tagBDSMBe Careful Who You Call Prey Ch. 03

Be Careful Who You Call Prey Ch. 03


*Trust is a thought that lives, grows, withers and dies. We nurture it to either end*

(Special thanks to SweetGasps and GingerVye for firing up this story in my mind)


When she knocked on the door she was worried. Cassidy hadn't been by to the gym which was so unlike her. She had been torn between calling and showing up, deciding to show up in case Cassidy needed something right away. She felt for what seemed forever when the door opened and this highly sensual woman answered.

She was tall, like Cassidy, but had billowing luxurious black hair and bedroom eyes. It appeared all she had was a silken grey blouse held together by only the middle two buttons. She even stuck a provocative pose.

"Aren't you a nice little morsel," the woman murmured in a sexually aggressive manner.

"Can ... can I see Cassidy?" Lindsay stammered.

"She's in the shower," the woman smiled.

"Can I wait?"

"Oh, are you the latest little drink-stirrer? Tell you what; I tell her you've come by," the beautiful woman promised in a sweetly-sick manner.

Lindsay didn't know what to say. Was that all she was to Cassidy; one in a long line of placeholders in her life. She struggled for the words. She knew Cassidy loved her deep in her soul. They had something.

"Well, good-bye then," the woman grinned as she shut the door in Lindsay's face.

She wandered back downstairs in a daze. Lindsay didn't know where to go so she found herself wandering to one of her old haunts. She felt totally vulnerable, even betrayed. Only the cold realization that Cassidy had never promised her anything but was offered kept her going. She didn't own Cassidy, Cassidy owned her.


Cecelia Meriwether was a rare storm in Cassidy's life. Fierce, bold and relentless, her raven-haired lover was in essence a cold calculating woman who weighed every relationship as a transaction. For Cecelia Cassidy was an employer; a courier for her business who took care of 'select' opportunities in Cassidy's business. Cassidy paid well and they shared in the knowledge they had beaten the system.

Cassidy dialed her phone.

"Lindsay, answer me when you get this," she told her partner's voice mail.

"Problem," Cecelia asked.

"My girlfriend," Cassidy answered.

"You have a girlfriend?" Cecelia scoffed. "How long is this one going to last?" Cecelia asked. Cassidy gave her a measured stare.

"This woman is different – different to the point that this was the last time. Sex with you is good, but I don't need anyone else anymore," Cassidy confessed.

Cecelia gave a knowing grin.

"We'll always do this," Cecelia laughed.

"Not anymore. I'm serious about this girl. I'm sort of curious where she is too," Cassidy wondered aloud.

"Slight little thing, brown hair, honest features? She was here while you were in the shower. I told her that the two of you were done. I hope you don't mind," Cecelia mused. Cassidy turned on Cecelia with real anger. Cassidy grabbed up her jacket and her purse. She stopped at the door on her way out.

"Don't be here when I get back," Cassidy threatened then slammed the door.

Cassidy waited impatiently to make the lobby. She'd done something she'd sworn never to do to Lindsay – she'd been cruel. She hadn't meant to be; she simply hadn't thought about the consequences of her actions. She was Lindsay's protector; the one Lindsay had chosen to open herself up to. She found Lindsay in the third club she tried.


She didn't know why she was there. She needed to get away for a while. Her place would only remind her of what she'd lost and she didn't even know what she'd done wrong. She was vaguely aware of the guys on either side trying to score with her but the last thing she wanted right now was sex. Even the memory of Cassidy was better than this.

"Lindsay," Cassidy barked. Lindsay spun around on her stool and stared open-eyed at her lover.

"Cassidy," Lindsay whispered.

"Hey now," joked one of the guys, "She's with us." He put a hand on her elbow, stopping her from standing up.

"Kiss me," Cassidy ordered. Lindsay pulled away despite the strength of his hold and rushed to Cassidy, kissing her on the lower lip then pressing her tongue farther in.

"Fucking dykes," the second guy sneered. Cassidy stepped passed Lindsay and faced the first of the two men. He foolishly stood up only to realize he barely had an inch on Cassidy.

Cassidy snatched his balls and squeezed with the hand strength developed over years of lifting. He tried to scream but his very breath was taken away by the upward pressure she applied to him. His buddy looked like he was about to do something stupid so Cassidy fixed him with a stare.

"Do you want to be next?" Cassidy growled at the second man. Lindsay could have sworn he wet himself. Cassidy used her hold the first guy to slam him to the bar. She let go and the guy slid down to the floor whimpering. Cassidy turned to Lindsay and fixed her with a gaze.

