Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02


"Now it's your turn daddy..." she purred. She picked up the condom off the couch. Then she leaned down so that she was on her hands and knees and started to crawl across the carpet to Mark. Her pendulous tits swung back and forth like bells beneath her as she prowled like a cat toward him.

Mark was mesmerized by her predatory approach.

When she was right in front of him she knelt up straight and put her hands lightly on his knees.

"Who am I daddy?..." she whispered.

"You're....Amber..." Mark said in a quavery voice.

"That's right daddy. I'm your little girl. The little girl you've wanted to fuck for a long, long time. Isn't that right daddy?..."

"Nooo!...Amber...It's not true..." Mark groaned with gritted teeth, like someone was twisting his arm up behind his back

"Oh come on daddy!...I know you've been looking at me in my room late at night when you thought I was asleep. What we're you thinking then daddy?..."

"Mom told you I fuck all the boys at school didn't she daddy? And a lot of my teachers too. You've seen my grades. Am I really that smart? Sometimes my room- mate and I bring three or fours boys back to our room at night and see how many times we can make them come before we kick them out. Oh I've been a bad girl daddy. Very bad!..."

And as she was talking Marion/Amber had lifted the used condom up to show Mark. She lifted it a little higher, then turned the condom over so that the creamy goo started to dribble out onto her outstretched tongue.

Mark, John and Dave all watched this lewd exhibition in breathless silence. Marion held that pose, her eyes sparkling until the last of the syrupy sperm drained from the condom. Then she made an exaggerated display of savoring it for a moment in her mouth before she swallowed it.

"Mmmm!...Yummmy!...I love the taste of fresh come!...I suppose that makes me a slut doesn't it?...Everybody else has had me daddy!...Don't you think it's time you had your turn?..." Amber purred as she leaned into Mark's lap and undid his pants.

The older man neither tried to help her or to stop her. He looked like he was in shock. He watched Marion push his pants down with unfocussed eyes. As she worked his pants down to his knees, his rigid cock snapped out of his shorts like a jack-in-the-box, where it stood up like a flagpole from his loins. It was really big, like one of those oversize flashlights.

"Oh look at you daddy!...You really want it don't you?..." Amber enthused as she reached in and grabbed Mark's straining erection with one hand. She started to lean back onto the carpet, pulling him after her.

"Come and do your little girl daddy!...I want to feel you inside me, fucking me with this big horse cock of yours...You know you want to!...I'll make you come so hard daddy!...I promise!..." Marion coaxed as she lay back and opened her legs. She had dragged Mark along with her so that he was on his knees between her parted thighs.

"Amber, sweetheart!...We can't baby!...I can't!...It would be so wrong!..." Mark pleaded.

He was obviously getting caught up in Marion's little charade. There was a bead of sweat covering his brow and he was resisting, or at least trying to, Marion's obscenely spread loins.

"I know daddy!...It would be really bad wouldn't if you fucked me wouldn't it?..." Marion teased as she pulled his steely shaft down towards her and rubbed his swollen cock crown up and down through her slit.

"Ahhhh!..." Mark gasped at the feel of her greasy labia caressing his sensitive knob.

"I really shouldn't let you put this in me should I daddy?...Not without a condom!... But maybe if you just put it in a little bit...Just the very end...That wouldn't really be fucking would it daddy?...It's be more like just fooling around!..."

And as she said that, Marion pulled her ass across the carpet a couple of inches with her heels, sheathing the end of Mark's cock in her silky center.

"Ahh Goddd!...Nooo!..." he gasped, closing his eyes and holding himself rigidly still. He was obviously battling incredibly conflicting emotions.

But Marion was suffering from no such conflict. She started working her internal muscles around him, milking him with her fluttering vagina just like it was a little mouth.

"Ummm!...That feels so good daddy!...So much better than all those college boys who fuck me at school....They don't know how to do it but you do don't you?...Give me a little more daddy please?...Just a little!...I promise I'll make it good for you..." Marion/Amber purred.

Mark continued to hold himself completely still above the enticing blonde beneath him.

Then, with a forlorn cry, his hips lunged down and he drove himself into her right up to his balls.

"Ohhh shittt!...Yesss daddy!...That's it!...Oh yeah!...Give me that big cock!..." Marion cried as Mark's engorged tool stretched her little hole mercilessly. But the spread eagled blonde didn't mind.

In fact she pulled her knees back and tipped her pelvis up, opening herself even more to Mark's feverish assault. She banged her loins up into his literally bouncing him in the saddle of her loins.

