tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBe Careful Who You Call Prey

Be Careful Who You Call Prey


*Dogs should not hunt the prey of Lions*

(This story takes time to develop; please be patient; it is told from the perspective of two of the participants)


Running in the early morning was the best thing for clearing her mind. Her headphones fed her some soothing electric dance tunes that eased her mind the way her steady pace eased her tired muscles. The forest trail felt spongy against the souls of shoes and the pine scent cleared the scent of her roommate's nasty smoking habit. For Lindsay her running time was an opportunity to be alone and free.


He'd been ignored by her for weeks. His few attempts at conversation had been arrogantly ignored. He'd taken to stalking her from the apartment building that she called home to the law firm where she worked as a paralegal. She'd felt so safe, acted so independent; it had made him hungry for Lindsay Cohen's body and mind.

She always ran the same route Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. She went to a popular gym on Tuesday, Thursdays and most Saturdays. Daniel figured that his best opportunities were any days she ran – it was so early in the morning on a poorly travelled route as opposed to her coming home from the gym on the other weekday nights.

He opted to wait for a morning when a light rain was falling. Lindsay was certainly to be alone and even if she wasn't, the rain would restrict the sound of her protests if something went wrong. Lindsay made it too easy. She was totally engrossed in her world like some little innocent lamb. She was in her trademark brown-haired pony tail, black biking pants, and white sleeveless shirt. He stepped up from behind her, ran her down and slammed her into a tree. Stunned, she was powerless to resist.

"Move or scream bitch," Daniel hissed, "and I'll slit your throat." He pressed his knife to her neck to prove his points. He marched her quickly through the woods to the fire road were he'd parked his car. He slammed her hard against the trunk of the car.

"On your knees," he commanded. Lindsay hastily obeyed. Daniel popped the trunk, got out his 'tools' and quickly secured Lindsay. He handcuffed her hands behind her back then applied duct tape to her mouth and around her ankles. That done he manhandled Lindsay into the trunk and shut it hard.


Her mind was still reeling from the shock of the attack. All she could think of was that her opportunity to escape had temporarily passed and all she could hope to do was survive. All she had experienced was her attacker's raw power which greatly exceeded her own. From the press of his body against her, he clearly desired her. She knew she had to use that. If she could please him long enough an escape option might present itself. She might even be rescued. She tried not to think about the fact that she'd seen his face.

Lindsay was a smart girl. She tried her best to determine her time in the trunk as well as the route she took, remember how long she was on dirt roads or paved, and what turns she took. In the end she felt totally lost and isolated. Time had little meaning in the darkness of the trunk. Too often she lost track which way she'd turned.

When she stopped for the final it took Lindsay by shock. That was compounded by the brightness of the sunshine into her dark world. The man broke through the light to roughly grab her and pulled her out painfully by the upper arm. The cuffs on her wrists bit in and she muffled a scream.


He yanked Lindsay out of the trunk. Daniel cut her legs free and pulled the tape off her mouth. He was safely in the remote fastness of his mountain cabin. There wasn't a neighbor within a mile and for the most part they were like him – people who wanted to be left alone. No one would disturb him while he played. He dragged his victim up to the porch of his wooden home. It had all kinds of amenities including an indoor kennel.

"This is your collar and leash," Daniel instructed. He placed the collar on Lindsay and led her inside by the leash. Unlike every other woman that Daniel had brought here, Lindsay sped to keep up. Even when he arbitrarily yanked on her, forcing her to stumble, she recovered without comment and without falling down.

"Good dog," Daniel remarked. Lindsay gave him a weak smile. Of course it didn't matter; he'd tire of her eventually too. He tired of the others in the same way. He took her into the bathroom and removed her handcuffs. Strangely Lindsay stood there with her hands behind her back, waiting on him to talk.

"Take off your clothes and wash yourself. You are filthy and I want to see you become clean." Lindsay nodded vigorously and stripped as quickly as she could. That completed, she looked at him expectantly.

"Get in the shower, turn on the water; you'll find a sponge I want you to scrub your filthy self with then shower your hair. I will tell you when you are clean enough," Daniel insisted.