"You do understand I'm not happy with you," she announced.

Lindsay nodded and moved to Cassidy's side. Cassidy took her by the elbow and led her from the crowd and into the night. When they got to Cassidy's car she turned on Lindsay and with real anger and snapped.

"How dare you lose faith in me? I said you are mine and I meant it. You will never doubt me again, is that clear?"

"Yes Cassidy," Lindsay said demurely. She now felt so foolish for believing that other woman about Cassidy and she knew she had deserved to be punished; hell she welcomed it. They drove to Cassidy's home in silence. It was clear that Cassidy had hardly simmered down. When they got to the elevator Cassidy turned to Lindsay and gave her a command she'd never issued before.

"Don't let me kiss you," she told Lindsay. It almost – almost – caught Lindsay off-guard. Cassidy's lips were almost upon hers when Lindsay got her hands up against Cassidy's chest and she pressed back with all her might. It was an uneven struggled but Lindsay tossed her head back and forth and fought on until her hands were forced to their sides. Lindsay's face was held fast in her lover's grasp and Cassidy forced the kiss.

"You are mine," insisted Cassidy with grave authority.

"Yes," Lindsay whispered as she looked down to the ground.

"Kiss me," Cassidy commanded next. Lindsay flowed into her arms and wept as she kissed her mistress. Cassidy stroked the back of her hear and made soft comforting noises to her mate.


Lindsay had shown just enough resistance against Cassidy's embrace to make her happy. Lindsay had been confused by Cecilia intervention, but she needed to understand that Cassidy totally trusted her and expected the same. Having Lindsay was more than restraints and commands; it was the willingness to sacrifice for the other.

Lindsay was so happy to be inside Cassidy's home that she almost forgot herself. She was in the living room before she began stripping her clothes off. When she finished she knelt down in from of the coffee table and waited. Cassidy got herself a tray of vegetables and two glasses of water. The TV came on and Cassidy watched without glancing to Lindsay.

Her strategy was simple. When she was ready she went to bed. She could see Lindsay was anxious to say something, but Cassidy was secretly pleased that she'd kept to herself. Cassidy went to sleep comfortable in the belief that she could count on Lindsay. In the morning she found Lindsay wavering but still in the spot Cassidy had left her in. She was clearly cramped up, in some pain, and struggling to stay awake.

"You may go home now. You will maintain you routine. I will be checking up on you. I will meet you at the gym tonight and I will expect an exceptional effort on your part. You will not let me down," Cassidy stated firmly. Lindsay got up and staggered around; muscles clearly stressed from remaining still all night long and began gathering her cloths.

"Lindsay, you may use the bathroom," Cassidy allowed. Lindsay scampered off to use the facilities. Cassidy stole a smile when she heard Lindsay relieve herself – control, not humiliation was her goal. When she came back out she watched Lindsay's taut body get dressed but there was something she had yet to do.

"Lindsay, stop me from kissing you," Cassidy commanded. Lindsay prepared herself as best her tired body could. She had a fierce determination her eyes as Cassidy closed in. To her credit, Lindsay fought with every ounce of energy she could summon. Only when Cassidy had her hopelessly pinned did the game change.

"Lindsay, kiss me."

Relief flooded Lindsay's face and she crossed the inch that separated them and gave Cassidy a desperate and hungry embrace. Cassidy felt relief and redemption for Lindsay in that simple action. She never wanted Lindsay to forget she cared for her again.


The day was one of suffering, but her physical suffering was the least of it. It was the ache of longing for someone she belonged with. Running had been a relief of sorts, loosening her muscles and clearing her mind for what she hoped would come. She fought her way through work, counting the hours until she was able to change and head to the gym.

Cassidy's demeanor was neutral, neither denying much nor promising anything. It kept Lindsay on edge, which was undoubtedly what Cassidy wanted. When Cassidy took Lindsay to the car, she stopped her by the passenger door and looked at her with some heat.

"Kiss me," she commanded.

Lindsay didn't rush in; she stepped forward and savored the moment, kissing Cassidy gently yet fully. This seemed to please Cassidy but a mask of control slipped in its place soon enough.

"I'm still angry with you. Now get in the car," Lindsay hurriedly obeyed and passed the journey to Cassidy's in silence. Lindsay hoped for contact in the elevator but was denied by Cassidy's refusal to initiate communication of any kind.

