tagBDSMBe Careful Who You Call Prey Ch. 04

Be Careful Who You Call Prey Ch. 04


*Do you want what you need, or need what you want*

(The previous afternoon)

Cecelia turned in her restraints as she heard Cassidy enter the room. She gave a slight murmur when she saw that Cassidy with a large black bag and a glass of wine. Cassidy sat down on the bed next to her and pulled her panties out of her mouth. Cecelia struggled to form words with her throat and tongue so dry.

"Here you go," Cassidy said gently offering the wine to Cecelia. Cecelia looked at it hesitantly then drank. Cassidy patiently held it so she could take several sips. Cecelia coughed slightly and cleared her voice.

"Cassidy, I'm sorry ..." Cecelia began. Cassidy stroked the hair away from Cecelia's face.

"I know, I know, you didn't know about what would happen," Cassidy finished for her. She reached into her black bag and pulled out a ball-gag.

"Cassidy it will never happen again," she begged. Cassidy nodded but still put the ball-gag in despite Cecelia's struggles.

"I'm going to release you now Cecelia. If you struggle with me it will go much worse for you," she told her victim. Cecelia sighed and nodded. Her limbs were numb from being bound all night and she could hardly put up much of a fight even if she wanted to. Cassidy produced a knife and cut Cecelia free. Cassidy took care to not hurt Cecelia as she did so. She even massaged her bound wrists and ankles when they were released.

"Better?" Cassidy whispered in Cecelia's ear. Cecelia nodded. "Okay then, I'm going to strip you now." Cecelia could only comply though she shivered when the illusion of clothing was removed, now just her nightshirt. "On your hands and knees," she whispered to Cecelia again. As Cecelia struggled to comply Cassidy ran her hands along her stomach and flanks causing the dominant-submissive woman to shiver once more, this time in anticipation.

She missed Cassidy's touch, even if it promised pain. Cassidy reached beneath Cecelia and tweaked a nipple and Cecelia sighed. Cassidy mounted behind Cecelia and spread her legs apart. She dragged her hand from the nipple to the cusp of Cecelia's belly. Her other hand rested on Cecelia's rump rubbing it with great familiarity.

"Hands behind your back," Cassidy instructed. She didn't want Cecelia getting too much sensation back in her wrists. Cecelia slowly did as directed. Cecelia pulled out a long length white silk wrap, Cecelia's favorite. She slowly yet thoroughly bound he hands behind her back, keeping the tie to the wrists and wrists alone. She would have a great deal of movement, but not enough to free her.

Cassidy pulled Cecelia's hips back so they were slightly bent beyond the hips, but this gave her better access to Cecelia's breasts which she now manipulated with both hands. Cassidy also planted small kisses from mid back to the base of the skull, pulling Cecelia's hair aside as she did so. Cecelia knew what was coming – there was never passion without pain.

"I think you are wet enough; what do you think?" Cassidy asked. Cecelia gave an unintelligible reply and even she was unsure of what she wanted to say. Cassidy turned Cecelia's head away so she couldn't see what was coming. She heard Cassidy pulling several things out and herself getting wetter in anticipation. She didn't have to wait long.

The dildo was carefully inserted into her vagina and Cecelia moaned. It was quite large, just on the pleasure side of painful. Cassidy inserted much of its length into her then drew it out and back again in an increasing rhythm. Right when she felt herself coming close to orgasm Cassidy stopped. Cecelia almost wept in frustration. There were several long seconds before she got her answer what Cassidy planned next.

The dildo to her ass was somewhat of a surprise, but again Cassidy took it surprisingly easy, working it around in small circles until it penetrated her. Cecelia expected, even desired, a painful plunge, but instead she got patient strokes, going out then in a little more until this dildo was fully in her. The double penetration was exquisite; she could feel the two rubbing against each other inside her.

Cassidy took up a position behind Cecelia and began to dry hump her, rocking the twin dildos inside of her. She then reached around and began engorging Cecelia's nipples with twist and pulls. Cecelia felt herself broaching her climax for a third time and she dedicated her mind to achieving it despite Cassidy's torture. She needn't have to work that hard.

Cecelia heard a slight clinking and a cool breathe of air against her nipples. The nipple clamps were ice cold when they were applied. Her blood-filled nipples exploded in lightning agony and Cecelia hit her orgasm. Cecelia's torment wasn't over yet. Even as her ears stopped thundering from the blood rush, she heard a frightening noise. Cassidy had a vibrator.

It became even worse because even as the vibrator was pressed tightly against her clitoris. Even as her body hit an erotic spasm, Cassidy cut on the other two dildos which were actually vibrators as well. Cecelia climaxed then climaxed again. She wept against her ball-gag from pangs of pleasure-pain wracking her body.