Mark responded by jack hammering his angry cock in and out of her welcoming pussy.

"Yeah!...Oh yeah!...Fuck me daddy!...Fuck me like the little slut I am!...Slam me with that big cock of yours!...Give it to me!...." Marion demanded, twisting seductively under the lunging older man on top of her.

At that point Mark got his hands planted above Marion's shoulders, his knees under him and started riding her upturned loins like it was his first time at the rodeo.

"Ahhh!...Ahhh!...Amber!...Ahhh!...My Goddd!..." he grunted, pounding up and down on the blonde sprawled under him like he wanted to drive her through the floor.

"Yess!...Umm Hmm!...That's it!...Umm!...Fuck me daddy!...Don't stop!...Like that!...Oh yeah!....Give it to me!...But don't come inside me daddy!...It wouldn't be safe!...You have to pull out daddy!...O.K.?..." Marion whispered to him.

"Yes baby!...Of course!..." Mark grunted as he continued to plow away into the center of Marion's loins.

Dave was amazed to see that his wife's reaction to Mark's frantic fucking was not one of discomfort or distress. In fact she had a broad smile on her face that was getting bigger the harder that Mark hammered her. And this was the woman who predictably would tell him to get off her, he was too heavy, or else he was hurting her, if he took more than a couple of minutes to come inside her.

Marion could tell that Mark wasn't going to last too much longer. His cock had taken on an added rigidity that she knew meant he was getting close. And as much as she would have enjoyed having him fuck her for hours like this, right now she had something else in mind.

With her knees pulled up she was able to reach under her butt and get a hold of Mark's balls with one little hand. They were tightening up with excitement and she squeezed them gently to add to his arousal.

"Ahhh!...Goddd Amber!...Don't!...Don't do that!...You're gonna' make me come!..." the sweating older man gasped. But he didn't stop his frantic fucking. He was too excited to do that.

"Not yet Daddy!....I'm almost there!...Let me come first!..." Marion purred. She added a gentle twisting motion to the grip she had on Mark's nuts, knowing that would certainly help him along.

"Nahhh!...Amber!...Don't!...Please!...I'm so close!...We better...better..." Mark panted.

But Marion just wrapped her curvaceous legs around his ass and pulled him forcefully into her leeching pussy. She bore down with her inner muscles to really grind on him.

"Wait daddy!....I'm almost there!...Just another minute!...." Marion hissed, writhing and twisting on Mark's buried cock like a milking machine.

"Ahhh!..Amber!...Oh my Goddd!...Oh my Goddd!..." Mark cried struggling to free himself from the silky legs that surrounded him. But Marion held on tight.

"Daddy!... What is it?..." she asked ingenuously, knowing perfectly well that Mark was going to blow. She gave his overwrought balls one more slow, provocative twist and that was more than the poor man could take.

"Phwahhh!..." he yelled pushing himself up on his arms and arching his back as a fiery deluge of come exploded inside Marion's greedy pussy.

The squirming blonde could feel it immediately, that fiery stream of man juice jetting into her womb.

"Oh daddy!...You're coming inside me!...Ohhh!...Nooo!...It's so hot!...Oh you shouldn't!... You can't!..." she hissed while at the same time pulling Mark's shuddering loins even harder against her.

"Ahhh!...Nahhh!...I...I can't...can't help it baby!..." Mark cried, panting like a steam engine above the smiling blonde.

"Ahh!...Unn!.. I'm right in the middle of my cycle daddy!...Are you going to knock me up?...Is that what you want?... Umm Hmm!...We're probably making a baby right now!... Filling me up with all your baby juice...Oh my God!...Yesss!...Do it!...Knock me up daddy!...Give me a baby!..." Marion encouraged.

And despite the perversity of her suggestion, or maybe because of it, Mark was having a truly devastating orgasm.

"Hah!...Noo!...Fuck!...Fuuuck!..." he cried with every jet of sperm that erupted from his balls. He was sweating profusely, his face so red that it looked like he was going to have a heart attack at any moment.

And still he continued to helplessly buck and heave..." Huhh!...Huhh!...Huhh!..." as Marion gave his convulsing testicles sharp little twitches to keep him going.

"Oh daddy!...So much come for your baby girl!...I love it!..." she encouraged as Mark's wracking convulsions finally started to wane. In a few moments more he had wilted on top of the writhing blonde like some one had let all the air out of him.

Marion finally uncurled her legs from his ass and allowed him to roll over next to her on the floor.

The poor older man just lay there trying to get back his breath.

