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Beach House


He suggested Allison enjoy dinner at the pier and the walk home without him. Normally she would walk with him as they had done together twice this week, holding hands and talking. More and more often Allison had been left alone for dinners in the past few months, but they had just moved to their vacation home full time and he was still adjusting to the job promotion and transfer. She slowly set out across the warm, dry sand next to the parking lot toward the water.

Allison was slightly disappointed that she had been left to eat alone, although she did enjoy the meal and looked forward to his next few days off. The maître d had seated her at the private and semi-secluded table overlooking the beach that they had the last time they were here together. While she ate she watched the crowds dwindle as the sun set leaving warm hues in the white sand. She kept hoping that perhaps he would be able to slip away after all and meet her for dessert. She lingered over her third glass of wine but did not finish it.

It was a hot night; the air was thick and wet with the salty sting from the whitecaps crashing on the shore. Allison walked along the beach where the water kissed the land and stopped every so often to dig her toes into the wet sand. Her strappy sandals swung lazily off her fingers.

The pier where she had started was barely visible when she turned to look back the way she had come. The lights in the parking lot for the restaurant on the other side of the pier that she had left just minutes before twinkled but barely penetrated the darkness next to the towering condos she stood behind.

There was a faint breeze that caused the hem of her dark green skirt to flap gently against her milky thighs. The warm air stirred the tendrils of her dark hair that had fallen out of her hair clip and curled damply around the nape of her neck. Allison stood and breathed in the salt air, watching as the last of her footprints were washed away and replaced with foaming sand and tiny pearlescent shells. She faced the water and hugged herself, not because she was cold but because she could feel a shift in the air around her, it was as if the night was alive. She looked back out into the night, and waited.

The moonlight was brilliant and she stood still in silhouette, centered where the undulating darkness of the ocean met the black of the star-filled sky. He watched her, partially concealed by the grasses in the dunes and was further hidden by his dark clothes. Though he had watched her walk slowly up the beach, she had never even looked in his direction, choosing instead to watch the water and the gibbous moon.

He had rolled his pants up a little past his ankles and began to walk barefoot toward her over white sand. The rustling of the sea grass silenced any sound he would have made, but he stopped for a moment just an arm's length behind her.

She shone in the moonlight and the way she stood, still, while the sand, sea, and wind moved around her made him hesitate. Slowly, he reached into his back pocket and removed a long black silk scarf, he held the end while the length of it dropped and billowed behind him toward the dunes he had just left. He could smell her and the sea as the wind blew toward him. He stepped forward, and with his free hand grabbed her left shoulder while leaning in close to whisper in her right ear.

"Don't move. Don't say anything. Don't turn around."

Allison swallowed the scream that bubbled up in her throat and froze. She felt his hand leave her shoulder and she shuddered. She could barely contain the thrill of excitement at having him meet her out here like this. She had just a second to wonder what was happening when he placed the scarf over her eyes and he began to tie it behind her head. She started to bring her hand up reflexively as he quickly tied the knot, but he grabbed her wrist tightly.

"I said, don't move. That is your only warning."

Allison shuddered as she focused on the warm rough hand circling her wrist. She dropped her sandals and wondered at the muted slap they made when they hit the wet sand at her feet. Would they get carried out to sea? She almost laughed, but was brought back to focus quickly when she felt his hand leave her wrist and reached up to twine his fingers into her hair. He took out the clip and his hand fell with her hair, trailing through it and down her neck, then down to her back where her white halter top left her skin bare. She shuddered again as he stepped close to her left side and snaked his arm around her waist.

He led her back the way he had come, across the soft sand and toward the dunes. His things were lying on the sand in an open area amidst the grass with dunes on three sides covered with tall grass. She couldn't make out anything specific in the dark. He turned her around toward the beach when they got to his blanket and looked at the view of the ocean from his secluded nook. The condos loomed tall and dark, blocking light and sound from the road. There weren't any lights on this side, it was late in the season so most renters had moved out and left the majority empty. He stood next to her admiring the waves and feeling her warmth, and the way she reacted to his touch. He stepped behind her and watched her.

