon."

Stepping away, Niadia turned to Achillien and took his proffered arm. He led her through the double doors and a pair of servants swiftly closed them behind. They walked in silence for a few moments before Achillien spoke. "Are you overly fond of your mother?"

Niadia thought for a few moments then responded, "Sometimes, I suppose. We do not agree on many things, but I do not dislike her. Why?"

Achillien allowed a few more second of silence before he spoke. "Because you will not be allowed to see her again."

Niadia stopped suddenly in her tracks and turned to face him, highly irritated. "What do you mean 'not be allowed'? I was unaware that I was to drop her off in the mountains and just forget about her."

Achillien smiled slowly. "She is not the one that has been 'dropped off in the mountains', Sweet."

Niadia frowned. "What do you mean.."

Achillien moved closer to her and Niadia took a step back. He followed her, making her back up until she was pressed against the wall with her neck arched back to look at his face.

"I mean, she was not the one that was brought here for the Count. You were, Sweet."

"Stop calling me that.. And I am far too young for your father. When I signed the papers they were specifically for Vandetta's transfer of ownership to the Count of Endlavia. I should have no play in this!"

Achillien stroked a finger down the side of her face. "Yes, you signed the papers over to the Count of Endlavia, but Vandetta's name was not on them. You should always read your documents over before you sign them. Besides, I am not that terribly old, now am I?"

Niadia's eyes widened. "How.. Impossible!"

"Well, my father has been dead now for six years. I think, then, that the title and responsibility would naturally fall to me."

"No..." Niadia interrupted, "How did my name get on those papers. I told them what they should say and they told me that it was drafted accordingly."

"That part was easy, Sweet." Achillien traced his finger along her collar bone. "I had them change it for me. I happened to see you some time ago while making a purchase in Milin. I inquired as to your status in the breeding lottery and found that you were not even registered. I waited for you to apply, and when you made inquires to get your mother in, although quite aged, I paid a few people to work up the papers. You signed them legally and you are mine to do with as I see fit."

Niadia let the news sink in and closed her eyes, swallowing harshly. "You tricked me into it. Why do such a thing? There are plenty of females that were willing."

Achillien smiled slowly. "Yes, but I wanted you, not them. You should be flattered."

"What about my mother? My shop. Everything I owned went into that place."

Achillien's finger slid down to trace the collar of her dress, making it harder and harder for Niadia to concentrate on the discussion. "She will be taken care of. The shop has been sold and a small house has been bought. She was given quite a good amount to make sure you came along. She will live happily off of it."

"She knew about this!" With that bit of news, Niadia's temper snapped and she tried to shove him away from her. "Get off of me! I want to go home! This is no longer humorous!"

Achillien looked at her, amused. He pressed his body against her tightly and pinned her hands to her sides. "Sweet, I promise you that this is no joke. I wanted you, so I took you."

Niadia's body got hot, whether from him being pressed so tightly against her with his erection pressing so obviously against her stomach or from anger and humiliation she could not tell.

"But I will make a deal with you for tonight, Sweet. All I ask for is a kiss. A kiss and I shall let you go for this evening. You may do as much thinking and scheming to get out of this afterwards once you are alone. Otherwise, I will have to insist that you spend the night with me, for I do not think I could sleep."

Niadia scowled at him. "One kiss?"

"One kiss, Sweet."

She nodded slowly and Achillien released her hands. Standing up on her tip toes she kissed him chastely on the lips, quickly retreating from the contact.

Achillien looked down at her and raised an eyebrow. "Am I so disgusting that I don't warrant a proper kiss?"

Sighing, Niadia stood up on her toes again and placed her hands on his shoulders. Her eyes widened slightly at the feel of thick muscle that chorded beneath his shirt. Bracing herself, she leaned forward and kissed him softly, closing her eyes so she didn't have to watch his expression.

As their lips touched, electricity raced through her. She felt an odd ache settling deep in her stomach as his lips moved against hers. His hands slid to her hips and he lifted her off of the ground, grinding her onto his throbbing erection. Opening her mouth in surprise, his tongue darted in to duel with hers, forcing a moan from her throat.

Holding her against him with one hand, he slid the skirt of her dress up to her thighs then pulled her legs to wrap around him. She whimpered softly into his mouth then arched suddenly as his wandering hand found her breast. Caressing it through the fabric, Achillien quickly pulled the top of the dress open, revealing her corset. His lips left her mouth, kissing and licking a path down her throat.

Pulling her breasts free from the restricting garment, he flicked his thumb across a pert nipple, forcing a soft mewl from Niadia's throat. His tongue circled it for a moment before his hot mouth clamped over the tip, suckling. Niadia clawed softly at his shoulders, her head thrown back in pleasure as his hips started to grind into her aching pussy.

He pulled away for a moment to undo his breeches and she whimpered, her hips still doing small circles in the air. His head lifted from her breast and he slid his hand back to her hip, positioning himself at her sopping entrance.

"You are mine, Niadia.. Do not forget it."

As the sound of his voice started to bring her out of her daze, he thrust forward into her waiting body. She cried out as pain sliced through her and fought to get away. He pinned her to the wall once again and started to move deep within her, ignoring her cries.

"Your so hot and wet.."

Tears streamed down Niadia's face as she felt him pull out to the tip then thrust again.

"Like warm velvet.."

She shifted her hips as he thrust into her again then groaned softly as it sent a lace of pleasure through her.