Marion rolled towards him and whispered in his ear...

"I think we're making a baby for sure daddy!..."

To which Mark let out a plaintive moan. Marion smiled at that, kissed him gently on the forehead then got to her feet.

She turned her attention back to John who was still sitting on the couch. Marion could tell immediately by the rigid erection that was jutting from his loins that he had been excited by what he had seen. She walked over to stand in front of him.

She towered over him with her feet slightly spread and her hands on her hips.

"Did you like watching my daddy fuck me Mr. Ryan? I think you did..." Marion purred, reaching into John's lap and closing her hand around his hard-on. As she bent over in front of him, Marion's pendulous breasts swung from her chest in a most arousing fashion.

Above her on the upper landing John watched his wife's lewd performance in shocked disbelief.

"I know a game we could play. I think you'll like it. It's called 'Who Knocked up the Pool Girl?'...

"What?..." John asked. He had no idea what the smiling blonde in front of him was up to.

"It's easy. Let me show you..." Marion purred.

Without letting go of John's hard cock, she turned and swung one leg over his legs so that she had her back to him. She climbed up on the couch, on her knees, straddling his lap with his cock held at the opening of her sodden snatch.

To make sure she had his attention she reached down with her free hand, cupped his balls in her hand and gave then an encouraging squeeze.

"Ohhhh!..." John grunted when she did that.

"See!...I told you you'd like it....Now all you have to do is fuck me until you shoot a big load up inside me. That way we'll never know whose baby it is!...You'll both be the daddys!...Pretty cool game huh?...Oh...You don't mind sloppy seconds do you Mr. Ryan?...

"Amber I don't think we should do this...What if you really do get....Umm!...I mean are you...are you on the pill or...Ahhh!..." John gasped as Marion dropped down on the end of his cock and took the upper half of his shaft inside her.

John wanted to resist her but it was no use. He couldn't help lifting up under her crouching loins, trying to feed her more of his eager tool.

"No I didn't think you would!..." Marion said with a smile. As John hunched himself up into her, she dropped her ass down onto him, sheathing his rigid spear right down to his balls.

"Ahhh!...Fuuuck!...That's incredible!..." John gasped as Marion tightened up on his steely length. It felt like she was squeezing him with a slick, silky glove.

"I thought you might like that!...Now it's your turn to do me Mr. Ryan!...Fuck me and then come inside me...That's the whole point of the game.." Marion urged as she began a gentle up and down motion on John's cock to get him going.

It didn't take much of that before John was eagerly thrusting up into her to meet the downward press of her silky channel.

"Yess!...That's it!...Give it to me just like that!..."

Then shifting her eyes to Mark who had turned and raised himself into a squatting position on the floor, she said...

"Come on over here daddy...I want to suck your cock!..."

You would have thought Mark's dick had ears the way it sprang to attention at Marion's lewd suggestion.

"Baby...You don't have to..." he said in an unsteady voice. But even as he said it he was hauling himself to his feet.

"I know I don't have to silly. I want to. I want to taste my daddy's cock. Does that make me such a horrible person? Now bring it over here..."

Mark did as he was told, his erection preceding him.

When he was in front of Marion/Amber she reached out and fisted him about mid shaft. Keeping her eyes on his she leaned towards his groin and pulled his stiff spike towards her. Mark stumbled forward another half step and inadvertently shoved the end of his prick towards Marion's face. The smiling blonde parted her lips and took his plum shaped helmet into her mouth.

"Oh Goddd!..." Mark groaned as she immediately went to work on that sensitive knot of nerves under his cock crown with her flailing tongue.

"Nahhh!... Shittt!..." John gasped as Marion's pussy pulled up his length until just the very tip of his cock remained inside her.

"Mmmm!...." Marion moaned as she dropped back down the full length of John's rod. At the same time she pulled Mark with her. He stumbled forward until his knees bumped into the couch, driving his cock into the entrance of her throat.

"Mmmmm!...." Marion groaned again, as she lifted her hips and backed off Mark's gagging cock at the same time. Then she pulled his hips forward once more and dropped back into John's lap.

The two men began groaning in concert as they each started working their hips up and down, in and out, fucking the salacious blonde's mouth and cunt at the same time and with the same keen excitement.

Marion let them enjoy themselves for a few moments and then she pulled her mouth off Mark's rampant tool. He was getting close to coming again.

"Daddy, did you know that a man can't ask for a paternity test. Oh he can ask for it but the woman doesn't have to agree. And if she doesn't then no one would ever know who the baby's real father was. Did you know that?..."