Lindsay did so without comment. Her skin was red and raw but she kept scrubbing. Daniel grew bored waiting for her to cry out or complain. Even with her eyes red rimmed with unseen tears and shivering from all the hot water being gone, Lindsay kept scrubbing and scrubbing.

"Enough," he barked. Daniel yanked so hard Lindsay stumbled and fell out of the shower.


She banged her knees, biting her lip to avoid for crying out because she knew what that would earn her. Instead she hung on and tried to stand. Her tormentor pulled yet again, keeping her on her knees. She didn't even have to be told. She padded forth on her hands and her knees while the man held the leash just far enough up to keep her head held high like that of a good little show dog.

He brought her around to a large wire cage in an adjacent room.

"This will be your cage and home for as long as I let you live," he chuckled. "Crawl in." He unhooked her leash and Lindsay obediently crawled in. He still smacked her sore ass sharply with the leash. She stifled a moan, but a little bit of it slipped out. As she turned around in the tight space she could see him grinning triumphantly. Lindsay hoped it wasn't a bad thing

"Come out," he commanded sharply. Lindsay banged her head on the gate racing out the door on all fours. "Good doggy," he chuckled. He snapped on the leash and proceeded to lead her out to what turned out to be the kitchen. "Sit," was his next command. Lindsay sat back on her haunches and put her hands on her knees. Lindsay looked up at him and waited patiently as he hooked the leash on the top nob of one of the chairs.

Lindsay caught him looking at her out of the corner of his eye. She moved her gaze to follow him around the kitchen but otherwise kept her body still. He microwaved a simple dinner and poured it out into a dog bowl. The bowl had a label on it that read: Lindsay. She couldn't help but smile shyly; she had her own bowl.

The man laid down the bowl and stared at her. Lindsay waited. The man sat down and stared at her in some confusion and a bit of anger.

"You can eat," he began, "but ..." he started to add, but was brought up short. Lindsay lowered her face into the bowl and began lapping it up with her tongue. Her hands remained on her knees.


He was about to tell her to 'but you can't use your hands," yet she was ahead of him yet again. She buried her face into her bowl without complaint. Every girl balked, if not outright refused, at eating food with their faces. It was demeaning, and was often a key in breaking his victims down. He snickered when he figured it out; this girl desperately wanted to live. It amused him, but it wouldn't save her life in the end.

As she was finishing up Daniel got a wet washcloth and threw it to her. She cleaned off her face and kept cleaning it until he told her to stop.

"Now you are going to cook me dinner," he told her. Normally this was a Day two or three operation but this girl appeared to be so pliable. The girl stood up and waited. "I want carrots, broccoli, a baked potato, and lamb steak. He was about to give her more detailed instructions but stopped when the girl turned and went to the refrigerator.

Humming, Lindsay pulled out the frozen vegetables from the bottom freezer and the microwaveable potato from up top. She dove back into the freezer moving things around, looking for the lamb. Daniel walked up behind her and began massaging her sensitive, succulent ass. Lindsay startled slightly but went back to bending over into the freezer.

She was wet and inviting to the touch. She was turned on by all the abuse and control. He played with two fingers inside her snatch and moved a thumb to her anus. He leaned forward and shoved his thumb painfully in. Lindsay yelped, stumbled forward, catching herself on the freezer door.

Daniel could tell she was not a stranger to either anal or vaginal sex. He wasn't aware she had a boyfriend. He'd never seen her with anyone. Maybe she was into some sort of kinky self-pleasure.

"Who is your boyfriend?" Daniel asked.

"I don't have a boyfriend," Lindsay responded while still searching. "I've never had the time for one."

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked, not that her answer mattered in the slightest.

"Yes, if you want to have sex with me," she answered pleasantly.

He yanked Lindsay hard up by the leash until she was standing and he was pressed right behind her.

"I'm going to skin you alive," he growled. "I don't care how much you grovel, you are going to die." The woman trembled slightly but said nothing. Usually they started whimpering for their lives, but not this girl.

"Don't you want to live?" he snapped. He was being denied part of his game.

"Please let me live," she begged. "I want to live." That was more like it, Daniel thought.

"The lamb is in the deep freeze in the garage. Don't take too long," Daniel informed her. He unhooked the leash and let her go where he directed.

