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Beach Change


Patrick and his wife, Alissa, recently had a wild sexual experience that has totally changed the dynamic of their relationship. They were both madly in love with one another, both were so full of life. Alissa is a stunning brunette who is quite shy and very reserved. Patrick had always been very proud of his sexy bride. Pat would constantly encourage her to dress in revealing clothing so other men would envy what a gorgeous wife he landed.

Alissa, being the loving wife that she was, would reluctantly play along with most of his requests. She would save the really naughty outfits for when they would go out of town. The naive husband would pick out low-cut and skimpy outfits from local and online sex shops for her to wear. Alissa would try to put up a fight but, she would almost always fold to his desires. She never seemed to mind a bit after a fun night of teasing men to death, they would always come home to have amazing sex.

Patrick had always dreamed of having other men see Alissa completely naked. Alissa always refused to flash, that was something the shy wife would always hold firm on. In an effort to satiate his fantasy Pat would show naked pictures of her to his buddies, and even a few guys at work. The look on their faces when they saw her would really get him charged up.

It always seemed like they held back a little, perhaps they were afraid of offending him in some way. Patrick was really interested in hearing the filthy thoughts other men would have about his sweet wife. So Patrick upped the ante once again and began posting her pictures online. It was great at first, Pat loved the raw emotion the guys showed when they commented on his wife's hot body.

The only real problem was he couldn't physically see them react to her, that was what he really desired. Alissa was more than happy to pose for the camera, she really loved having her picture taken, always had. She would make Patrick promise to never show them to anyone, and he would always lovingly agree!

Patrick was a very good photographer, especially with such a hot model to pose for him. Patrick was even taking requests from the many horny men that would email him for more. Alissa was none the wiser, she was under the impression that these racy photos were only going to be seen by her horny husband. Sex after each photo session would be very raw and hot. She really got off on exciting her man to the breaking point. Patrick was always reluctant to showcase his manhood in the photo's. he would only snap action shots if his penis was fully inside his wife's mouth or pussy.

Everything was going great, but the excitement level was beginning to taper off for Patrick. Things between he and Alissa were getting a little icy. She was more and more reluctant to pose for the camera. Their once energetic sexlife was coming to a standstill. Patrick could not understand why, he decided he needed to push the limits once again. He had been mulling it over to find the perfect scenario to show his wife off in a public way. He just needed to loosen her up enough to get her to go along with whatever plan he could come up with.

Patrick finally figured out a way to have the best of both world's. He had been wracking his brain for months to figure out a way to make his ultimate fantasy come true. He really had no clue what the repercussions of his actions could lead to. They were on vacation when a fellow traveler at the resort mentioned a nude beach that was within walking distance.

It had never even occurred to him that there were nude beaches in North Carolina! The chatty guest said that it was mostly older couples and soldiers from a nearby base. He said that it was a relaxing place and hinted that things had gotten pretty wild on a few times he had visited. Patrick's crotch tightened at the image of his sexy wife buck ass naked on the beach, being ogled by a bunch of horny men.

Patrick presented the idea to his lovely wife, she was of course apprehensive. She begged him off more than a few times before finally relenting, having a little liquid courage in her really helped. It was the middle of the week, Patrick somehow convinced his drunken wife that it would probably be a slow day. He also insisted that she could go as far as she felt comfortable.

Patrick's beautiful wife was more interested in fulfilling one of her most vivid fantasies of fucking on the beach! She assumed this might the opportunity to finally achieve that dream. In an instant she imagined a very erotic coupling, one that might end in her finally getting pregnant! With that in mind they packed a cooler full of booze and munchies and made their way down to their next adventure!

As they arrived at the sectioned off beach Patrick was a little frustrated that the place was rather deserted. There were only a few other people around, mostly older couples and some beachcombers. They brought a beach tent as a reprieve for the sun in case they weren't able to find an umbrella or proper shade. Alissa insisted on it, in fact she had intended it as the place where they would fuck later.

