tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBeach Couple Showing Off

Beach Couple Showing Off


This morning (Friday) was a gorgeous day, one of the classic Australian East Coast summer days. About 20C, no wind and not a cloud in the sky.

After doing some work I decided to head up to Birdie Beach (nude beach about half an hour north of my place). I'd touch up my speedo tan and do some paperwork. When I go up to Birdie Beach I usually park in the normal carpark just to see what is going on since that is the main nudist area. But then I walk south of the point far enough that I have some privacy. That is what I did.

Once I got 100m or so south of the carpark I decided to strip down to my speedos which were a pair of white AussieBum Coolabah's like the ones pictured here.

These speedos are really hot, the fit snug and low on my hips. They are super see through when we thought but are a bright white when they are dry.

I put my shorts and t-shirt in my backpack which had my laptop in it and kept walking down the beach. There wasn't another soul to be seen looking south.

Usually I walk half to a kilometer down the beach, nobody would be concerned by my see through speedos. However, there are a couple of cutting through the bush from the road down to the beach and within a couple of minutes of me stripping down to my white speedos, I saw a couple walk down one of these paths to the beach in the distance.

They were a fair way off but there was nobody else about at all. Looked like they put down some towels and they started walking in my direction and here I was wearing nothing but my white speedos and a back pack. But I had no where to go. Over the next few minutes the distance between us closed. I'm going to guess they were in their early 30's, both pretty hot. She was wearing a black bikini and he was just wearing a pair of dork shorts and no shirt.

After what felt like an eternity we crossed paths... we all said g'day but I could tell they were smirking to themselves but I thought I saw a glint in the girls eye.

I walked on little further, actually I walked maybe 100m past where they had come down to the beach and I saw their towels. 100m was a good distance, not too close but within sights I suppose.

I jumped in the water which is cool this time of year but not too cold (I think it is officially 18C). Then I came back, lied on my stomach, opened my laptop and started working.

A while later (maybe 45 minutes) I could see the couple walking back. I hadn't seen another person the entire time. As they got in line with their towels they both went for a swim. The ocean was dead calm and up to their chests in water the couple started making out. I could see them and I'm sure they could see me. It was pretty hot but things were about to get even hotter.

They exited the ocean, came up to their towels and laid them out. I saw that both of them looked my way more than once so they knew I was there and I was trying to be discrete.

Now on land they continued making out. Then the girl got on her knees, the guy lifted his hips and she pulled his dork shorts down!! She started sucking him off right there in front of me on the beach. Now I was hard and had to adjust my cock in my AussieBum speedos.

By the looks of things from my perspective, she sucked him dry!! When she finally removed her lips from his cock, he pulled his dork short back up and that was the end of it. They picked up their towels and headed towards the path. I could tell they were both looking in my direction and for some reason I lifted a hand and gave them a thumbs up - hahaha. Funniest thing is... they both gave me a thumbs up in return!!

I gave them a few minutes to leave the beach, then I rolled over, undid the drawstring on my speedos releasing my 100% hard cock and began pounding away. Imagining that the couple had invited me over to join in. I came all over myself in no time.

So how was your Friday?

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by Anonymous

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by speedodave07/23/18


It was pretty hot.

I personally like the idea of being 'caught' as well.


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by Lorraine197007/13/18


I enjoyed this as it appeals to my fantasy of exhibitionism. I wish I had the body confidence to experience nature in the nude and explore intimacy in such a setting. The thought of being watched excitesmore...

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