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Beach Birthday Surprise


My husband had been promising me a special surprise for my 35th Birthday and then he had to blow it by having to go out of town on business. He was very apologetic and promised to make it up to me when he returned but I knew it wouldn’t be the same. Oh well, what could I do.

No sooner had he told me when Joanne, my best friend called. She wanted to know what Bob, my hubby, had planned for my Birthday. When I told her, she knew that I wasn’t happy. “Why don’t we spend your Birthday at the beach”, she said. Why not, I thought. We made our plans to meet at 9AM and she said she knew just the spot to go.

We met at my place, loaded up the car, and took off in my convertible. Two blonds with their hair flying in the wind. We got quite a few looks, but we always get that. You see, while I may be 35, I’ve been told I look more like 25. I work our regularly and am proud of my body.

Joanne gave me directions down the Pacific Coast Highway. She told me to pull over in the next clearing. We parked along side the road. There was only one other car parked there, a shinny black Corvette. We gathered our stuff (towels, bag, and small cooler) and started down the trail to the beach. The trail opened onto a small expanse of beautiful beach. What a beautiful day and Bob is out of town on business…dam him anyway. I was still pissed at him but Joanne was doing her best to keep me occupied.

We laid out a large blanket and opened some wine coolers. Joanne told me that a very good friend of hers told her about the beach and that hardly anyone goes there. I pulled my summer dress over my head to reveal the new suit Bob had bought me. It was a skimpy two-piece in a wet look fabric. Joanne complimented me on the suit and stripped down to her suit.

Several wine coolers and much girl talk later, Joanne suggested that we get wet in the waves. I had a nice buzz going. Since no one was around, she suggested that we go skinny dipping. Why not, so I stripped off my suit and followed her into the water. With the temperature getting hotter, the water and waves felt great. After a quick swim, we returned to our blanket.

As I layed down, I saw him for the first time. He was about 20 yards from us. I am sure he was there the whole time, we just hadn’t noticed him. How could we miss him? He was maybe 30, a tall, fit, black man. He rose from his blanket and I got my second surprise. He wasn’t wearing a suit. I did a double take when I realize how large he was. It as limp and dangled down his leg. I had been with several men before Bob, but had never seen one that large.

He walked down the beach and into the water. Several minutes later, he emerged from the water. It was obvious that he was coming to us. I pulled a towel to me to hide myself. He introduced himself as Rex and said that he hoped that he hadn’t scared us. Joanne spoke right up and introduced us and told him that we were at the beach celebrating my birthday. I couldn’t help but keep catching glances of him. His skin was so smooth and shinny. It was so big.

He wished me a Happy Birthday and asked if one of us would put some lotion on his back. He explained that that is the downside of coming to the beach alone. He seemed so easy going and nice. Joanne, being the friend that she is, handed me the lotion and told me to do it. The thought of Bob’s disapproval crossed my mind as I put some lotion in my hand. Rex turned to face away from me and I stood and started to rub lotion on his back and shoulders. The towel that I was using to cover myself fell to the sand. His skin was so soft and I could feel his muscles just below the skin. Obviously, Rex worked hard on keeping his body in shape.

Just touching his back sent shivers through my body. I looked at Joanne and she just smiled at me. She is the only one that I have ever told about my fantasy of a black man. Not once during our 12 years of marriage did I ever mention it to Bob. I could feel myself getting excited by the touch of his skin. It seems so hot. Like touching fire.

After finishing Rex’s back, I quickly sat down before he could turn and see me naked. Rex thanked me and ask if I would like him to return the favor. I said “No, I already have lotion on my back”. Joanne handed Rex the lotion and told him that I need more on my back and smiled at me. Joanne handed me another wine cooler. Rex sat behind me and I felt the cool lotion and his hot fingers as he worked the lotion into my shoulders and down my back. Visions of Rex flashed in my head, what was I thinking.

I didn’t really notice that after Rex had put lotion on my back that he started to massage my shoulders. It felt so good. Joanne handed me another wine cooler as I realize that I had just about chugged down the last one.

What happened next is a blur. Rex was massaging my shoulders when I felt his hot breath on my neck. Then soft kisses. I turned to tell him to stop but all I saw was his devouring eyes. I seemed frozen as he kissed me on the lips. First softly, then with more passion. I knew it was wrong. I tried to say no, but felt helpless, weak, and oh so excited.

It was as much my fault as his. As he kissed me, he ran a hand over my breasts oh so softly. I began to rub my hands up and down his body. Then it happened, I touch it. I didn’t mean to. I surrendered. It felt hard and on fire. I took it in my hand. It was so big my finger could barely get around it. Even though I couldn’t see it, just the touch of it sent me to new heights of excitement.