When they had taken off their jackets and settled into opposite sides of the sofa, Lindsay, now naked, waited patiently for her punishment. She even looked forward to Cassidy's touch.

"Lindsay, go home," Cassidy said. Lindsay reacted as if slapped. Worse, being slapped would have been far more preferable. Cassidy's eyes were cold and pitiless, denying the thing that Lindsay wanted most of all.

Lindsay gathered her clothes and headed for the door, dejected and torn by remorse.

"What do you suggest I do to you?" Cassidy asked when Lindsay was reaching for the doorknob. Lindsay turned and pleaded.

"Tie me up; leave me close to you but unable to touch you, but please don't make me leave."

Cassidy studied her, got up and walked over to Lindsay and the door.

"If you stop me from kissing you, you may stay," Cassidy announced. Cassidy stepped in and was surprised by Lindsay's ferocity. Not an inch was given without a terribly fight on Lindsay's part. She wept at her impending failure but never gave up fighting for Cassidy's affections. Once more at the edge of victory, Cassidy stopped.

"Lindsay, kiss me," Cassidy found herself breathing heavily. Lindsay, who was outright panting, kissed Cassidy weakly but with a great sense of relief.

"Ropes it is," Lindsay's lover smiled down at her property. Lindsay snuggled into Cassidy's arms having won a victory greater than any force of arms. Dominant or submissive, lovers were things you fought for.


Lindsay was thoroughly bound, but that was not the test. The true test was putting Lindsay only inches away, under the comforter in the bedroom with her. She didn't have to wiggle far for a touch, not far at all. That was the real test of the torture Lindsay had chosen. To have what you want in your grasp but forcing your mind to deny you that pleasure. She was happy that Lindsay had chosen well.

When she woke, Lindsay remained where she'd been placed. It was clear that Lindsay hadn't gotten much sleep, no doubt driven by the fearful desires of her sleeping mind. Cassidy ignored her while she took care of her morning business. Only when she had finished did she come back and inspect her handwork.

Lindsay's wrists were still bound then secured to her bound knees and bound feet. It had not been to constraining, but not too comfortable either. There was no declaration of reward for her night's accomplishments; it was punishment after all. Instead after she untied Lindsay she said but a single word.

"Go." Lindsay hurriedly obeyed as much as her sore legs and arms would allow.

That afternoon she called Lindsay at work. Lindsay could barely contain her surprise.

"Lindsay, we are going out tonight; dress appropriately," Cassidy told her. When Lindsay showed up for the gym that night, she turned heads. She had dressed to the 'nines'; looking good enough to eat. It was with some satisfaction that she drew jealous eyes when Lindsay scampered over to be with her.

When the workout finished and Lindsay represented herself did Cassidy give her an appreciative once-over.

"You look nice," she allowed. Lindsay beamed. When they walked to the car, it was more in the manner of lovers instead of Cassidy leading Lindsay along. Sometimes it was the little thing that mattered most.

Dinner was close to being normal, though Cassidy warned Lindsay there would be consequences when they got back to her place. Dessert was not allowed. Back on the elevator ride up, Cassidy changed things yet again.

"Kiss me, but I won't allow it," Cassidy instructed her.

Lindsay was a passionate beast trying every trick so knew to slip past Cassidy's guard and kiss her. As it was, she kissed Cassidy's wrist, neck and chest before Cassidy told her to stop. She stroked Lindsay's head; not saying a word, but clearly showing her pleasure in Lindsay's efforts. Like Lindsay, Cassidy was a prize to be fought for and earned. A true mistress celebrated the spirit in their conquest, their mates, not feared or suppressed it.

When they got back to Cassidy's flat she let Lindsay go in first she would appreciate Lindsay's fine lines from behind. Lindsay quickly stripped down but Cassidy stopped her at her panties, which were, high on the hips, red and enticing.

"Do you still deserve to be punished?" Cassidy asked carefully.

Lindsay turned and nodded her head.

"Get me the paddle," Cassidy ordered. Lindsay skipped off to obey. To Lindsay it was hardly punishment at all. Sure, it would sting, but it was a focus of attention that aroused her deeper than any physical discomfort.


When Lindsay got back from the bedroom where Cassidy kept most of her toys she found her mistress waiting with two long strands of black silk cloth.

"Head on the sofa; hands behind your back," Cassidy instructed her. Lindsay lay the paddle beside her head and did as she was told.

