It’s in the middle of the night as your phone rings. You open your eyes slowly and hope it stops. It doesn’t and you drag yourself out of the bed. "WAT," you bellow into the phone.

"Morning Baby," you hear me say, " I have a little surprise for you. If you want to know what it is, you had better get dressed and move your ass down to the beach." You hear the click, as I hang up. You are torn between going back to bed or getting dressed and going to see what I have done. Your nosiness wins and you get dressed.

As you reach the beach you realize that I didn’t tell you where the surprise was, but as you come closer you can see something. There is a small table and a chair stood on the beach. On the table is a candle and a small card. You read it. "Sit down and relax" You look around to see if anyone is there, but you cant spot anyone. You sit down and wait. There is a soft breeze and the candle plays in the wind.

Suddenly you feel a soft fabric on your face, covering your eyes. You start objecting and hear a soft voice shhhhh at you. Soft fingers play across your neck and jaw line. You shudder. You can feel a soft warm body coming closer. Then you get straddled. You let your hands go up to the legs and feel the bare soft skin. You can feel the breath against your face, coming closer and closer. Then warm soft lips against yours. You moan lightly and open your mouth, to let the tongue in. It plays with yours. Your cock gets hard.

Your hands run up higher and go under the fabric of the skirt. You let them rest on the bare buttocks. The lips leave yours and you can feel your T-shirt being pulled up and over your head. Gentle fingers play across your bare chest, run through the hair. The lips meet yours again and the body is being pressed closer to yours. Hard nipples pressed into your chest. You take one hand of the buttock and move it up to find an open shirt and bare breast. You cup them and let your thumbs run over the nipple.

A light moan from your temptress. The fingers running down your side. Then her body moves up off your lap and you can feel the fingers opening your Button and Zipper, freeing your cock. Those soft, gentle, warm fingers enclose your cock in them. You shiver at the touch. Then you feel a hot wetness touch the top of your cock, and with a light moan that wetness encloses you and slides down on you. You put your hands onto the hips and then you feel them moving. Circling on your hard cock.

You can’t believe how soft this all is. No fast movements, nothing rough, just very sensual. A hand in your neck and one on your side, the lips softly against yours and the warm body moving on your cock. It’s been a while and all this is driving you crazy. Soon, too soon you feel your balls tighten and the cum shooting up you. You buck up and enter the warmness deep and start shooting your sperm into it. You moan into that sweet mouth and hear a moan returning.

Slowly you come down again. The warm wetness stays on you until you start going soft. Then the body moves up and away from you. Another kiss on your lips and then nothing. You wait, breathing heavily. Then you know that you are alone. You take of the blindfold and look around. It looks like before, a long empty beach. You dress, blow out the candle and make your way back to your apartment.

You reach into your pocket for the key and find it gone. You swear because you don’t want to go searching on the beach. You push against the door and find that it is unlocked. Slowly you enter and hope that nobody has broke in. Everything looks normal, apart from a strange flickering light in the bedroom. You push against the door and see a candle lighting the room. Your eyes wander over to your bed and there I am. Dressed in a short silky nighty. You come over to me. Not a word, but you know that I was at the beach. You lie down next to me and kiss me. Your arms enclose me and pull me close to you. Then you whisper into my ear "You do know that I am never going to let you go again." I smile...............

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