tagBDSMBe Careful Who You Call Prey Ch. 02

Be Careful Who You Call Prey Ch. 02


*Sex is a game of the mind; the body follows along*

(This is as much a story of seduction as it is of control)

(The genesis of this story was the comment that someone was curious about the relationship between Cassidy and Lindsay; something I had not given much thought. To SweetGasps; I owe partial credit for this creation and I hope they like it.)


It had taken priceless weeks to set the lure; not a trap, because traps involved capture while lures involved the prey taking the bait. Cassidy had given up a less than promising relationship with a woman who demanded too much and gave too little. She had devoted her time and her dreams to this new woman. This woman had become intoxicating to her, like some new, unexplored aphrodisiac.

Lindsay walked into the restaurant. It was clear that Lindsay had never been to a place this nice. Lindsay was a paralegal; a nice job but she could do better. Cassidy ran an import/export business that did quite will in trade from Easter Europe. She had more than enough money to buy companionship to fulfill her needs, but not fill her loneliness.

The relationship with that girl had come about by accident. Cassidy was used to getting what she wanted and getting it when she wanted it. Cassidy wanted to use the machine and Lindsay was waiting on it. She stepped past Lindsay and used it. Most people would have blubbered something useless. Lindsay waited her turn without comment.

The next time Cassidy took an extra series of reps just to piss the other woman off. Lindsay patiently waited in silence. From there she'd graduated to forcing Lindsay off of machines. She'd moved aside and waited her turn, listening to her music and refusing to comment. It had taken no effort to find out the girl's name – Lindsay Cohen.

Cassidy took a different tact. Any dog you could whip, but Cassidy felt something different about this woman. It had been simple things like greeting Lindsay when the girl came in. Lindsay responded with a bright smile, as if weeks of abuse meant nothing. She'd asked for Lindsay's MP3 player and Lindsay had not only given it, but told Cassidy about her play list. It had been mindless electronic drivel. When Cassidy told her that, Lindsay had shrugged and told Cassidy that it worked for her.

In a few days they were spotting one another, giving Cassidy time to scope out Lindsay's fantastic body. It seemed that when Lindsay wasn't working out, she was jogging in the early morning. Cassidy wanted to tell Lindsay that she looked delicious, but settled for calling her attractive. Lindsay had praised Cassidy's superior, sculpted form that came with Cassidy's upper body training.

From that moment Cassidy knew that she had to have this woman. Actually, that was wrong; she had to have this woman wanting her. A little more study and a private investigator revealed that Lindsay was seeing some low-level banking non-entity. They didn't go out much, he didn't seem to exercise or do any of the other activities Lindsay enjoyed. He was ripe for removal.

The next part of setting the stage revolved around determining if Lindsay was heterosexual or bi-sexual. What had initially been a disappointing fear that Lindsay was hopelessly heterosexual had been revealed to be a sad dissatisfaction with sex in general. Men and women both reacted to Lindsay; Lindsay kept them at bay with a polite friendly nature. Sexual overtures were deflected.

This was something that Cassidy had to get around. Cassidy found the answer within herself; romance. It started with little hand-written poems slipped into her bag. For a few days Lindsay said and showed nothing until Cassidy lost patience and asked Lindsay if there was something new in her life. Lindsay's façade had cracked a tiny bit and she admitted she had an admirer, but had no idea who it might be.

Gifts followed, little things like flowers at work, graduating to a bottle of wine and then a tiny, cheap (for Cassidy) locket on a sterling chain. Lindsay wore it that night as they worked out. Cassidy asked if it was from her boyfriend, but Lindsay demurred but smiled. The next day Lindsay was rewarded with new set of running shoes.

All that was left was arranging a meeting at a restaurant with secluded tables and an expensive menu. Cassidy caught sight of Lindsay when the young woman entered. She looked around expectantly yet fearful. Seeing nobody she recognized, Lindsay made her way to the bar. Cassidy gave her a minute before angling toward the bar herself.

"Lindsay?" Cassidy did her best to sound surprised.

"Cassidy!" Lindsay beamed. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm afraid I've been stood up," Cassidy sighed. "What are you doing here?"

"I've ... I've been invited out on a date but I'm not sure what he looks like," Lindsay admitted. Cassidy took the plunge.

"How about you come sit at my table? When they come in they will be able to see you and you can get along with your date," Cassidy offered. Lindsay thought it over then nodded.

"Thank you," she added. Cassidy took her elbow and guided the pliant woman to her seat. The fact that Lindsay's back was to the door was a hidden benefit.


