tagLetters & TranscriptsBe My Valentine, Baby

Be My Valentine, Baby


These letters are fictional between me and my friend Lee.


Dear Chrissy,

I know it's not V-day yet, but thought to get things started early! The idea was for you to be out of the house while I make us a romantic dinner. Before you go, I thought to take the edge off a bit. Starting with a sensual massage that leaves goose bumps all over your body. I then lick, suck and nibble your inner thighs until reaching your glistening wet pussy.

Feel my hot breath on your clit? I part your lips with my probing tongue. It slides deeper into you and is frenching out your pussy. I know your lips are more open for me to push two fingers inside. They rub along your g-spot while my palm massages your clit. I add a third finger and you beg me not to stop. Fortunately, I have plenty of surprises in store for you tonight. Until then I start to finger fuck you with increasing energy. Your hips are shaking and I hear you screaming that you are going to cum. I add a fourth finger and push them all along your g-spot as I consume your clit. It isn't long before you reward me with your honey all over my fingers and face.

You then tell me that you need to hit the salon and mall before going to take a nice shower before taking your time getting ready. I just get hard thinking of how you are getting ready and how you spent the day.

Love, Lee


Dear Lee,

Well, I guess that after you finished fingering and eating me, I'd sit up on the bed and pull you close for a deep passionate french kiss so I could taste my juices on your lips and tongue, then I'd get up and choose my sexiest outfit, laying it aside for the romantic night ahead of us. I'd grab a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, bra & undies from the dresser and head into the bathroom to take my shower, stopping at the bathroom door to wiggle my ass at you playfully. I turn on my cd player in the bathroom with my favorite cd in it, then turn on the water in the shower and step in when it's the right temp for me.

I shampoo my hair and shave my legs and armpits and pussy til they are all nice and smooth for you, babe. I'd wash with my favorite lilac scented soap, then rinse off and wrap a big fluffy towel around my wet body, and another around my hair, then go back into the bedroom to dress. I pull on my see-thru lace bra and matching bikini panties and I get an idea in my head which I will put into action later as a surprise for you. Then I put on my shirt and pants and a pair of socks, and sit on the bed to brush my hair as you watch me, with a sexy grin on your face. I don't bother putting on any make-up since that will be done at the salon.

You get off the bed and dress in a pair of tight black jeans and a blue polo shirt and your socks, then you put on a pair of black cowboy boots as I slide my feet into my sneakers. We go down stairs and get our coats and you drive me to the salon at the mall and drop me off while you do some errands to get ready for the night ahead. I go into the salon and get my hair, nails and make-up done, and you pick me up 4 hours later. We go back home and I hurry upstairs to our bedroom to change my clothes. I put on a red cupless lace bra, matching crotch less panties, a black lace garter belt and silk stockings, then slide on my black leather mini-skirt and a tight red shirt with a pink rhinestone heart above my left breast.

I slide my feet into my 3 inch red heels and splash on a bit of my fave perfume, which I know drives you wild every time I wear it. Half an hour later, I come downstairs slowly so I don't fall, and I walk into the dining room to see a romantic table set for two. There is a vase in the center of the table full of red and pink roses, and red candles are lit on either side of the vase. The aromas of dinner are floating out from the kitchen and it smells wonderful. I start to go toward the kitchen and you come out with 2 plates of lasagna in your hands and place them on the table, then you pull my chair out and I sit while u go back into the kitchen. you come back out with the wine and a bowl of salad. We sit down and eat and chat the whole time........

Love Chrissy


Dear Chrissy,

After dinner, we are sitting on the couch staring deeply into each other. We sitting close enjoying champagne and the warm fire. You take my by the hand and put on soft music. We dance close to each other. My manhood gets harder as the dancing gets a bit more sensual.

I look deeply into your smoldering eyes and we kiss softly. It soon gets more passionate and my hands move along your back. Down they go and squeeze your ass checks. Breaking away from you, I kiss and nuzzle along your neck. Sliding towards your ear I whisper, "shall we have dessert?"