Two of the five previous victims had run for it and he'd hamstrung them for their rebelliousness. He kind of ached for her to do it. He snuck up to the door to the garage and waited. He heard the deep freeze door open. The girl hadn't even looked around the garage looking for the easiest exit. She rummaged around for maybe fifteen seconds and the door of the deep freeze slammed shut.

Daniel heard her humming softly as she came back to the door. He waited to surprise her. She looked up slightly surprised then snapped her head down and showed him the frozen lamb, waiting on his comment.

"Don't stand around," he grumbled. "Cook it." Lindsay stepped around him and made her way back to the kitchen. Daniel was so angry he stormed off to the living room and cut on the TV. Twice he snuck back to the kitchen to catch her doing something clever like hiding a knife in easy reach of where he might eat, or perhaps even going for the old skillet to the head trick.

Lindsay moved around the kitchen with a quiet calm that infuriated him. When she had placed everything on his plate she came back to the living room only seconds before he sat back down and knelt before him, remaining silent.



"Yes sir," she answered respectfully. She'd found a cook book that told her how to prepare lamb. All that had mattered they was making sure the vegetables and the baked potato all were ready at the same time. She had done the very best job she could have done, but still it was no surprise when he stood and kicked her painfully in the ribs.

It wasn't a matter of pleasure; it was a control and he had it and she didn't. She knew he could and would hurt her whenever he wanted. All she needed was to survive it. Help had to be coming. She could never give up hope on that. She was a survivor and she knew he couldn't dish out anything she couldn't handle.

He hooked up the leash and led her back to the kitchen as he started eating he pulled the leash down until her face was pressed to the table next to her plate. He took two fingers of butter that she'd left out for his potato and started rubbing it around her ass before sticking another finger in. As she loosened up the rammed his second finger into her ass. Lindsay grunted but didn't cry out in pain.

As he ate with one hand he slid his fingers in and out of her ass in a slowly arousing rhythm. Lindsay was starting to feel weak in the knees by the time he finished his meal. He stood and removed his pants. He yanked the leash around and drove Lindsay to her knees. Looking into his crotch she didn't wait to be told. Using just her tongue and lips she took his member in and began sucking.

Daniel growled at her and Lindsay began to despair of making progress. She had to wrack her well-conditioned mind to find the answer, but it turned out the answer was obvious.

"Please," she pleaded, "please don't' kill me. Please, I'll do whatever you want!"

"Bitch," he snapped. "I didn't tell you to stop sucking." He smacked her face with the leash and she yelped in pain.

Lindsay saw that her tactics had worked. Her captor rapidly hardened and throbbed in eagerness. She struggled to keep sobbing and blubbering while not actually using words. She sucked harder and was rewarded by him grabbing her up and pushing her back onto the table on her stomach. He lined his cock up against her ass and painfully pushed into her.

Even though it felt great, Lindsay forced herself to cry out and beg him to stop. That drove him on even harder. He yanked up on her hair and whipped her back with the leash. From time to time he even choked her into hear orgasm. When he finally came it was somewhat of a letdown.

"What's that on the back of your neck?" he noted the scar right at the hairline beneath her pony tail.

"A lover gave that to me," she panted in response.

(Later - Daniel)

The knocking and calling went on and on. Now he regretted parking his car in front of his house. He snuck a look out and someone's silver luxury convertible sat behind his. He came to the door and a tall blonde woman with short cut hair in a soft blue blouse and grey skirt stood there, rocking back and forth on white tennis shoes and hands clasped behind her back. She had wire-rimmed glasses that highlighted ghostly grey eyes. There was something familiar about her.

"Yes?" he snapped.

"This isn't the Winslow's is it? I'm so sorry, but can I use your phone? I don't have cell reception out here?" she blathered.

"No," he growled. He tried to shut the door, but the woman pushed her left hand against the door hard enough to stop him.

"Please," she pleaded. "It is dark and I'll be so lost up here by myself without directions. I promise I won't be long." Daniel thought it over. His knife was on his hip sheath. If Lindsay made a single noise he'd gut this interloper then skin Lindsay alive.

"Fine," Daniel grumbled. He had opened the door and was stepping inside to let her in when the woman slammed the stun gun to his chest with a furious rage playing across her face.