Lindsay liked Cassidy. She was strong and decisive, yet somehow restrained. At first Cassidy had barely registered on her radar. She'd been pushed around before; she had accepted that as being part of life. What mattered was that Cassidy had stepped up and befriended her. Lindsay made all kinds of acquaintances, but few friends. Cassidy actually seemed interested in her.

When those first sweet little poems had arrived Lindsay didn't know if she should be frightened, confused, or enticed. She was aiming more toward the frightened until the day that Cassidy had asked her about it.

Nobody ever asked.

No one had ever cared enough to ask. Lindsay had always settled for what was, but now she had something special. She had been curious and suspected she knew the culprit. The running shoes were the giveaway. Then it was only a small thing to wait for the trap to be sprung. It had been a thrilling new experience to be so wanted that her hunter they had gone through so much trouble for her.

The hardest part of playing the part of the prey was to be surprised when Cassidy approached her. Cassidy was so aggressive and dominant that Lindsay wanted to confront her with the knowledge that she'd figured out the whole game and receive her reward, whatever that might be, immediately. Cassidy's face was so intense that Lindsay couldn't bring herself to deny her the game.

It was fascinating to see Cassidy so much on edge. She was a coiled lioness, waiting for the gazelle go make that last fatal step. The action was innocuous; Cassidy's hands were fidgeting on the table top so Lindsay subtly took a drink of her wine then left her hand on the across from hers. Cassidy leapt upon it, placing her hand on top of Lindsay's. Instinctively she stroked Cassidy's thumb with her own.

"I am afraid your date has not come," Cassidy suggested.

"I'm glad tonight hasn't been a total waste Cassidy. This has been a very distinctive pleasure seeing you outside the gym." That made Cassidy smile.

"I'm sorry this hasn't turned out to be a possible boyfriend," Cassidy was clearly lying. Cassidy had to know.

"Oh, this doesn't have anything to do with my boyfriend. He went out to drink with some of his work buddies," Lindsay told her.

"I wouldn't let someone as beautiful as you step out on me," Cassidy playfully threatened.

"I would never step out on you," Lindsay promised.

"Why is that?" Cassidy asked with breath-taking open honesty.

"With someone like you, I would never want to," Lindsay responded. Cassidy stared at her then a smile played along her lips.

"Would your boyfriend have shared you with this secret lover?" Cassidy inquired.

"No, he's not very experimental or inventive," Lindsay confessed.

"I understand the desire not to share you. You are a very special woman Lindsay," Cassidy told her. Lindsay felt herself blushing. This was the first person who had called her special that Lindsay felt had meant it.

"That means a lot to me Cassidy. I respect you," she said because she wasn't sure that she could tell Cassidy she already loved her.

"I respect you too," Cassidy said with a toast. They drank together.

"I have to go," Lindsay said sadly. "He'll be back soon and I need to be home when he does."


She kissed Lindsay before girl left. She watch her ass move I that tight dress and imagined for not the first time how those firm muscles and breasts would feel under her touch. Lindsay had been receptive without being needy. Sure, she had somehow known about Cassidy's plan, but she'd played along after they both knew the cat was out of the bag. It had been erotic.

Never had Cassidy felt a dinner was money so well spent even though she'd be going home alone. There were 'friends' she could call but Cassidy felt they would spoil the moment. She found pleasure in herself and some of her toys, but what she really wanted was Lindsay's tongue and Lindsay's fingers. It was driving her nuts knowing that Lindsay was so tantalizingly close to her control.

The next two days boiled down the painful execution of business while she waited for Lindsay's next day at the gym. Cassidy showed up early and warmed up while she waited. Lindsay came gliding into the gym and positively glowed when she saw Cassidy. She came over and joined Cassidy in a silent warm up.

"Can you help me stretch," Lindsay requested. This was something new. All physical contact at the gym had been accidental up to this point. After a few tentative moves, "I came by yesterday, but you weren't here," Lindsay offered.

"I didn't tell you to come yesterday," Cassidy corrected her. Lindsay looked contrite.

"We had better exchange numbers so you don't make this mistake in the future," Cassidy directed.

"Yes Cassidy," Lindsay demurred.

"Spot me," Cassidy commanded and Lindsay hastened to obey. It was the best workout Cassidy had ever had.

"Lindsay, we are going out tomorrow night," Cassidy instructed Lindsay when their workout was done.