Now it's my turn to take you by the hand. Leading you back on the couch I retrieve it from the kitchen. While I am away, I move behind you and slip on a blindfold. Returning after a few minutes, I move a strawberry along your check and towards your mouth. You open it so I move the fruit inside you. Pulling it out, your tongue flicks at it. That gets me harder but I focus on you first. Biting the fruit, I feed you the piece now covered in warm chocolate.

Moving another strawberry along your neck sends shivers down your back. I bit into it and run it along your ample breasts which leaves a trail that I sensually lick up. We then kiss some more until all the strawberries are finished.

You take off the blindfold and put on some faster-paced music. I see you stand up and sway in rhythm. You slide back towards me saying to my lap "Can I have this dance?"

Love, Lee


Dear Lee,

I sway seductively to the music on the stereo and slowly slide my hands down over my breasts, lingering for a moment on them, teasing my nipples before sliding down over my belly to my legs, and down to the hem of my skirt. I slowly slide the hem up, an inch at a time, driving you crazy with anticipation, as the tops of my stockings start to show, then the straps of my garter belt start to peek out at you. My skirt slowly slides higher, as I continue to sway seductively to the music, turning around a couple times and wiggling my ass at you playfully.

I lift my skirt up higher and my crotch less panties peek out at you, then I unfasten the buttons on my skirt and take it off, tossing it onto the floor. I take off my shirt and toss that to the floor as well. I'm standing there swaying with the music wearing only my bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels now, and I see the large bulge in the front of your pants, knowing how bad you want me to slide onto your hard shaft. I reach down and slip my finger between the straps of fabric of the panties and rub my clit for you, as you start to breath harder.

I turn around with my back to you, and I bend over, placing one hand on the coffee table, and I finger my pussy for you. I hear you undress quickly then I feel your hands on my hips and your hard cock pressing between the lips of my pussy. I moan as you bury yourself completely in my pussy and start to fuck me slowly. Your hands move to my breasts and you slowly pull me upright while still buried in me, and you hug me tight with your hands gently squeezing and pinching my nipples between your fingers. I moan softly as you start moving a little faster in me and I cant help but lean over for the full effect of your love-making, my sexy handsome lover.

I reach my hand down between my legs and fondle your balls as your hard cock slips in and out of my wet pussy hard and fast. I feel them slap against my clit and pussy lips and moan loudly as my orgasm approaches. You squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples, which sends a shock through me, right down to my pussy and I almost instantly convulse around your shaft, my fluids leaking out onto your balls, and splashing onto our legs. Within seconds, I feel your cock pulse as you reach your own release, shooting your hot sticky cum deep inside my pussy. You pull me upright again, supporting me slightly since my knees and legs feel like jelly. I turn my face to yours and you kiss me tenderly before pulling your cock from my pussy. I feel our mixed juices leaking out and dripping down my legs as you pull me into your arms and hug me tightly.

Love Chrissy


Dear Chrissy,

I pull you slowly into me. Soon, you are falling asleep. I let you catch your rest as you will certainly need it for the rest of the evening's fun. To start things off, I start pouring champagne all into my mouth. I then start to kiss you deeply and force the alcohol into you. The taste of it wakes you up with a startle.

Knowing that you are rested a bit, I start to turn on the TV and flip onto a Cinemax movie. On the screen is a woman playing with herself while she is thinking about being with someone in the office. The actress has a toy rubbing her pussy. I see your stockinged legs opening allowing my access.

I pull out a new toy that I got you. It is 9in long and has veins to mimic a real cock. The toy starts to move in and out of you slowly. The woman starts playing with her large and creamy breasts. I then pinch your nipples and they get more swollen. They stand up waiting for my tongue to flick at them. They don't have long to wait because I take them into my mouth and lightly nibble each one.

