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Be My Substitute Valentine


The empty chair across the table taunted Shaundra. It should have been occupied by now. For half an hour, she'd waited for Lawrence, and he hadn't even called or sent a text saying he would be late.

She'd been stood up on Valentine's Day, and it sucked.

She took her phone out of her purse and stared at it. Should she text or call Lawrence? Maybe he just hadn't had a chance to let her know what was going on. Or maybe an emergency had come up. She shouldn't assume that he'd stood her up just because he wasn't here.

A server approached the table for the fourth time since Shaundra had arrived. "Have you heard anything from the person you're waiting for?"

"No. Not yet." Shaundra put the phone face down on the table.

"We have other people coming in," the server said. "Valentine's is a busy night. I'm sorry, but if you aren't going to order a meal, you'll have to leave."

Having been focused on watching for Lawrence, Shaundra hadn't even opened the menu. "Could you give me five more minutes to decide what I want?"

The server hesitated. "We really need the table."

"I see." Shaundra glanced around at the other diners. Most were couples, holding hands and making googoo eyes at each other. Groups occupied a few of the larger tables, but even the groups seemed to be broken up into couples, all looking happy as hell. Exactly what Shaundra wasn't.

Valentine's Day. The crappiest day of the year.

Then she spotted a man sitting alone at one of the other two-person tables. He was staring down at his menu, frowning. Either he enjoyed eating alone, or Shaundra wasn't the only one who'd been stood up tonight.

"What if I sit with him?" She nodded toward the man. "That would free up this table, wouldn't it?"

The server looked confused. "Do you know him?"

"Never seen him before." Shaundra forced a smile. "He's taking up a table too. No reason for both of us to sit alone."

"I guess," the server said slowly. "Let me ask him."

She walked over to the man's table. Tapping her phone with her fingernail, Shaundra waited. Asking to sit with a total stranger on Valentine's Day had to be one of the most random things she'd ever done, but it beat going home and pigging out on ice cream while she cried over Lawrence.

She picked up her phone again and quickly typed a message to Lawrence. Where are you? I hope everything's okay.

Not expecting an answer, she slipped her phone back into her purse as the server returned. "He said he'd be happy to share a table with you. Come with me."

"Thank you." Shaundra stood and picked up her drink, menu, coat, and purse before following the server to the man's table.

He looked up with a smile that appeared as strained as Shaundra's had felt moments earlier. "Hi. Here alone, I take it?"

"Unfortunately, yes." Shaundra sat in the empty chair and set down her things. "Thanks for letting me join you. I'm Shaundra Clemens."

"Garron McKenzie. Nice to meet you." He extended his hand across the table.

Shaundra shook it. "Nice meeting you too."

"I'll give you two a couple more minutes to decide what you want." The server walked away.

"She was getting ready to kick me out," Garron said. "I'm glad you asked to sit over here."

"She was trying to get me to leave too." Shaundra opened her menu and quickly chose something to order. "I guess all the happy couples are taking over the restaurant."

Garron snorted. "Yeah, something like that. If you don't mind my asking, how did you end up here alone on Valentine's Day?"

"I was wondering that myself." She sighed. "I had a date with the guy I've been seeing. He was supposed to meet me here after work. As you can see, he never showed up. And I haven't heard anything from him. At least, I hadn't last time I checked. Hold on."

She took out her phone and, holding her breath, turned on the screen. One message appeared. Won't be there. Sorry.

A sudden surge of anger hit her, and she slammed her phone down on the table. "Asshole!"

"I'm assuming you don't mean me," Garron said.

"No. Sorry." Shaundra took a deep breath. "Apparently I don't rate an explanation of why my date didn't show up. He didn't even bother saying anything until I texted him."

"That's better than I got. My date didn't answer my call or my text." Garron shook his head. "I guess that makes us the Valentine rejects."

"Nothing new about that for me." She bit her lip. "Sorry. I won't bore you with a sob story about how much Valentine's Day usually sucks."

"I can relate."

The server returned, looking tense. "Are you ready to order yet?"

"Yes," Shaundra said. "Separate checks, please. I'll have the grilled lemon chicken with mixed vegetables."

"Separate checks?" Garron raised an eyebrow. "Please. It's Valentine's Day. I'm not your date, but why can't we pretend, at least for the meal? I can cover it."

