tagLoving WivesBeach Folly Ch. 01

Beach Folly Ch. 01


It was Chris's last week as a guest of Lisa and Dave's. He had already spent the better part of a fortnight at the rural property. Dave was a good friend of his father's whom had known each other for many years. Chris had a great time mostly just relaxing around the pool. The weather was considerably warmer than where he came from. That was part of the reason he had decided to invite himself up to this tropical hide-away in the first place, a good excuse to work on his tan.

Chris was a young 26-year-old with no ties and little responsibility, he was tall and handsome with a boyish charm that put most people he met at ease. He was an extrovert at heart and didn't embarrass easily. He also made people laugh and was very comfortable around women of all ages. Oddly enough he was single and had been most of his short adult life but this didn't concern him at all; he just enjoyed life and did not want to take things too seriously.

For the last two days Chris had managed to talk Lisa into sun-baking around the pool with him for a couple of hours before her children came home from school. There was nothing sleazy about his intentions, he was, after all, just a people-person and he enjoyed the company of the attractive 43-year-old mother and she appeared to be very relaxed during their time alone together also.

Lisa didn't mind at all. Chris made her feel good about the situation, more like enjoying the company of a close girlfriend than a male she thought. Unfortunately Lisa's husband Dave had left for a business trip not long after Chris had arrived. Fortunately, she felt a bit "safer" with their guest present, as Dave was not due back for another week. She had rung Dave the night before and told him what she had been doing whilst on her few days off work and he had joked about it, suggesting that Lisa could probably wear her next-to-nothing g-string and he doubted whether Chris would batter an eyelid. Dave thought that Chris might have been...well, gay.

Lisa had neglected to tell her husband that she had already ventured out to the pool the day previous with just that on! They were her skimpiest of bikinis, a sheer black pair that were usually reserved for her husband's eyes only (when the kids weren't around).

She wasn't to sure how it had happened exactly but knew that she felt very little inhibitions around Chris and thought it would be a good opportunity to improve on her already golden complexion. She knew that Dave also loved to see her with minuscule tan lines on her slim 5'4" frame and she was sure to surprise him when he got home.

Like the previous two days sun baking she had asked Chris to rub in some tanning lotion on to her back and legs and she had reciprocated the favour. It was only the day before when she had appeared by the pool in her skimpy little bikini for the first time. Chris had barely raised an eyebrow and when he applied the tanning lotion to her back he had just kept on talking and joking like normal. Lisa was only momentarily surprised when she felt the cool liquid dribble onto her bare backside and Chris rubbed it in as efficiently as ever, like it was normal.

She had of course undone her bikini top while she lay on her stomach to minimise her tan lines further but had drawn the line of removing her top completely; she felt comfortable around Chris but didn't want to push it too far.

The third day she had suggested they share a bottle of wine. Chris, although not a big fan of drinking wine, had accepted...just a glass...to be sociable.

Again Chris had applied suntan lotion to Lisa's body as she lay on her stomach. Again Lisa felt him rub it into her firm buttocks. Still she thought nothing of it...but it did feel nice though. She just loved it when her husband massaged her butt vigorously...but then that certainly wasn't "innocent" she knew.

Lisa felt a little more relaxed than normal and she was pretty sure Chris wouldn't mind. "What the hell," she thought. After all, it was her home. So after some twenty minutes sunning her back and listened to Chris talk about his adventures she decided to roll over...without re-tying her top back on. Of course her top had stayed on the towel.

Chris this time was momentarily silent, but only for a second as Lisa settled herself onto her back.

"You should put some lotion on..." Chris trailed off hoarsely.

It must be the wine.

It was the first real sign that Lisa had that Chris may have been lost for words. Maybe she had gone too far and had made him feel uncomfortable? But it was too late. It was done and there she was with her lovely white breasts exposed to the sun...and Chris's sun-glassed eyes.

It had to be the wine!

Chris stopped talking again momentarily when Lisa squirted some tanning lotion onto her stomach and then dribbled a generous amount onto her breasts.

"I hope you don't mind Chris?" Lisa enquired softly.

"Not at all Lisa, and I hope you don't mind me saying so but you have a nice body so why not. I'm glad you feel relaxed enough around me to do it."