Your erotic temperature increases with the toy starting to work its magic in and out of you. I ask you to get on your hands and knees to watch the action further. I see your tight ass bouncing seductively for me. One of my hands starts to caress each cheek gently. I slide the toy along your pussy lips. It is completely covered in your sweet juices. That way it slides more easily into your pussy.

While it moves and in out at varying speeds, I part your ass cheeks. Slowly, I lower my hot mouth into your nether hold and breath on it. You shake in anticipation of what's next. My tongue ever so gently pokes at your forbidden hole. It probes further as the toy goes deeper inside your pussy. I move it in and out of you with more sexual energy.

You beg me to fuck you hard. I only need to hear that once and start to move the toy in and out more fully. Your pussy tightens down on the intruder making my job a bit harder. Without waiting further, I push my tongue deeper into your asshole. The toy is now completely covered in your nectar. I press a button on it and it starts to shake further. Before you can respond, it starts to squirt hot liquid inside.

I leave it inside and tell you that I filled it with my juices. You see my hard cock and know that it needs your help in getting back to full strength.

Love Lee


Dear Lee,

I collapse on the bed while still watching the video, and I turn around to face you. I gently rub my hands over your naked thighs, my fingertips lightly brushing your testicles. I move my right hand up your leg to your cock and wrap my hand around it, lifting the head to my lips. I kiss it gently, then flick my tongue out to lick the moisture gathering at the tip. I hear you groan as I open my lips and take the head of your shaft into my hot mouth, closing my lips around you. My tongue rubs all over the swollen head, teasing you.

I slowly start to stroke your cock with my hand as my lips slid down your length, setting a steady rhythm, up and down, up and down, up and down. My left hand starts caressing your thigh, slowly working it's way around to your sexy muscular ass. I give your ass a squeeze and pull your cock further into my mouth by pressing on your ass. I look up at you and see you smiling as I suck you and play with your butt. I smile around your cock and go back to pleasuring you, not taking my eyes from yours.

I feel your cock harden, as it turns you on more that I keep eye contact with you as I suck on your shaft, and I know within moments you will be ready to shoot your cum again. I suck a little harder and faster, pausing now and then to suck just on the very tip of your cock and tease the opening with my tongue. I moan as I taste the saltiness of your fluids, and close my eyes in ecstacy. You suddenly pull out of my mouth and push me back on the bed. You raise my legs up so my feet are over your shoulders and you position your cock at the wet leaking hole of my pussy.

I feel you press into me slowly, as some of the juices leak out onto my ass. When you are fully encased in my vagina, I pull you down to me and kiss you deeply and passionately as I raise my hips to meet each of your slow steady thrusts. You break the kiss and move your mouth down to capture one of my nipples between your lips. You start thrusting in me harder and faster, pushing as deep into me as you can, grinding yourself against me and my clit. Within moments, I feel the orgasm approach, and my body starts to tense, arching up to meet your body's thrusts. I feel my pussy clench around your cock and I scream out your name as I cum, oozing my juices all over your cock.

You pound me harder and faster, deeper and deeper, our bodies slapping together as the juices leak out of my wet hole. The squishing noises coming from my pussy are so erotic that it's not long after my climax that you reach your own, shooting your hot cum deep into my love canal as you grind your pelvis against mine, which causes me to orgasm again. I can feel our mixed fluids leaking out and running down my ass crack as you collapse on me, kissing me tenderly as we both try to catch our breath.

I grab a tissue from the box on the night stand by the bed and wipe the sweat from your face for you and you smile lovingly at me. I smile back as you withdraw your now flaccid cock from my pussy and lay beside me. I snuggle against your right side with my head resting on your shoulder and my right hand laying on your sweaty chest. I feel your hand sliding over my shoulder and upper arm gently and I smother a yawn. You pull the blankets up over us and click the power button on the TV remote, and we both fall asleep after saying good night to each other with one last long passionate kiss.

Love Chrissy

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