And then she plunged back down on Mark's needy prick.

"Oh Goddd Amber!... Baby!...Don't do this!...Please!..." Mark groaned. And then he whimpered..."John...."

John, who was on the verge of giving up the load of come that Marion was so expertly fucking him for, was barely able to gasp..."What?..."

There was a long pause that was punctuated only with the lurid sucking sound of Marion's mouth bobbing up and down on Mark's tool.

"Don't come inside her!..."

"What?..." John groaned. His head was literally swimming with arousal. The tingling excitement of plunging in and out of Marion's molten sheath was so consuming that he was hardly aware of anything else.

"Don't come inside her!..." Mark moaned plaintively.

There was another protracted pause and then John gasped..." I won't if you won't!..."

Marion let out a strangled laugh when she heard that. Then she went to work on Mark's cock in earnest. She attacked the underside of his knob with her lashing tongue. At the same time she fisted the exposed portion of his shaft and began to work it with short, hard strokes. She cupped his balls with her other hand and gently but firmly pressed them up into his groin.

"Mmm!...Mmm!...Mmm Hmm!..." she coaxed in a guttural purr. She was sucking his knob so forcefully that her cheeks were inverting around it.

"Mmm Hmm!...Mmm Hmm!...Mmm Hmm!..." she whimpered more urgently.

And of course this was more persuasion that Mark could take. Suddenly his balls kicked and a fountain of come was blasting into Marion's provocative mouth.

"Ahh!...Nahhh!...Unnn!..." he cried, trying not to slam his geysering pole into Marion's throat. He didn't want to hurt her.

And then John was gripping Marion's hips with both hands and bucking up into her leeching tunnel with all his strength.

"Phwahhh!...Oh God!...Ahhh!...Ahhh!...Ahhh!..." he cried as his creamy sperm jetted into the blonde's pussy.

"Mmmm!...Mmm Hmm!...Mmm Hmm!..,Mmm Hmm!..." Marion purred happily as she eagerly accepted all the searing man juice that John and Mark had to give her.

There was a chorus of 'Oohh's and Ahhh's' as both men emptied their aching testicles inside the sultry blonde.

"Unn!...Unn!...Unn!..." John whimpered as his loins convulsed. This was his second orgasm in a very short time and he didn't have a lot left to give.

"Ahh!...Noo!...Oh Nooo!..." Mark muttered, as Marion sucked an enormous load of come up from his balls.

And poor Dave, Marion's husband could do nothing but stare in shock at his previously demure young wife as a creamy trickle of sperm began to leak on to the couch cushions beneath her and out of the corner of her mouth.

Finally Marion pulled her mouth off of Mark's now ropey cock and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand

"That was a good one wasn't it daddy? ..."she said with a sneering smile.

And then she climbed off John's softening spear and turned to smile down on him.

"I think you liked it to didn't you Mr. Ryan?..."

"God Amber!...You're too much!..." the older man said in wonder.

Marion/Amber puckered a mocking kiss at him and then said...

"Well that was fun boys. But I think we'd better call it a day before the man of the house gets home, don't you?..."

John and Mark appeared to be completely drained as they got their pants back on and stood up.

Mark looked like he wanted to say something but Marion just gave him and John each a quick peck on the cheek and sent them on their way.

A moment later the front door slammed behind them on their way out. Then, without looking up, Marion said..."

"Mr. Brickman!...I know you're up there. You can come down now. They're gone..."

Dave held his breath when he heard that. He had no idea that his wife had spotted him lurking upstairs. He wondered fearfully how long she had known he was there. It wasn't like he could run away now. There wasn't anything he could do except go down and see how much trouble he was in.

Nervously he descended the stairs. When he got into the living room Marion was waiting for him. She was sitting in the big arm chair in the corner of the room with a sly smile turning the corners of her mouth. She had picked up a pair of sunglasses from somewhere and had put them on.

Dave couldn't help staring in awe at his blonde wife who was calmly sitting in the big chair, nude except for her sneakers, her ball cap and her sunglasses. She had an incredibly sexy, fresh fucked glow about her. His rigid cock strained against the fabric of his pants in front of her.

"Where's your wife Mr. Brickman?..." Marion asked with a playful grin.

"I...I don't know..." Dave answered honestly.

"I don't think she likes me very much. She's seen the way you look at me when I'm cutting your grass. She knows what you're thinking and she doesn't like it! Come over here Mr. Brickman. There's something I want you to see. Something you're really going to like...."

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