When he touched me down there, my mind tried to cry for help but my body wouldn’t move. My legs parted to give him access. What was I doing, I thought. This isn’t right. Bob will kill me if he ever finds out. Rex knew just how to touch a woman. I found myself grinding my hips into his hand. I was all his and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Rex broke our embrace and guided me around. It was then that I saw how big and hard it was. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Rex softly pushed me onto my back and knelt between my legs. “You want it, don’t you?”, he said. I didn’t answer. Softly, he spread my legs and lowered himself into me. When the tip of it touched me, it was felt like a jolt of electricity. I felt paralyzed. Slowly, I could feel it entering me. He let his weight slowly put it inside me. I wiggled my hips to help him. I needed him. I wanted him.

He pulled out a little and then pushed it further into me. I felt myself stretch to accept him. He kept pushing in deeper. I had never felt something that big. He began to stroke me faster and deeper. Finally, the tip of his manhood hit my cervix. Fireworks when off in my mind. I had never felt so full and so excited.

In my daze, I felt Rex’s hands on my ass, as he stroked me harder, faster. It was then that I felt it building. I was all his. The first orgasm came like a wave hitting the beach. It didn’t stop though. The second and the third orgasms were like Tornados ravishing my body. Rex sensed my orgasms and slowed his pace. He raised up on his knees. It stood straight out and glistened with my wetness.

He took my hand and pulled me up on my knees. He took my head and pulled my lips to it. I took as much of it as I could in my mouth. It tasted like my nector. I used my tongue on it to feel the veins. I could feel Rex’s heart pounding. Rex began to stroke it with his hand. It swelled even larger. My mouth strained to contain it. I wanted to satisfy him the way he satisfied me. I knew it wouldn’t be long. I could feel him stiffen and then it erupted. I took as much as I could but it spilled out of my mouth. More cum oozed out of the head. I licked it.

All of a sudden, I came to my senses. What was I doing. I turned toward Joanne. She was laying on the blanket. She had one hand pinching a nipple while the other hand was stroking her clit. It was obvious that our show was too much for her and she was satisfying herself.

Waves of guilt came over me. What had I just done. I had never cheated on Bob. I felt so dirty. I couldn’t let him ever find out.

Rex got up. I couldn’t look at him. I started to gather our stuff as he wandered into the water. Joanne came back to her senses and we headed off to the car. She started to talk but I just shook my head. What had I done?

Not a word was said the whole trip home. When we got to my house, Joanne tried to give me a reassuring hug but a tear dropped from the corner of my eye. I turned and went inside. I turned the shower on and stripped off my clothes. Looking in the mirror, I could see Rex’s dry cum on my cheeks. I just couldn’t believe what happened. The shower felt good and I just kept scrubbing myself hoping the guilt would wash away.

Though I was exhausted, I didn’t sleep well that night. Bob returned the next afternoon and I was so nervous. He made some comment that I looked stressed but I just couldn’t relax. What if he found out?

That night, we crawled into bed. I snuggled next to him and held him tight. How could I have been so stupid? Bob was watching the news on TV when he asked how I like my Birthday present. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He asked me again, but I didn’t have a clue what he was taking about.

The next thing I knew, I could hear the VCR come on and the picture on the TV switched from the news to a beach. Not just any beach. It was the beach that Joanne and I went to. I was confused. About that time, I saw Joanne and I walk onto the beach and put our towels down. It was then that I knew that I had been set up. Obviously, Rex had video taped our day at the beach.

The scene changed and Joanne and I began taking off our bikinis. I knew what was coming next and I couldn’t look at Bob. I just froze. On TV I was putting lotion on Rex’s back. I stared at the TV and could feel his skin in my mind. I was awakened from my thoughts by Bob’s penis becoming alive. When Rex started to put lotion on my, Bob had a raging hard-on. As both of us had our eyes glued to the TV, Bob explained that Joanne had told him about my fantasy of being with a Black man. Bob said that he wasn’t sure he could handle it in person but wanted me to enjoy my fantasy. Of course, he explained that he didn’t want to miss out on it either.

As Rex took me on the beach, I took Bob in my mouth. He was harder than I had ever seen him and he came so hard. After he came, he didn’t go soft like he usually does. I pulled my gown off and told him to fuck me hard.

At first, I was upset with Bob for what he had done. After the passionate night of sex we had that night, I realized what a great Birthday gift he gave me. I think we both enjoyed it.

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