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Beach Fling


It was supposed to be a secluded beach so you can imagine my surprise when looking up from my romance novel I spotted a man walking along the shore in my direction. Quickly I retied the top of my black string bikini and sat up as he stopped a few feet from me. I was a bit angry and it showed in my voice as I told him, "You know this beach is private?"

"I know and I'm sorry I intruded, but I'm looking for the Smiths," he said softly.

Smiling I said, "It's all right, sorry you caught me by surprise, the Smiths are about a mile further up along the beach."

"Thanks, I'm Scott by the way, Louis Smith's younger brother, I'm staying with my brother for a few weeks," he said as he smiled back at me.

"Nice to meet you Scott, I'm Karen, yeah I know the Smiths pretty good, well I hate to run but I have some things to do." I said as I stood and gathered my beach things and started off towards my house.

"See you around Karen," Scott said as he started towards his brother's house.

Later that night as I got ready for bed I was shocked Scott had stole into my thoughts. I couldn't help noticing how tan and muscular he was during our short exchange earlier. I had also seen he was wearing a wedding ring I frowned to myself I didn't need or want complications in my life right now. So when Louis's wife Shiry called me up the next day to invite me over for a barbarque I declined.

Still mulling over Shiry's invitation as I went out to the mailbox I almost walked right into Scott. "Hi, I was just taking Louis's dog out for a walk," Scott said as he caught my stumble. Laughing he said, "Must be something interesting on your lawn though, I haven't been able to get him to move."

Catching my breath as I pushed away from his body I said, "My dog is a female, must be what he smells." My hands were still trembling a bit a few minutes later as I watched Louis's dog pull Scott off in another direction but I kept telling myself must have been from my almost kiss with the sidewalk.

Staggering a bit in the big dog's wake I heard Scott say over his shoulder, "Wish you were coming to Shiry's barbarque."

Pacing the floor once again my black silk dress whispering against my thighs I thought oh OK I do want to go but not to see him as I snatched up my evening bag and headed out the door before I could change my mind. Shiry always could throw a good party I thought some thirty minutes later as I stood out on their back porch. There were two tables covered in white damask and brimming with assorted salads, fresh fruit, and ice cold beverages. As I sat down on one of the cushioned chairs I glanced over at Louis and Scott turning the barbarqued ribs. My heartbeat quickened a little as I noticed Scott was wearing only a pair swimming trunks a towel slung over his shoulder as sea water sluiced down the hard plains of his body.

Spotting me Scott made his way over and sat down "Hey you did come, I was hoping we could talk more," he said as he turned that sexy grin on me.

"Yeah my prior plans fell through and I always did love Shiry's parties," I said as I smiled back at him I couldn't help responding to his brand of sexy charisma.

Through the course of dinner I learned Scott's marriage was in a sort of hiatus and he was staying with his brother as sort of a break until things could be worked out. I frowned to myself a sexual fling it'll have to be then. I'd given myself up to the inevitability of it. The sexual tension between us was almost tangible. I was surprised Louis and Shiry weren't fidgeting as much Scott and I.

"Well, I hate to leave but bed is calling," I said as I thanked and hugged Louis and Shiry for another great time.

"Yeah it is late, let me walk you back," Scott said as he started walking beside me down the porch steps and out onto the sand.

The walk back to my house had never seemed shorter I was enjoying Scott's company very much. We talked a lot about our interests and hobbies and some about our relationships. I even found myself laughing as I gazed up into his warm stare. Too late before I realized his intentions I couldn't move as his head came down and he pressed his lips to mine. I felt myself responding to his kiss with my whole body. His hands caressing my back as he kisses me deeper our tongues dancing and tasting. My hands winding around his neck as I thrust my hands into his hair pulling and dragging his mouth tighter to mine.

Finally commonsense snuck in as I pushed at his chest and said, "No, Scott we can't do this, I don't want any complications in my life right now.

He wove his fingers through mine on his chest as he asked, "Yes but can't you feel it?" I sighed as I felt his heart racing almost as fast as my own.

I looked up into his eyes "Goodnight Scott" and ran up and into my house.

The next day as I laid in the sun twisting and turning I kept running my reasons for not sleeping with him through my head. In the light of day they seemed pretty weak what was to stop Scott from having a fling with anyone while he worked out stuff with his wife. Me I didn't really have anyone or anything holding me back. Flipping angrily onto my stomach and untying my bikini top, I picked up my romance novel and tried to concentrate on it. After reading the same paragraph five times I gave up and tossed the book aside. Resting my head on my folded arms, my eyes drifting shut, I gave up to the erotic dreams swimming in my head. Scott was beside me lazily rubbing oil onto my body but then things heat up as he leans to kiss me and his hand drifts over my naked breast.

My eyes flew open as I felt warm hands beginning to caress my back. "I was walking by and saw you napping. The sun seemed to be enjoying your slip into oblivion, so I thought I'd rub some sunscreen on you." Scott said as he squirted another glob of lotion into his palms.

"Thanks," I said as I smiled lazily at him. I gave up to the havoc his touch was causing with my body. Gently I felt his hands moving over my back, along my arms, and down my legs.

"Turn over Hon," Scott said a bit hoarsely his sensual massage of my body also apparently affecting him too. I held my top as I flipped over but didn't bother tying it. My arousal evident by the hard jut of my nipples through the flimsy material. I saw Scott's eyes darken with passion as his gaze came to rest on my scantily clad breasts as he rubbed the lotion into my shoulders, down my arms, stomach and further down to my legs and feet. As he rubbed back up my body his hands pausing before removing my top as he searches my eyes for permission.

Seeing my lips part in a small moan and my eyes close in anticipation. He slowly removes my top as he leans down and brushes his tongue tip over my lips. slowly he kisses me his tongue sliding in to rub against mine as his fingers caress my nipples until they're aching. Sinuously he feels my body moving against his as he kisses me deeper his hand moving down my stomach to rub my mound lightly over my bikini bottoms. "Ooh God Scott," he hears me gasp as he slides his mouth down and takes a throbbing nipple in his mouth as his hand slides my bikini bottom off.

My hands all over his body caressing him passionately as I part my legs to his exploring fingers. "Aah yes!" I moan out as he parts my lips and rubs my hard clit slowly. I reach down and tug at his swim trunks as he slides them off. His fingers swirling on my clit a bit faster, his mouth sucking harder on each of my aching tits as I grasp his cock in my hand and slowly slide my hand up and down the length. My fingers rubbing swirling circles on the precum soaked tip of his cock as I tighten my grip and jack him a little harder. "Oh Shit," he hears me gasp out loud as he feels my body tense. His breathing heavy against my body as he slips his finger down to penetrate me so he can feel and intensify my orgasm. I feel his cock throbbing and jerking in my hand he's so hard as my pussy muscles spasm and pulse.

Just as my body is finishing cumming he slides between my legs and slips his cock in my wet little hole. "Ah Yeah!" I moan in his ear as my legs wrap around his ass and my still extremely aroused pussy begins thrusting and fucking his cock.

"Ohhh God baby!" Scott groans in my ear as he thrusts and pumps his cock harder and harder meeting my thrusts. My nails drag up his back as my body tightens again. "Oh fuck!" Scott moans out loud as I feel his body tense. Yesss....

Our screams swallowed by the roar of the waves as his cock erupts explodes deep in my pussy. The tip of his cock rubbing my squeezing pulsating walls as I cum. Then his body collapses heavily on mine as I hold him tight. A deep kiss is all we manage before we drift off to sleep.

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