"So beautiful."

When he finished speaking he brought her hand up and licked her wrist, he could taste salt spray from her walk. He could hear her breathing, a steady rhythm but her hands were clenched. He could see her pulse; he was thrilled that the quick beat in her throat gave her away as she stood outwardly calm before him. He hoped to change that. He ran his finger down her cheek before he gave her his next command.

"Kneel here."

Allison gave an involuntary whimper but did as she was instructed. She felt fabric under her knees, soft and thick. She assumed it was a blanket because it did not have the fluffy texture of a beach towel. She felt him kneel behind her and grab her other wrist. She twitched but he held her more firmly as he brought her hands behind her. He leaned against her back and in next to her ear again, brushing his lips against it softly as he spoke quietly.

"I'm going to let go of both of your wrists here in just a few seconds. If you move, you will greatly regret it. I am not going anywhere; everything I need is within my reach from this spot."

He did not waste any time and he had been telling the truth. He reached into his back pocket and brought out a duplicate scarf which he used to bind her wrists behind her as she knelt on the blanket. He smiled faintly as he watched her breathing, as still now as she had been when she was watching the ocean. He supposed she was trying to anticipate what he would do next. His smile grew as he reached behind him next to the grass line and slid a duffel bag over next to him.

She could hear him doing something behind her in what she assumed was a bag due to the raspy zipper and fabric rustling. She was intensely aware of the night around her, she felt strange being on the beach but unable to see. It was not like when she closed her eyes while sunbathing during daylight hours. The darkness seemed infinite, and when he stopped making noise it still did not leave silence behind. The sea, the wind, the grasses, the creak of the palm trees that she had caught out of the corner of her eye while walking, were all vying for her attention in a cacophony of hushed sound that seemed to grow louder as she waited. She felt the sand under her toes and could now make out a few grains lodged between the blanket and her knees. She resisted the urge to shift to a more comfortable position.

She was painfully aware of his silence behind her, but it was an expectant and charged silence. She could feel that he was still there. She began to shiver though the air and the wind remained warm and folded around her like a damp shawl. She waited. She tried to keep her breathing even. She had started to take shallow, anxious breaths but the light-headed feeling made her fearful of what could happen if she fainted, so she forced herself to calm down by counting to even out her breathing. It gave her something to focus on other than what he was not doing, which would likely change soon enough.

Allison thought he was taking an awfully long time. She had an idea of what he would want from her but surely the preparation for it couldn't take this long. She strained to hear what he was doing, trying to discern what was making which sound, but he stopped and she felt him pull on her shirt in the back. Then she heard a sound that made her catch her breath.


That was definitely scissors. Was he going to cut her hair? She felt him lift her shirt again and realized what he was doing, which only panicked her a little less than the thought of her hair being shorn. She started to shake her head no, and she heard him laugh and snap the scissors together a few more times at her reaction. She took a shaky breath as he finished cutting her shirt off and threw it into the grass somewhere to her left. The strapless bra she had bought earlier that day must have been a surprise for him, he made a disapproving noise and she couldn't contain herself when she felt him grab the back.

"Please, can't we go somewhere less... public?" she spoke softly hoping that it would keep him from anything drastic.

"No" he said shortly as he quickly unhooked the bra and tossed that somewhere to her right.

She gave a small gasp when he gave her nipples a firm pinch, and chuckled as they stood erect at this abrupt attention, then he leaned her forward and she felt like she was going to fall until her chest hit something on the blanket in front of her. It was solid and held her weight. It felt small, because her head dangled downward still.