Cassidy secured Lindsay's elbows together which was a bit painful. The silk was woven down until Lindsay's hands were equally bound. With the second strand Cassidy covered her eyes.

"Sit back and do nothing," Cassidy told her. Again, Lindsay did as the mistress commanded. She heard Cassidy moving around in the kitchen and something being cut up.

When Cassidy returned Lindsay heard Cassidy put something on the coffee table beside her.

"Lean forward," Cassidy said softly. Lindsay did and something juice was pressed into her mouth. It took her a moment to realize it was melon. She chewed it up making an appreciative noise.

"Did you like it?" Lindsay hadn't finished the fruit so she nodded. 'Wack!' the paddle came down on her backside. Lindsay's ass stung from the strong blow. The routine continued for nine more pieces of fruit; cantaloupe, strawberries, and mango. Each time Lindsay knew she had the easy way out – she could lie; she could lie to Cassidy and the pain would stop.

Lindsay couldn't do it. On the last time Cassidy put two fingers into Lindsay's mouth. It was covered in Cassidy's juices and Lindsay sucked and sucked until Cassidy pulled them away.

"Did you like it?"

"Yes, yes, yes," Lindsay pleaded, cringed and begged all at the same time.

"Lindsay, I want you to spend the night; no bonds or restraints of any kind. Just you and me." Lindsay put her head into Cassidy's lap and rubbed her cheek against her mistress's thigh. Cassidy untied the blindfold and looked into Lindsay's eyes.

"I love you. You are the other half of me and don't you forget it," Cassidy told her.

"I feel the same way, Cassidy. I know you will always be there for me."

Cassidy took her to mattress, stripped down herself and moved Lindsay to the center of the bed and mindful of her sore backside, wrapped the covers over both of them. Cassidy drew Lindsay to her and covered her in small kisses and pulled her close before they drifted off to sleep.


Tonight they took time off from the gym to spend some quality couple time. Lindsay still moved a bit tenderly when she sat down, but she gave Cassidy a slight secret smile every time she did so. Cassidy couldn't help sharing some of her playfulness. It was a real mood-killer when he appeared and joined them at their table.

His name was Michael Kantos and like Cassidy he was in the Import/Export business. The difference with Michael was that his dealings were basically all underhanded. His few legitimate concerns were merely window dressing for his criminal endeavors. Back when she was struggling to start up her business they had done some favors for one another but now that Cassidy's business was thriving she was putting as much distance between the two of them as possible.

The occasional favor once or twice a year was all she would risk. For some time this had been acceptable but very recently one of Michael's major business partner's had been busted by Customs and Michael was looking for a new 'partner' to run his enterprises through. Cassidy had given a polite but firm 'no'. She had too much to lose.

"Cassidy," Michael began, "your lovely little drink-stirrer, Lindsay?"

"She is none of you concern," Cassidy cautioned him. "I wasn't aware we had any business to discuss."

"Come now Cassidy, we are old friends. Can't I stop by to chat with you and Ms. Cohen?"

"Anything you wish to talk with me about can be handled during normal business hours. As for chatting, what have you to say that I haven't already turned you down on?" Cassidy responded. Michael looked offended then smiled.

"Things change. I hope you may still come around to my way of thinking," he grinned.

He got up and made his way back to another section of the restaurant. Cassidy was uneasy.

"Lindsay, we are leaving," she said in a hushed tone. Lindsay put her jacket on her lap and waited for the waitress to bring the bill. For Cassidy the girl moved with glacial slowness. To her credit Lindsay didn't slow Cassidy down with pointless questions. Any explanations could come when they were safe.

They had almost made it to the car when Cassidy spotted the two men moving to intercept. They were almost certainly Michael's leg-breakers, a cut above your average thug.

"Lindsay," she tossed the smaller girl the keys, "Get in the car and drive."

Lindsay caught the keys but seemed torn about what to do.

"Go!" Cassidy hissed. Lindsay began angling for the car. The two men now revealed their toys. One had a collapsible baton and the other had a taser. The man with the taser broke off from the other and made for Lindsay. Cassidy's heart sank because she knew Lindsay couldn't get the door open in time. There was only one thing to do. She charged the closest man.

His baton came down hard on the forearm she was using to shield herself. She prayed the arm wasn't broken. She was able to punch him twice in the gut, staggering him back. His second baton blow fell on her shoulders and the pain shot up through her arm and neck. The blow had brought the man's head down within range and Cassidy head-butted it with all her strength.

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