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Be Fruitful and Multiply


Be Fruitful and Multiply


The Report of a Disaster Leads to Drastic Measures



Written: 9/22/07- 9/20/10

Revised: xx/xx/xx

(M/F, fantasy, romance, reluctance, consensual sex, teens, teen-ager, cheer leader, virgin, first time.)


After a world-wide disaster, new rules take effect.

A high school cheer leader awakens to find that a world wide disaster has occured killing 85% of the world's population. She has been selected to participate in a breeding program to replenish the world's population.


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

All characters and events in this story are fictional, and as such, the characters belong to me. They are being used for my own fantasy pleasure. (The descriptions of some individuals may be based on people I have known. But, of course, never in this context or situation.)

This story comes from my own peculiar fantasy of specific individuals (read girls that I have known). Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is coincidental. All characters are over the legal age of consent. The author does not support or condone the deception, deceit and lies used to establish the premise described in this story.

The story is a work of fiction. It is strictly a fantasy written for personal enjoyment and entertainment of those who appreciate innocent girls being captured in sexual situations. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for those under 18 years old. In other words: 'Kids, don't try this at home!'

No commercial profit is expected to be made from this story. It is not to be resold for profit.

(If you do copy this story to another web page, please give me the courtesy of an e-mail, so I can see where my work is going. Who knows? Maybe you'll introduce me to a new favorite website!)

Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story (unless there is a sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place. It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never really did.

The setting is the 1950s. This explains why most of the young people mentioned in this work, i.e.: Jim, Jolene and later Tom, are virgins. It also explains Jolene's surprise when she hears a girl moaning with sexual pleasure and Jim's shock when Jolene becomes 'the aggressive partner' in their relationship. (For those of you who grew up after the 'free love' period of the 1960s and 1970s, you'll just have to take my word for it: That's the way it was!)

Nanette, on the other hand, has obviously been 'sexually active' (to use a modern term: In the 1950s, another description would have been used), but it becomes apparent to the astute reader that although she has been sexually 'active', she probably has not received a great deal of satisfaction from her sexual activity.

Birth control is ignored in this story, (but may become integrated in further episodes of this story). Every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Chapter 1: Orientation.

"As you all know, there was a world-wide disaster. . ."

As if coming out of a daydream, Jolene's (pronounced Jo-lean' or Jo-leen') mind drifted back into reality. The last thing she remembered was sitting in a Trigonometry class thinking about a cheer leading routine. She was the head cheerleader and was scheduled to run the next cheer leading practice.

There was a man with a clipboard and a briefcase at the head of a long table, talking. Instinctively, Jolene tuned in on what he was saying.

The word "disaster" grabbed her attention. He continued: "To our best estimate, as much as 85% of mankind has been destroyed." Jolene was suddenly awake and alert, carefully listening. He went on, "The government, what's left of it, has determined that an organized breeding program must be established, and you have all been selected to be part of the initial phase. Everyone in this group is 18 years old and was a high school student. You're all in good health, and hopefully, you will be able to produce healthy offspring. The girls are all in their fertile period, so this is an ideal time for each of you. You have been pared with a partner who is a favorable genetic match to you, and you have been brought here to see if you are compatible with your match. And if you are, you will be expected to breed to procreate children to help repopulate our country and world."

Jolene looked around the room. Everyone was about her age, except the man at the head of the table. They were arranged in boy/girl couples. Jolene recognized two of the girls in the room: she was sitting next to Jim and across the table, Jolene recognized Nanette, a close girlfriend, was sitting next to John. Jim and John were both nerds and not part of Jolene's 'inner circle' of friends. She had seen the another girl and boy from her school in the halls and knew they were a couple, but she didn't know their names. And there were other couples that Jolene didn't know, apparently from other schools.

Nanette wore a new, scandalously fashionable see-through blouse which displayed her lacy camisole top that hugged her well-shaped breasts and revealed the lines of Nanette's brassier The bra-straps were clearly visible. There was just a trace of two bumps showing exactly where Nanette's nipples were beneath her undergarments. Nan's skirt was the shortest skirt in the room, stopping slightly above her knees: rather immodest for the mid 1950's.¬

All of the girls were wearing blouses that buttoned down the front and skirts. There were no sweaters or slacks. @@

Jolene raised her hand. "Excuse me. What disaster? I don't know about any disaster. The last thing I remember was sitting in Trigonometry class at school. What are you talking about?"

"That is a normal after effect of the disaster. The disaster occurred several weeks ago. Many people do not remember either the disaster or what happened afterward. At some point, your memory will begin working again and will pick up from that point onward. I'm sorry, Miss," he paused to look at his clipboard, "Miss Jolene, if your memory hasn't begun functioning yet. And in case you don't remember, I am the monitor of this program."

He scanned the others in the room. "Are there others that don't remember what has happened before today?" he asked. Several hands in the room went up. "This must be terribly frightening for you."

Jolene and several others nodded.