"Do you want separate checks or not?" the server demanded. "We're very busy."

Even with Lawrence, Shaundra was used to going dutch. The thought of letting a total stranger pay for her meal seemed odd, especially when she had no way of knowing what he might want in return. Some men would see paying for dinner as a way of obligating the woman to go along with other things.

Not that she would necessarily mind "other things" with Garron. He was definitely attractive, with shaggy reddish-blond hair and gorgeous eyes, the color of which she couldn't tell in the dimly-lit restaurant.

Get a grip! You are not going to get laid by a guy you've just met.

"If you're sure, same check," she said.

"I'm sure." Garron smiled up at the server. "I'll have the steak with mashed potatoes."

"I'll get the orders in. It's going to be a while." The server picked up the menus and walked away again.

"Well, she won't be getting a good tip," Garron said. "I hope I didn't weird you out too much by offering to pay."

"It was unexpected."

"Is that good or bad?"


Shaundra looked around the restaurant again. More couples had arrived, including one which sat at her previous table. They were holding hands and leaning across the table toward one another. To Shaundra, they appeared to be in love.

Just like she'd believed she and Lawrence were, until tonight.

"Being stood up on Valentine's Day is the worst," Garron said.

"What happened with you?" Shaundra folded her hands on the table.

He shrugged. "I met this woman online a few months ago. We've been chatting but never managed to find the right time to meet. We finally decided Valentine's Day might be good, but as you can see, she apparently changed her mind."

"That sucks."


Shaundra tried to think of something else to say, but her mind had become entirely occupied with thinking about what a dick Lawrence had turned out to be. After six months of dating, she deserved more than a half-assed apology for being stood up.

Maybe she should have expected it. He hadn't seemed happy about spending Valentine's Day together. For all she knew, he'd found someone else to do tonight.

The silence between her and Garron grew awkward, and still she couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't be more complaining about Lawrence and the crappy Valentine's Day. If only their food would come. Then she wouldn't have to worry about saying anything.

"What are your plans after dinner?" Garron asked.

Surprised, Shaundra looked at him. "I don't have any. Go home and eat ice cream, probably."

"Would you be interested in going for a walk with me?" He gave her a shy smile. "I know it's cold out, but I think it would be better than just going home alone."

Shaundra considered it. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and it wasn't as if he was inviting her back to his place. Walking around the area surrounding the restaurant would prolong her having to go home alone, which was definitely not a bad thing.

"Yes," she said. "Thank you."

His smile widened. "You're welcome. Tell me something about yourself, Shaundra Clemens."

She decided to tell him the most random thing she could think of. "I'm learning Korean. Your turn."

He laughed. "It's a game, is it? All right. I feed geese when they show up around the pond at my apartment building. Back to you."

This could be fun. "I don't own a car."

"Neither do I. Your turn again."

She thought for a moment. "I don't like playing games, but I'm kind of enjoying this."

"I like playing games when they lead to me getting to know a beautiful woman." He hesitated. "I hope that isn't pushing it too much."

Her face warmed. He thought she was beautiful. That was nicer than anything Lawrence had ever said to her. "It isn't."


They continued talking while they waited for their food. The more Shaundra heard, the gladder she was that she'd asked to sit with Garron. They had common interests in various TV shows and activities, and overall, he was the type of person she wanted to get to know better.

Maybe Lawrence had done her a favor by not showing up.

Finally their food arrived. "We have another party coming in about half an hour," the server said. "We'll need this table then."

"Of course." Garron picked up his fork and shoveled some mashed potatoes into his mouth. Without swallowing, he added, "We'll be as fast as we can."

The server flinched and dropped a small black folder on the table. "There's your check. I'll be back in a few minutes to take it." Quickly she strode away.

Shaundra couldn't help laughing. "That was cruel. And kind of gross."

Garron swallowed. "She deserved it, trying to rush us like that. But I suppose getting out of here will be good. We'll have more time to spend elsewhere."

The server returned several minutes later and took the folder and Garron's credit card. When she came back, she said, "We'll be happy to pack up the rest of your food. We need the table now."

"No need." Garron stood, towering over the petite server. "I think we're all set. Have a good night."

"Um, okay." The server hurried away again.