It was firm as it did not slide or rock when she landed on it. She thought it may be a table, but it was covered in a rough carpet-like fabric that she felt more acutely against her nipples after the pinch. She felt him grab her hips and shift her weight, the carpet rubbing against her sensitive skin. It was an interesting contrast to the warm breeze and his hands sliding softly and slowly down her hips and legs. He then spread her ankles to leave them parted as she lay bent forward before him.

Allison heard the scissors again and whimpered as she felt him lifting her skirt. He cut her skirt slowly, no doubt savoring her reaction to being laid bare before him and the open air. He finished cutting her skirt and threw it off somewhere toward her shirt. All that was left was a simple pair of black thong bikini panties.

There was a bow at the t-back and she felt him touch it, then trace a finger down the fabric that was buried in the crack of her ass until he found the larger piece covering her pussy. He hooked his finger underneath then ran his finger lightly back up her crack, lifting the thong out slightly as he did. She heard the final snip, and he yanked her panties off as well. She could not tell what fate befell them as she had her other clothing.

She was left naked, bent over with the warm breeze playing gently across her ass, though she shivered as goosebumps rose up from the combination of tactile sensations and fear. He stayed quiet behind her for several minutes. She wiggled her hands a little and felt that the scarf was loose enough for her to shift her arms. She wondered if she wiggled her wrists enough if she could untie her hands. She was afraid to try. Once she was completely nude she finally felt him move around her to position himself in front of her. He traced a line up her neck and then grabbed a handful of her hair.

"Open your mouth" he said as he pulled her head back toward him.

She thought she knew what was coming next, but was surprised when he put something hard and... plastic in her mouth. It felt like a cylinder and it had holes in it so she could breathe. He secured it behind her head and stroked her cheek where it wasn't covered in straps or a scarf. He went back behind her, trailing a hand down her back, arm, and finally her hip. Then he was quiet again for what seemed to her an awfully long time. She knew he was still there because she heard him rustle in his bag again when he first got behind her and she could hear him breathing. She didn't know if he was looking at her, or preoccupied with something else.

Allison choked on a scream as she felt something long and thin hit her ass with a loud hissing snap. He trailed it along her hip afterward to tease her. She didn't think it was hard enough to break the skin, but it would probably leave a bit of a mark. The sting had not yet faded before a second blow landed on the opposite cheek.

"I told you not to say anything" he said right before landing another strike underneath the first.

A fourth and final stroke landed below the second, making for a matched pair on each of her ass cheeks. They stung and Allison's eyes had begun to water by the time he finished. She squeaked and jumped when he traced the marks gently with his fingers.

"Perfect. Now, we have to get a few things out of the way first, and then we can really have some fun" he said has he patted her hip.

She felt him lift his hand and closed her eyes tight behind the scarf. She felt tense all over, clenching her fists and waiting for what was coming next. Her ass felt hot and tingly. No more blows came and she alternated between relief and anticipation as to what would happen next. Again he made her wait.

As she knelt there before him strained and nerve-wracked, she tried to think but the conflicting sensations of over and under stimulation had her light-headed. Mixed in the heightened sounds of sea and air, she thought she heard the sound of a woman's distant laughter and that of a sliding glass door- the kind that would be on a patio. Or a balcony. Allison shivered again at the thought that someone could see her here like this. She jumped when she felt his hand on her hip again.

He traced his fingers across what she knew would be marks on her ass. It still stung a little but his fingers actually felt kind of cool. Cool and wet, which she was trying to process when she felt his hand again traveling down the crack of her ass, this time with no fabric between to offer semblance of modesty. He left a wet trail, which stopped when he got to her sensitive hole.

Allison's whole body tensed up even more, which she didn't think was possible. Right after his finger stopped she heard a click. He then gently rubbed what she figured was lube around before giving a little push inward and finally penetrating her.

She pressed forward, away from his touch, causing more friction of fabric on her chest and belly. She tried not to squirm to minimize the sensation but he began to thrust shallowly in an out while stroking her ass with his other hand. She whimpered pleadingly and in response he inserted a second finger into her tight ass.