She was very excited as they set up the tent. It was finally time for them to strip nude. Looking at the other people at the beach, Pat had no qualms stripping off his board shorts, exposing his full 6 inches to the world. From what they had seen so far he was by far the most attractive man at the beach. Pat showcased his stuff proudly to a stunned Alissa. Pat was not at all concerened by the extra weight he had put on since getting married.

Alissa moved a little more slowly. She stripped her cutoff shorts first, with her thumbs in her tiny bikini bottoms, she bit her bottom lip and pulled them down with trepidation. Patrick's cock lurched at the sight of her naked sex finally exposed. The quivering brunette then pulled off her loose tank top. She was clad now only in her bikini top, her nipples were straining against the soft material in excitement. She looked at Patrick for approval as she fumbled with the string to her top, he then nodded for the go ahead. She pulled the garment from her body throwing it to the ground. It had finally happened his lovely wife was finally exposed for the whole world to see!

For the record, Alissa is 27, 5'9" with mouth watering curves, accented perfectly by her 34D melons. They sat perfectly high on her chest and they were topped off by the most perfect looking gumdrop nipples. Patrick was currently checking out her long lean legs topped off by the most perfect ass he had ever seen. Even after all these years Patrick was still incredibly turned on by his beautiful bride.

Patrick slapped her ass playfully and gave her a big kiss. She reached over and gently stroked his cock. Alissa couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she kissed her husband passionately. Patrick broke the kiss and sat in the sand looking up at his sexy wife. She was obviously excited by their nudity, her nipples were impossibly hard as she took a seat next to her husband in the sun. She looked so damn beautiful as her wavy brunette hair blew in the wind. Patrick decided to pop off a few pictures, he figured his buddies at work would really get hot for these.

They spent the first few hours soaking up the sun and splashing in the surf together. Patrick took advantage as often as he could, he really loved feeling her up in front of people that were walking by. Patrick got his camera out and had his wife model in all sorts of sexy poses, she was loving the attention of the camera lens. She was also loving the attention of all the men that walked past the impromptu photo session.

For the better part of the day the beach was fairly slow. Alissa was about the only woman on the beach under 50, she attracted quite a bit of attention. There were many men that made multiple passes by, their sunglasses did little to conceal their obvious stares. Patrick made sure she was constantly slicked with suntan oil. It really highlighted all of her natural assets. Patrick was thrilled as guys went out of their way to walk past to check her out.

More and more younger men were now coming to check her out, apparently word had gotten out. Patrick started to notice that most of theses young studs were packing bigger, more impressive cocks than he had. Most of the guys were ripped like amateur bodybuilders, it seemed like it was Alissa's turn to check out the scenery.

Patrick mentioned this fact to Alissa, she giggled and said, "Is somebody having second thoughts? I'm having more fun than I expected!" It seemed that Alissa was really getting off on all of the attention.

"No! Not at all, just an observation," he piped up. In an attempt at to show his masculinity Patrick grabbed his wife and started kissing her. Her body was trembling with nerves as they kissed. Her skin felt tight against his grip. His hands were on her ass squeezing gently, he saw a few boys not too far away watching the scene, they were elbowing each other in the ribs pointing in their direction.

They were no doubt jealous, as his hands moved in between her luscious thighs as he fingered her soaking wet pussy. The parade of men was a little disappointing for Patrick, not only was every man coming down the beach better built and better hung, there was certainly a lack of eye candy for him. A few women had passed through, but none of them could even hold a candle to his sexy bride. Patrick was really starting to get a complex as he watched all of these big swinging dicks salivate over his wife. The fantasy was starting to lose its appeal at this point for Patrick.

Sensing her husband's change in attitude Alissa suggested they return to the tent for some 'private time.' She was ready for her husband to make love to her on the beach. As they approached they noticed a very muscular black guy had set up his stuff just a few feet away from their area. The fact also did not escape Patrick that he was easily the most well hung guy on the beach.

He couldn't help but appreciate the strangers incredibly well built body, and of course, his thick uncut cock hanging impossibly long between his legs. Patrick diverted his eyes back to his wife, he really felt uncomfortable checking this guy out. He hoped that the dark sunglasses gave enough cover.