"But my boy ..." Lindsay started to say, but the look Cassidy gave her brought her up short. "I'll think of something."

"Don't make excuses Lindsay. I don't like excuses," Cassidy added. Lindsay nodded.


Lindsay considered herself to be a smart girl and in her own limited way, decisive. When she got home she thought over her predicament. Realistically this wasn't the first decision Cassidy would make for her; at least she hope not. There was only one real option. Lindsay told her boyfriend to be out of her apartment in twenty-four hours.

First he laughed, then he bullied, and finally he begged. Had he stuck with one form of attack he might have won, but he was essentially an indecisive lover who saw Lindsay more as a convenience than a partner. Lindsay was nice enough to help him pack and took his sniffling form down to a co-workers car and waved him good-bye.

The rest of the evening was spent making herself clean and pleasing for Cassidy. She picked out her dress with care, knowing that a great weight in their relationship was with Lindsay; she had to be someone worthy of Cassidy's attention, something she found herself desperately wanting. Satisfied that she'd done everything she could think off, Lindsay fell off to a fitful sleep desperately wanting Cassidy's caress.

(The Next Night)

Cassidy looked pleased with her when they gathered at this far more public eatery. Lindsay found herself pressing out her dinner dress before entering and kept her hands carefully by her side when she approached. She found her heart beating strongly and her hands trembled. This wasn't hunting, it was the capture.

"What did you tell your boyfriend?" Cassidy asked after Lindsay had sat down.

"I threw him out last night," Lindsay responded.

"I didn't tell you to do that," Cassidy chided. After a moment's hesitation where Lindsay felt her heart sink, Cassidy added, "but I like it when a lover shows intelligence and initiative."

"I wanted to make you happy," Lindsay said softly.

"You did well," Cassidy assured her, putting a hand across the table. Lindsay put her hand beneath Cassidy's, palm up. Cassidy stroked it with strong yet gentle affection. Lindsay couldn't remember so happy with such a little gesture.


Pleasure was an instrument of control exercised in equal measurements with punishment. Lindsay was proving to be a woman who sought out approval, but not slavishly so. This woman wanted the attention that Cassidy could provide and Cassidy hoped would be receptive to all of her desired. The very thought of testing Lindsay made Cassidy shift uncomfortably.

Dinner pasted in glacial slowness even though Cassidy noted they both raced through their main courses and had forgone dessert.

"We are going to my place," Cassidy informed Lindsay. Lindsay put a nervous hand forward; Cassidy seized it and led her to Cassidy's car. They drove back in silence, though Cassidy noted that Lindsay looked at her in rapt fearful attention.

When they got into the elevator of Cassidy's apartment complex Cassidy took the opposite corner from Lindsay.

"Come here," she enticed Lindsay. Lindsay walked slowly to face Cassidy. "Kiss me," Cassidy commanded. Now Lindsay looked truly fearful. Cassidy smiled because now she knew that Lindsay had never kissed a woman before. Cassidy would take that first kiss.

Before Lindsay could finish the act, Cassidy stroked the side of Lindsay's face, bringing the scared young woman to a stop. She pushed her hand farther back until she was in her hair. She slowly took a handful and tugged on it with just a hint of pain she forced Lindsay's head back slightly. Cassidy stood to her full height and took that kiss. Lindsay moaned, trying to press against Cassidy so Cassidy pulled back on the hair leading Lindsay back.

Control was now clearly established.

"When I tell you to kiss me, you kiss me," Cassidy made clear. Lindsay nodded.

"Kiss me," Cassidy instructed. Lindsay lunged in and gave a hungry desperate kiss to Cassidy. "Good girl," Cassidy purred. Lindsay gave a grateful smile.

When the elevator door opened, Cassidy put a hand on Lindsay's waist and propelled her gently forward Cassidy's spacious apartment. Cassidy let her in but kept her moving in front, aiding her disorientation by denying her any visual clues from Cassidy on where she should go. Finally Cassidy stopped her in front of the gas fireplace.

"Go to the kitchen," Cassidy indicated where that was, "and you will find a half-opened nice white wine. The glasses are clearly obvious." When Lindsay departed Cassidy started up the fireplace. The apartment was warm enough, but Cassidy wanted the space in front of the sofa to be warmer.


Lindsay had a choice to make, but she felt her decision was the right one, inventive yet respectful. She came back to Cassidy with only one glass. Cassidy arched an eyebrow.

"One glass?"

"You didn't tell me to get one for myself," she said hoping her decision was the right one. A sly smile crossed Cassidy's lips.