Garron put on his jacket and went around the table. "May I help you with your coat?"

Bemused, Shaundra stood. He was acting far more gentlemanly than Lawrence ever had. "Yes, thank you."

Garron took her coat off the back of the chair and held it up while she slipped her arms into the sleeves. So far, Valentine's Day was turning out not to be as bad as she'd thought.

They left the restaurant and wandered down the street. Most of the stores were closed, but one card shop still had lights on.

"Should we go in?" Garron asked. "It looks like a suitably Valentine-ish place."

"Sure," Shaundra said. "Why not?"

Inside, the store was almost entirely pink, red, and white, with Valentine cards prominently displayed everywhere, along with balloons, fake flowers, and stuffed animals, nearly all of which held stuffed hearts.

"Dear god, we've died and gone to Valentine hell!" Garron glanced around. "All the Valentines in the world must have come here to breed."

Shaundra touched a bear on the table closest to her. It was one of the softest things she'd ever felt, and for a moment she was tempted to buy it so she would have something to cuddle with that night.

"It isn't so bad," she said.

Garron snorted. "Nope, not bad at all if you like this kind of thing. That's a cute bear."

"Yeah." Shaundra picked it up and immediately set it back down. The last thing she needed was a stuffed animal. "Maybe we should get out of here."

"You want that, don't you?"

She shook her head. "Not my kind of thing. I just wanted to see what it felt like."

"I don't believe you." Garron picked up the bear. "Stay right here."

"Wait," Shaundra said, but he was already heading for the cash register.

Great. He's buying me a frigging teddy bear. Nothing like seeming immature. But despite the thought, having Garron buy her the bear pleased her. She wasn't used to gifts on Valentine's Day, and certainly wouldn't have received anything from Lawrence even if he hadn't bailed on her. He'd made that clear when they discussed their plans.

A total stranger, though, was thoughtful enough to buy her something simply because he believed she wanted it. Definitely not what she'd expected when she moved to his table.

He returned and handed her the bear. "Here you are."

"Thanks." Touched, she tucked it under one arm. "So where to now?"

"Let's talk about that outside."

They left the store and stopped on the sidewalk. "I know we just met tonight, but after talking so long at the restaurant, I feel like I've known you a long time," Garron said.

Shaundra smiled. They certainly were compatible. If she'd been looking for a date, he would have been it. And in the time they'd spent together, she had become remarkably comfortable with him.

"Likewise," she said.

"So..." He looked her in the eye. "May I take you home?"

All the reasons to say no rushed into Shaundra's brain. She was comfortable with him, but she didn't know him. Being alone with him would be a risk, one she wasn't sure she wanted to take. Predators could appear perfectly charming right up until they had their victim, and then things went to shit.

Even so, her gut instinct told her allowing Garron into her apartment, or going to his home, would be perfectly safe. Just in case, she could text one of her friends and let them know where she would be.

She didn't know what would happen, but the one thing she did know was she didn't want the evening to end.

"My home or yours?" she asked.

"Whichever you prefer."

Getting him to leave her apartment might be difficult if things went sour. At least if she went to his place, she could walk out if she had to. "Let's go to yours."

"Let me give you the address so you can text it to someone," he said.

Surprised, she took out her phone and found her friend Jan's number in the contacts. "Go ahead."

He gave an address not far from where they were. She typed it into her phone and added, Met a guy. Going to his place. I'll text again in half an hour.

Slipping the phone back into her purse, she said, "Thank you. Most of the guys I've met wouldn't have thought to do that, and would have argued with me if I'd asked.

"You've been meeting the wrong guys, then." He reached out. "Shall we?"

Shaundra took his hand. The touch, warm and comforting, sparked desire in her. She didn't know what his intentions were in inviting her to his place, but she certainly knew what she was hoping for.

After all, it was Valentine's Day. What better night to fuck a guy I just met?

She chuckled at the thought. Garron raised an eyebrow. "Do I amuse you?"

"Just my brain running away from me." She squeezed his hand. "Let's go."

His apartment turned out to be on the third floor of a beautiful brownstone. It wasn't large, but was nicely furnished and felt cozy. The kind of place Shaundra would want to spend more time, if this didn't turn out to be a one-night stand.