Alissa elbowed Patrick in the ribs and whispered, "Oh my god, look at that guy! He is positively huge!" His pulse quickened at her reaction to this stud and his glorious member. Patrick was really starting to think this whole endeavor was a bad idea. His simply wanted to show off his wife to make every man on the beach jealous of him, he wanted them to lust for Alissa, then he would reap all the benefits! Patrick never expected his innocent wife to be the one lusting. She was obviously checking out their new neighbor, as she smiled in approval.


Chapter 2:

As we approached the hulking black man, I found my voice and nervously stated, "Uh... excuse me, would you mind moving... to another area, please...? We were here first... We were wanting a little privacy..." The young man looked at me and laughed at my suggestion replying, "Hey man, this is a public beach. If you two want to move, that's cool, but I ain't going nowhere."

The thought crossed Patrick's mind to pack up and leave, but Alissa looked really happy at the moment.

As we stood before him, he was intensely checking out my beautiful Alissa. She was in turn staring intently at his huge black cock. She even raised her sunglasses, placing them on her head. She wasn't even trying to be sneaky about it any longer.

Patrick definitely heard Alissa let out a small sigh, apparently she really enjoyed what she was looking at.

Annoyed I reached for the cooler and said, "Alissa, let's get out of here." Alissa gave me a disapproving look and replied, "It's ok sweetie, there is no reason for us to leave." I was completely shocked! Alissa managed to break her stare-down with the black man's impressive package and was now staring into her new friends eyes, returning his wide smile. He gave her a sly wink that did not go unnoticed by me.

I was about to say something back when the guy said, "That's what I'm sayin, I'm Sgt. Augustus Jackson. Most people call me Auger. And you are?" He held his hand out to for me to accept. I reluctantly reached out to accept his gesture of goodwill. Auger had an iron grip, I was sure if he had squeezed a bit harder every bone in my hand would have shattered.

With a wince I replied, "Patrick... Pat, this is my... friend Alissa." The black man turned to Alissa and put his huge arm around her shoulders as she sat down on a towel next to his. I couldn't believe I accidentally said friend, instead of wife. In my defense I was feeling quite frazzled around the intimidating man. I was hoping he knew what I meant, or maybe he didn't hear me at all. He never did break eye contact with my wife as I spoke.

"Friends, huh? So that means this fine lady is available! I just can't believe you could resist this fine woman! How do you two know each other?"

"Uhhh... We worked together a long time ago, I guess you could say I'm Pat's 'Fag Hag'! He's just like one of the girls!" Alissa seemed to be caught off guard a little, but she smiled brightly as she spoke to the huge black man.

I was dumbfounded as to why Alissa did not correct me, I was particularly devastated that she embellished the lie further!

"Oh, I see, I thought for a minute you two were married, but I guess this makes more sense."

Auger's giant black hand was hovering a few mere inches away from my wife's goose bump covered tit. Shockingly he went in and gave my wife a soulful kiss on the lips. A small string of spit connected their mouths as he pulled away. I swore that I saw my wife slightly lean forward as he pulled away. With his face very close to hers he said, "Alissa, darling, you are one fine lady." Alissa blushed from head to toe at the compliment and coyly thanked him. It was easy for us both to see her body react in a rash of goosebumps from the hot kiss.

"Sorry for being so forward, it just seemed like you needed some hetero-sexual male attention. That won't scare you off, will it? I would really like if you stuck around so we could get to know each other. I just got back from the desert and I have been looking forward to a moment like this for a long time!"

"No, not at all. It was quite nice..." Alissa coyly bit her bottom lip as she stared up at me.

"I'm happy that you weren't offended. I guess I have to figure out how to operate in the civilian world again. In my line of work I don't make a habit of taking chances, but that all went out the window when I saw you!"

I was a little shaken at the sight of my wife kissing another man, but I found it very thrilling at the same time. It was never my intention to let things get too out of control. I thought that I could still control the situation, I would just have to be careful. I trusted my wife completely, I knew she would never let things get too out of hand.