"That is it, Sweet.. Ride me.."

She moaned as his cock slid into her again, the pain gone. Whimpering softly, she arched her hips into his next thrust.

Growling, Achillien shoved her forcefully against the wall then began pounding himself into her. Unable to move, she felt herself become wetter at his assault. His mouth dropped back down to her breast and he suckled on it once again. With each thrust he forced himself deeper into her until he felt himself against the back of her womb.

With a sudden cry, Niadia felt her herself clamp down around him as pleasure raced through her limbs. Achillien groaned and thrust shallowly for a moment, his pace suddenly frantic, before she felt his thick seed spurt against her inside walls. He shuddered a few times then slid out of her, lowering her to her feet.

Lucid, Niadia allowed him to slide her dress back into place before he scooped her up and carried her to a room. She vaguely noticed being placed onto a bed before her world went black and she fell fast asleep.


Niadia awoke from pleasant dreams and into the awareness that she was lying on the softest sheets she had ever felt. It took her hazy mind only a split second longer to compute the fact that she was naked and that the weight on her hip was indeed a hand.

A hand that no doubt belonged to Achillien.

Forcing aside the urge to bolt, she tried to feign sleep as her mind raced for a solution. From the sun streaming in through the windows, it was well past dawn. Her mother would be gone by now.

Venomous, traitorous woman.

Niadia shifted slightly and let out a soft sigh. The hand on her hip tightened momentarily then relaxed.

The nerve! The man had tricked her into signing over her life, seduced her in the hall scant moments after meeting her, and now he was simply lying in bed, waiting for her to wake.

A knock on the door sounded through the room and the hand disappeared as Achillien slid out of bed.

He wrapped himself in a thick robe edged in fur and opened the door a crack. Niadia tried to hear the words exchanged, yet they were lost to her. Achillien moved about the room for a few long minutes to get dressed then left.

As the hinges slid the door closed, Niadia let out a sigh. It was quickly replaced by anger as she heard the tell-tale click of a lock being slid into place. Jumping from the bed, she vainly tried to turn the handle on the door. She was trapped. Inside the personal quarters of the man that had stolen her life from her the night before.

With another heavy sigh, she went back to bed. The breeding pool. It had been implemented by her ancestors in order to promote healthy children. A term could be bought by a man for either one breeding season, or to be a continuing companion. All women were forced to sign up once they had seen three passes of the tenth year. Most applied as soon as they reached breeding age. A poor woman could be given enough compensation from her breeding season that she could live well with her female children until she passed.

The male children were typically schooled and raised by the sire. It was only if the sire passed without any adult male inheritors that sons were seen with their mothers. Even then all estate was frozen until the child reached majority. If they somehow failed to do so, whether by one of the many childhood illnesses, an accident, or otherwise, all of the estate would be divided and given to promising young men or adults that had proven themselves. A woman had nothing but her ability to breed.

Niadia had tried to change that. Few had visited her shop, fearing they would be scorned for shopping somewhere a woman held possession of. It had fallen to women of ill-repute, that bred for the money alone with no children as result. What her mother had dubbed 'trinkets' were more in the line of clothing accessories and pretty baubles. It had taken her a long time to save up the money to purchase the items she sold, and even longer to get the owner to sell. He had eventually acquiesced when he had decided to retire, so much as she bought him out for twice of what the place was worth.

She did so, registering the location under a fake name. With her permits in place, she had been there from the sun's first rays until late into the evening. Sleeping and eating little, she had managed to take her mother in and support her. She had even been able to pay off the man in charge of the taxes to not report the location as being woman-owned. Her clients were slowly starting to become more prominent and things were looking well until Vendetta had come home one night to tell her that she had reentered the lottery.

She had read the documents before she signed them. She had! Pounding her hand on the coverlet, a growl escaped her throat. Somehow they had changed the documents over. Placed her name on paper where she did not sign it. Now she was stuck with this idiot who molested her in the hall. Not only was she legally stuck here, but the papers were transferred to be a companion. She was his until he tired of her or she died. Whichever came first.

Rolling out of bed, she stood and walked over to the window, staring out, her thoughts racing and boiling. So deep in her own mind, she was startled when another knock sounded at the door before a young woman stuck her head in.

"The Master said to bring you a bath, Ma'am. If you are asleep I am to wake you. If you would put on a robe, the men can come in with the tub."

Niadia blinked a moment at this woman then nodded. She went to the wardrobe and opened it. Seeing clothing that obviously belonged to Achillien, she dug through it until she found one of his robes. Sliding on the overly large garment, she turned to the maid.

"I am decent. They can come in now."

The young woman nodded then opened the door all the way. A pair of boys came into the room and set down the tub they were carrying then proceeded to fill it with water. Once they were done, they left.

"My name is Margarie, Master said that I was to attend you. After your bath I am to dress you and you are to attend the Lord in breaking your fast."

Holding back a nasty retort, Niadia stared at the steamy water. "I suppose I have no choice, then?"

Smiling slightly, Margarie shook her head. "No. If you will undress, I will attend your bath, Lady."


Dropping the robe over a chair, Niadia let herself slip into the water. Maybe this place would not be so bad. She was sure that all she had to do was let Achillien's interest in her fizzle out. He would send her away with some money and she could start anew. With that happy thought touching her lips, she submitted to Margarie's scrubbing and let her thoughts drift away.

"Don't let your dreams turn to madness, Dance in the sadness, and we will sing the songs..."

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