The vibrator on her clit was removed; Cassidy came up to her ear.

"I'm not done with you yet," she purred. Cecelia whimpered. She pulled out yet another phallic device for Cecelia to see. "Now, you are going to swallow this you bitch. Are we clear?" Cecelia had no real choice but to nod.

Cassidy removed the ball-gag and offered Cecelia another sip of wine which she gratefully took. The first thing that came to Cecelia was the size of this monster approaching her lips. It would be tough to take. The second thing was that it tasted of her favorite strawberry flavor. Cassidy slid it in a little way then drew it back so Cecelia could adjust.

"Do you like it, you little whore?" Cecelia nodded despite her fears. Cassidy shoved it in farther until Cecelia gagged. This time Cassidy didn't relent. She shoved it in farther. Tears streaked down her cheeks and drool went down her chin. Cassidy now reached down and used the vibrator on Cecelia's clit once more.

Cassidy left the mouth cock in place and went for another toy. She began taking a leather strap to Cecelia's exposed backside. Now Cecelia thrashed about and her tears increased. Cecelia's scream was lost in the mouthful of cock in her mouth. Cecelia finally blacked out from the overwhelming sensation.

Cecelia woke to the warm sensation of a back rub. She murmured her appreciation of the gesture. It was Cassidy's way to have sensuous gestures mixed with pain. It left her anticipation of the next round, the next day, the next time they could be together.

"How was it?" Cassidy asked in her best sultry voice.

"Great as always," Cecelia sighed.

"Well, thanks to you this really was the last time." Cecelia tried to say something but Cassidy shushed her. "You were right before. I probably couldn't resist your lure forever. You changed all that when you put Lindsay at risk. If I can't have both of you I choose her and you have only yourself to blame."

Painfully Cecelia sat up and turned to look at Cassidy,

"Come on now ..." Cecelia began. Cassidy shook her head.

"Goodbye, and if you contact me again I'll tell Michael you tipped me off," Cassidy said as she lifted up her case and went to the door, exiting the bedroom. Behind her Cecelia ground her teeth in frustration.

(Two weeks after the events of Chapter One)


Lindsay exited Cassidy's place feeling the pleasant little whip stings across her bottom as her ass moved against the fabric of her panties. Cassidy had warned her to keep a better watch out for possible dangers so she spotted the woman right away. Lindsay stepped up to hail cab keeping the woman in view. Before the cab came the woman approached. Lindsay didn't have a taser but she did have a whistle. She clutched it now.

When the woman came into the closets streetlight Lindsay recognized her. Had it been in character Lindsay would have hated her. As it was she was merely cautious. Lindsay couldn't remember the woman's name.

"Lindsay?" the woman asked. Lindsay pulled out the whistle and held it up to her chin. That made the woman smile.

"I don't mean you any harm," the woman said as she raised her hands in peace.

"How's the head?" Lindsay asked softly. Cecelia rubbed the back of her head and smiled.

"It doesn't hurt anymore. I'm sorry about all that, really I am," Cecelia told Lindsay.

"Shouldn't you be apologizing to Cassidy? You are the one she betrayed," Lindsay pointed out.

"I've been trying to Lindsay but she won't talk to me," Cecelia told her.

"Oh," Lindsay wondered, "what do you want me to do about that?"

"I thought we could go somewhere and talk about it," Cecelia suggested.

"I don't think that would be wise," Lindsay responded. She had little reason to trust the woman.

"For Cassidy's sake; you must understand that I care for her and I miss her. How would you feel if you were forbidden to be around her anymore?" Cecelia reasoned.

"I would never betray her," Lindsay countered. It was clear to her that Cecelia was losing her composure. Still, she wasn't beyond compassion, "I'll talk with you if you like. I don' know what good it will do. I'll pick the place."

The resultant cab ride was done in silence and Lindsay chose an all-night diner that was frequented by police and cabbies. The sat back sipping their tea when Lindsay spoke.

"What is your name? It has been a while."

"Cecelia," the other woman answered. "Can you tell me how Cassidy is doing?"

"Cassidy is wonderful," Lindsay smiled. "She's constantly opening me to new possibilities and to things I didn't know about myself. I'd like to think she's happy."

"Do you ever do things ... to her?" Cecelia hinted.

"To her; no," Lindsay said. "Why would I?"

"Because she likes that as well Lindsay; Cassidy goes both ways – dominant and submissive," Cecelia informed her.

"She's never told me anything about that," Lindsay answered, "but I'm sure she has her reasons. Cassidy controls our relationship and that's how I like it. We are happy."