Which it probably would. Both of them were just rebounding from their broken dates, even if they were so compatible it was scary.

"This is it." Garron took off his jacket and draped it over the back of one of the chairs at the small dining table. "Make yourself at home."

"Thanks." Shaundra put her things on the other chair. "Nice place."

"I like it." He paused. "You know, we can make this awkward, or just skip the conversation. I know we just met, but I really like you, Shaundra Clemens, and I'd like to take you to bed."

The words sent a shiver through her, and her pussy tightened. She hadn't expected him to be so blunt, but it appealed to her. He was right. There was no reason to be awkward. Especially now that she knew they both wanted the same thing.

"I'd like that too," she said.

"The bedroom's through here." He gestured. "Bathroom's next to it, if you need it." With one step, he closed the gap between them and embraced her. "Let's make this a memorable Valentine's Day."

Before she could respond, his mouth was on hers. She put her arms around him and sank into the sensations of his lips and tongue, of his warm hands on her back. Of the desire and need that raced through her.

After a moment, he broke the kiss. "We definitely need to get into the bedroom."

"I agree." She pulled away from him. "I need a second."

"Take your time."

She went into the bathroom and closed the door. Studying herself in the mirror, she thought, I must be crazy. Is this really what I want? A one-night stand on Valentine's Day?

The answer was easy. It didn't matter if she never saw Garron again. Tonight, she was with him, and she'd never wanted someone so badly.

When she exited the room, Garron had gone into the bedroom. The room was mostly occupied by a king-size bed covered with a dark blue comforter. A sweet smell floated through the room, and Shaundra spotted a candle burning on the bureau.

"I thought I should set the scene a little," Garron said. "It isn't the most romantic thing, but..."

"But we don't need to be romantic." She stripped off her shirt and tossed it aside. "Screw romance. We aren't each other's Valentine."

"We could be." He eyed her up and down. "Damn, you are sexy. Come here."

Taking her in his arms, he kissed her again. As the kiss deepened, her need grew. Sex with Lawrence had always been quick and uninspired, with more thrusting than kissing. Having a man touch her as Garron did now, moving his hands over her body as their tongues touched, was hotter than any sex with Lawrence would have been.

He cupped her breast in his hand and thumbed her hard nipple through her bra. She gasped into his mouth. Her entire body tingled, and moisture gathered between her legs. All she could do was hope the foreplay didn't last too long. She needed him inside her.

A few moments passed, then he broke the kiss. Breathing heavily, he looked into her eyes. "Get undressed. Please. I want to be slow with you, but god, I can't wait much longer."

"No need to." Keeping her gaze on him, she removed the rest of her clothes and let them fall to the floor. Nude, she smiled. "Is that better?"

"Much, much better."

Quickly Garron undressed. His cock stood hard against his abdomen, a drop glistening at its tip. Obviously he was as turned on as she.

"Lie down," he said hoarsely. "Let me taste you."

Heat raced through her as she obeyed. She loved having a man go down on her, but Lawrence had always refused. Having Garron not only offer but demand to eat her pussy was exciting as hell.

She lay across the bed, her legs hanging over the side. Garron nudged her legs apart and bent to touch his tongue to her swollen clit.

At the first contact, she moaned. Their kiss and his touch had brought her closer to the edge than she realized. Making her come would take little effort.

But Garron clearly intended to put in the effort. He flicked her clit with his tongue and plunged a finger inside her, rubbing against her G-spot. The pleasure built in her as he played, until she exploded, her orgasm shaking her to the core.

And still he didn't stop. He ran his tongue along her slit, making an approving sound as he touched her opening. With one hand, he reached up to fondle her breast; with the other, he fingered her clit as he licked her. Shaundra could do nothing but lie there, hunger coursing through her as she again built toward coming.

The second climax hit even harder than the first, and she cried out as her body trembled and her hips bucked. She was barely aware of whether Garron continued touching her; the euphoria wiped away her awareness of anything other than the sensations enveloping her.

When the pleasure subsided, she looked up at Garron. "Wow."

He licked his lips. "I agree. You taste wonderful."

The moisture at the tip of his cock tantalized her, and her mouth watered. "I'd like to return the favor."

To her surprise, he shook his head. "I would love that, and I'm sure you're amazing at it. But right now, I need to be inside you. Please."

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