Beach Blanket Seduction


Sarah began rocking back and forth, feeling the firm shaft massage her hard clit with each movement. She could feel the orgasm already building deep within, the pleasure flowing outward and through her body. Again, thoughts of impregnation never entered her mind, only the craving hunger for the mind shattering climax, that was almost upon her young pussy.

Without missing a stroke, Costas rolled Sarah over and continued to fuck her with long, forceful strokes. Sarah was moaning, as she threw herself upward on his plunging rod of steel. Costas tweaked her sensitive nipple and Sarah screamed her orgasm to the world. Smothering her cries with his full lips, he thrust faster and harder. With another mighty stroke, Costas shot a copious load of semen directly into her cervix. Time after time, spurts of his fertile sperm filled every cavity in her waiting pussy.

"So good." Sarah mumbled, completely satisfied again. "I love your cock. I love my husband, but I love your cock." Pulling his head down to her lips, she kissed him long and deep. All the while, his huge dick was preventing his black seed from escaping her pussy. At the moment, if pregnancy had crossed her mind, it wouldn't have mattered. Sarah was too satisfied and happy to have a care in the world.

At last, Costas reached over and picked up a wash cloth. "Here, hold this over your pussy, so we don't mess up the blanket. This is the table for our picnic lunch." Costas laughed. "Let's jump in the water and clean up first."

After a lunch of cold cuts and a bottle of wine, Costas was ready for this beautiful woman again. "Now that you have eaten, how about dessert?" Costas grinned, as he lay back and slowly stroked his half erect dick.

Sarah had never kissed a man's dick before, and would have rebelled if Tom had even asked. Without hesitation, she lowered her head to do something that had always been repugnant to her. Dear God! What am I doing? Sarah thought. But, she knew she wanted to suck this black cock down her throat and swallow his thick sperm!

Not knowing where to begin, she gently kissed the large head and ran her tongue gently around his pee hole. Getting braver, she licked the sides from top to bottom, as her hands rolled his engorged balls together. With a tiny groan, she slipped her lips down over the throbbing head. Not being able to deep throat, she sucked the head in earnest, while masturbating him with both hands. She realized his cock was delicious and swirled her tongue around much faster, wanting her lover to let her taste his sperm.

Sarah was going crazy with lust for this huge cock slithering in and out of her sucking mouth. She ran her tongue over his hotly pulsating shaft and his bulging cock-head over and over. With her mouth ovalled tightly around his throbbing hardness, she was moaning in her throat, wanting his cum!

Costas felt her tongue swirling around the apex of his penis and flicking all around his shaft, as her head bobbed crazily up and down. There was a great heat building in the sac of his testicles and slowly moving toward the swelling head of his dick. Holding her head between hands, he moved her head back and forth, fucking her face. Now, he could feel his cock hitting the back of her throat. His climax came rolling out of his sperm bloated balls, rushing toward her sucking mouth and down her throat.

Holding her head in place, Costas began spewing hot, sticky cum directly into the sucking cavern of her mouth. Sarah felt his cock swell as her mouth filled to overflowing. Tightly clasping his shaft with her lips, she swallowed spurt after spurt of his seed, determined to not waste a drop. Swallowing rapidly, she barely kept up with the great gobs filling her mouth. As Costas throbbed out the last of the thick white fluid, a sticky string ran from the blunt head to her lips. Sarah desperately licked it off and then cleaned the shaft with her tongue.

A thin sheen of sweat was on her forehead when she raised up to look him in the eyes. "That was unbelievable! Thank you! Thank you, for showing me what I've missed!"

"We aren't finished! Now, it's my turn. I want my dessert, too!" Costas exclaimed.

"What do you mean? Not... that! No! I'm dirty down there! You can't do that to me here! Sarah begged.

Covering her body with his, he kissed her long and deep, tasting his seed on her tongue. His hands were coursing over her naked flesh, cupping her tender breasts and bringing her nipples to instant hardness. That sensation caused her to suck his tongue more vigorously. Ripples of pleasure were coursing from her breasts to her loins, arousing her further and causing her to lose control of her emotions. Sarah knew at that instant, Costas could do whatever he wished.

Costas, kissing and trailing his tongue down Sarah's naked torso, brought him to the fountain of her maidenhood. He was thirsty to drink from that fountain. He placed his palms on the inside of her smooth thighs, his thumbs resting on the glistening folds of her cunt. Slowly, he spread the lips apart, exposing the inner pink flesh to his gaze. He drew his finger across her little clitoris, then lowered his mouth to engulf the sensitive nubbin.

Sarah felt a chill of excitement at the first wet contact with her pussy. This was truly a day of firsts for the young bride. Her eyes glazed with lust as she felt his tongue on the swelling mound of her love nest. Feeling his thumbs spread her curling hair, as his tongue flicked into her moist slit, sending shivers of pleasure shooting toward the depths of her being. She jumped and moaned as his tongue circled the hard bud of her clitoris, then, his tongue probed her throbbing vagina. Her body convulsed in grinding jerks on his thick, flicking tongue. His tongue curled around her clitoris before snaking rapier-like in and out of her throbbing hole.

"Ohhh God! What are you doing to me?" Sarah groaned. Jolts of electric pleasure were invading her whole body. Costas never answered, as he raced his tongue faster and deeper into her wide open pussy. Her thighs were quivering, as she raised her hips to get closer to his wildly thrusting tongue.

Costas slipped his hands under her buttocks, drawing her toward his fucking tongue, and burying his face in her clenching vagina. Wet sucking sounds came from below and gasps of pleasure came from above. Alternately, running his lips around her clitoris and darting his tongue deep inside her pulsing pussy, was driving Sarah crazy.

Sarah's buttocks spasmed and she cried out deliriously as a wild fire spread through her body. "Ooooh, oh, my God! Ohhh, yes!" she whimpered as her orgasm threatened to destroy her sanity. She groaned hoarsely, as wave after wave of heat rolled over her belly and heaving breasts. Mind shattering sensations coursed through her raw nerves. With more strength than she thought she possessed, Sarah jerked away from his maddening tongue.

"Stop! I can't stand anymore!" Sarah screamed.

Costas slid up her body and locked his lips on hers. Naturally, his huge cock was hard and ready to go again. Her wide open pussy accepted his dick like a tight fitting glove. A flick of hips, embedded his cock to the hilt as his pubic bone smashed against hers.

"No more! Please...No more!" Sarah sobbed.

"Shhh. It's okay...It's okay. Just come down slowly. I'll hold it there until we're ready to go our separate ways." Costas whispered.

"We'll still have tomorrow." said Sarah.

"Will we?" asked Costas.

"Let me up now. I must get back to the hotel. Can I come again tomorrow?" Sarah queried.

I'll still be here, but will you?" Costas asked again.

Ignoring his question, Sarah kissed him one more time and began getting dressed. Waving and with a silent promise to return, Sarah staggered back toward the hotel. She had mixed feelings about how she was going back to being the naive wife.

The next morning, Sarah was looking forward to one more day spent with her forbidden lover. Tom wasn't getting ready for his last excursion and Sarah began to panic.

"You're going to be late and the van will leave without you, honey." Sarah said.

"No more excursions for me. I've neglected you long enough on our honeymoon. Today, we're checking out of this place and driving down the Island, until we find a quiet village. There, we will spend the rest of out time together. I'm not leaving your side again." Tom answered.

Sarah felt the air leave her body and she could have cried from frustration. She brightened up when she remembered all the horny blacks that whistled at her back home.

The End

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