I piped up, "Hey, I don't mind either..." Before I could finish, Auger interrupted me.

"Sorry to tell you bro, but this is for the ladies only." Auger pointed down towards his cock. "I don't care what you do in the privacy of your bedroom, but I don't play that way!"

I laughed nervously, "Well too bad for me, I guess!" I went off to find a towel to sit on, I found one in the bottom of our beach bag. I returned to my wife and started laying it out next to her. I sat down leaving my wife in between myself and Auger.

"So have you been here before? What do you think?" He asked while making himself comfortable. Auger moved to get a little closer to Alissa, in order to make conversation with us. Alissa laid down on her back, propping her upper body up with her arms. Her tits looked fantastic in this position. Auger could not keep his eye's off of them. "Its my first time," she replied, "Is it that obvious?"

"Well, I have been here a few times," he said. "I would remember a beauty like you. And from the way you're both eye fucking my cock, I had a feeling you were first timers."

"I'm sorry" Alissa stammered, "I wasn't...." Alissa trailed off as she took a deep breath.

"Hey, its cool, its not like I haven't stopped checking you out either!" He replied arrogantly "I don't mind you staring. Everyone is here for the same reason! I like to be checked out as much as I like checking out!"

His relaxed attitude was putting us at ease. Alissa and I chuckled at his comment, what he said was most definitely true, that was exactly why we were here. My level of jealousy began to wane due to his open and honest assessment. It was nice to be reassured that this was just looking and no touching.

My mind began to swirl with excitement again, I found it very hot that my wife had caught this studs attention so greatly. My ultimate fantasy had come true, seeing my wife completely nude with such a well hung stud. My mind wandered back to that first kiss, I wanted that image to stick with me for a long time to come. It seemed like my plan was working out pretty good. I was now slapping himself on the back for a job well done.

The three of us were all getting rather comfortable with each other. We cracked open a few beers and chatted on for a bit. Alissa and I still had a pretty good buzz, we had been drinking for the better part of the day. Alissa seemed antsy, she kept touching herself, rubbing her neck and rubbing her hands down her sides. She even began to apply more oil to her tits as the sun sat high in the sky. All of my initial reservations were now gone, Auger was a very personable and entertaining guy. I hadn't met too many black people, there just weren't any that lived around us. It was very interesting to hear about all of his escapades.

Auger revealed that he didn't live too far away from our hometown. He and Alissa traded numbers, he told her that he would love to take her out on a real date when he got back home in a few weeks. Alissa obliged the young man, I was a little miffed that she gave him her number, as he could call whenever he liked. It would have been better for Alissa to just keep his number, so she could toss it out later. I wasn't really in any position to object as our new friend was under the impression that I was gay.

Despite that we were having a great time. I even managed to take a few pictures of the three of us partying. I got more than a few shots of Alissa and Auger together. Alissa even took a few shots of me and the big black man as we tossed a football around on the beach. In one picture the young black man had his arm on my shoulder as he towered above me.

We were all comfortable being completely naked around each other. It seemed like he would take any opportunity possible to touch and grab at my wife. I was pretty sure he got a big handful of her ample titty as they frolecked in the water wrestling over the loose ball. When they walked back towards me sitting on my towel I took a few shots of them emerging from the surf. This time Auger wrapped his huge arm around my wife's waist, his hand did not appear on the other side, I was sure he was resting it on her pert ass.

I snapped the perfect picture as he bent her over placing yet another hot kiss on her mouth. Alissa never attempted to push him away. I saw her give into the big man. Though the zoom lens I could easily see their tongues flicking wildly. Auger's free hand groped and squeezed Alissa's beautiful tit. I clicked away capturing the moment Auger slapped her ass and ran away, the look of shock on my wife's face was priceless.

Auger was back beside me, he was digging for something in his pants pocket. As my wife approached I could see that she was enjoying the view of his tight ass as he searched. The length of his cock could be seen between his legs, it was starting to plump up, gently bobbing as he moved. Alissa now had her hand over her crotch, she was lightly touching her sex as she watched Auger work.

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