Lisa was also wearing sunglasses. She rubbed the oily liquid into her pale skin and felt herself redden slightly when her fingers ran over her sensitive nipples that had suddenly become very erect.

She hoped Chris didn't notice...after all she couldn't blame it on the cold...it was 29 degrees! "Oh well it doesn't mean anything does it?" She thought to herself.

Chris certainly thought Lisa had a nice body...for her age...hmm...he had to admit she had a better body than a lot of women half her age her! But he didn't think of her that way, hey, she was the wife of his father's long-time friend. She was 43; he was only 26!

But he found it difficult to take his eyes off her glistening breasts, and her nipples, her erect nipples! He needed another wine!

"Sure Chris that would be nice," Lisa answered. "But not too much."

He filled her glass.

"Chris!" Lisa admonished.

"Sorry, I slipped."

Lisa propped herself up on one elbow to drink her wine. She was facing Chris and couldn't tell if he was looking at her at all. "And why would he want to," she thought. "Look at me? I'm nearly old enough to be his mother," she reasoned sensibly.

But he was looking...still looking. He tried to discount the thoughts that were crossing his mind. "Don't be silly...she means nothing by it...its all innocent," he sighed inwardly to himself.

It was then that Chris thought of something he would like to do before he flew back home in a couple of days.

"Lisa could I ask you a favour?"

"Depends," she replied as she lay back down, closing her eyes. "How big a favour?"

"You know that...that beach in town. You know that quiet one?" Chris blundered on.

"Um...I'm not sure if I'm thinking of the one that you are. Do you mean the one where you can walk the dogs...or that other one further out...the optional dress beach?"

"Yeah...that one. The second one" he almost gagged.

"What about it?"

"Would you like to go there...you know...take me there for a look?" he asked hesitantly.

It was most definitely the wine.

"What, do you want to go nude?" Lisa suggested confidently. "Or just look?"

"Well I dunno...maybe get my gear off...just for a laugh. Never been to one before."

"I won't be going nude!" Lisa exclaimed. "Maybe just topless...depends on how many pervs are there."

Chris broke into a big grin. "Serious? You'll take me there? Should be fun."

He couldn't believe it. He noticed the grin on Lisa's face too. He also noticed that her nipples were still hard as cherries. He couldn't help the tingle he got in his balls at what had just happened. Even so, he was determined to remain the gentleman through and through.

They lay there quietly for another half-hour before Lisa made a move.

"I better get up. The kids will be home soon," she sighed.

Chris watched her as she walked back into the house. She had covered up her breasts with her towel but her bum was still exposed and for the first time Chris actually took better notice of it.

"Nice," he whispered to himself as she disappeared into the house. He was looking forward to tomorrow, rubbing more suntan lotion into her firm cheeks again.

* * *

It was a forty-kilometre drive to the beach. Lisa had nearly reneged on the deal. She couldn't believe she had agreed so easily. Her husband had tried to get her to do something like this for years. She wasn't sure she should tell him. Yes, she probably would, they kept no secrets. After all, it was all just a bit of innocent fun, wasn't it? He surely couldn't think she was up to no good!

Chris had suggested the wine. She probably shouldn't have agreed but she did. Just to help relax, but two bottles?

Of course it was another perfect Dry Season day. There was not a cloud in the sky. There weren't many cars in the secluded parking area, maybe six or seven. It's a big beach though...plenty of room.

The normally confident Chris actually seemed a little apprehensive as they walked down the narrow sandy path to the wide beach. The foreshore was thickly vegetated with tropical monsoon vine forest, which gave the beach privacy from the no-through road. Unfortunately it also afforded cover for some of the less desirable elements of the beach...the pervs.

The pathway narrowed down even more just before it opened up onto the bright sandy beach. Chris courteously allowed Lisa to walk ahead so as to not get scratched by the bushes if they continued to walk side by side. He couldn't help but look at her from the rear; her nice round butt barely covered by a faded denim mini-skirt and her mid-riff exposed beneath a lacy green tank top. Her shoulder length strawberry blond hair glowed when the sunlight touched it. He thought she looked attractive.

The water was a beautiful azure blue colour and had barely a ripple. There was only a slight on shore breeze. Lisa looked in both directions to find a likely spot. There were only three other couples in view and a few people on their own. Lisa was relieved to see other women present. Even so, to the left of her she noticed a couple of men looking their way. That was the decider, they would walk up the beach a hundred metres or so to their right.