"I want Cassidy to be happy. Because of that I would like you take Cassidy to a whole new level of pleasure," Cecelia smiled. Lindsay leaned forward with some anticipation.

"What would I have to do?" Lindsay whispered. Cecelia grinned as she laid out some opening possibilities.


Lindsay came over in a strange mood. She had been reticent during their gym practice. When they got back to her place for a light bite to eat and a bit of bondage Lindsay tilted her head and told her,

"I talked to Cecelia last night." Cassidy looked Lindsay over carefully. Nothing seemed wrong with Lindsay's naked form.

"What did she say?" Cassidy asked.

"She says I should tie you to the bed, blindfold you, and massage you with the frozen dildo you keep in the freezer. She says you like that," Lindsay informed her. Cassidy had to admit that cold was one of her favorite sensations but it took a different kind of personality to dominate her, and Lindsay wasn't it. Lindsay was ... special and fulfilling, able to suck up all those desires Cassidy had to submit into her nubile form.

"I warned her about making contact with me," Cassidy grumbled.

"She misses you," Lindsay protested quietly, "and I can hardly blame her for that." Cassidy studied Lindsay for almost a minute, putting her thoughts in order and plumbing the depths of Lindsay's mind.

"You want to be with her too," Cassidy accused her lover.

"No," Lindsay declared, "I only want to be with you!"

"No, you want to be with us both, at the same time, don't you?" Cassidy clarified. Lindsay looked shocked, first at the accusation then to her own reactions.

"Yes," was Lindsay's bewildered reply. "I guess that is what attracted me to her. I'm sorry."

"On your knees before me," Cassidy commanded in a sexy voice. Lindsay hurried forward and obeyed. "Bend over backwards ... right there," she put Lindsay were she wanted her. "Grab your ankles behind you." She then took her time getting her riding crop. When she came back Cassidy sat back down and thought about it.

Cecelia had crossed the line and Cassidy had set her mind to never seeing the woman again. 'Smack' the crop came down across Lindsay's nipple. The young girl bit her lower lip to stop from crying out. On the other hand, pressing Lindsay between two lovers had an exciting possibility to it. 'Smack' and the crop came down on the other nipple. Lindsay stifled a whimper.

She could find someone else to be sure, but she knew Cecelia like she knew few other women. There would have to be a price; what could it be? Cassidy withheld her stroke and Lindsay sniffled. It came to her out of the depths of her own anger. Cecelia had betrayed her and would be betrayed in turn. She would convince Michael that Cecelia had deceived him then hand her over to Michael when she was done. 'Smack' and an accompanying sob.

(One Week Later)


She knocked on the door, her fear warring with her desire to control the situation. Lindsay answered in as short satin red robe that barely covered anything. She stepped aside silently and let Cecelia in. No sooner had the door shut was Cecelia aware that Lindsay had shed her robe and stood naked beside her.

"Hello," Cassidy said in a guarded manner. She had on another satin red robe but this one was full length. "I honestly hoped to never see you again."

"So I have Lindsay to thank for this meeting?" Cecelia guessed.

"She wants you and I'm prone to indulge her," Cassidy responded. "I'm not sure why she thinks the three of us would be good together."

"I would like to show you," Cecelia stated. As Cassidy crossed her legs Cecelia could not find a hint of clothing underneath. "Am I overdressed?"

"Indeed you are," Cassidy smiled seductively with that old hunger in her eyes. Cecelia started to take off her jacket but Cassidy shook her finger so she stopped.

"Lindsay, undress our friend," Cassidy commanded. Lindsay moved up beside Cecelia, eyes lowered.

"May I touch you?" Lindsay asked quietly. Cecelia looked to Cassidy then nodded. Gently took off the jacket then knelt down and took off one high heeled shoe after the other. Cecelia rested her hand on top of her head while she did so.

Still kneeling Lindsay slowly ran her hand along the back of Cecelia's calf up to her thigh and on to her ass. Cecelia liked her touch; it was one part bold, one part submissive. Lindsay unzipped Cecelia's skirt languidly once more caressing her ass as she did so. When she finished Lindsay hooked her finger along the waist band, moved then from back to front and back to the hips before pulling them down.

"You've trained her well," Cecelia commented.

"She's a natural," Cassidy answered. "All I am doing is helping her be more of what she is best at."

Lindsay started on her hose, left then right. Again her touch lingered along each leg to the point that Cecelia couldn't hide that she was getting turned on.

Lindsay stood up but still held her head down. Cecelia reached out and tilted her head up.

"I want to taste you," Cecelia told Lindsay. Lindsay tried to pry her head away from Cecelia's stronger grasp. Those struggles only made Cecelia want her more.