As he fell to the ground the woman stabbed him with the weapon time and time again until consciousness finally left him.

(Still later)

Daniel shook his head trying to clear the cobwebs from his mind. His joints and muscles ached and he felt cold.

"Oh, you are awake," the blonde woman said pleasantly. Daniel tried to move but fearfully realized he'd been stripped naked and hog-tied.

He looked around and saw the blonde woman sitting in his favorite chair drinking some wine (he had none so she must have bought it) and looked decidedly dangerous. What finished off the whole bizarre situation was that a naked Lindsay sat on her haunches with hands on her knees beside her just like she'd done for him, plus she had a bright red ball-gag in her mouth.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" the blonde asked.

"Who the fuck are you?" he rasped in response.

"Hold my drink," the blonde directed. Lindsay rose up her hands in such a way that the blonde could place her wineglass into Lindsay's grasp.

The blonde got up and walked over to Daniel. When she got there she looked down, smiled then proceeded to kick him hard repeatedly into his over-extended stomach muscles. Daniel gasped in pain; his stomach felt like it was on fire. The blonde walked over to her chair, sat down, retrieved her drink and ran a hand lovingly through Lindsay's hair.

"Now, who the fuck do you think you are?" she smiled sweetly.

"Daniel," he wheezed.

"And Daniel, what makes you think you could take my property?" she continued.

"What?" he asked clearly confused. The blonde handed her glass to Lindsay. "Wait, wait, I don't know what you are talking about." The woman hesitated.

"So you stole my property – Lindsay – without even bothering to consult me? What am I supposed to do about that? What about poor Lindsay? She's not absolutely sure who she should obey now and after all the work I've done with her. Daniel, I blame you, I'm not very happy with you, and I don't know what should I do about you? Can you help me decide?"

"I ... I didn't know. Hey, you can have her back," he trembled in response.

"That sounds reasonable. Perhaps Lindsay and I should leave. That would be quite reasonable. Of course, when do you think you will get your next visitor?" she mused.


"Oh, I have no intention of untying you, so I'm wondering how long you can last, in your restraints and locked into the cage you had for Lindsay," the blonde chuckled, " because you can't believe I'd leave you in range of any of your toys." The blonde pointed to several knives he'd hidden around his home.

"I'd die," he groaned.

"Well of course you are going to die Daniel. You threatened to deny me Lindsay and I'm sure if I hadn't put a tracking chip in her skull you would have killed her. I can't begin to describe to you how much I love Lindsay, how much time we've spent together, and how angry I am with you for trying to take my love away from me."

"Don't kill me," he whimpered.

"How about this Daniel; I'm not going to kill you right now. I'm sure that is a familiar theme to you. You keep me amused and I'll let you live. We both understand this game can't go on forever." The blonde looked to Lindsay, "Get me Black Beauty."


She was ecstatic. Cassidy had come for her like Lindsay had thought she would. She had been magically powerful and assertive. Sure Daniel had been controlling, but he had been in the end very unfulfilling. Cassidy was very demanding, but she was a very giving lover too. It was what made their relationship so fantastic.

Things didn't look too good for Daniel. Cassidy was furious, just very good as hiding it, but she was Lindsay's soul mate so she knew Cassidy's moods. Cassidy could be very dominating, but fair. Daniel had only been demanding and selfish and people like that made Cassidy very angry. Of course people that tried to kill Lindsay seemed to make her very angry as well.

Lindsay had thought that Cassidy would call the cops. Cassidy had demanded a more direct form of vengeance. As always Lindsay gave in when Cassidy had set her mind to something. There was no way should communicate this to Daniel, the ball gag prevented it. Besides she was running to Cassidy's car to get her Mistress's biggest strap-on.

Lindsay knew that the likelihood that Daniel had received anal sex was virtually non-existent. That was about to change and knowing Cassidy, that wasn't the only sexual status update that was going to change for the man. Lindsay raced back into main room. By then Cassidy had stripped off all her clothes.

"Attach it to me," Cassidy commanded. Lovingly and with only the slightest naughty touch Lindsay did as commanded. Cassidy showed that she allowed this indiscretion by pulling her leash up into a kiss. When she finished with Cassidy, the blonde walked over to Daniel, her oversized phallic bobbing in his fearful eyes.

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