After walking past one fit looking middle-aged man who was lying on his back completely naked and then a young couple not far from him also both naked, they stopped.

"This'll do I reckon" Chris commented as they found a spot halfway between two other couples some fifty metres away in each direction.

Lisa took a big breath. She had decided to wear her briefest of bikinis, a tiny piece of material only about two inches at the widest point, of course it was a g-string too. She was having second thoughts. She hadn't even brought along the top to it!

They spread out their towels and sat down. Chris immediately pulled out a bottle of wine from the cooler and after opening it, poured two glasses.

Lisa took the proffered glass and nervously took a big sip. Seconds later she sipped some more.

"Well here we are," she stated awkwardly. "What do you think?"

"Looks ok I reckon, nice beach. Water looks great too."

"I might leave my top on."

"Up to you. Just relax a bit and see what happens. More wine?"

Lisa hadn't noticed that she had almost finished her first glass. Nerves. "Ok."

Chris seemed to be enjoying himself...as usual. He quickly slipped off his shorts and tee shirt and Lisa was relieved to see he had a pair of boxers on still.

She was halfway through her second glass. Chris was rubbing lotion onto his chest and arms. Lisa glanced up and down the beach a couple of times. All clear she thought. The wine had gone straight to her head. She wasn't a big drinker.

"Here goes," she thought to herself as she raised her butt off the towel. Undoing the couple of buttons and small zip at the front of her skirt Lisa was able to slip it down her brown legs and off her ankles.

She quickly glanced at Chris and was pleased to see he was not looking her way. "That was easy." She had another sip of wine.

After a few minutes Chris asked if she minded too much if he removed his boxers. Lisa was leaning back on her elbows enjoying the warmth. Chris glanced down and noticed that she was wearing a different g-string. "Wow, she obviously waxes," he thought at the sight of the tiny triangle of sheer white material struggling to cover her "private bits".

"Well?" he asked.

"Up to you, I don't mind," she tried to sound nonchalant.

Chris was bold as brass. He had also finished his second wine and stood up to remove his shorts facing away from Lisa. As he dropped his boxers down Lisa couldn't help but notice his firm young buttocks, smooth and blemish free. She thought she caught a glimpse of his penis dangling between his legs too and looked away in embarrassment. Chris sat back down and proceeded to roll over to lie on his stomach.



"Would you mind doing the honours?"

"And what would that be?" she asked.

Chris handed her the bottle of suntan lotion. She pulled a face.


"Oh all right."

Lisa couldn't believe what she was doing. There she was drizzling lotion on this young man's body...this naked young man's firm young body, in public, on a nudist beach! He had his head facing her direction, although she couldn't see his eyes because of his sunglasses she guessed he could see her as she knelt next to him. Her knees were slightly parted to give her better support. She was aware of the small patch of material riding up her as she moved around him and hoped he hadn't noticed.

He had.

"There you go," she said.

"Um...you forgot a bit Lisa"

"Your butt? You want me to rub some into your butt?" Chris didn't answer.

Lisa sighed and moved down to his middle and after looking around again, quickly covered Chris's slim, hard buttocks with lotion rubbing it in efficiently, and when she finished she gave him a playful slap on his left butt cheek.



"My turn."


Lisa felt more at ease now. The wine had kicked in. With her back to Chris and without any ceremony she removed her tank top and lay down on her stomach also. Chris had already applied lotion to her back and butt before at her house so she wasn't all that anxious although he did have his board-shorts on then. What she wasn't ready for was the full frontal view she got of him as he sat up to do the honours.

"Wow!" she thought to herself. "Is he hung!" She looked the other way after her discreet glimpse of his long thick penis. She felt herself flush and her pussy tingle. "What am I thinking?"

"Oh that feels sooo gooood," she sighed aloud as Chris worked his way down her body. "Very nice."

It was the wine talking, had to be.

He had worked his way down to her shapely butt now. Lisa moved her head over to the side where he was kneeling. She too had her sunglasses on. He seemed to be paying a bit more attention to that part of her anatomy than the other time at home she thought. She glanced down at him. He was kneeling and was slightly side-on but more or less facing her. Lisa's eyes nearly popped out of her head. She couldn't avoid the sight before her. She was looking at his penis from only two feet away, or less. It didn't look flaccid any more...something had stirred him on. Chris's circumcised cock was semi erect, and it had to be the biggest penis Lisa had ever seen.