Cassidy opened the wine and poured a glass. She and Lindsay sat at opposite ends of the sofa. Lindsay became warm then hot while Cassidy seemed immune to the temperature and drank several sips from the glass.

"Come have some wine," Cassidy offered.

Lindsay moved down the sofa until they were at arm's length.

"Sit at my feet," Cassidy said, but it was unsure whether that was a command or suggestion. Lindsay sat at Cassidy's feet and was rewarded with the wine. She drank deeply and felt flushed with the alcohol. She handed the glass back.

"Fill it back up," Cassidy directed. Lindsay obeyed. When she took the glass Cassidy held Lindsay's gaze.

"Kiss me," Cassidy commanded. Lindsay was forced to pull herself up between Cassidy's legs in order to speedily reach her rich ruby lips.

When she backed up, Cassidy was smiling. She touched her chin. Lindsay kissed where directed. Cassidy drew a line from the top of her neck to the top of her breast bone. Lindsay gave small fairy-like kissed down the line.

"Undo my top button." Lindsay had to prop a knee higher into the space between Cassidy's legs to get at the button. There was a bead of sweat below the button. Lindsay licked her lips.

Kiss me," Cassidy said with a slightly anticipation. Lindsay gently licked that sensuous bead of salty sweat before planting a kiss. By now Lindsay was visibly sweating herself. Lindsay clearly wanted more. She looked up to Cassidy who smiled down at her.

"You should go home now," Cassidy instructed.

Lindsay gave a sharp whimper. Had she done something wrong? Cassidy leaned forward to put the glass down, shoving her breasts into Lindsay's face, as if daring her to do something. Cassidy sat back allowing Lindsay to stand up. Cassidy waved her toward the door. Lindsay stole a look over her shoulder where Cassidy looked over to her with amusement playing in her eyes.

The taxi ride home was agony. Lindsay tried to understand what she'd done wrong. That night was sleepless and wracked with doubt. She called in sick that day and waited painfully for her time at the gym. When that time finally arrived, it was all Lindsay could do to not arrive early. Cassidy was there warming up as she always was. Lindsay hovered close by, worried and rendered incapable of stating a conversation by her own misunderstanding.


"Lindsay!" Cassidy said happily. "Let's warm up." Cassidy subtly ran her hands over Lindsay's body. Lindsay seemed to melt in her hands. "Keep your eyes on the task at hand," Cassidy cautioned her. Lindsay looked confused and frustrated, which was just the way Cassidy wanted it. The rest of the work out went along with a minimal amount of small talk.

"You are coming home with me," Cassidy announced when they were in the locker room. Lindsay acted startled.

"Do you want me to go home and change?" Lindsay whispered.

"Lindsay, I wasn't asking you. Don't make me repeat myself again," Cassidy cautioned. Lindsay nodded.

They repaired to Cassidy's car and the short drive home. Cassidy taunted Lindsay only stealing glances her way when the other woman was distracted. When they got to Cassidy's home she repeated the process, holding Lindsay in silence. Only when they stepped into the apartment and Cassidy shut door did she call out.

"Lindsay, kiss me."

Lindsay rushed into Cassidy body and kissed her desperately. When the second kiss was not rejected Lindsay planted a third and fourth.

"Enough," Cassidy directed. "Go to the living room."

Lindsay did as she was told only realizing after a moment the coffee table had been removed. The whole room was unrestricted and Lindsay looked so vulnerable standing in that open space. Cassidy walked over and sat on the sofa, examining her. This was the real hurdle.

"Lindsay, take off your clothes," Cassidy stated evenly. Too much and she might bolt, yet stripping herself would readily prepare her for what Cassidy wanted.

Cassidy could see the fear and terrible uncertainty in Lindsay's eyes, yet her hands moved of their own accord. Her tight top came off first revealing a black sports bra damp with perspiration. Lindsay had to balance awkwardly as she worked off each shoe. She wiggled out of her sports pants, halfway removing her panties in the process.

Now she hesitated.

"Top first," Cassidy instructed. Lindsay pulled up the bra allowing her breasts to spring free. Cassidy resisted the impulse to go up to those magnificent orbs, weigh them and kissing them. Lindsay had to deserve her pleasure.

The panties were finally shed, with Lindsay resisting the impulse to cover her pubic area and breasts out of fear of angering Cassidy. Cassidy let a ghost of a smile cross her lips. Now for the second part. Cassidy stood up.

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