He patted her ass and said "Shhh. There now, isn't this nice? You're going to like this."

For a few seconds he kept two fingers maddeningly thrusting and twisting while his other hand lifted away. She felt it return, only this time he was not touching her with his hand. Something else cold and hard followed the slippery trail his probing fingers had previously made. He slowly slid his fingers out of her ass and trailed the tip of what he was holding down further to press into her now fully lubricated opening. As he began to push it in, she noticed quickly that it was tapered. The harder he pushed the wider it got until she was sure she would not be able to handle it. He gave a little twist and then she felt a release of pressure along with the fullness of what he had put inside her.

He gave her ass a firm smack and sounded quite pleased when he said "Good girl."

Allison shivered as he wiggled the base of the plug to verify it was firmly in place and laughed. She heard another zipper and some more rustling before his hands lifted her arms so that she was back up into a kneeling position.

It was warm, yet the breeze raised goosebumps as it blew across her skin. Her nipples already stood out proudly from the rough friction and the shock of air exposure. The wind had actually begun to pick up and felt cooler. Her skin tingled with the coolness and a heady buzz kicked in when she felt him pinch both her nipples again. They were practically straining at his touch. This time he did not stop with a simple pinch, but spent a few seconds pinching and rolling them between his fingers. She realized she had been holding her breath when he let go and she needed to take a few gasping lungs full of air. She felt a flush working up through her face and a tingling working its way down her belly. She tried to calm her breathing again.

She heard a slight jingling sound that she thought might be keys. It came closer and she jumped as he pinched her left nipple again and then clipped something to it. He followed suit with her right, so that both nipples were pinched firmly, each in a clamp. There was a delicate chain connecting the two clamps. She could feel it resting on her stomach below her breasts. He trailed his fingers along it letting them touch her skin gently before tugging on the chain and then letting it drop out of his grasp. The swinging of the chain was amplified with the weight and caused the clamps to pull and twist with the motion. Allison let out a slight moan and he spoke again.

"Now that that's out of the way, we can get the evening started. How are those wrists restraints, can you snap your fingers for me?"

Allison snapped her fingers easily and he seemed pleased.

"Give me just a few minutes my dear; it looks like rain so I think I have to alter things a bit."

She heard shuffling and rattling as he rushed around the site gathering things up. She thought she heard some distant thunder, and definitely heard a woman's laughter trailing across the beach. She shivered and waited, listening to him, trying to figure out what would happen next. She heard nothing more revealing until after zipping up his bag. She heard him using his phone to text someone. She also heard a few steady clicks from his camera app and whimpered.

"Ok, we're all set, let's go" he said cheerfully as he hooked his hand under her arm to help her up. They were heading through the sand away from the water, she figured toward the condos. She wondered what he planned to do with her while she was naked, handcuffed and bound with a chain hanging from her nipples. Surely they couldn't go anywhere?

She felt the sand get dryer under her feet, and eventually turn to asphalt. It was awkward to walk with the with plug shifting in her ass. It was slipping and bobbing with each step and sent throbbing sensations outward, with the constant swinging of the chain attached to her nipples as they walked had her panting by the time they made it across the parking lot. She listened to their footsteps begin to echo off the walls as they approached the building. From the sound of it she figured they were in the covered parking area. Hopefully the condos were all empty and nobody would stumble upon them and what they might be doing.

Allison heard a sound and froze only to be hurried along like nothing had happened, but she had definitely heard a door. Not a car door either, an exterior door of the building. It sounded close, maybe even their end of the parking area. She could make out a slight glow of light through her blindfold, being in bright light with him while she was like this was making her even more anxious. She didn't think she'd actually miss the open beach, but the darkness there was preferable to being so glaringly exposed. They slowed down and she could feel that it was marginally cooler here, with a cool air current mixing with the warm air and making her break out in fresh goosebumps.

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