"I'm sorry that you are finding yourself in this situation without knowing what led up to it. However, it has been decided we cannot delay the program to increase our population any longer." He looked around the room, meeting the many nervous eyes in the room. "I appreciate that this might be especially difficult for many of you. In this world of the 1950's most of you young people live celibate lives, and although you might think about sex, probably most of you have never", he paused and stammered, "taken your fantasies to, um, shall we say" he paused to swallow, "their ultimate conclusion."

Many of the young people, especially the girls, were embarrassed the casual way he was talking about their sex-lives. Or, rather, the lack of sex in their lives.

Again, Jolene raised her hand. "Excuse me, but shouldn't I be matched up with Tom Green?" she asked. Tom was her boyfriend. He was a year older than she was and they had been dating for a little more than a year.

"Green?" The man asked and pulled a large book from his briefcase. He perused the pages, then looked up sadly. "I'm afraid Tom didn't survive the disaster. I'm sorry, Miss Jolene" He returned his book to his briefcase. "In any case, we believe that, er," he fumbled with a name and pointed toward Jim, the boy sitting next to Jolene, "that HE is the best genetic match for you that is available."

Jolene gave Jim a withering sideways glance.

Resuming his lecture, the man continued, "Each couple will be given its own room, which will be adequately furnished. We would like to get the program started as soon as possible." There was a moment of embarrassed silence in the room before the monitor added: "I know that many of you are embarrassed by this, but let me assure you that there are boys and girls all around the country are meeting in rooms like this and are being told the same things you are. Many are meeting their prospective mates for the very first time. I believe you all have the advantage of already being acquainted with the mate that has been selected for you."

A pretty girl, the one from her school that Jolene didn't know, raised her hand. "But I can't do this. I'm not married to . . . " she pointed to the boy sitting next to her.

"We chose to start this program without requiring marriage," the monitor stated. "If it turns out that your offspring match our genetic expectations and you wish to get married to your partner, then of course you can. But we'd like to keep the option of rearranging the couples if the genetics don't work out the way we hope they will. We need to replenish our population as rapidly as feasible and to expand our gene pool as widely as possible. Therefore, every girl of childbearing age will be expected to have at least four to six children. Ideally, each child will be sired by a different father since that will give us the widest possible diversity to our gene pool. So for the moment, marriage is not required. If you wish to be married before you proceed, we can furnish you with an appropriate clergyman.

The girl who had raised the question looked at the boy sitting next to her, and shook her head. "No, I think marriage can wait." Obviously, although she had been dating her 'mate', she wasn't ready to be married to him, yet. She probably also was not enamored with the idea of deliberately having a baby with him. Or possibly it was simply going through the process of starting a baby that she didn't look forward to.

Again, Jolene raised her hand. "I'm only eighteen. That's awfully young to have a baby, or to start a family," she stated.

"The world is different now," the monitor stated. "Some of the old principles are not practical any more. This program starts with 18-year-olds and above, but soon, probably even younger girls will be encouraged to have babies."

Considering the discussion closed, the monitor concluded his remarks.

"All right, then. We will take each couple to its room and we will allow you to proceed. Each room is equipped with a sofa and a bed and bathroom facilities. There is a phone in each room. Simply pick up the phone if any of you need help or encouragement. We're here to help you, and we'd like to make things as easy as possible for you."

He stood and started toward the door. "Oh, I know this may be difficult for many of you. I suggest that once you are in your room, girls should open their blouses and remove their bras and panties. Boys should remove their trousers and unbutton your shirts. This may help encourage the mood.

"Also, remember, our goal is for each girl to get pregnant as soon as possible. Therefore, we encourage each of you to copulate several times to increase your odds of getting pregnant. He paused and faced the group with a smile that somehow seemed inappropriate.

"And now," he said officiously, "be fruitful and multiply."

Chapter 2: Getting started.

The room had the sterile feel of a hotel room. There were no windows, and Jolene remembered there had not been a window in the room where they had their 'orientation'.

Painfully self consciously, both Jim and Jolene turned away from each other to remove the required garments.

When they turned to face each other, both quickly averted their eyes after a quick, curious glance. Jolene was relieved that even though Jim had removed his pants, he had the presence of mind to keep one button on his shirt closed. Thus his shirt hung down far enough to conceal his male anatomy.

Jim's glance revealed that although her blouse was open, either she wasn't wearing a bra (something that he had suspected when he had seen her walking around school with an eye-catching bounce) or it had been one of these open-in-the-front bras and she had already opened it. Of course, her skirt hung down revealing nothing improper.

Then, as if by mutual agreement they both sat on the sofa facing each other. The sofa was wide enough that Jim could rest his arm on the back behind Jolene's shoulders, but there was still a small distance separating them.

Both teen were embarrassed and uncomfortable. And both were afraid to speak the first words.

Jolene couldn't imagine how she could be in a hotel room with a boy she scarcely knew. Jolene had good grades in school, was head cheerleader, was planning to attend college. She came from a well-to-do family who lived in a good neighborhood in a big house.

