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Hello again, it’s me Nancy. I’ve gotten such great mail from everyone, that you’ve convinced me to write about some of my other interracial experiences. But don't let that stop you from writing, I love hearing from you all.

Some background for this story: I was about 21 years old and attending college in Georgia when this happened. It was the Labor Day weekend - so we were off from school until Tuesday. Two male classmates of mine, Rob and Ricky (both of whom were black) told me they were going to a beach house in Florida for the holiday and asked if I would like to join them. Now I had the hots for Rob (he had a good build, nothing fantastic; very dark skinned; and average looks, - but the bulge in his pants when I dressed kind of flirty told me his cock WASN”T average). Ricky (Robert‘s best friend who was tall, skinny, and not as dark), knew that I wanted to get down Robert’s pants (and him down mine) - and since Ricky wanted down my pants he figured to let Rob talk me into a 3-some. And that is exactly what happened.

We left immediately after classes on Friday and it was after midnight before we arrived at the beach house (the house was in South Florida). We slept in late on Saturday and spent the afternoon site seeing. That evening the 3 of us went partying at the local club. After a few drinks, I was feeling kind of flirty, so I slipped off my heels and began to rub the crotch of Rob’s jeans with my feet. Rob’s cock responded by instantly becoming hard. After doing this for a few minutes, Rob took my feet and placed them down next to him on his chair. As he rubbed them with one hand, he began to feverishly fight with his pants with the other. After a minute or two, he picked my feet up and place them back in his lap. To my delight, I found my soft white feet touching his hard, throbbing black cock. I wrapped my feet around his dark, stiff member and began jacking him off. Rob groaned lowly and begged for me to work his cock faster. When Ricky realized what was going on, he excused himself and left for the beach house. With Ricky gone, I was only too happy to please Rob. I pressed my feet harder around his cock and worked them up and down his shaft faster. Every now and then, I would run my foot across his fat cockhead, Rob would groan and shudder, I was loving this. When I glanced quickly under the table, what I saw really turned me on - Rob was fucking my feet. He was moving his hips in rhythm to my feet, working his big, black cock back and forth between them. Rob whispered to me he was close to coming…so to help push him over the edge, I began to knead my tits through my blouse and bra, as I licked my lips seductively. A few seconds later, I heard Rob grunt and could feel his warm cum flowing over my feet. I continued until I started to feel Rob’s cock go limp, I then grabbed some napkins from the table so I could wipe up my feet and Rob his cock. After cleaning up a bit, we headed back for the beach house. By the time we got there, we realized we were too worn out to do anything other then sleep. I went to sleep feeling really horny and I since I hadn’t brought a vibe with me, I was determined to get laid on Sunday (we were leaving for Georgia on Monday).

I was the first one up Sunday (being horny can do that do you). I slipped into a red/white/blue stripped bikini and went out onto the deck to sun-bathe (since my skin-tone was a creamy white I really needed a tan). I laid down on my stomach on a lawn chair. Rob showed up about an hour later (he was wearing swimming trunks). We made small talk for a few minutes, before I asked him to rub some lotion on my back. He agreed to, so I untied my bikini top and let him go to work. As he rubbed, I purred and cooed (hoping to get him horny). Ricky showed up a few minutes later (also in swimming trunks). When Rob got done rubbing my back, I asked him to do my legs next. He quickly went to work. As he did this, I pulled by bikini bottoms up between my butt cheeks and asked Rob to also rub some lotion on them. Bingo - I struck gold (or at least some hard cocks). Ricky was staring at my creamy white ass and he had a tent pole in his swimming trunks. I could feel Rob’s hard dick poking me as he worked on my ass. He leaned forward and whispered to me, “Donna, if you want me - take care of Ricky. I’ll take care of you”.

Well this was what I had been waiting for, and knowing that I had to please Ricky too, wasn’t that bad (especially knowing I was going to get Rob). I reached up and grabbed Ricky’s waist band and pulled him up to me. I pulled his trunks down and almost got hit in the face as his long, thin 11“ cock popped loose. I then got up on all 4s (which let my bikini top fall off) and went to work sucking Ricky’s dark snake. As I worked as much of Ricky’s cock as I could (which was only about 7 or 8 inches) in and out of my mouth, I could feel Rob sliding my bikini bottoms down. Then I felt his tongue probe my pussy. It was so hot knowing that while I was eating Ricky’s black cock, Rob was eating my white pussy. I licked and sucked Ricky’s cock head like it was a chocolate lollipop. I took his cock deep into my mouth (gagging a bit), grabbed his ass cheeks and began to yank him back and forth into my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down his black shaft as my white hands kneaded his dark ass.