Chris was doing his best not too get excited, but he found it increasingly difficult. He tried to think of other things as he nearly completed the task of applying lotion onto Lisa's body. He hoped she didn't notice that his cock was swelling. He moved a bit further down so as to hide his embarrassment.

"Just a bit on the back of my legs and that'll do thanks Chris," Lisa stammered, as she looked the other way again.

She felt the liquid trickling along her right leg and then Chris's hands began to rub it in from her little gold anklet up to her calves. When he got to the back of her thigh he stopped and dribbled more lotion on. Lisa could feel it run down the inside of her thigh, close to her pussy. It made her part her legs slightly on reflex.

Chris could now see where the liquid had run and gently ran his left hand up her inner thigh to spread it and rub it in better. He was careful not to get too close to her tiny bikini.

And then it happened...quite by accident. As he was finishing Lisa's right leg with his left hand down between her thighs...he touched her...there, just a bit, just slightly. The side of his fingers had gently slid over her. He felt her jump momentarily ...but she didn't say anything.

"Oops...sorry," he apologised softly.

"What about?" Lisa asked dreamily. She had noticed of course. It had been like an electric shock and had startled her but she didn't want to make a big deal out of it and embarrass them both further so she chose to ignore it.

"For not watching what I was doing," he replied. He certainly had been watching but it was still just innocent carelessness.

Lisa was now more aware of what he was doing as he proceeded with her left leg. She almost wished he would make the same mistake. What was she thinking!

She drank some more wine.

Blame it on the wine!

He came close...so close. She was sure he was going to accidentally touch her there again. His fingers lingered...very close...for a bit longer than was polite, only he didn't quite touch her again this time. Lisa almost moved herself back onto his hand. She was sure she was getting wet with the anticipation. What was she thinking?

"Just about done," he said as he slowly moved his hands back up to the sides of her buttocks.

"Great, thanks Chris".

Chris looked down at her form. His palms lightly resting either side of Lisa's hips...near her bikini bottom. "Not bad for an' ol'girl" he thought as he looked her up and down.

He noticed that Lisa's faint tan line across her back was starting to colour up with the recent exposure to the sun and as his eyes wandered down to her backside that too was beginning to go a light honey colour.

Chris wasn't sure what got in to him but he felt cheeky all of a sudden and he hooked a finger into either side of the thin straps of her g-string.

"Why don't you go naked as well?" he asked bravely.

"I don't think so. Reckon I'm close enough now thanks Chris," Lisa murmured into her towel. If she noticed where Chris's fingers were resting she didn't let on.

"Yeah, that's just it. Your that close...might as well go all the way!"

"I thought you were a nice boy Chris?"

"I am," Chris said as he worked his fingers through the straps a bit further. He moved around slightly so he was facing Lisa's back. Lisa stirred a little, as she became aware of his movements.

"Don't bother," she grumbled.

"What?" Chris asked innocently...and then...without waiting for a reply...he pulled down on her bikini firmly.

Lisa let out a startled scream as Chris managed to suddenly pull the flimsy material down past her hips to her thighs before they wedged themselves under her legs near her knees. She quickly rolled to one side to try and grab her bottoms before he got them too far down. This manoeuvre only freed them and Chris continued to pull her tiny white g-string down further, stretching them down past her knees almost to her ankles. He was surprised at how easy it had been, with not too much more effort he could have removed them completely!

Chris was laughing heartily. Lisa was growling madly. Her wineglass was knocked over as she struggled, almost kicking Chris between his legs when she lifted her leg up in her hurry to try and retain some modesty, but it was too late. Chris's gaze went straight to Lisa's freshly exposed flesh. Her bent leg had actually given Chris a direct view of her pussy. It was only a short glimpse but it confirmed what he had guessed...she waxed...just a thin strip of pubic hair remained above her smooth slit. Chris's mouth was agape at the beautiful sight before him. He also thought he glimpsed something else, something small and gold protruding slightly from between her fleshy lips, maybe a ring? But she was exposed for only a few seconds; Lisa twisted to one side again closing her legs quickly.

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