Beach Etiquette, Marseilles Style


I lost count of the strokes of the belt, and so did they , it seemed, but when it stopped, I was left dangling on the posts, the hard-on had now turned into a little shrivelled slug which sat atop on my tight, somewhat bloated scrotum, making them laugh hysterically all over again. The last photos they took were of joke measuring, putting their little fingers alongside my much littler member. Every single girl there had to take one. Even Cecille. In fact she made the point of doing it with most contempt and ridicule. And as her little finger lay alongside my penis, while her other hand cupped my balls to make a cushion for it, and while her friend took the pic, I felt terribly sad.

All the member could do now was shrink in shame. The prize photo was the girl who had fingernails longer than my shrunken penis. They wrote some rude words on my stomach in lipstick or something, with arrows pointing down to the crotch, and then they all went away.

Remarkably, no-one else came by to witness my total humiliation. It took me about 10 minutes to wriggle free of the knots and and recover the remains of my clothing. I climbed back up to the bus stop, went back to Marseilles, and to my scruffy little room. My arse and loins and genitals were still throbbing from my punishment, but the deeper pain of humiliation was much more enduring, and I enjoyed every pang of it.

For the rest of my stay in Marseilles, each time I passed a group of young female students in the street I felt their eyes moving down my body, I noticed their smirks and whispers, and I realised that some of them had been there, had seen me in the most shaming circumstances it is possible to imagine. Some had even touched me, and many more had no doubt seen the photos.

I now realise I was lucky this was 2003 and not five years later, by which time I guess they would have put the pics all over social media and someone back home would've seen them.

I thought about going to the cops, but quickly realised how ludicrous an idea that was. I decided that, from now on I would take pride in this little thing I had that had given them so much fun. I would provide this entertainment as often as I could manage.

WIthout knowing it, these beautiful, tough, naughty French girls had set me on a course that was to dominate my life to this day.

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