Beach Camping Trip


The girls sat in the chairs we had set up, while we cooked and fixed dinner and served them drinks. I kept wondering what Pam had on under her towel, thinking she might flash me, but I never got the opportunity. Dinner was pleasant enough and we had a nice time eating, drinking and talking about the day. Jack and I also cleaned up and let the girls be waited on. Sandra was drinking her share of the beers. So was Jack, plus he was hitting an occasional shot of tequila. Pam was also enjoying a shot or two -- or so she pretended.

I didn't really want to get overly drunk myself. I had an embarrassing experience with Sandra a previous summer while camping, and didn't want to repeat it. I was naked in the tent with her as we were getting settled for bed. We both had been drinking beers excessively at that campground -- it was very hot that day and we went through a lot of beers. I had to take a piss. While it was a family campground, I thought it was so late that no one would still be out. I got out of out tent, and walked over to a pine tree to piss, still naked. As I was pissing I must have lost my orientation, and started walking in the wrong direction when I finished. At least that's what I think happened. I remember walking into the wrong camp site, and hearing some laughing. Fortunately someone directed me in the right direction and told me to get back to my tent. When I did find my tent, I remember getting back into it and finding Sandra lying nude on top of her sleeping bag, basically passed out. What happened next is a vague memory -- was it great sex or poor sex, I don't know. I do remember some sloppy pussy eating. The next morning I told Sandra what I remembered. She wasn't too happy about it, and we checked out early to get out of there. I wasn't sure, but some of the folks in adjacent sites seemed to be watching us and smirking. I definitely didn't want a similar situation to happen at this paradise of an island. So I enjoyed myself and drank, but I didn't want to make an ass of myself. Jack, on the other hand, was having some shots, and Pam was putting on a good act of drinking as well.

As it got dark we were all relaxing in the folding chairs. Sandra was sitting close to me. At this national seashore campground, there were no fire pits and fires weren't allowed except in the grill for cooking. Without a traditional campfire, we were sort of focused on the lantern on the picnic table illuminating the mini-bar area. We were all too tired to suggest a card game or anything like that. Eventually Sandra did start making overtures to go for a walk, and I agreed. "Ron, let's go," she urged and headed in that direction. Our tents were on opposite sides of the picnic table, the girls' tent closer to the direction of the beach. As she walked by her tent she grabbed a beach towel that had been draped on the tent to dry. I followed her. When I looked back at the others, I swear I saw Pam wink at me!


Our walk on the beach did not last very long. The breeze from the ocean had died down considerably by then. So long as there was a strong breeze off the ocean, the mosquitoes were not a problem. But once the breeze died, or worse came from the land side, the mosquitoes could be bad. We walked for a while hand in hand, and eventually were feeling up each other's ass cheeks as we walked. Sandra was really horny. "Ron, find is a good place, I really need you to fuck me baby!" By then we were well away from the lights of the campground. But the mosquitoes were getting worse. That part of the beach had an expanse of marsh on the other side of the dunes.

"We'll get eaten up! Let's get back to camp, it wasn't so bad there. Maybe Jack will have passed out by now. I think Pam was about done for the night as well." We had stopped walking, and Sandra had her hands inside my cutoffs and all over my cock. Likewise I had my both my hands down the back of her bikini bottoms and I was squeezing her butt cheeks. But the mosquitoes kept after us and Sandra agreed to head back. When we got to our camp site it was quiet -- apparently Jack had gone to his tent and Pam likewise. "See, I told you so -- they are out of it for the night," I declared. The lantern was still on, attracting a few moths. A couple mosquitoes were still pestering us but much less so than out on the beach.

I opened a couple beers and offered her a shot. I wanted to be sure her resistance level was low should I get her into the tent. Sandra declined the shot, so I downed it and powered down the beer. She sipped a beer while I opened another one. I felt I needed to break down some of my own resistance to what I anticipated might happen. There were no people in any of the adjacent sites, no nearby lights. I became confident we wouldn't be observed. I turned the lantern down low and said, "Wait here a second," and walked over to my tent. I still had on only my cutoffs. Leaning into the tent, I listened to see if Jack was in there, and could hear his heavy, deep breathing. He was out. I slipped off my shorts, left them next to the tent, and went back to Sandra, now with a growing erection.

She could see me in the lantern light and whispered urgently, "Ron! People might see us."

"Not really -- look, there's no one around, and Jack is definitely passed out. Go check your tent for Pam." Meanwhile I found my beer, quickly downed it and sat in one of the chairs.

""You're right -- she's out of it. I guess she kept hitting the shots while we had our walk." She said this in a low voice as she approached. But she had removed her shirt and still had on only her bikini bottoms. When I saw that sexy sight, my cock twitched and got hard as a rock. She came over to me, backed up to me and sat on my lap as I put my arms around her. Her thighs were on my thighs, and my cock was at attention sticking up between her legs. She started caressing me as I had my arms around her chest and manipulated her breasts. Her nipples were erect. I reached one hand down and slipped it under the fabric of her bikini bottom, sliding down to her pussy. She was moist and slippery.