She had always known she would give up her virginity some day. Having been raised with the idea of 'saving herself' for her wedding night, she had assumed it would be when she got married. But Tom, her boyfriend, had been pressuring her during the past couple of months. Tom's pressure had led her to question the validity of waiting and she had been seriously considering 'doing it' with Tom.

After all, Tom had argued, the hymen was just a small piece of membrane: it's presence or absence is totally invisible to the external eye. In fact, some girls don't even have one. And some have lost it riding bicycles or in some other innocuous way.

And if Jolene married someone other than Tom, and virginity was important to her husband, Tom reasoned, Jolene could always assure her husband that he was the first one and her husband would never know the difference.

But now, if she was going to have a baby, virginity was really a moot point.

Jim was a relative stranger to her. She had seen him in the halls at school and they had spoken briefly, but she really knew very little about him.

'It's not the right time of the month for me to get pregnant', Jolene thought. But with a start she realized that apparently some time had passed since the 'disaster', whatever the 'disaster' had been. Undoubtedly, she was at a different place in her cycle than she remembered.

Without a word, Jim slipped the band from her head that held her hair in place. Then slowly, one at a time, he removed her hairpins, allowing her hair to fall over her shoulders. When the last pin was removed, Jolene shook her hair loose, allowing it to fall naturally over her shoulders.

Finally, Jolene looked into Jim's eyes, her face filled with fear and concern.

"I guess we're lab partners and we've been given a homework assignment," she stated flatly. "Do you think we should start?" she asked, and, although Jim had only seen the slight movement of her arm, he felt her hand pushing his shirt aside and gently encircled his manhood. It was already erect. He was afraid. He had never done this before.

"Do you think we should?" He asked looking down.

Jolene nodded her head and looked down. Already Jim's teenage penis was pulsing at her soft, feather-like touch.

Jolene's boyfriend, Tom, liked it when she held him like this, although she had only held him through his pants. Now she was touching Jim's naked penis. and apparently Jim liked it, too.

Staring at her breasts, Jim hesitantly raised his hand, but he stopped short. "Are you sure it's all right?" he asked, unable to believe that he was being touched by the head cheerleader, the most beautiful and popular girl in class, and she was waiting, squeezing his penis ever so gently, her eyes watching his hand, her lips parted expectantly.

"I think so," she replied, nervously glancing around the room. "Go ahead. You can touch them." She whispered, her eyes again returning to Jim's hand.

As gently as he could, he allowed his hand and palm to slide inside her blouse, beneath her breast as if to support it. He weighed it in his hand. She took a deep breath and her fingers surrounding his penis closed a little tighter. Jim closed his fingers around her breast, feeling its softness, and sensed her hold her breath. He wasn't sure what to expect, He had never touched a woman's bare breast before. Jolene's breasts were perfectly shaped, not too large, sagging ever so slightly under the effects of gravity ('would they sag a lot more when she grew older?' he wondered), with perfect nipples protruding slightly from tan aureoles located exactly where they should be. Her breasts were softer than Jim expected. Somehow he thought they would be firm and full, but decided that even though she was a senior in high school and had passed her 18th birthday, perhaps her body had not yet fully matured.

His fingers found her nipple and gently grasped it, squeezing very slightly.

"Ohhhhh!" She gave a surprised moan and an unexplained tingle ran up her spine. Her fingers reflexively tightened around Jim's penis. He gently rolled the nipple, and she moaned again she gave a small whimpering sound, and again her grip tightened around his penis. She was holding him so tightly, it almost hurt, but he didn't want to say anything.

"Am I hurting you?" Jim asked, releasing her breast and lifting his hand slightly, barely maintaining contact with her breast.

"No!" she answered immediately, and dropping his manhood, her hand flashed to Jim's and she pressed his palm against her breast. "No, you're not hurting me. It's just . . . I don't know, . . ."

She hesitated.

"What is it?" Jim asked, sounding like he sincerely wanted to know what she was thinking.

"I've never felt this way before," Jolene stammered. "Do that again. I mean, with your fingers on my nipples."

Jim took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed.

"No! Softer! They're very sensitive! Be gentle!"

Jim rolled her nipples as gently as he could between his fingers and heard her moan, "Yes! That's it!"

He kept rolling and her hand returned to his lap to find and grip his penis again.

"I don't know how to explain it," she whispered, her head leaning back against the sofa, her hand tightening around his penis.

"It . . . they're sensitive." She gave a small gasp, "and when you, uhhhh, roll them like that, it stimulates them." (Jim could feel the nipples growing bigger and harder between his fingers.) Jolene continued, ". . . and it . . . makes me feel . . . funny. It makes me feel funny in other places, too!" She was breathing faster now, and so was Jim.

Jolene loved her boyfriend, Tom, and at his insistence, she had reluctantly let him touch her breasts. But he always mauled them like he was mixing meatloaf. had always been impatient and grew irritated if she asked him to be gentler or to do anything differently. Jim, on the other hand, was actually listening to her and doing what she asked him to. The difference was incredible. Although she was not in love with Jim, her body was reacting more strongly to him than it ever had with her boyfriend.

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