"Lindsay, stop struggling," Cassidy told her lover. Lindsay immediately let Cecelia control her and pull her into a brutal kiss. Cecelia took and took and it felt so good. Lindsay was like hot butterscotch on her lips and tongue.

"Get on with it," Cecelia said as she let go of Lindsay's chin. Lindsay lowered her head once more and began to roll up her sleeveless shirt. Lindsay lowered herself so that her breath tantalized the skin on her stomach as she moved the shirt up. When she came to the bra Lindsay let her fingers and palms run along the fabric over her nipples. When the shirt was pulled over her head Cecelia found herself barely an inch away from Lindsay's face, eyes still downcast.

The shirt fell to the ground as Lindsay made her way behind Cecelia and moved her fingers along the straps. She pressed close behind her before unclasping the bra. She ran her hands around Cecelia's chest until she cupped her breasts and pushed the bra aside. The bra slipped down and slid off Cecelia's arms to join the rest of her clothes.

"I have something for you," Cassidy said. She directed Lindsay to a necklace on the end table.

"Lindsay wanted to give you a gift. Lindsay, put it on Cecelia for us," Cassidy directed. Lindsay walked up to Cecelia and waited for her approval. Cecelia pulled her hair aside and let Lindsay hook it on. That done Lindsay stepped away from Cecelia and went over to Cassidy and knelt. "Let's go to the bedroom," Cassidy told Cecelia. Cecelia smiled and led the way down the path she knew so well.

Their love-making took them down many avenues but ended up with Cecelia on the bottom with a double-ended strap on with her hands pulling and massaging in equal measure Lindsay's breasts. Lindsay was the middle, kissing and being kissed by Cecelia as she rode her cock. Cassidy was on the top, her own double-ended strap on in Lindsay's ass.

Lindsay controlled the pace, first pushing up into Cassidy then driving down onto Cecelia. Both women coaxed her on with bites, licks and kisses. Lindsay was being pushed to the limits by the constant attention.

"Take it you little bitch," Cecelia taunted.

"Don't you dare stop," warned Cassidy. Lindsay grunted and moaned but kept going.

Only when she sensed Lindsay was at her limit did Cassidy call for a change in direction.

"Cecelia, slide out from underneath Lindsay and let her taste your cock. Lindsay, rest back against me."

Both women did as requested and soon Cecelia was kneeling in front Lindsay, sucking her off. Cassidy was behind her moving in slow steady strokes.

Lindsay trembled through another orgasm as Cassidy reached around and played with her clit. She made a chocking noise on Cecelia's cock while the woman piston harder into her mouth and pumping it all the way down throat by grabbing two handfuls of hair. The rhythm and Lindsay's throat contractions caused Cecelia to orgasm as well. Cecelia was getting her fill this time around.

"Cecelia, I want you behind me," grinned Cassidy. Cecelia couldn't get out of Lindsay's mouth fast enough. This was what she came for; a piece of Cassidy's ass.

"Lindsay, swing both your legs to the side," Cassidy commanded. As she struggled to obey, Cecelia leant behind Cassidy and slipped one strong finger into her ass.

The sharpness of the gesture caused Cassidy to gasp.

"Miss this, do you?" whispered Cecelia into Cassidy's ear. Slowly she nodded. Cecelia wiggled her finger around. At the same time Lindsay had completed her first maneuver.

"Lindsay, mover your ankles up to your ears," Cassidy panted. Being on her side the movement wasn't too difficult.

Cassidy grunted again as Cecelia brutalized her ass with the sudden thrust of a second finger.

"Fuck Cecelia," Cassidy gasped. "Miss me much?" Cecelia laughed and smacked Cassidy's ass. A third finger followed the second and Cassidy felt her heat rising.

"Ready?" Cecelia asked. Cassidy nodded in response. She lined up the dildo and as she pushed into Cassidy the other end of the dildo was driven up into Cecelia making her murmur in pleasure.

Lindsay had her ankles close to her ears when Cassidy shifted her around so that she was reaming Lindsay's ass while facing her. Cassidy kissed away some of the exhaustion from her lover's face. At the same moment Cecelia pierced Cassidy's ring and started sliding. Lindsay wrapped her arms around Cassidy's shoulders and drew her close.

When she was half way in Cecelia hesitated and gave Cassidy time to adjust. Right when Cassidy began to wiggle in the want of attention, Cecelia slammed it all the way in. Cassidy cried out and tears came to her eyes as Lindsay drew her close in comfort. Cecelia pressed in on Cassidy who collapsed onto Lindsay. The air was driven out of Lindsay and she gasped.

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