"C'mon, let me ride your log!" she whispered in a sexy voice. That sounds silly but was in inside joke between us -- the summer we met I had worked on the log flume ride at an amusement park.

"This won't work -- the chair might break. I need to lie down somewhere if you really want to ride me -- let's get inside your tent." I held her tightly as I stood, forcing her to stand as my cock slid between her legs. I was kissing her neck while continuing to stimulate her breasts with one hand. With the other I alternately pulled one side of her bikini bottom down then the other, inching her suit down off her hips and down to her knees. It was still a warm night and we were both starting to perspire. I could smell the pleasant scent of her aroused pussy. Sandra lowered her bikini bottoms all the way off and wrapped them around my cock. I could feel her dampness as she gently tugged me in the direction of her tent.

The tent's canvas flaps were completely open and screen door zipped shut to keep out bugs. With the flap of the mesh screen window open on the other side there was just enough ambient light to make out the shape of Pam lying on top of her sleeping bag on the far side. She appeared to be sleeping and we could hear her breathing. Her back was to us, and I could make out the curve of her hips and the crack of her ass -- she was nude. We managed to open the zipper of the mesh screen door enough to slip inside without making much noise. Sandra whispered in my ear, "Shhh -- lie down here on top of my sleeping bag. I don't think she'll wake up, she really had a lot to drink."

So I did as instructed, lying on my back with my rock-hard erection pointing up. I lay with my head opposite Pam's feet, and if I turned that way I had a perfect view of her ass. Sandra meanwhile, despite being tipsy, had maneuvered herself in a position to ride me reverse cowgirl style. She had her knees spread on either side of my hips and faced away from me. I watched and felt her guide me into her with her hand as she lowered her luscious ass and pussy onto me. She was already very moist and slippery and had no trouble pushing herself all the way down on me. She wiggled and squirmed a bit to make sure she was completely seated with my cock deep in her pussy. I held her waist and helped her start making little rocking motions. I could not believe how intense this felt -- the feeling of being nude and hard and outdoors in a tent, the sight of a nude girl lying beside me, and the feeling of my girlfriend slowly fucking me. The view of her darling ass going up and down slowly on my shaved cock was almost too much and I didn't want to cum yet. I put my head back and closed my eyes. Sandra's motions were getting more vigorous and she made gentle moaning noises each time she rocked. She was starting to sweat more profusely and breathing faster.

Just then I felt something else and opened my eyes. Pam had quietly gotten up on her knees and had moved over right next to me. What I felt was her hand on my pubic area. She was on her knees next to my shoulder, and ran her hand up to my chest to brace herself as she pivoted and put one knee on the other side of me. "When I heard you two, I wasn't about to let this chance slip by," she said in a throaty voice. Her voluptuous ass was right over my face. I thought Sandra would freak out, but she didn't -- she just kept slowly moving up and down on me. Pam starting kissing Sandra's neck and shoulders as she reached around to caress her, all the while lowering her pussy toward my face. It was too dark to make out the details, but I could tell she was highly aroused by her aromatic scent. Her pussy lips were wide open and I eagerly pushed my face up into her. She tasted fresh and her skin was somewhat salty from the seawater. She was very moist already. I didn't need any encouragement. I had enjoyed many hours eating Sandra's pussy, and with her help and instructions, had gotten quite good at it. I lapped and sucked up Pam's juices, and used my lips and tongue to get her clit area all moist and slippery. Then I started sucking on her clit while tonguing it, a technique the drives Sandra wild. Both Sandra and Pam were now moaning softly, and I could tell it wouldn't be long for any of us. We were all moving together in a rocking motion and I was starting to moan as well. Pam must have been primed from lying there hearing and watching us, because she soon came with a small gush on my nose and mouth, moaning loudly. I couldn't hold back any longer, and on Sandra's next downward thrust, I exploded into her. With the effects of alcohol, the long day and now this most intense orgasm of my life, I pretty much passed out right then.

The rest of the night was a blur. I remember awakening at some point, thinking I was dreaming and seeing the girls in an embrace next to me. Maybe I was dreaming that they were in a sixty-nine position on their sides, licking each other contentedly, I can't be sure. I drifted back to sleep but woke up later with a strong need to piss and a dry mouth. They were now deeply asleep, and I used this opportunity to slip out. Carefully, I found an area to piss, back near the salt bushes, away from the tents. I got a drink of water and slipped into my own tent, not bothering to put anything on. I was too tired to care what Jack would think in the morning.


The next day was quiet and uneventful with hangovers and a long ride back to Virginia. We didn't talk much and I later found out from Sandra, that the girls had conspired to get me into the tent. They cooked up the scheme on the trip down, even the part that made me think I was in on it with Pam. I was OK with that, because it was a once in a lifetime night for me. We remained fairly close with Pam and still see her at college reunions and such. She stayed behind another couple days at the island and ended up meeting a man she hooked up with and eventually moved in with in Greensboro. Jack we lost touch with -- he did start his own business as a personal trainer but we never heard much from him after that weekend. Sandra and I ended up getting married just a couple summers later, and have enjoyed many fun times with each other camping on the beaches.

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