“That’s it you white slut. Do your black master”, Ricky told me.

As I greedily sucked and slurped away at Ricky’s cock, Rob’s hot tongue had me working my white pussy back into his black face. He reached up under me and began massaging my creamy tits with his dark hands, as he ate my pussy. As a 3-some we were working in unison. I was pulling Ricky’s black cock into my mouth, as my white pussy drove back onto Rob’s tongue, as he pinched and pulled on my nipples. We continued to work to this rhythm for a few minutes before Ricky asked if he could fuck me. Since I wanted Rob, and he did “kinda” start this, I decided to let him make the call. And as if he read my mind, Rob told me, “Ricky's gonna fuck you now, so I can fuck your face.”

Ricky stepped back from me and I got up off of the lawn chair. Rob sat down on the lawn chair, and I finally got a good look at his cock. He was very thick, about 9 inches, and had a fat cockhead. I starred at his hard black dick pointing straight up for a few moments, before dropping down on all fours and inhaling his hard cock into my mouth. Ricky lined up behind me and impaled my white pussy hole with his black pole. With Ricky fucking me, I took Rob’s dick out of my mouth, and began to lick and kiss his dark balls while my soft, white hands worked up and down his dark meaty shaft. Ricky must have been turned on by watching a white slut (me) work on Rob, as he started ramming his manhood in and out of me hard and fast. I groaned in pleasure at having a cock in me from both ends. Ricky took a hold of my cream colored hips with his dark hands and began to pound deep into my pussy. I found myself moaning and purring onto Rob‘s black cock as it traveled in and out of my slutty, white mouth. It was obvious Rob was enjoying his blowjob, he was running his hands thru my hair and groaning. I quickened my pace and began to take him deeper into my mouth. Ricky was driving his cock harder into my pussy. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit. As I continued sucking on Rob’s cock, I began to knead his balls. Ricky reached around me, gripped my inner thighs and began to jack-hammer his dick into my hot pussy. He groaned about feeling the pressure building up in his balls. He began forcing his dick into me faster and harder. I was sucking Rob faster and my slurping of his cock was getting louder. I gave my white ass a wiggle for Ricky’s benefit. It worked. Rick announced that he was nearing the point of no return. He tightened his grip on my inner thighs and forced his cock as deep into my pussy as it would go.

"I’m Cumming...I'm Cumming!" hollered Ricky, as he yanked his black cock out of my white pussy and shot nigger jizz all over my white ass cheeks.

After Ricky was done, he went back inside. Rob had me get up, he then laid a towel by the side of the pool and informed me to lay down, as he was going to fuck me now. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Rob mounted me missionary style and with my pussy very wet from Ricky’s fucking (and Rob’s cock slick from my sucking), he just slid in and was fucking me at full speed. After a few minutes, I could feel my orgasm nearing. I began to spank my clit with one hand, using the other to play with my nipples. This must have excited Rob, as he started fucking me faster, driving his thick, black cock harder and deeper into my hot, white pussy. The faster I spanked my clit, the faster he fucked me. The harder I pulled and tugged on my nipples, the harder his cock slapped into my pussy. It only took a few more minutes before my body shook, my hips gyrated, and I had my orgasm. Rob then announced he was going to fuck my ass and cum in it, as he felt it was the finest ass he had ever seen (I don’t mean to brag, but I have heard that from lots of guys and a few gals).

He lead me over to the pool, it had steps leading down into it. Rob sat about 3 steps down into the water. I then entered the pool, straddled Rob’s cock (with my perky white tits facing him) and slowly lowered my cream colored ass down onto his dark black cock. It hurt, but it also felt good. And after a few strokes, I was enjoying it (though I will admit Rob sucking on my tits helped). Rob’s cock was sliding quickly into and out of my ass, as he continued to work on my tits. He started to tell me how tight my ass was and how its tightness was going to make him cum. This encouraged me to thrust down to meet his cock. He began to moan about being close, he then grabbed my white hips with his black hands and started to pull me down hard onto him. It took only a few of these hard, deep strokes of his, before he grunted and began to spill his load into my ass. I tightened my asshole around his cock and began to milk him. Rob was grunting and breathing hard, mumbling about me being the best gal to butt-fuck, and was continuing to pump away at my ass. The more cum I milked out of him, the easier it was for me to continue working my white ass up and down his black cock. When his cock was empty, I stood up and his limp cock slid easily out my ass. We kissed tenderly and I went back into the house to clean up.

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